Amazon Fine Food Reviews

255271255271B0029NVJX8AWWMIR9YLQX5ZMolly Rogers0051344384000Hairball treatsMy cats love these Whiskers Temptation treats and Amazon is the only place I can find them. As I have five cats it is much more convenient than the hairball gel.
255272255272B0029NVJX8A3RPJZ8W8KGJEOSusan M. Craw0051344211200Sweet Kitty's favoriteMy cat "Sweet Kitty" is an indoor rescue cat that has leukemia and therefore is a bit funny with what she likes to eat.
This Savory Salmon Flavour is her treat/lunch most every day and she loves it. I have tried other flavors of the Temptations with her and her internal system rejects them.
So thank you and a meow from her.

255273255273B0029NVJX8A1IG3QWWPRT9NFAshlang0051343692800Picky cats!The only treats my cats will eat. They love them! Wish amazon had more favors since there are so many out there. Would definitely recommend.
255274255274B0029NVJX8A3MB37I1XR1FNWDragonfly0051342569600Great Cat TreatI ordered these Whiskas Dentabites for an 8-month old kitten we adopted. The cat was in good health, but his breath was a little stinky. One bag of these treats plus a carefully balanced diet was it took to clear up that breath. I ordered the 12-pack and plan to re-order when we run low.
255275255275B0029NVJX8ATHTCOG6BB6WKL. Williams0051342396800YummyThe cats love these treats and I'll admit it, I use them sometimes when I'm cat herding which can be frustrating let me tell you. The dairy flavored treats truly are tempting and distract the cats long enough to give me a window of opportunity for tactical maneuvering. I'm their favorite person in all the world with these!
255276255276B0029NVJX8A352H0WBVBY96PH. Williams "Holly"0051341964800My Cat Loves These TreatsMy cat loves these treats. Her name is Precious and this is one of her favorite treats. I did not buy mine from Amazon but got them from Walmart instead. She has tried some of the other flavors of Whiskas Temptations as well and loves those as well. She always gobbles these down real quick. I am thinking about trying her on the tuna flavor next since she loves tuna so much.
255277255277B0029NVJX8A2MN01FH23XUHZK. Flynn0051341360000Our cats love these!These do seem to cut down on hair balls and our 2 cats devour them. We use a little less than recommended since they seem to cause runny stools. The auto-ship program is great and the cost is less than purchasing them at the local store.
255278255278B0029NVJX8A2ZQ0DV7WQIT67Patty0051340150400Kitty CrackAll three of my cats are crazy about these. They like the salmon and tuna flavors best. They all beg for them in one way or another. One cat will sit and stare at me and if that doesn't work, he'll curl up on my shoulder and purr as loud as he can. Another one of my cats just bops me with his paw to let me know he wants treats. The more I ignore him, the harder he hits me. I eventually have to tell him no, because I don't want to overdo it with the treats. Anyway, they all love them and I've noticed silkier coats since adding these to their diet.
255279255279B0029NVJX8A1WLPEM7Z6LM35Gabriela C. Zakak "Gab"0041339891200They just love this!My cats gobble these up...they love this treat! I just wish the morsels were a little larger so they would chew them! They like them so much that they just swallow them whole! I give them 4 stars due to the size, since they don't chew them, it doesn't help prevent tartar on their teeth....
255280255280B0029NVJX8A2BHJUG4AJBD3Varlene0051337644800My cat would eat this all day if I let himMy cat is always asking for more when I give him some of these treats, but I have to limit him or else he'll be spoiled but I'm glad he gets happy everytime he sees me waving the bag around, he jumps and meows, so I know he loves it, so if your cat is like mine and only likes chicken and beef instead of fish, he or she's gotta like Temptations Chicken Treats.
255282255282B0029NVJX8A356ASPC7SFOB1Deb "enthusiastic reader"0051336694400Savory Salmon treats at a great priceMy cats really enjoy the salmon flavored treats. They are smaller than some of the other Temptation flavors. Buying the treats online was less costly than going to the store, they were in stock, and shipped very quickly.
255283255283B0029NVJX8A8LVI41BC3DWJJ. Menard "Book Lover"0051335312000Kitty loveMy kitty loves these. He knows where I keep them and he is so funny, when he wants some he get on top of the basket and begins batting the bags.
255284255284B0029NVJX8A2VDK1NPWF8JMHG. Curran0051335312000Crunchy addictionCrunchy addiction

