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255391255391B002OFU8JCA5XDN8QDAKAXXMichael Garst "lifegrdmike"0131252281600Tasty jerkyI don't eat beef and having a jerky snack around is nice. Bag is enormous for what's inside it. There's basically food in the bottom 3 inches of the bag, and, because of the sauce, if you reach your hand in instead of shaking it out of the bag into your hand, you'll end up with dirty hands. A much smaller bag would make sense. I'd also like to see more for the price. Flavor is good.
255392255392B002OFU8JCA2QKQWI57N451SJudi Semel0121245196800sweet mcnuggetsthese are good but verrry sweet.... they taste kind of chinese sweet bbq sauce... high protein
255393255393B002OFU8JCAFNTQUTDPMR74Stanley M. Dolan "Drunkenlout"0631223251200Just OKThey have a funky flavour and really get all over you fingers. I bought these to eat while driving it it isn't going to work.
255394255394B000H7XXOGAO0HPTFIKQE9BStephen R. Scheffler "Alki food connoisseur"2251217808000Aluminum free good-quality baking powderIf you're going to use baking powder please make sure it is aluminum free.
My wife bakes a lot and likes this baking powder. Therefore I think this product works fine if not superior. Personally Alzheimer scares me and if I don't have to take an unnecessary chance with aluminum why do it? I don't have any proof that aluminum contributes to Alzheimer's but I dont recall ever seeing a multivitamin with aluminum in it. I have heard so much about aluminum and Alzheimer's that this product is seems like a no-brainer to me.
255395255395B000H7XXOGA1DGUFU4PDSLGON. Mason0051264896000It's differentI used to use the store brand baking powder, what's the difference? When I ran out, I picked up a double pack of Rumford from wholesale club. First time I used it, I was amazed! My pancake batter rose twice as high as the store brand. When I came back to give it a second mixing after 5 mins, it took me by surprise. Who knew there was a difference in backing powders!
255396255396B000H7XXOGA265S153QJNV70J. S. Beardall0051197936000Rapid Delivery Good Product
255397255397B000H7XXOGA152I1BISLYNP9V. Kennedy "book crazed"0051189123200Rumford Baking PowderThis is the only baking powder I've used in the last fifteen years and I wouldn't use any other. It's always performed well for my baked goods, they rise like they should and I have no complaints with it.
255398255398B00317CWKUA23FIKBR31U2EKRaimee D. Schertzberg "R"0021348358400Fruit strips were toughI have bought these fruit strips several times but for some reason, my entire order of strips were really tough and hard to chew. Not sure why this happened but they were gross.
255399255399B00317CWKUA3U0DX8MFOB1XXpkano861251323043200Addictive and tasty but seeking a purer product with less packagingFirst of all, these are addictive and exactly what I was looking for in a fruit 'strip' type of product.

There is too much packaging for this product. I purchase for the best price, especially when a product has many different packaging options (like this, 6 boxes of individual fruit strips). This is the best deal per oz at the time of purchase, but I wish I could get something that was less wasteful. Wouldn't be such a big deal but they seem to be promoting themselves as a 'natural' or sustainable product.

Another issue is like others have mentioned that these are not fully strawberry. Strawberry is the third and fourth ingredient after apple puree and pear puree (similar to other products).

Still, they are very tasty. I want to give this 5 stars but because of the 2 issues mentioned, I have to deduct 1 star.
255400255400B0029XKV82A30OCT7NY4TUWMlove chocolate2251285286400Great customer service!!!I purchased this product as a gift and the shipper left it on the porch in Florida and it spoiled. "For the Gourmet" shipped a replacement immediately! Great company to do business with!!!
255401255401B000I6PWPOAPIW5C16HPJZ1JWNAZ0011340668800HorribleI've had several different kinds of banana nut coffee, have LOVED them all and was SO excited to get this 4 pack of coffee beans!! Complete and utter disappointment. This tasted like fingernail polish smells. It's not the coffee machine, I recently got a DeLonghi and everything is wonderful made in it. EXCEPT THIS COFFEE BEAN. Now I have 3 full, unopened packages of horrible coffee beans and I can't return them! This makes me extremely unhappy.
255402255402B000I6PWPOA82H9MB3YS1JFIzzyWizzy0051334275200Smells great and has plenty of flavorI tried a few banana nut coffees and liked this the best. It has a really nice banana flavor and the coffee has good body. I add hazelnut creamer to it, and it is super delicious! I've been drinking it every day for months and look forward to it every morning.
255403255403B000I6PWPOA3V2YRS5VLYCC9SumYumGai0031285804800Smell wonderful but no flavor.I felt like it i was tasting water instead of coffee, i dont know but somehow this coffee brew out really really light, and no flavor, but the smell is great, i dont know how they done it, but the smell of bana nut creme is so good, make u want to sip the coffee, but once u sip it it full of disappointment, i give a 3 star for being average, if u like to drink coffee without the strong aroma and flavor, then this is for you, I already order some french roast on the way..
255404255404B002Y2QSBWA3MUO47CT6EQF8A. Whalen "Car Buff, Gamer, Reader, Music Fan...0041329004800Competent roastI am not generally favorably disposed towards dark roasts. Note that this one, despite saying "extra dark roast", is not QUITE as dark as Starbucks or Kicking Horse Cliffhanger (both of which I absolutely despise). Therein lies its salvation - it's just... "dark". For some roasters, extra-dark is barely more than medium; for others, medium is actually extra-extra-extra-extra-extra-ridiculously-vile-dark. They are not just dark, they are burnt to a crisp. This Community Coffee is a nice bean, enjoyable dark espresso. For those who like dark, I suspect this will rate very, very highly. I won't make another order only because I'm looking for something a bit more comparable to Illy Medium (but for a better price!).

