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255632255632B000CRIFGMA1ZQI0ZOZ2AON9Honest Reviewer "James A. Dobson"101151193961600Secret Gourmet Sauce!Here's a wonderful "secret sauce" you can keep on hand to perk up, salads, pasta, fish dishes, or any other foods that need a burst of complex flavor that you will find nowhere else. This magical elixir imported from the Amalfi Coast of Italy is an absolute "must have" in any gourmet kitchen. I recommend it without hesitation.
255633255633B000CRIFGMA2B3KJ8OLOL5JWHome cook7751277510400A great seasoning!This is a geat seasoning. Use it sparingly at first. I find that the simplest pasta recipe involving Colatura may well be the best (3 parts excellent olive oil with garlic sauteed lightly, 1 part colatura, pinch of red pepper flakes, touch of parsley, salt & pepper to taste, toss pasta in this sauce). Distinctly different from (and better than) using the best available bottled anchovies.
255634255634B000CRIFGMA1F8I099R8NO0EGeorg "GEB"1151325894400Wonderful!I received this sauce as a Xmas present. Returning home after 2 weeks, there were slim pickings for a light dinner. I boiled up some angel hair pasta, added some of my anchovy sauce, olive oil and pecorino. It was wonderful! Am not taking any credit for my cooking. It was the sauce which "made" the dish. It is a little expensive- and it's worth it!
255635255635B000CRIFGMA3QDECRFJVKO32Anthony Palmer1151308268800Anchovy LoverThis is a great product if you like anchovies. It is pretty pricy for its size but cheaper than similar products offered on Amazon. Service from Nettuno was great.
255636255636B000CRIFGMA3KB8OGCHGOWDLCheryl Campbell "Value Investor"1151306368000Another staple for the kitchen - Gustiamo deliversI am glad there are companies like Gustiamo that carry these unusual goods. Colatura is an item for the kitchen like wasabi, balsamic vinegrette, saffron threads ... items that have no ready substitute at all. An excellent addition to my kitchen, and the product was delivered in a timely manner and well-packaged by Gustiamo. This is not an item you want coming open during shipment!
255637255637B000CRIFGMADVOFDGIZ7QWKSaario21031235779200MoreThe product was exactly what I was looking for. A gift for my brother, which he was not expecting it was received and is being enjoyed. He is looking for all the ways that he can use it, in cooking. A URL with ways to use the product, would have been nice to include on the packaging.
255638255638B0041LN1RIA1UX9I0NW0U35ADWill0041345161600Tastes great!I was unaware this is not a factory sealed product. That's the only con I would have about this product. It's high quality, tastes great, and a great value. I will purchase again.
255639255639B0002Q1XVCA3FXZ4AAMABJSPA. Robinson "Annie V"0051237766400Delicious Sun-Dried TomatoesReceived products in very good shape. The JR Mushroom group has a wonderful selection of products.
255640255640B000XF0U4SA2YDYESFEMXBB2Debra Lyn Daly2251329264000Simply Delicious!This tea is truly delicious! Naturally sweet. Great anytime--especially at night because it's caffeine-free. Let it steep for 5 minutes or more to reach full flavor. Enjoy!
255641255641B000XF0U4SA26RPDLBMAYDTJDon Radke2451248912000Are they crazy?I was a dinner meeting this week and served this tea. It is great. Probably would make a great ice tea also. Problem is the company does not sell it retail. To buy on line from them they want almost $11 for for a box of 20. Thought that was to way too much. Amazon is even more costly. It is good but not worth the price.
255642255642B003UW6MO8A2X38NE23Z5UX9melinda meyer0051326758400McCormick Steahouse Seasoning Grinder is fabulous!flavor is outstanding! Hard to find in retail stores - brings out the ultimate flavor of all meats, dips, and great on baked potatoes. Don't purchase any - I WANT THEM ALL!
255643255643B003O5W7ZYANJOHTY4EC2DAngel0051327190400This is my 2nd favorite teaI love the flavor of this tea. The smell out of the bag is very strong, but once is the almost the best tasting tea ever. To me it is worth the price. This is one tea that I do not have to use a lot of sugar with to still enjoy the taste. It will always be a toss up between this tea which is beautifully done and the white ambrosia made by white lion.
255644255644B001VNO6DWA1JT114SOITFFODan & Eileen0051347494400Great tasting celery powderGreat tasting fast ship. Try it on you food instead of salt you will love it! I will shop here again.
255645255645B000EMD23QAQLL2R1PPR46Xgrumpyrainbow0041185753600GoodQuick and no work noodles. Just add the water and milk and boil. Comparable to Kraft Mac and cheese. The taste isn't anything amazing, but it's fine.
255646255646B0039QW2Z8A3FWLWQC0PEGHXBette B. Prater "I buy 1cent books"0041337558400goodHarmony House--NC-family owned. 1 800 696

Harmony House is a quality company.

The fruit is freeze dried and the veggies are

The cherries taste good/tart. My husband who
does NOT LIKE ANYTHING..liked these .. good
as snacks,in cereal and on ice cream.

Very quick shipping. Prices are a little high.
Shipping is $7.95.

bbp okc 63 retired
255647255647B003TRJ6U6A1P4TQ1KWRNAGQV. Heslip1111339027200Lollipops were from 2011 and meltedI ordered these from the warehouse. I understand that most items are approaching their sell date. However these are from 2011. They were also very melted so you could not identify which sports ball they were. This was not a good purchase. I do not recommend these to anyone.
255648255648B004MMOGMAA2Y3WWPUKIJ59IVeil_Lord1151307318400Never Thought I'd LIke Something Other than Quacker Apple CinnamonMy wife and I picked up some packages of these of the dollar store and weren't sure if they'd be a good deal or not. Were very pleasantly surprised. I almost exclusively eat Quaker apple cinnamon oatmeal, but I really liked the three flavors I tried.

