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255511255511B000HKHPMEA32W11N0F7TKTIVictoria Hankins6651199664000Cinnamon Hot ChocolateI ordered the new Mannheim Steamroller Christmas CD for the holidays. There was a recommendation to order the "No Sugar Added Cinnamon Hot Chocolate" to drink while listening to the music. I had not had hot chocolate in ages and not only was it delicious, it did greatly add to my enjoyment of the new CD.
255512255512B000HKHPMEA2BN4LIYLA2DT0Just Ben2251299110400Mmmmmm Mmmmmmmm!Tasty and easy to prepare. I especially love it in my coffee. Buy extra or wish you had later. :-)
255513255513B000HKHPMEA15QNY4411NMOWSelina1151344384000Good stuff!My husband works overseas as a contractor. I sent him some of this no-sugar-added cinnamon hot chocolate because he loved adding cinnamon to the plain mix he formally used. Now this is all he wants. When he uses it up he asks me to re-order on Amazon, where I can always find it.
He is happy to report that not only does he love to drink it, it is very delicious stirred into plain yogurt, making a cinnamon chocolate treat out of it. And obviously, not adding additional sugar. What is not to love about this great product?
255514255514B0029XEY62ATVSO72U28NQXM. Papadopoulos "Mihalis the Greek"3331291161600Weight of cheese not accurate....I purchased a pound of feta cheese. When it arrived, it appeared lighter than a pound. I have two digital scales. I weighed the cheese on both scales. Both scales reflected a weight of 14 ounces. That is certainly not the 16 ounces, (a pound), that I paid for so I was not happy. Two ounces do not seem like a lot to be concerned about, but you should get what you pay for when you order from a company by weight. I do not appreciate the fact that I was not given the full pound of cheese.
255515255515B0029XEY62A1TAJ0YJ9Q68B2Bryson1131317945600UnderWeight.But Great CheeseI was Disappointed to find that my cheese that was hand-cut and weighed, turned out to be 7 ounces instead of the advertised 8, Over-night shipping and very quick delivery/processing time. They called me and taken care of the issue.
255516255516B0029XEY62A3IH86X12EB6HVS. Burkland0051329264000ExcellentThis is so fabulous. I will definitly be ordering again. Arrrived quickly and quality was beyond my expectations. Thank you so much
255517255517B0029XEY62A1WX42M589VAMQMir0051296086400Lovely Cheese, just so you know, though I cannot vouch for this sellerI bought this cheese at a local gourmet shop and it's a terrific feta. Lovely salty-mild-rich-creamy. Very satisfying mouth feel. I will assuredly be buying more (and thank goodness I can find it nearby).

So, if you love your feta---whether in omelettes or salads or dips--this is a beautiful one. You can just eat it alone with some grapes on the side.Nice.

However, make sure you read "Mike the Greek's" review and measure it if you buy it from this seller. Maybe his was an off day or their scale was uncalibrated. It may be a fixed problem now. One can hope.

