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255669255669B00609PJTCA38D82RMOXCLQTbonliv0051350691200My french bulldog's favorite food thus farWe adopted our frenchie from the shelter about 7 months ago. She was 2-3 years old and not knowing anything about her history we just picked a random food and thought we'd experiment until she decided what she and her digestive track liked best. After several other brands including Blue Wilderness, Premium Edge, and Pinnacle, the search is over. Not only is Hi-Tek lamb & sweet potato her favorite (she has always scarfed down food, but this is scarfed down with a vengeance), but it seems to settle well in the sense that while on this food she has consistent and solid number twos unlike some of the others which have given her intermittent diarrhea.
With my previous dogs I had always been an Iams fan, in fact our 2 English bulldogs lived to be 14 eating nothing but Iams. But with the frenchie we decided to go grain-free, one because it's just healthier and two because she did have ear infections when we got her (I read that grain allergies can be manifested this way). She's been ear-infection free since about the first month, has a healthy coat and tons of energy which may be attributed in part to her grain-free diet in general rather than any particular food. Yes trying 4 brands over 7 months might seem silly but we did slowly blend them to transition her each time, and gave ample time to monitor how she did on each. Happy to have found a winner, Hi-Tek lamb & sweet potato.
Thanks Amazon for offering this product at a decent price with fast and free shipping, I'll continue to buy it here for those reasons.
255670255670B001EO7E8CA1BSQ83BO7I1FVamerican samurai "samuraiantiqueworld"0051206835200excellent productGood quality lentils, great tasting, just boil to the texture you want, add to rice, couscous, tabouli, mix in with salad, eat plain, salt and spice to taste, add olive oil, veggies, use in soup, very healthy, high fiber, versatile...
255671255671B000KOSNOGA2YU557U0S90ITSherri Schell "Gran of 9"2251222732800Delicious!!!!Couldn't find this candy bar locally so looked on Amazon. Tastes just as great as i remember it! Love it and will order it again when these run out!
255672255672B000KOSNOGA15VCBN3IKJ5UZB. Nelson1151274313600Munch Nut BarGot the Munch Nut Bar from my granddaughter, loved it and couldn't find it anywhere. So I googled it and found it on Best candy bar I have eaten, it has a buttery taste, with nuts and corn syrup. I have been ordering them every since I found them on Amazon.
255673255673B000KOSNOGA2V3TLTDBZ2B6YBetty Bodeman "wildlife gardener"0051317081600Munch nut bar 36 countExcellent source of peanuts without too much sugar. We share with friends, but rarely have leftovers. Closest candy to peanut brittle. Recommend highly.
255674255674B0029JICBYA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"2251326672000Really Good Candy - Highly RecommendedThese M&M Dark Chocolate Peanut are just yummy and have replaced the regular M&M milk chocolate peanut as the candy snack in our home candy dish. It might be a matter of personal taste, but everyone in my house prefers dark chocolate so these were an easy choice for us.

Highly Recommended!

255675255675B0029JICBYAN12NSX09ZCDQJames J. Jansen1151323388800M & M'sI think that these chocolate M & M Peanuts are about the best candy on the market. They are hard to find, especially in the large packages.
255676255676B0029JICBYA2X64Q5TVC5FYFP. Jovais "WS & PJ"1151318896000WOW!!!We used to be able to purchase the dark chocolate peanut M&M's in many local stores years ago and suddenly they were gone. No one seemed to know why or were unable to retrieve an answer. Went snooping on and voila!! there they were. If you never tried them, do so. They're addictive especially with a nice tall glass of milk. Enjoy!!!
255677255677B0029JICBYA364X34WBLN7JWLizzy3451292889600M & M Peanuts/ButterfingersI am a M & M/Butterfinger junkie!!! I ordered a box of each. The candy was not packed properly and the M & M's were 50% broken. The Butterfingers were all broken and/or crushed. The Butterfingers were replaced, however the packing was just the same as the first order and they TOO were broken and crushed. There was no packing inside the boxes to keep the candy from shifting all over in the boxes, even though I was promised the second shipment would be better packed. I will never order them again.
255678255678B0029JICBYA2W4TICL8L21LMPortrait of Innocence "Sweet Cheeks"0051339632000Warning: AddictingRemember when American candy makers used real chocolate? (Yeah, I guess that makes me old.) Real chocolate. Not chocolate flavored candy product or whatever they call it. This isn't bitter chocolate. Between the candy shell and the actual chocolate, it is the perfect sweetness.

