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255541255541B00472G6R8AAC5HEMT22E4Ycaptain willy0051298160000We plan to start hoardingMade the mistake of tasting this stuff at a local grocery store. Brought a bag home and now the family can't get enough. A few years ago, I tasted actual fresh kettle corn that was made in front of me. It was good, but somehow Angie's is even better. On my next trip to the grocery store I will be coming back with at least 5 large-size bags.
255542255542B00472G6R8AFV9B5OC97PSCWhiteHartAcres0051296864000OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!I saw this product on The Martha Stewart Show. The couple was popping corn and telling how to make Kettle corn. Martha was truly impressed with their product and I thought "If this can impress Martha, I HAVE to try it."

Hubby and I opened the bag as soon as it arrived and were blown away with enjoyment! I have given out bags to family and friends and their reaction is the same as ours.

I was sad when I came to re-order and found out they were out of stock right now and I had to sign up for an alert...I hope it comes back soon! I went to the couple's website and will go back and order there if need be...THIS IS SOME YUMMY GOODNESS!! Try it for yourself!
255543255543B00472G6R8A40CVNHFD8B6YLiwei Lin0051295827200Taste like fresh popcorns. Love it!This Angie's Kettle Corn tastes really fresh. It tastes way better than those microwaved ones. It's also better than the one sold in Trader Joe's. It's very addictive!! Love it!
255544255544B00472G6R8A3J58ZJVMTK6V9RI flybaby "RIFB"3711316217600Great taste and HORRID quality controlBought several 18 oz bags at Costco. The taste is superb and no one should buy this product until they fix the quality control problems. Popcorn is one of the top causes of broken teeth so Angie's may cost you a root canal and crown becasue of the excessive amount of unpopped corn that you may accidentally chomp down on.

The unpops are throughout the bag - not just at the bottom. The 'sweet' is added to the popped corn before all the unpops are shaken, strained, seived or whatever to get them to fall away to be discarded. The uppopped are then glued via the sweet sticky to the popped corn. Even shaking the bag will not dislodge the unpops throughout the bag.

When you get to the bottom of a large bag, there is more than 1/2 of small pieces and unpops (I measured).

Every handful of Angie's that you pick up, you need to transfer to your other hand and remove the stuck on unpops... or throw the bag out... or risk expensive dental work.

This is not a commercially viable product As Is. Sorry.
255545255545B000N56UIIAJ4QU0KNYNOMUI. Buxton "dr-solo"1151211587200I almost hate to say how wonderful it is .............Many years ago I got some honey candy with a dot of liquid honey in the middle and I been looking for that ambrosial flavor ever since. While gourmet coffee is lost on me, I am very fussy about honey.

Prickly pear cactus honey is the one.
255546255546B0000TSRQ0A3TIW6083C5BGMChristopher L. DuChaine "Just Being Real"1151310860800Best flea spray on the marketI've tried all kinds of flea eradicating products in the past. This is by far the best. It may cost a little more but its worth it. No more bites on my feet and ankles. No lingering smell and no STAINS on furniture. A very quality product. Oh and the person who complained about it having an insecticide in it, well duh. How else is it supposed to work? They all do if they really are going to work.

Remove small children and pets for a a couple hours and spray it. Simple as that.

5 stars.
255547255547B0000TSRQ0A1B42RPURGWIWOAlicia Held1141227225600Love the productWe have problems with fleas every fall, and Zodiac is my favorite product to use because it has such a lasting effect. It was effective, for us, on both black and brown fleas, and the smell is easily tolerable. The reason I'm only giving it 4 stars is because I think it's a little pricey for the size of the bottle.
255548255548B0000TSRQ0A2U8WZM401KMJPL. Collum0051325894400This was a Godsend.First things first, this is magical, but only one component to fix your problem. Make sure you're got collars and sprays/topical treatment for the pet(s), too (if not flea lights like Victor) to cover all areas. If you only go with one approach, it's likely you'll be going in circles.

I read aaaallll the reviews. Used Adams before and did well, but this seasons fleas were, apparently, ones where hell hath no fury in comparison.

Zodiac helped make a mountain into a mole hill. We had a nightmare on our hands, and were looking at bombing as being our last and only option.

Enter Zodiac - thoroughly sprayed on 8x5 carpet, couch, and two recliners. AS A TIP - covering all of those areas well took the entire bottle, if you're trying to gauge for your own needs.

Thinking of keeping a spare on hand, because fleas are scary in their relentlessness, and heck knows its best to beat them at first sight.
255549255549B0000TSRQ0A2MT9PW41P3YTWC. Hale "1957 Boomer"0251225929600Least toxic and most effectiveI have done a lot of research on this topic. This is one of the best products and it is also one of the least toxic.