Enjoy the lovely feta....
255518255518B0029XEY62A34VU70ZS6PDJGmariefromtucson0051289001600Great product!I purchased this item as a gift and the recipient absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to get more. He said it was packed well to keep it from spoiling. I would purchase
again since it is hard to find.
255519255519B005A8SDCOA1WHQW5SY7DB3KCarla M. Proffitt "Carla M."191951312502400Great Seasonjng!!Williams chili seasoning is the Good Stuff. It has no MSG, high fructose corn syrup, fillers, preservatives or any other creepy stuff. The flavor is authentic, rich, smooth, complex and spicy, yet only mildly warm. (And, no, I am not one of those lunatics that says something "isn't hot" unless it has 500,000 heat units.) All but the very faintest of heart can handle this stuff. Williams chili powder is almost identical to "Grandma's Spanish Seasoning", which my family used for years in various favorites. I was crushed when Grandma's went out of business and thrilled when I found out that Williams had bought them out. I tracked them down on the web and Williams graciously sent me a sample packet of their chili seasoning. YOWZA!!! If anything, it is even better than Grandma's. This stuff is well worth the price.
255520255520B005A8SDCOA34VJI3O6FNPBJK. Flynn6651327017600It is almost Grandma's Chili Seasoning.Grandma's Chili Seasoning was discontinued a few years ago to the dismay of many fans of chili and enchilada sauces. This is the real deal as a replacement. It is very difficult to find on the shelves in the Bay Area. Trust Amazon to bring it to you.
255521255521B005A8SDCOA3A0DF41LGTJ1PJoebe231141328745600Great chillI make my chilli with this as a starter and add some of my own preferences , but with this spice alone makes a great chili.
255522255522B005A8SDCOA2UC0OHX3WTP7GJ. Sims1141327622400Nice flavor and no saltThis chili mix has a nice flavor, not too spicy. The best part is that there's no salt which I like so that I can control how much salt is added. I also love the bulk packaging, no more buying those expensive little packets in the grocery store.
255523255523B005A8SDCOA2D8B3U502LRUKD'veed1151324425600Product and Service - Great!I'm outside of CONUS and can't get this locally. A buddy brought it over for me. The taste (I am from Kansas City and was raised on Williams Chilli Seasoning) and price are just right! I'm getting more as soon as another guy comes over!
255524255524B005A8SDCOAR89CHYQZM9CASeaJaws1151323216000Great TasteOver the years, this chili powder has gotten harder to find. It has been a staple of our family's chili for decades, and I am very glad to be able to still purchase it. It has a perfect blend of seasonings that requires nothing more than ground beef, onions, and tomato soup to make an outstanding bowl of chili. Williams Chili Seasoning Bulk Mix 18 oz
255525255525B005A8SDCOA1D65MVONMGW9ULizajane1151321660800Real chiliThis is real chili. I originally found it by accident when I couldn't find my old chili mix. This is even better. It does seem pricey for chili mix but it goes a long way.. I also use it to season other dishes because I don't have to stop and measure several different spices. Try it first exactly as the instructions on the bottle, then go from there. Adjustments for the group you are feeding are easy. Just use a little less or a little more. It's fast, easy and delicious.
255526255526B005A8SDCOA3IQE9SS1Y0H5A. Williams "Phatt boy"0051345075200Tastes greatI have used this chili seasoning for years, this is the first time i bought this much at one time. I hope I don't get tired of chili for a while!!
255527255527B005A8SDCOA3JFC6G9B3E2JOJeanne M. Owen "JeanO"0051343088000Great product!We love this product and have used it for years. Was excited to find it online in large quantity. It is our favorite chili seasoning.
255528255528B005A8SDCOA24UW8S76PTHORJC0051334620800Great Chili FlavorThis is the perfect chili seasoning/powder. It's not hot at all so you can add as much, or as little, heat as you want with fresh chilies and other powders. I'm glad that I can buy this on Amazon because this is the only chili powder I use.
255529255529B005A8SDCOA3OGEVXL65IGNIShirley Day0051333584000Williams Chili Seasoning is the New Grandma's brand seasoningThis really does match the Grandma's chili seasoning that no longer is available. I put a taste of my last-remaining Grandma's seasoning on my finger and tasted it, next I put a taste of Williams Chili Seasoning on my tongue and it was a match. Good job Williams.
255530255530B005I6D7BUAUR11K3KGKCKCJasper Saunders2251320451200The New Standard in BBQ Sauces and RubsWe love the Original Sauce on brisket, chicken...I even frequently use it in place of salad dressing. Taste it once and you'll understand why it's voted as the best BBQ sauce by Men's Health & Country Living magazines as well as a winner of numerous national BBQ competitions. It has a great blend of spices that complement your food without being a "sauce bully". It's also nice to not cringe at the ingredient label (16 organic ingredients with no HFCS or Trans Fats). Glad to see it on Amazon so I don't have to be at the mercy of the supply at my local Harris Teeter.
255531255531B005I6D7BUA2FCN3Z9VAIFN3HotSauceChick1151320451200Great All-American BBQ Products!We love using Pork Barrel BBQ All American Spice Rub on all of our grilled and smoked meats. It really kick-starts the flavor on ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. My fav of the BBQ Sauces is the Original, but all of the sauces are top-notch!
255532255532B005I6D7BUA14C0RZ81Y6CYXmilo0041336521600good, but not greatA little different tasting than most BBQ sauces. Nobody in my family disliked any of the sauces or rub, but they thought a couple of them had a little more herb taste than what they would have preferred.
255533255533B005I6D7BUA2DBU558BRR384wendy a. miller0051334188800As seen on Shark Tank!I just had to try this! So far I have opened the spice rub and the original sauce. LOVE THEM!!!! I have put them both on chicken and meat. I REALLY liked using both on the meat. My roommate really liked the spice rub on the chicken. The kids (ages 12-18) even liked it and they are picky eaters. Whenever I make chicken or meat now they ask if I'm going to use the spices. I'm looking forward to opening the other two bottles. If I am happy with the other two I will DEFINETLY buy more and I'll buy it here on Amazon. At their website they offer a 4 pack at the same price but the shipping is higher. The difference is that Amazon's is a sampler set. At the website you can mix and match- for example 2 spice rubs and 2 sauces of choice, 4 sauces of choice, etc.
255534255534B005I6D7BUA29JT1GO0XG2Q0MixMastaKooz0051320451200Solid Sauce and RubThe Original sauce and rub are great: the hints of ancho chile really makes for some great bbq! The Sweet sauce is also good, but my tastes in BBQ sauce tend to the robust and spicy like the Original. I've put rub on the pork steaks, then grilled them with the sauce, delicious! I've also put the rub on chicken for some great bbq sandwiches. You can also mix the rub with Old Bay and put it on fish. The Mustard BBQ sauce is new, and I've yet to try it.
255535255535B00472G6R8A11D8LCNJY0QPSMclaeys4451294963200Should be named Kettle CrackThis stuff is an addiction waiting to blossom! I'll try almost anything once, thank the taste bud god that I tasted this kettle corn!!!
255536255536B00472G6R8A2BDF5C6T09ZQ4USA_ftw2251309564800HELLO kettle corn!!Coming from a popcorn obsessee, this is the BEST STUFF OUT THERE. Actually. I made the mistake of sampling it at the store, bought some, and now I fear I'll never be able to go without it :) It's DELICIOUS. Amazing. You absolutely HAVE to try this. It's the perfect balance of yumminess, with a light, airy texture, and simple ingredients. It's fairly healthy! I could EASILY eat the entire bag in one sitting though, which would kind of cross over the healthy aspect of it ;)

