Amazon Fine Food Reviews

255361255361B002OFU8JCA1WJ0A4KI27GINC. Siligato "C Siligato"0051340582400Jack Link's is always greatI love the steak nuggets (and tenders) even better than their regular jerky. I swear by all three of the Original, Peppered and Teriyaki Beef flavors.
255362255362B002OFU8JCA1RV2J0U5JU36TC. Mangan0031334707200Wouldn't buy it againI'm a big fan of Buffalo chicken and beef jerky, so I thought I'd love the Jack Link's Flamin Buffalo Chicken Nuggets. I was wrong. I bought the Steak Nuggets as well, which aren't as good as Jack Link's jerky, but definitely tasted better than the Buffalo Chicken Nuggets.
To put it bluntly, they tasted like an old chunk of salty chicken with a slight Buffalo flavor. They're not very spicy, I was expecting more of a kick. They also smelled a little funny. I'd give Buffalo chicken jerky a try, but I won't be buying these ever again. They're OK, but there's so many better options out there.
255363255363B002OFU8JCA2M7K7WW5GM7V1Chandrahasan Johnson0041333497600Jack Links Teryiaki Beef Steak NuggetsThe beef nuggets are soft and easy on the teeth and tasty. If they are slightly less salty, they will be excellent.Very good snack.
255364255364B002OFU8JCA28HQLPE47ZQWFJessica0041329264000Couldn't taste the A1These were good, but I really couldn't taste the A1 in them. Tasted similar to the original steak nuggets to me
255365255365B002OFU8JCA2S5EVQLPRDVUQJ. Williams0021326844800Might make okay dog treats....I would like to say that I have never tried a flavor of jerky that I didn't like... that was true until a few days ago. I wanted to try something different and decided to stray from my usual peppered beef. This was a mistake, I have to say this is the worst jerky/nuggets/meat product I have ever tried. From the smell to the taste, just not good. If you really want to give this stuff a whirl, I suggest you find a single pack. Don't buy 4 of them like I did. One final note: taste is subjective, you may really love this stuff, I just didn't.
255366255366B002OFU8JCA1PJGYPOJLEHGCK. Brizo "kbwoof15"0051326240000Dry hot wingsI find that the buffalo chicken jerky is great for when I'm craving buffalo wings late at night. Sure they're not the saucy goodness of wings at a bar but they definitely replicate the flavor. They are very hot but delicious.
255367255367B002OFU8JCARQZMBLEN646XJason0051325894400Better than standard jerkeyI normally have beef jerkey with my lunch for some easy to transport protein. I decided to give these a try, bought them at the grocery store and they were great. Easy to measure and a lot less stringy than normal beef jerkey.

I ended up saving a ton of money using amazons subscribe and save over using the grocery store. Definitely something I'll reorder.
255368255368B002OFU8JCAQH6E2QXKX4HIavansickle20051324598400TURKEY JERKY IS GREATI really like the product. It was super easy to order online and have it delivered. Much cheaper than buying in a gas station. Stocking up is good for long drives, too.
255369255369B002OFU8JCA2YWQAFCHIO779VR330051316131200WOW!These taste amazing! Best jerky I've ever had. They are kind of expensive, but once in a while Amazon will lower the price slightly and hopefully that happens when they are offering a 10% off Jack Link's products promo code. Anyone who likes jerky or is simply looking for a convenient high protein snack should give these a try.
255370255370B002OFU8JCA28RLBQGYYTUOBmarilyn simon0051315526400greatThe bite size chewables are wonderful - 2 or 3 every few hours lets yu diet and never feel hungry.
255371255371B002OFU8JCA7PPSGWM6385BHerby S0051309996800A good after workout snackI purchased these to snack on after my workouts. Now I find myself just snacking on them all the time!! They're really good and come in a variety of flavors.
255372255372B002OFU8JCA2WJQQ8UO3WBGOAndi0051309737600Yummy!These are strangely addictive - and a good sugarless snack. I like this flavor and the original, but the pepper is really strong. Enjoy!
255373255373B002OFU8JCA1CZT2GDDO4GC1Bruce Kane "Truth hurts"0051303171200Love it! But huge on sodium though.Flamin' Buffalo Chick + A1 are my all time favorites. The meat is tender, and the taste (based on the ones I've bought) are extreme with flavor. The only problem with jerky is the salt, and these have a ton of it. I wouldn't consume more then one bag a day, but it's your choice and body. I'll definitely be buying more in the future though, because these are delicious.
255374255374B002OFU8JCA2DG1NQM08X1EIMargaret Durbin "Amazon fan"0051303084800Downright Addictive!These are a great go-to snack/meal when you're in a rush and don't want chips or hotdogs.

The nuggets are about the size of a stack of three quarters with some smaller ones the size of a couple of nickels.

The flavor is spicy with a nice tang.

The texture is softer than jerky but not as soft as say summer sausage.

Quick comment on quantity - there are three servings, 60 calories each, in the package. This ends up being a little over a handful for the entire package.