I treat my cats to 8 different Temptations flavors, and they love them all. I'm sure that giving them different flavors means more to me, than it does to my cats; they don't seem to chew them long enough to taste them. But they insist on two or three each time they come in the house, I'm sure it's a form of addiction. I'm buying these on the "Subscribe & Save" program, which save money and time compared to buying them locally.

Cats love these things!
255285255285B0029NVJX8AY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051334880000The Cats Love 'Em. Only Two Calories Each.We have two cats (neutered males) and we feed them twice a day. Both have maintained proper weight, so they're getting what they need. Well, you'd never know it! They seem to always be hungry, day or night. What goes? I don't want to feed them again and get them to looking like Garfield. So, I got these Whiskas Temptations cat treats and I give them a few every now and them. Boy, do they go fast. The treats barely hit the dish and they're gone! Well, I notice they're only 2 calories per treat so they can't be doing much harm.

Gary Peterson
255286255286B0029NVJX8A26JXNRQMFHXWKChris C "(gadget guy)"0021333497600Short shipmentMy cats love these, so I ordered 2 boxes. One box had been already opened & 1 package of 12 was missing.
Is someone in the warehouse hungry for cat food? Or maybe they needed to feed the warehouse cats, I don't know.
No response yet from Amazon about replacing the missing package.
255287255287B0029NVJX8ALDAF4VVLFRHPPatricia L. Brouillette0051333152000My cats and puppy each say this taste goodMy cats really love these treats. They come running every time I grab the bag. I have also just gotten a new puppy, and he managed to get a couple of these and fell in love with them as well. He even choose these over his own treats.
255288255288B0029NVJX8A367L6F1EASVKLC. Leath0051332547200Wonderful!These are the only brand of treats my cat will eat. She loves them! Prior to finding them on Amazon I would get them at local stores but it is so much cheaper to buy them through Amazon.
I always give my cat 4 or 5 treats every night before bed and sometimes during the day, so I can go through a bag of these pretty quick. For around $20 for 12-3oz packs is such a good deal, and the treats keep very well if you don't open them.
255289255289B0029NVJX8A215Z05E3V8JBSMegan0051330992000My cat loves these!!!My cat goes craaaazy over these treats! Every time I shake the plastic container I put them in or open the lid she comes running and meowing. She loves them so much I've been able to teach her tricks using these. She can sit, beg, jump up/down off of furniture and "speak". I will never buy any other treats ever again!
255290255290B0029NVJX8A34R6RIBY88781SONNYBELLA0051329350400ADDICTIONI can't even touch bag without my cats coming running out of hiding for this treat!! Even my shy one cannot resist!!
255291255291B0029NVJX8A3U0J3AIZPZ81Ydoorcountydi0051329177600My cats love itMy 5 cats would kill me for Temptations if they had to. They LOVE these treats. Every time I go into the kitchen, I'm doomed to have at least 3 of them follow me and meow me into submission so that I give them this variety and all other varieties of Temptations. 'Nuff said.
255292255292B0029NVJX8A322LUB0GZYPKLScouser0051329091200Whiskas Temptations Hairball Control Chicken Flavour Treats for CatWith four cats in the household hairballs are a given. It got to be an almost daily routine to hear and see one or more of them gagging and coughing, trying to get rid of a build up of hair in their system. Why their digestive tracts haven't evolved to handle this problem over thousands of years mystifies me. Not only do they groom themselves, they also groom each other.

