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255602255602B000HKJOM8A16IP95IWZMIXLR. Winburn "puma8149"0041232496000Wodden tea chestthis is as cute at home as it is on your web site.I have really enjoyed this tea set.
255603255603B000HKJOM8A1VMZ8DYGULCDAJudith Allen0041230336000Tea!The tea set is great. Wonderful box too. Shipped quickly. Great product.
255604255604B000HKJOM8AEIS2WTDM59XIAlways Shopping0051229126400Impressive Looking!Very nice looking set. Great for gift giving. I bought 3 of these.
255605255605B000HKJOM8AM8R54QNUJIQHRob Edwards "RDE"0051228262400Great Gold Box ItemThis set was on a Gold Box sale and I purcahsed it for my wife. I don't drink the stuff but she does and this set made her super happy. It came in a nice box with a lid so it looks neat and clean on the counter.

Can't go wrong here.
255606255606B000HKJOM8AIY81P9U0CAQVNathan0021227830400Subpar TeaThis tea is fine, but in my opinion flavor is lacking and when present tastes rather artificial. Better off with 12 high quality tea bags.
255607255607B000HKJOM8AJTXJHF0ADH3NK. Walton0011224028800Terrible TeaI've received a couple of gift boxes of Bentley's tea and it is truly some of the nastiest tasting tea I've ever had.
255608255608B000HKJOM8A26FSSCOWS95GDRob1211228953600Nice Deal for Mediocre TeaGot this on special for $10.30 :-). At that price I can't complain. Presentation was nice. Tea is adequate, nothing to write home about. Yes, Twinnings or even Bigelow is better. Very flavored-Green-Tea oriented, and actually it only has 10 Earl Grey in there, not 20. So the selection is not really idea, when you consider how many interesting teas are in a Twinnings assortment (and EG is my favorite). Had I paid $36 I'd be giving it one star. Box is good, but not a neat hinged box like you get at a fancy restaurant. The wrappers are garish.