Also, this coffee is a little dry and does not produce a very good crema. So I'm not deducting 1 star solely due to my personal preference, but rather for the 'finish' of the shot.

I'm using a Rancilio Rocky grinder and an Isomac Venus with a triple-shot basket, single-spout portafilter. I grind the espresso barely large enough so that I don't end up with a ton of grinds in the brew - but some is inevitable. For this one, a setting of 31-32 does the trick.
255405255405B002Y2QSBWA3QQALOVZ3QUMIE. Ernzer0041300492800good flavori use this in my esspresso machine. it has good flavor, better than what i buy from the local roaster.
255406255406B002Y2QSBWA325RWA8LHK2QJNettie Scott0051294704000TastyI used to live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and learned from my relatives to brew and enjoy Community Coffee, preparing it in my little white porcelain beggin just like my grandmother and aunts. I make my own blend of coffee beans and was so pleased to see that Amazon was now selling Community Coffee. It is as good as I remember if being, particularly since I like a very strong, rich flavor. I'm now using their Sumatran, French Roast, Expresso and Columbian to make my blends and am very happy with the results. So are my relatives and friends who ask to use my blends themselves.

Great coffee from the land of strong coffee lovers. I'm moving on to chicory laced coffee now as Community carries it. Personally, I like this brand much better than other Louisiana coffees.
255407255407B004K2M5OIA32J20YCHB067Halbert "Halbert"2251336608000cheaper than a vet visitMy vet suggested this for my dog. I have a very elderly pet with lots of aches and pains and a few too many pounds. The vet thought it would satisfy the dog and help her slim down. I've always fedcher premium brands, but never tried a freeze-dried raw food product. The food comes dry in a re-closable plastic bag. I simply add water and let stand in the refrigerator for about 8 hours. I make about a 3-day batch at a time. My dogs (both) love it. They come rushing into the kitchen when I am mixing it up and practically inhale it when it is served. It's not an unpleasant smell! The older dog did, in fact, lose some weight with no other changes in her routine. I can'tbe sure whether it's the food or the unfortunate wasting that occurs in 14-year-old dogs. Being lighter has been helpful for her joints, I'm sure. I go through a 20-lb bag every 3 weeks feeding 2 dogs(30lb and 47lb) twice a day. They like the turkey version also. Sometimes I add more water to make it on the soupy side. This is pricey stuff, but may be a bargain compared to the vet bills that an overweight dog can wrack-up.
255408255408B004K2M5OIAVF06892OWGJUWm2251327363200Our dog loves this feedOur lives are ruled by ten pounds of chihuahua - do not be mistaken, they are demanding little bundles of teeth and tail that make life miserable if they don't like something. Our gutsy little monster loves this feed, and will actually sing to get it. Made from good quality ingredients having NO grain at all - just Raw, Freeze-Dried beef in addition to a blend of high-quality fruits and veggies - which is what dogs of any breed were designed to eat. We are pretty fussy about any food, so research everything we and the dog eat; Sojos is what the dog likes and it is good for him. Just soak it overnight, for a delicious meal that needs nothing else.
255409255409B004K2M5OIA18IPWIS5ET9ZMpoodle pad "poodle lover"2251312329600persnickety poodles pleased!My poodles love this food. They eat every last morsel. They adapted very quickly to it and had no stomach issues. It looked so good when I mixed it up in the bowl I had to warn others not to eat it if they were looking for a late night snack. You mix enough for 4 days and you leave it in the fridge and then it is ready to serve. I have never seen my poodles gobble food so quickly before. They would shove the other food around and leave it all over the floor. With Sojos there is not one speck left. The ingredients are awesome and I don't think I can make their food any better. Thank you for a great product.
255410255410B004K2M5OIA1W67KYGC0SXK6k3451306454400greatI got this the day I expected to and the dog LOVES it. Overall very happy with my purchase and would buy again.
255411255411B004K2M5OIAFPQY81HEVOYLAngel0121325635200smells good and I like the concept but....I'm sure this is far better than the ordinally dog foods at pet stores but unfortunately my 2 dogs didn't like it. The smell is really wonderful and did seem like human can even eat them but it doesn't mean anything if my dogs don't eat sad...
255412255412B0037YXQ5WA2C3GWW1LT762LBill3351293840000This stuff is great!If you're a busy person like me and just does not have time in the morning to fix breakfast. This is the product you need to get that "I'm starving to death feeling in the morning" off of you. Once you drink this product you will feel like you just had two eggs, bacon and toast.