I have to comment on the great packaging idea of this product comes in. First, if you care it's post have lower amount of packaging than comparable products and be better for the environment. Anyway, the thing I really do like about this is the pouches are also the measuring cup. You take a bowl, tear the pouch open, dump out the contents, then you fill be empty pouch with water up to a line on the pouch, dump it in the bowl, stir and then nuke it for 90 seconds. I don't know why nobody is ever thought of this before in any of the packaging I've seen, but it saves the guessing at how much water to put in or caring stupid measuring cup around with you if you're eating it work like I do. My only minor gripe is the line it asks you to tear at isn't always the area that had the tear point so I mistook the tear line for the fill line and put in too much water the first four or five times I used it.

When we went back to the store we picked up another three boxes pulled me out for the next few weeks. Give the stuff a try. You won't regret it!
255649255649B004MMOGMAA5BQ1TSOCL4JZMomnipotent0051349740800Yummmmmm!I wait until my local grocery store has these on sale for 85 cents a box, and I load up on them. I have tried the peaches and cream flavored, the apple cinnamon flavored and the strawberries and cream. They are all good, but the peaches and cream is my favorite. I love it for something quick, but warm and filling to eat. I make mine extra creamy by adding milk instead of water. It's great to eat before I go to the gym, because it fills me up but not too much that I feel sick while working out. I would definitely recommend this for oatmeal lovers!
255650255650B004MMOGMAA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"0051323043200tastyI got a sample of this item at a food industry show and really enjoyed it. It is delicious and nutritious, a great way to start a cold morning. It is a nice touch that the pouch can be used for measuring the water.
255651255651B000G6522YAU4ZJ2KM7F3SBGlenJo0051339286400Habit Forming!!!This strips are the best I have tasted. Discovered them on a visit in Michigan, so disappointed I can't find them in Las Vegas. So happy I can order from Amazon.
255652255652B000G6522YA2DMZX5CBCF5O3Cj0021329350400CraklinsI order these cracklins and when I got them I was happy until I open a bag and bite into one they were so salty I couldn't even eat them and it wasn't just the one bag every bag was the same I feel as tho I wasted my money and I spent $60.
255653255653B000G6522YANPOMX24L8GABRonald M. Bagley "Hardy New Englander"0031273363200Good, but BewareSTRENGTHS

Arrived Fresh, 1 case, appx 36, 4 oz pkgs
Excellent Quality, Flavor and Seasoning


Skins cut with 1/8 to 1/4 inch of fat on the strips.
Some fat required shaving off before eating.

Extra salt and fat chips was fully 1/2 to 1 oz of the 4 ounces
at $2.00 per 4 ounces

255654255654B004VLVOKEA2YKVQ93IV2H6GC. Coburn "Mrs. Devine"0051346803200Great for GF bakingThis is a great alternative for GF baking. It is a fine texture and it is Organic which is hard to find in GF flours.
255655255655B004RZZLZ8A2LNUXV37F49ZZMotogirl4451320969600Delicious vegetarian chiliThis vegetarian chili is BOMB. As someone who recently started eating less meat, let me say, you will NOT miss it with Stagg vegetable garden chili. It is rich and hearty (unlike some other vegetarian chilis I have tried, which are tomato-y or pasty). Plus, the ones I got have a pull-top, so you don't even need a can opener. Whether you're going camping or just want a quick and tasty lunch, this chili will not disappoint. Delicious way to get your vegetables. My only complaint is that it's a 15, rather than 16, oz can.
255656255656B004RZZLZ8A2V60CI227GRZBJohn and his stuff "It's mine, get your own!"0021339718400Acceptable, not great. Stagg has better stuffIt's canned vegetable chili. If you're hungry, eat it. It wasn't worth going out of my way to get it. It has a burnt flavor to it that is sort of unappealing, and is the only note that really stands out in what is a rather bland chili. I was really disappointed, since other flavors of Stagg chili are surprisingly good. My favorite is the steakhouse chili which is generally available from Costco. A little on the spicy side with nice chunks of meat and a very satisfying chili overall. That isn't the case with the vegetable chili.
255657255657B004RZZLZ8A3BFPEB4FXOVUHSusan0021338076800Disappointed. . .I really wanted to love this product, but the chili was way sweeter than any chili I've ever eaten, and the consistency seemed artificially thickened. With a lot of salsa added, it was okay, but I won't be ordering this again. Wish there had been a nutrition label to view before ordering, because the sodium level was high along with the sugar. Worst of both worlds.
255658255658B000256EOEA1LOAV7KOPDLORjharsanyi0051307145600My dogs love these!Not much more to say. They love these and never get bored with them. We'll continue to purchase.
255659255659B000Q7F084A2JKD2KFHGTJB3MandyNMe0051319587200Very good and addictive!I'm always leery when buying a new food item, but my fears were unjustified when it comes to this wonderful treat. Very addictive, and definitely put me in a better mood for the day. Plenty of nuts, caramel and two kinds of chocolate drizzled over top. Very good for a once in a while splurge.
255660255660B000Q7F084A3JXARXF2KGBISchoosyfloosy "choflo"0051305849600i am my daughterinlaw's favoritemy daughterinlaw likes me even better than my son today because of this fabulous funkychunky popcorn. if you have somebody you need to bribe or influence, this might be your answer.

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