I've lowered my rating because when I moved, I left the mostly full box behind.
255609255609B000HKJOM8A3KXVF03HN6MBVM.A.387111167955200Very Disappointed!I should have known that there was something fishy when the product details said that the product dimensions are 13 x 10.5 x 2.5 inches and 3.8 pounds when the shipping weight said 2.15 pounds. In actuality it is 12 X 10 X 2.5 and comes in a CHEAP (do not even know if it IS wood) box AND it weighs 1.14 pounds on my postal scale. However, to be fair, I have not taken the plastic wrapper off because it is a gift so it could be very, VERY thin wood. In addition, the container opens like a box rather than a chest. There are no hinges on the back. I am very disappointed with this tea "chest" AND it's price!
255601255601B000HKJOM8A2IEDCA5FCEAKTJulis, mommy of 3! "julis76"0041232668800Nice gift!!I purchased this box for my mother because she loves having tea with her friends. She loved it! the only reason why I don't give it 5 stars is because I have not tried the tea... but I heard it is very good. The presentation is wonderful and it is ideal for entertaining.
255610255610B002Y3CSD8AXRJWP1UXPEBBPhillip1121331769600Not that authentic tastingVery sugary but i should have looked closer as the first ingredient is sugar so my fault. Not very authentic tasting
255611255611B002Y3CSD8ATL8TGSAEMDV1Ray0051351209600I would buy it againI decided to try this sauce recently and overall I thought it was delicious. I've had Pad Thai at many different restaurants around Chicago and Boston, and my version of Pad Thai using this sauce felt less "greasy" as my wife put it. Another reviewer commented that the flavor was not "authentic"; whether this is true or not, it was still good. In the future I may try a different sauce just to compare, but I would have no problems buying this sauce again.
255612255612B002Y3CSD8AV8S40AX0EX17D. Evans0051348099200DecentFor store-bought pad Thai sauce, this isn't terrible. Restaurants have a variety of styles, so it's hard to be "authentic" to what most Americans expect, but this has all the major themes. I have yet to see another storebought sauce that contains all of the following: tamarind, dried shrimp, fish sauce, and fresh chili paste. This does. Most others are a combination of high fructose corn syrup and vinegar. If you want higher quality product than this, I'd skip directly to making your own from scratch and check out Chez Pim's pad Thai recipe. Also: Don't be shy with the oil.
255613255613B002Y3CSD8A17TNK9SYQXZFNBaucomj0031344211200Worth a try...I tried Pad Thai during a vacation to Hawaii and loved it. This sauce did not really compare to what I had on the islands. I tried it with chicken and with shrimp in my own kitchen, but it just wasn't as good. Not enough depth of flavor. Now, having said that, I intend to use the whole jar. I can't get Pad Thai where I live, so this is better than nothing! And its an excuse to use extra roasted peanuts, yum!
255614255614B0012BU7POA1AN1ZQUBWTKPFyvonneg1211319500800Arrived open and usedI have used this product before and it is excellent. Unfortunately, when this shipment arrived the seal on the item was broken and some of the product had already been squirted out of the container into the lid. I can't use it and according to Amazon's policies (pressurized container) I can't return it. I can't even request a replacement to be sent - very unimpressed with Amazon.
255615255615B001SAO9USA37W7L74B33GZORobert L. Weir1141270857600Geat CurryIf you like Indian food then this is a great curry powder. We use to buy this in Atlanta but when we moved to Southern Virginia no store carries this brand. We tried other brands and they did not live up to the quality of taste that Badia added to our food. The only down side is the shipment is 12 bottles and it will take a long time to use them all up. So we have given a lot of them to friends for them to try, so I guess it is not much od an inconvenience. All in all a great product.
255616255616B003YBJBKWA1B94U0X7NWCXWW. M. Werich0051325376000La Panzanella Sesame on your Doorstep! Mmmmmm mmm good.We found these La Panzanella Sesame Mini Croccantini and their regular version at the Marin French Cheese store in Marin County, on a trip in 2011 with friends. Great crackers, combined in a fresh see-through package, that shows off the product well, but most importantly - their taste was just great! Love 'em. Couldn't find them in the local markets, so of course - Amazon came to the rescue as someone else penned (okay, I'm ripping that bi-line Its true, too. Ordered up, and they showed up - undaunted a few days later, with the Prime program. What a delight. Ordered up caviar as well, just this past week - to bring in some new flavors for the new year, with these crackers. Tis going to be a great 2011. Enjoy the crackers!! Try them. They are darn good. Better than Ack Mack by far.
255617255617B003YBJBKWA33EVRNA7ZSVMHmoonalice@aol.com0051315526400Seattle yummy treats ..I discovered these crackers during a visit to Seattle- and couldn't locate them in my area markets- so Amazon to the rescue again for hard to find foodstuff- The crackers are terrific and low in calories- they make a wonderful snack on their own and are perfect and sturdy enough to hold cheeses and spreads- and there are two sizes- one to use more as a flatbread instead of bread in a dinner bread basket and the other this smaller size
I personally like the black pepper and the sesame but all of the flavors are yummy..
255618255618B004VLVOKYABK0KJL19GKJ0sunshine0051347926400Really like this rice!Bob's Red Mill Organic Medium Grain Brown Rice cooks up perfectly in my rice cooker and tastes great. This is one more of many Bob's Red Mill products that I will continue to purchase and add to my Amazon list. Thanks Bob!
255619255619B004VLVOKYA2MU3FLFSWW4TDRandall J. Skates0051346025600Best brown rice I've had.My wife has a gluten allergy. So, I eat almost no wheat. That also means I do eat A LOT of rice and beans. This is the BEST rice we've ever had. I get two 4-packs every month. I recommend "subscribe and save."
255620255620B000FDN6OOARW31ADCUX1RBUltimate Reviewer2251239926400LOVE THIS RICEOMG - my favorite rice. LOVE IT. Just buy one and you will love it and be hooked. It is spicy though. My mother hates it but my 2 year old loves it. So go figure. And for the price from Amazon - you can't go wrong. Cheaper than the grocery and delivered to your door!
255621255621B000FDN6OOARFDJ4L3QDLLTAudre Jones "Audre"1151299974400Mexican RiceThe Vigo Mexican Rice is a great accompaniment for a Mexican dinner. We tried it and we loved it.
255622255622B000FDN6OOA20EEWWSFMZ1PNbernie "webviator"0051349568000AmbrosiaI live on this completely seasoned - easy to prepare rice.
I used to use a rice cooker but found it just an easy to use the microwave and not have as much to clean. I use a casserole dish, ad a tad of butter, and cover it with plastic wrap.