It is always good to have a trustworthy expert for advice. I prefer free advice, but I know it is morally right to compensate people for their time. After all, a person's life is made up of moments of time. When a person gives you moments of their time, they are giving you portions of their life. Ponder this if you have not already. Anyway; free, unbiased, expert advice is available from Jack DeAngelis at You may compensate him at your own choosing.
255550255550B0000TSRQ0A94PQ47D0LBIMJames Harrison2611227571200False AdvertisingThe page fails to mention the fact that this Flea spray contains a pesticide in addition to the Growth Inhibitor. It's not safe for use if you have young animals or children running around. This should have been mentioned on the page, instead I had to wait til I received the product to find out. At a $10 nonrefundable shipping price and no reimbursement for costs to send it back, it costs more to try to return it than to just keep it.
255551255551B000QE7K7GA39DFZK4BR89NVG. V. Rockwell "G. Rock"6651257033600Best of the best!I had searched far and wide for this scotch bonnet pepper sauce nearby where I live...but it just seems that the midwest doesn't crave this particular flavor. I fell in love with this stuff in the Caymen Islands and finally found it through Amazon. It's a fabulous flavor-- mixing the 'zing' with a bit of unique sweetness. Unbelievable on most everything...meat (pulled pork, hamburgers etc.),pizza, soups (especially chili), with snacks and appetizers (like hummas), and in pasta (my favorite....mac n cheese for a nice variation). I bought three bottles this time, to make sure I have enough to last for a while. One thing to be aware of is the thick texture. I added about an once of filtered water to bring it to a more desirable consistency for myself, after having used a small portion...I just added the water and shook it up. To me, this sauce is not just HOT like some of the others out there that have no flavor attached to the heat, instead, it just has a fabulous, dynamic flavor that I simply can't get enough of. At less than four dollars a CANNOT pass this JCS scotch bonnet sauce up!
255552255552B000QE7K7GA1Y52QQWGIQS62Mona L. Harper "Mom2CameronLee"5651191024000Unique sauce for those that can take the heat........My husband purchased this sauce the first time while on a business trip in Orlando Florida this past spring. We reside in North Carolina and have been unable to locate it here where we live (Charlotte/Gastonia area) Was glad to be able to find it here at Amazon. It is a hot sauce indeed but unique and good on anything, especially mexican food.
255553255553B000QE7K7GAZM41GG0F7CERRichard Maynard "Kyangi"2251268956800Yes, it's HOTI love this stuff. Got hooked on it while in Jamaica. If you want the real thing, this is it. Start out with a tiny amount. As you enjoy, you'll want more. I give it a 9 out of 10 for flavor. We'll be back for more of this. Outstanding!
255554255554B000QE7K7GA2N4E6BJ0X86CLJetnbyU2251255824000The best hot sauce I've ever tastedIt's pretty hot but also very flavorful. The best hot sauce I've ever had, it's good on a variety of foods.
255555255555B000QE7K7GA2JOK96994SC1UChristopher H. Bretthauer2251245024000Hot Sauce!!This is a great hot sauce, and it goes with almost anything. However, it is NOT for those who can't take the heat. One drop goes a long way! Another great JCS product.
255556255556B000QE7K7GA22TDB46RZUWZBsam1141321660800Great for sauces and salsa.this isnt as hot as most homemade scotch bonnet sauce for the obvious reasons. but for sauces and salsa it still gives that fiery/ flavorful taste that is undeniabley jamaican. sauce up anything you dont have the time to put together the right way (jerk and curry chicken, jerk fish e.t.c) and it will still have some of the potency
255557255557B000QE7K7GA35DUHHU59G9JNKayleneT1151297555200Excellent Hot SauceIf your looking for an extra hot, hot sauce that tastes great without the slightly "buffalo style" taste of many hot sauces, this is your sauce. Love hot sauce on cheese its? This is it!
255558255558B000QE7K7GA2W3K1WNVWM1JWThomas Pullen "thomas_matthew"0051349136000love iti really love this hot sauce.
almost, but not quite, as much as matouk's scotch bonnet.
definitely, love it much more than all the tabasco and crystal and regular grocery store type red hot sauces that everyone knows.
it's not a crazy hot sauce like a dave's insanity or some macho type sauce.
it's a little sweet, not vinegary, and you can taste the real scotch bonnet peppers.
it's only vaguely hot. but you get some heat and lots of flavor.
255559255559B000QE7K7GA162ORIM5HFKRQP. Reilly "Reluctant Shopper"0051308009600Good flavor, moderate heatI first tried this sauce after buying several Caribbean sauces while in St. John, this was by far the best. A very flavorful sauce great on pork and chicken. I love it in my Jambalaya. It is not terribly hot but has some moderate heat and good balance of sweetness. Happy to see it here online.