So, now I have this addition. I've convinced myself that these things hold a prominent position on the food chart, pyramid, and plate, (whatever lovely concept they are using now). Green M&M's are vegetables, orange and yellow are fruits. Blue and red? Heck, they have peanuts in them and peanuts are good for you!

I buy in bulk under the guise of sharing with my coworkers. (Who am I fooling? I don't even like those people.) They come to my desk with their grubby little hands outstretched. They leave with a few bits of yumminess, happy as a lark. Me? I'm seething on the inside. That's eight fewer M&M's that I will get to enjoy. Then I rejoice. After all, they are leaving my office and I have another bag stashed away.
255679255679B0029JICBYA1ST6MNDPK1WQXDan M. Schell0051334707200LOVE THESE THINGS !Dang, I love these peanut dark chocolate treats! Economical when ordered this way and the dark chocolate is good for you!
255680255680B0029JICBYA2OWR5G2OAQF7CSincerely Yours0151329696000Dark chocolate and peanut! Just greatI am not supporting candy, but as part of a controlled diet, this combo is great. Much prefer the dark chocolate option and great price offered by Amazon. Just great to grab and go.
255681255681B001HTKR9MA36JX974FYZ5O8M. Glenn "modern, frugal, oddball epicure"0051268006400Tangy 60 Calorie DressingA little bit of this dressing goes a long way on a salad. I also like it with broccoli cole slaw. And it's organic.
255682255682B0006PS1T6AN23Z2S083VRAeightnotramp4411119312000Arrived with ants in it!!!My elderly mom loves peanut brittle, so this was a little gift/treat for her.
Sorry, but the packing of this product was so poor that the
white bag with the cellophane window that the candy was in
arrived in a box with no protective packing - no styrofoam, no
newspaper, the box was punctured, the cellophane
was torn out of the white bag, and there were little tiny ants
everywhere...inside, all over the candy. It was gross!!
255683255683B005ASLIIUA3KDO3XV0MK1GXGo Blue 990051351123200Love these root chips.I love vegetable root chips but the brands you find in the grocery store tend to be quite expensive. Fortunately Trader Joe's makes a version that tastes just as great, but is cheaper. I like that they are not greasy like regular potato chips, and the various flavors are interesting (though the chips are still fried, so I wouldn't exactly call it a health food). I will continue to buy these when I visit my local TJ's.
255684255684B000ORXYYSA1DFKPWO9HVT1Mfindapenny858551281657600DEEEEEElicious! My new favorite sweetenerI've tried several brands of Xylitol and only disliked one ("Ideal") because it contained other ingredients. This brand does not. The granules are sugar sized and it tastes like sugar and can be used like sugar. I even put it in my coffee bean grinder to see if I could turn it into powdered sugar and it worked (very quickly) and was delicious. The down side is that it became very hard a couple days later, but that may happen with regular sugar too...I know that powdered sugar is sugar plus an ingredient to keep it "powdery" so this shouldn't be held against Xylitol.

Several things worth knowing about Xylitol:

1. It is very hard to tell the difference between Xylitol and sugar, both by the way it looks and the way it tastes. The only real difference is that it has a cooling effect on your tongue, rather like mint. It tastes like sugar on your tongue but I've found when cooking/baking with it, it takes a little bit extra (maybe 10%) to achieve the same sweetness. Also, it doesn't caramelize when heated. Xylitol definitely does not have a chemical taste to it like other sweeteners, which makes sense because it's not a synthesized product like other sweeteners. I far prefer it because I don't expect to hear about discoveries in ten or twenty years from now that it causes cancer or tumors.

2. If you want an artificial sweetener for diet purposes and don't care about chemicals, this probably isn't your best bet. It has fewer calories than sugar by about 40% but the artificial sweeteners have fewer calories. (I personally think chemicals are far more hazardous than calories, but to each his own!)