Great to have on hand for those on the go times.
255375255375B002OFU8JCA2RNYW2HIQBGSMCarlos Alvarez0041302739200Tasty option to beef jerkyThis is a nice tasty option that's totally different from jerky. Convenient on the go just like jerky. I would have given it five stars if not for the fact that it's quite salty, and that detracts from the flavor.
255376255376B002OFU8JCA1XGFW5016CGQICathio0041301529600STRONG TASTE OF A-1This is very good just a little too much of the A-1 flavor for us. Next time will order another flavor. If you really love A-1 you will be pleased with it.
255377255377B002OFU8JCA2S78HC3GA9W8MScott0031301356800Mildly SpicyI thought this would be spicy, and coming from someone who eats spicy food all the time and fire sauce on his burritos, this is really only mild. This does not make your nose run, or make your throat burn, ears tingle, which is the funnest part of eating spicy food. Spicy food containing cayenne pepper is very healthy for you and is great for colds and sore throats. With a name like Flaming Buffalo with fire coming out of the name I had high hopes...and sadly this does not live up to the hype in the heat department. It still tastes good. The flavor lingers in your mouth making you reach for another one, after 6-8 pieces or so you get a salty taste that makes you reach for water. I give this 3 stars for taste and convenience. Just in case you don't eat it all in one sitting, the bag contains a zip-lock storage to keep things sealed. It will last 3 days after opening without refrigeration.
255378255378B002OFU8JCA2YEJ57DJRD4PXMax's Mom "Nehemiah Girl"0051283644800BEST SNACK EVERThey are tasty, well flavored, always premium cuts, nothing tasted substandard. On top of that high protein and low calorie! Only problem - everybody else thinks the same thing and its hard for Jack Links to keep them in stock. You may have to wait a few extra days for the specialty orders.
255379255379B002OFU8JCA1Q5FX4P8MJ6TWChief Wahoo "Just a guy..."0051278374400Delicious!I love this product! Tasty and soft (but not too soft). Very good flavor and it's safe to say, I can't "eat just one!" If you like the jerky, but not the dried up, tough might want to give this stuff a try!
255380255380B002OFU8JCA2OEZIIK61GDW0California Doug0041276473600Tasty NuggetsThese are nice tender jerky nuggets, more tender than the usual beef jerky. Flavor is very good, great for energy on hiking trips.
255381255381B002OFU8JCA30AD1EAHR7YRMS. Larrick "Scott"0051273536000Great flavor!The Flamin Buffalo has just the right amount of heat and flavor combined. I wish I could buy the flavor so I could put them on my wings. Very good product.
255382255382B002OFU8JCA2LZSV7ZEBJ5CPP. Sommer0051253145600Much better than beefThese are really good. Not hard to chew like some other beef nuggets, and they don't dry out so much.

They only downside is that the bag stays very moist inside, so it can be a little messy. If you try to eat a bag while on the drive home you have grease all over your steering wheel.....
255383255383B002OFU8JCA26Y7WIS3JBL65Matt J. Rose "Blu Aficionado"0041247011200Awesome "Hot Wing" supplementIve always been a big Jack Links jerky fan. I usually buy a couple bags a month, but last month I was in Vegas and they were out of A1 personal favorite!

I looked around the store and found these! I opened the bag and had a few on my way to the pool, they were awesome. Anybody that loves chicken wings should give these a taste. The chicken is tender and quite generous in size. I was pretty surprised they even brought a bead of sweat to my forehead, usually store bought "buffalo" flavors don't accomplish that.

As another reviewer said these are great if you love chicken wings but don't wanna down 200 calories a piece for that spicy burn. I do have to say these are impossible to find in WI though, so luckily amazon has them, and at a good price for a pack of 8 bags!
255384255384B002OFU8JCA1FPKU47TXJOFKGreg Garrett "Jerky Lover"0051244332800the best "jerky" product on the marketthis is the best "jerky" product on the market .... I have tried them all... I hope the company will expand it's production and distribution of it !!
255385255385B002OFU8JCAMYVS60VI71VEVernon White0051236902400Tasty Nuggets of GoodnessI love the Beef Teriyaki Nuggets and the Buffalo Chicken Nuggets. Now I have a 3rd kind to eat. These are great tasting and easy to eat (important for post bariatric surgery people). I love Jack Link's Nuggets line!
255386255386B002OFU8JCA3S1OM1TS0AF2LMelody J. Mugler0041228435200yum-oI love em. I would give this 5 stars but there arent enough in the bag to warrent that. they are good.
255387255387B002OFU8JCA35JMOL9OG5JILA. Smith1211339977600EW!!!Oh my gosh, these are gross. I bought them because of Hungry Girl's glowing recommendation...and I gotta say, she steered me wrong this time. These are SUPER salty, and they taste like what I imagine dog kibbles would taste like.
255388255388B002OFU8JCA3RVTOSHTGKM43Idaho diet1231296259200Jack Link's Original Beef Steak NuggetsI actually really love the Jack Link's Original Beef Steak Nuggets, however the 4 pack I received seemed to be old. They weren't nearly as good as the ones I have purchased in gas stations. Makes you wonder why that would be. These were tough and much drier then I expected. I have to say I will not order them again through the mail. If they had been fresher I would have rated them as I love them because I really do.
255389255389B002OFU8JCA2TN9C5E4A0I3FJimmy0111335744000Dry, overly chewy and blandDon't buy these from Amazon Warehouse like I waste of money for these dry hunks of blandness. I wouldn't know what they are like fresh, it wasn't sold to me that way...but at least my dog had dog chews. Not sure why Amazon insists on selling worthless food rather than throw it away and risk ticking off customers and/or poisoning them. I know they are closer to the expiration date buying it through the warehouse but seriously...THROW BAD FOOD AWAY AMAZON! Sheesh.
255390255390B002OFU8JCA34QJTH3WYLD5HRena0121268092800dark meatAll and all it is my fault because I did not pay attention to what I ordered. When I went to the Jack's Links website it advertised white meat 95 to 97 percent fat free. At the time they did not have this product for purchase. So when I received an email saying it was now available I hurried and ordered it. It is not until I received the order did I realize I had ordered dark meat. I did not even know that dark meat was available; therefore, I was shocked and felt deceived. Yet, I had tasted the chicken nuggetts before reading the content and was wondering why was it so salty. I did get a formal apology in writing from jack's links but again it is still my fault for not paying attention. Now I am stuck with many packets of dark meat chicken nuggets. In conclusion, I guess it is still a little bit healthier than the beef. (maybe)

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