It really helps you make it to lunch time without feeling like you missed a meal. I would advise it to anyone that can drink it. Plus, it taste so dam good! I got the all strawberry 10 count envelopes.

The assortment is good if you like a lot of different flavors. I just love that strawberry...Now go for it!
255413255413B0037YXQ5WAPHXWZJ22M17MT. Stratton2251306627200A good productI am a Cancer patient, undergoing Chemo. I use this product to make "smoothies" using "Boost" or similar products as the liquid to add the nutrition needed to help keep my imune system up to par. I also add fruit and ice cream to the mixture in the blender.

This was recommended to me by a nurse in the hopital. The tast is is good, and you can use other flavors that are available also. I can readily recommend this product in all the flavors available.
255414255414B0037YXQ5WA150CJ3DPKWUE2Thomas A. Burritt2251294012800AMAZON has what I couldn't find ANYWHEREStrawberry is my favorite, and no grocery stores carry it. Even the variety packs are getting hard to come by. Amazon is my new grocery store!
255415255415B0037YXQ5WA36VATN0GF0G1CG. Emig "magnetismchick"1151320192000Hard to find! Strawberry Carnation Instant Breakfast!Thanks so much! So hard to find in my area. None of the local stores carry this product. With my picky boy who needs extra calories, this is a must. I shop at Hannafords, Shop Rite and Price Chopper and can never get this. You have made a crazy mom and little less crazy. My husband thanks you!
255416255416B0037YXQ5WA2FAAQ1C26T96BDinkychelle1151312243200Saved my child's life!My daughter has refused solid food since she was 9 months old and now is almost 3 years. Her doctor advised me to put this in her milk and, honestly without it, regardless of flavor, I don't know what I would have done. Strawberry is hard to find so this was an excellent deal. Thank you Amazon and Carnation!

255417255417B0037YXQ5WAK26FOC6WTE86Cici1151308009600Grandparents Love it!As the other reviewers have stated, this strawberry flavor is hard to find locally unless you pick them out of the assorted variety box. Amazon's price is very reasonable and w/ the FREE super shipping, it becomes a great deal. I don't know why but Amazon suddenly was out of stock a few months back and my grandparents refused to eat the chocolate one I bought them.

Thank goodness it's back and thank goodness it comes in a pack of 6 so they can happily drink this for a few months!
255418255418B0037YXQ5WA2LM04NFQJXGMLDavid G1151306972800A strawberry Instant Breakfast fanI'm a fan of strawberry Instant Breakfast, but it's very hard to find. The stores in my area don't seem to carry anything other than chocolate and vanilla. Six 10-count boxes of strawberry was just what the doctor ordered!
255419255419B0037YXQ5WA21Z4OOUG7SUHNBilly Bob0041343260800Different From ChocolateWe have to add less milk because it tasted watered down, but its good! We really enjoy the Chocolate & its great to make the night before, since we are rushed in the morning, it beats getting fast food, it provides a healthier option
255420255420B0037YXQ5WA30659ZNIQK4JPPKRobles "I am uncomplicated."0051329782400I can't believe we found this!My grand daughter's pediatrician instructed us to give our grand daughter (2 1/2 years old) Instant Breakfast in her milk twice a day. We tried but the only flavor she likes is the strawberry. You only get two strawberry packets in each pack of 10 Instant Breakfast and you cannot find it in the big canisters. This was very challenging and potentially expensive. But a quick Amazon search and we found exactly what we were looking for. 6 boxes all full of strawberry Instant Breakfast. We are all very happy now and my grand daughter is getting the vitamins and minerals she needs! Whew!

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