3. It kills harmful bacteria. A great use for this is dental care (you'll find it as an ingredient in many mouthwashes, toothpastes, and gum) and it works very well. I dip my toothpasted toothbrush into Xylitol sometimes when my mouth hasn't been feeling clean and after brushing my teeth, they feel smooth like after a dentist visit. Possibly the slightly abrasive effect of brushing with crystals has something to do with it but my mouth also feels pretty clean after drinking hot cocoa made with Xylitol and that's not the case when I make it with sugar. I use Xylitol because I have Candida and I can use the help killing it!

4. It is known to soften the stool and I have personally found this to be true. I told a friend about it and he now eats Xylitol specifically for this purpose, something I hadn't thought of. So one person's downside is another person's upside! I don't know if this is a universal effect but I would recommend keeping your intake small (a tablespoon or less) for a few days to see how it impacts your system. I baked a cake with it and didn't have a problem (and ate probably 1/4 cup of Xylitol that day) but I'm not sure if that was attributable to the baking or some other reason, perhaps the softening effect is achieved with a small amount and larger amounts don't increase it.
255685255685B000ORXYYSA1VG6YYIRDO9Walliedee747551326499200A great product, but it is DEADLY to dogs and people need to be careful with it!!!I personally love Xylitol - I have no digestive ill effects from it at all, though I do from many other sugar alcohols. I think a lot of that depends on your own personal body chemistry, so if you need a sugar replacement you should try a lot of small amounts of the different sugar alcohols. For me, maltitol and sorbitol are awful, but xylitol is just fine. Of all the sugar replacements I have tried, I think xylitol tastes the most like sugar. It has a nice, grainy texture like sugar does, which makes it appealing for applications like sprinkling it on fruit, and it isn't overly-sweet the way I find most sugar replacements are. If anything, I would say measure for measure it is slightly less sweet than sugar, which I actually like as I'm trying to reduce my sweet tooth in general.

HOWEVER, EVERYONE WHO OWNS A DOG NEEDS TO BE AWARE THAT XYLITOL IS DEADLY TO DOGS. I am not some weirdo posting rumors - please google xylitol dogs and the very first entry is from stating that this is true. As little as 3 grams can kill a 65 pound dog.

I still use XyloSweet all the time; I am just very, very careful when I use it when my dog is around because he's a floor-licking sort of guy. And while I never give him people-food, I know others often do and you obviously can't do that with anything you've made with Xylitol.

Please, please upvote this review if you can - I'm concerned that no warning appears on the bag or in the company's copy and that none of the highly-voted reviews discuss this issue. It is very easy to prevent what could be a deadly accident for your dog!
255686255686B000ORXYYSADYZ6OBRNIJ2FK. K. Gorman "oregonkim"333421329350400Made in China!The country of origin of all products (but especially food products) should be clearly listed! Because the information was nowhere to be found in the amazon description, I emailed the company to find out where their products are manufactured, and I received this reply from Xlear: "The xylitol in our products is derived from Non-GMO corn that is grown and manufactured in China." I am going to buy the Health Garden Kosher Xylitol, which is made is the US and is derived from birch instead of corn.

Please be careful what you eat -- many products from China are unsafe. You can check the FDA website for details.
255687255687B000ORXYYSA5CMZNXDFELI7H. KITE "hkite"1515313044672005lb bag is very small, tastes great, bad digestive "issues"Anyone with common sense would probably figure out that a 5lb bag of Xylitol would be smaller than a 5lb bag of Splenda. However, I was actually surprised when it arrived. It was about 2/3 the size of a 5lb bag of sugar! So, I guess Xylitol weighs more than sugar, which makes it really, really, really expensive, instead of just really expensive.

This stuff tastes great and really does not have an aftertaste. I had been using Splenda, but wanted to get away from using artificial sweeteners. However, a huge drawback is the digestive problems I get every time I use Xylitol. I started out by just using a tsp/day in my coffee and thought I'd be able to work up to more. Nope, every time I try to use more, I spend the day in the bathroom. Literally, all day. Gross, but you need to know what this stuff will do to you! The good news is that it will last a long time since I can only consume a tsp/day.
255688255688B000ORXYYSAK43Y4WT6FFR3Bill Fleming "billfleming1"121311332374400Buy American birch, not Chinese corn cob extractThere are two mainstream commercial sources of Xylitol - Corn and Hardwood trees such as Birch. Many rumors have circulated on the internet regarding the benefits and or drawbacks of either. Here you can gather the facts.