255560255560B000QE7K7GA8UQ0O2WC931NJP "SpkyPnAy"0221274140800it was okayI'm a hot sauce fanatic, and I had high expectation from other reviewers. Then again I've never been to Jamaica..but this stuff was just ok. Did not live up to my expectations. Sort of vinegary which does not go too well with my tacos...or I prefer other hot sauce
255561255561B000634CJQA2I6ARUC9H5RFZRock On0051347580800My Picky eater loves this stuffMy dog considers this food yummy. She loves to pick out the chicken treats that are sprinkled thoughout each serving. Its kind of like lucky charms cereal for dogs. Some kids love to eat the marshmellow treats first... my dog is the same way with the real chicken morsels. I give her 1/2 cup of this, and 1/2 cup of regular Purina dog food. She always eats this first. I highly reccomend it.
255562255562B000634CJQAD90BE0Q64HPFCAH0031345852800Ingredients have changedI have been feeding my 11 year old terrier Purina One her entire life. She has been eating the Vibrant Maturity formula for the past 4 years & loved it. When I opened this most recent bag, I noticed that there were rubbery morsels mixed in with the kibbles. The shape & size of the kibbles changed slightly also. After 5 days of attempting to get my dog to eat this I finally gave up. I called Purina, and the representative I spoke to recommended Pro Plan as an alternative. My dog loves the Pro Plan, which looks just like the way the Purina One Vibrant Maturity use to look. Purina is an excellent company; the rep. sent me a coupon for a free bag of Pro Plan and another $5.00 coupon. She told me that the formula was changed about 1 year ago. I donated this bag to the local shelter.
255563255563B000634CJQA2A673JID3NYPQChristy Summerfield "none"0051311552000Great to be able to order my dogs' food online!It's so much easier for me to order this online because i can't always find this particular type in my local stores and the bags are a bit heavy. This is a tried and true product for my dogs who like it so I'm really happy with this purchase.
255564255564B000634CJQA1F6WWPBK2X7CFROHN WALLACE0221295222400WEIGHT CONFUSIONThe add originally posted did not have the weight of the dog food in the add. In fact, under product review, it claims its weight is 41#s. When I received the package of only 8#s, I was disappointed with the size vs the cost. I am a new amazon food consumer. I will continue to order but will be more wary of quantity vs cost especially with these types of items. The product is great and I did receive it in a timely manner, aside from a delay due to weather storm in the Southeastern Mountains.
255565255565B004I45VUIAYG1IJQIJ2YE5Nathan Bovee1111318118400Terrible dealI don't consider 6.75 for a 6 pack of bottles to be a deal. Even here in Chicago, we never pay that much at the most expensive store in town. This is around twice the price of Wal Mart for the same thing.
255566255566B004I45VUIA28CAC7AAFWAXFmoonglow2351311638400AddictiveI've drunk Diet Coke for years. It has a nice, sweet taste and keeps its fizz better than its competitor, Diet Pepsi Cola - 24/24 oz. bottles. It's strange how Diet Coke relaxes me when I need to relax and gets me going when I need to get going!
255567255567B004I45VUIA2J1V3EXLOBDT3Divya Jesuraj2351308787200Diet Coke Addict!I pay $1.50 - $2.00 for my Diet Coke at work...this is cheaper! + this arrived at my door - no gas, no coupon, and no lugging 24 bottles around!

So Happy!
255568255568B004I45VUIAGR1V15L6FLMAThe Goat0031318291200Interesting rejectionIt is interesting how I had written a review and it was rejected. I looked over the guidelines and there is nothing that was even close to a problem, so here is the benign rewrite of it:

Pricing is just not that great considering I can buy it at full price at a number of local retailers for about 67-cents a bottle. If it was the same price or less, then I would consider buying it online. So until that happens, I will have to pass as this is not as good of a deal as it should be.
255569255569B004I45VUIA6NVD16SAC91CTricia81331296777600Friday Coke Sale is not a DealI say you can never go wrong with Diet Coke. Admittedly, I'm an addict. But this Friday sale of 24 ea. 20 oz bottles for $24.00 is not a deal by any means. Even at regular price, the local grocery store sells 24 oz. bottles for less than a dollar a piece.
255570255570B004I45VUIA38BO3XV3XT67HMichael Bryner "metalmaniac"0151313193600Way better than Pepsi no rewards and tasteI would love to have something dropped off in a huge package of Diet Coke to the door like this. You get 72 coke points with this deal too. Better than buying at the regular local store and hassle of lugging it around. I rather do it this way and get more coke points than the store.

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