We've tried several different products to try to alleviate this problem and nothing helped. Then we came across the Temptations treats. They have helped considerably. The cats seem to relish them, not knowing they're being given "medicine". Whilst the treats haven't completely ended the hairball issue they have been a great help. Now, it can be weeks if not months without any hairballs.

If your cats have a problem with hairballs then give this product a try.

Also, with Amazon's Subscribe and Save you'll save money.
255293255293B0029NVJX8A2BEC73DJV51M1Catman0051329004800Cat Treats Supreme!I have been buying Temptations for over a year and it is by far my cats favorite treats. They line up at attention when they see me getting out the bag. Highly recommend!
255294255294B0029NVJX8A6XHNG01TI1C3Joni in Johnstown Pa.0041328832000Prevent barfingWe have two cats and one has very long hair and of course after cleaning themselves they get hairballs. We tried several hairball control treats and these are the one our cats seem to prefer. I purchase one case every six months,giving the long hair cat 10 each day and the short hair cat 5 each day, and they do help to control the frequency of the barfing. They always arrive quickly and we will continue to purchase them from amazon. The long hair cat likes them sooo much he greets me each morning and bugs me until he get his whiskas.
255295255295B0029NVJX8A1NLZDMM0GS268WitchyWomyn "WitchyWomyn"0051328486400My cats love them! =^..^= MEOW!!As soon as they hear me pick up the bag, the cats come running! They absolutely love these treats!! I put these on subscription so my spoiled kitties won't run out. =^..^=
255296255296B0060KJOSIA1C573233MQPPIM. Williamson0051349049600HibiscusThis is a great product. It makes the best hibiscus tea which is very beneficial for maintaining normal blood preasure levels.
255297255297B00165103YAH97OPCXNS0W4Paula Reed0051293321600Good Packaging for our FamilyGood packaging for our family - coffee is already contained in its own filter and is pre-measured for one pot of coffee. No mess measuring coffee when you're half asleep and I set a timer for the coffee pot to start brewing the next morning. Perfect!
255298255298B0013BHKW6A3FXIIG1O671DPMaria Umanskiy "Marusia"0041308700800Taste goodNot sure if it works, but taste is good, like a caramel. :)
First got it in china Town, desided to buy again
255299255299B003IWV3U8A33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"5551327190400best. tuna. EVER.This brand will spoil you for all other tunas. Period.

First of all, when you open a can of American Tuna, Dorothy, I can assure you, you are not in Kansas anymore. It's a sashimi grade tuna steak, not crumbles, pieces or flakes. It's from one piece of fish, not Charlie D'Tuna and 49 of his fishy friends. You CAN'T squish the can lid down to where there's about a quarter of the height left as with other tunas; in fact when you open the lid you'll probably do as I do and drink the broth. All Omega 3s baby!!!

If you compare how little product you actually get out of a "regular" can of tuna and one of these, there is probably about 2.5 to 3 times as much tuna in a can of American Tuna. Relatively speaking then, it's not really any more expensive. What it *IS* is totally worth the extra cost, on EVERY level. 42 grams of protein in every can. Hand filleted, hand packed, caught and canned in USA.

more things to love about American Tuna:

Real fishermen, real families, sustainable fishing practices. Plus excellent customer service provided by the real families that catch the fish. I actually spoke with one of the fishermen's wives after calling for more information about the mercury testing. I could not have been more impressed.

Pole caught fish means I don't worry about mercury levels; they do independent tests for that too just in case. You can ask for copies of the testing.

Tastes better than any other brand of tuna I've ever had. Folks that say it's dry maybe have not read the part where it's not meant to be drained.

This salt free version is the one I use in recipes which helps me control the flavors a little better. There are also salted, jalapeno, and garlic versions too.

Once you open a can though, there is no going back. You'll be spoiled rotten for anything else. You've been warned.
255300255300B003IWV3U8A1VALUJJI7FP7LM. predhomme3351323388800Tastey and eco-friendlyVery good tuna, and I have no complaints about it at all. I would like to encourage everyone to look for the MSC label on the seafood they buy, since it affects the oceans so profoundly.

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