As the aroma reaches through the house I find myself staring through the microwave door anticipating.

Strange that it is not at the local store. I was afraid that I ate my last pack.

If I was going to save food for the end of the world or some other disaster this would be it.
255623255623B000FDN6OOA3U12AQA148DEXMichelle0051345593600Love it!My local grocery store used to sell this product and got me hooked. Now they stopped selling it and I'm so glad I found it on Amazon. The rice is so easy to make, all the ingredients are included. Just boil the water, add a little bit of oil and you have a great side dish that goes with almost anything. I use it for chicken enchiladas and it is my family's favorite.
255624255624B000FDN6OOA14AP6MN5XO6LBbeagle lover0051322870400Better Than HomemadeThis is the best Mexican style rice I have ever had. I used to buy it in the supermarket and then for some reason they stopped carrying it. I was so happy to find it online. My family and friends all rave when I serve this rice dish.
255625255625B000FDN6OOA2U8EAXDQP8NPPM. Johnson "Artemis"0051306195200Great RiceMy local store no longer carries this great rice, so I checked out Amazon at my husbands suggestion. There it was! I promptly ordered a couple of cases and shared it with my mom and dad. Highly recommended by the whole family.
255626255626B001MVDGIYA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"1151252281600Awesome tasting Organic Marshmallow treat. Love the little extra tang of whole family says "YUMMY YUMMY, MORE PLEASE"

Healthy Benefits With DHA Omega-3 - Helps Support a Healthy Brain

9 Grams Whole Grain 100 Calories Gluten Free Low Sodium

Certified Organic and Vegan Certified OU Kosher

***ALLERGENS: May Contain Traces of Peanuts, tree Nuts and Sesame Seeds

Ingredients :
Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice, Organic Marshmallow Recipe (Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Guar Gum, Sea Salt), Organic Palm Oil, Vegetable Glycerol, Organic Freeze Dried Raspberries, Organic Rice Bran Extract, DHA Algal Oil, Organic Raspberry Flavor, Organic Vanilla Flavor

Nutritional Information
Serving Size: 1 Bar (24g)
Calories: 90 (from Fat 20)
Total Fat: 2.0g
Saturated Fat: 1g
Trans Fat: 0g
Carbohydrates: 18g
Protein: 1g
Sodium: 25mg
Fiber: 1g
Sugars: 9g
255627255627B001MVDGIYA2MQFVHD8LHIGYB0011287705600PUKE.Worst Thing I have ever put in my mouth. Ever. I opened them, immediately noticed a 'funky' smell, but gave it to my one year old anyway with out much further explanation. I tried a bite of it after she started to cry and run away from the bar. I could not spit out my bite fast enough! It made my usually strong stomach churn and I could not get the taste to go away. They smell and taste like rotting dead for months shark carcass. No joke. Seriously. She is now afraid to eat anything that resembles a rice crispy bar. which is actually pretty adorable. Regardless, Yuck!
255628255628B001MVDGIYAAWC0NPKRRNGMN. Lashley0011271808000Absolutely horrible!This is the worst thing I have ever tasted in my life! The bars smell and taste like fish, despite the box assuring us there is no fish oil in it. I agree with the reviewer who could not even finish the bar. I am going to ask the company for my money back.
255629255629B001MVDGIYA1FOGN1SMSZSOQChristina Gladden "gluten free mom"0041264809600Healthy rice crispy bar!I bought these for my son when he was 3 for a fast snack on the go, primarily because it had DHA added and I wanted that little extra nutrition for him. He loves them still - 1 yr later - and is thrilled whenever I pull one out. They do have a slight fishy odor and taste to me, but that has never been an issue with my son. Give them a try!
255630255630B001MVDGIYA2O1WYM81XTWITamara L. Castagnaro0021263340800Yuck!My family and I really like the plain vanilla brown rice treats so we were excited to try these. All four of us, two adults and two children, could not even finish one bar. They really do taste horrible to us. The raspberries dont taste like raspberries. My 8 year old said they taste like windshield washer fluid smells. What a comparison! $5 for a box of 5 at our local health food store was such a waste of money. I would buy the vanilla again but never these!

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