The structure of Xylitol does not differ between corn based and birch based xylitol. However, it is a fact that the vast majority of corn based Xylitol found in North America is imported from China. Almost all imported Chinese Xylitol is derived from corn.

Also a fact is that most commercial sources of corn itself are genetically modified. This is not true of birch trees.

The process utilized in making birch based Xylitol is envirnmentally green and sustainable, in fact the process often uses caommercial scrap that may otherwise be discarded.

So is Birch better than corn? You be the judge, each individual can make up their mind. Prices are almost the same, if the description doesn't say American birch you can assume it's Chinese corn.
255689255689B000ORXYYSA37VV7PD9BUIJJD. Heyliger6651268092800Mild sweetness, no bitter.This Xylitol product has a very mild sweetness. It is not bitter at all like some stevia products I have used. I definitely recommend XyloSweet.
255690255690B000ORXYYSA1C78QN6AXW4G5Nancy C. Smith4451273536000XyloSweet Pure Xylitol SweetnerVery pleased with this sweetener. I've tried many others, and they leave a terrible after taste, and are not good for you. Now I tried Xylitol Sweetener no after taste at all, just as good as sugar without the extra calories.
I looked it up and found nothing bad about this product.
255661255661B000UZWWGUA1SHOOFK5GU3C9Georvar1151230336000Great deal!Peppercorns were as dry as it should be but a little dusty with a very slight amount of small twigs. As soon as I received it, emptied it onto a flat pan, cleaned out the unwanted material and hand-transferred (to separate the dust) to one of those 'dill pickle' gallon bottles - and still had half of a coffee bottle left over for immediate uses - and stored the 'big one' in the freezer (since 5lbs is going to last me couple of years - refrigerator will do as well if you have the space, if frozen you may want to bring it to room temperature before grinding). The reason I bought this 5 pounder was when I did some simple calculation noticed it was getting pricey in smaller quantities, so I thought, as it is a dried item why don't I buy in bulk and store it away from heat and moisture (to avoid any kind of fungus/mold formation) and enjoy the savings - paid essentially only half the price compared to buying in small bottles/packages. Hope this helps..
255662255662B000EUD6CUA1DABNXGGD9HZ8Cherie0111342569600Is this Prik Khing or Green Curry Paste?As of July 11, 2012, the picture shows Green Curry Paste but the Product Title is "Maesri Thai prik khing curry." I'm confused, what product will I be purchasing on this page?
255663255663B001SB1QNKA1TI6HLICKE5NLKwijibo0051327104000Land o lakes chocolatewhen you want to take the best hot chocolate out there, it is the only choice for those that love high quality products!
255664255664B001SB1QNKA24OC06ZEWVR4Pcarter50051326672000DeliciousLove it. Can't find it anywhere but here. Tastes great with milk. I recommend this product to all hot cocoa lovers out there.
255665255665B001SB1QNKAUKAQSFW6WSXSSapphire "If you can't dazzle them with brill...0051323475200My favorite!This is my favorite hot chocolate! It's sweet, but not sugar overload, and the raspberry flavor tastes great. It's best when mixed with half milk, half water. You can usually get it for about 50 cents a packet at Walmart or most grocery stores now.
255666255666B001SB1QNKA2TT4DVBHZRFWMCharlesE0051307923200Land O Lakes Hot ChocolateI was first introduced to this product at a New Hamshire B&B. It tasted great there, and tastes just as good at home. Much more chocolately taste than other brands.
255667255667B001SB1QNKAZ0P1XVM86V6MKeila C. Gatewood0051301356800Daughter Loves this Hot Chocolate MixMy daughter loves this Raspberry hot cocoa mix. At one time, we were able to purchase it from Sams in a package with other flavors of hot cocoa mixes. However, this year (2010/2011) the Raspberry was not available in the multi-pack of cocoa mixes. Our local grocery store carries other flavors of this cocoa mix and they are sold individually; however, the Raspberry is not available. So on the search I went to find this particular flavor of cocoa mix. Of course, Amazon is the place to look and purchase.
255668255668B00609PJTCA3R2K3L4LX8XMYK. dillon "clear in Colorado"1151342656000grain free dog foodour dog loves loves loves this food. is excited when we feed him, we have tried many high end dog foods and this seems to work the best and at a great price

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