However, this isn't such a great price on it. My Super Target sells each bag for $3.00.... it really should be cheaper to buy it in bulk on Amazon. Unfortunately, this time, it's not :/
255537255537B00472G6R8A3T6S6NKPNXBIVTrini2251297728000Great product!I have purchased this product recently at Costco - comes in an 18 oz bag for $4.79. Only ingredients are popcorn, corn oil, sugar and sea salt. Perfect blend of sweet and salty - delicious! I got hooked on kettle corn this past summer at my local farmer's market - this is every bit as good as fresh-made.
255538255538B00472G6R8A7RNFSYI8MNI2Emily0011337472000DisappointmentWhen I stumbled across Angie's Kettle Corn, as a fan of popcorn, and a minor health nut I was thrilled. As I opened the bag however, I was sorely disappointed. Best word to describe the flavor: bland. I tried the white cheddar and caramel flavors, both lacked any substantive taste. I even went so far as to put sea salt on my popcorn but it did not help the flavor. Save your money and buy a better product such as True North's Almond Pecan nut clusters instead!
255539255539B00472G6R8A24ZV048V7J0MTMurphy "Goldenmom"0051329091200Bad HabitI was buying this at a cider mill in the fall and kept eating it hoping it was healthier than potato chips. Once the cider mill closed, good kettle corn was hard to find until I looked on Amazon. Well, I bought a case of this on warehouse deals and between my husband and myself and taking one bag to my mom at her assisted living home, most of these are gone already. This corn tastes great and very habit forming. My husband always picks on me for shopping but this corn he hasn't complained about, just keeps going in the garage to get another bag out to eat when he gets home from work. I will definitely buy more when the box is empty.
255540255540B00472G6R8A1L9UADH1ND31KNancy Ehrlich0041317945600Angie's Kettle CornI love Angies's Kettle Corn, it is the best on the Market. I would have given it a 5, but I found the box from Amazon was not quite as fresh as the one in the store where we usually buy it. It was gobbled up quickly anyway. It's a great snack!!!

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