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255776255776B00117ERSMA2VWAOHAJ70Q1BD. M. She0051336176000Darjeeling surprise from AmazonA good Darjeeling is hard to find. I have been disappointed by many products. This SerendipiTea Darjeeling has a fine fragrance, smooth body, and clean, earthy taste.

The paper box it comes in is an additional treat: no cans or big plastic container to deal with.

Wonderful, thank you!
255777255777B001SAQ6XQATHXFZEAE01O9John F. Miller0151336262400Best tasting Natural Artesian Water !I am a water connoisseur,and tried three bottled waters this weekend. Danasi from the pepsi company, Aquafina from the coca cola company and Jana from a Gorgeous country called Croatia on the Dalmatian coast. Jana water was superb in taste in comparison to the others. It felt smooth on the tounge, and It felt refreshing and pure. There was a pleasant, clean smell, and I felt instantly refreshed upon drinking it ! Therefore I give it five stars and will order many more. This is a high quality product at a good price !
255751255751B0046GZQ76A280FP8TMF9XD2Tofatiam0221302134400When you can't see the nutrition are sometimes surprised. These have 530 mg of sodium per ounce of seeds. That is double to triple the sodium of most salted sunflower seeds. Hopefully I can give them away as I cannot eat them with that much salt.
255778255778B001SAQ6XQA14D2NK5Y8YHIMBrian "Random Explorer"0211330905600All the goodness of a mud puddle.Perhaps I purchased a bad batch, but the flavor of Jana water is more reminiscent of a swamp than anything I would care to drink. The bottles are in fine condition, looks like any other bottled water, but there is a musty aroma upon opening. They are well within their "expiration" date, so I'm unsure what the issue would be other than Jana's Natural European Artesian taste. I did not purchase the water off of Amazon, so perhaps Nutricity's stock is of higher quality.
255779255779B000LKU59AA241JOG7LGD0VIKarla D. Thompson4451212364800Love, Love, Love!I love these black olives. They taste great and they do not have any nitrates in them. YUM! Will buy again and again and again.
255752255752B001VNEBSCA16FJUTEH76HE6PATI Cakes232351291507200Cinnamon better than any found on any food store shelf .Best cinnamon I have found and used in over 45 years of Baking.
I am a repeat customer for this Frontier Cinnamon Powder (Korintje / A Grade (3% oil).
On my first order, I found reviews stating the 3% Oil was a much stronger flavor and aroma than normal cinnamon (Such as McCormick's), and others just CAN"T COMPARE. AND that the Korintje cinnamon was equivalent to cinnamon so popular from CINNABUNS.
I have won several ribbons for my baking, and have had some of my receipes published. I now have reqular orders and some special orders from customers that consider my Carrot Cake among the best. I give some of that credit to the use of this cinnamon in my carrot CAKE receipe, and my husband "RAVES" for my STICKY BUNS with pecans. I first considered and tried using less of the cinnamon, than originally called for in my receipes. (And that works well, and makes for less cost for the receipe). But I have found (including suggestion from my husband) that using the same amount as originally called for in the recipes, just ADDS to the flavor and robust aroma of the baked goods.
255780255780B000LKU59AA1NG7F4OBZ5EZLJillyBear "Jilly"1151312848000Not your typical "green" oliveLet me first say that I am not a fan of green olives but these are more like the creamy, buttery goodness of a black olive. I remember the first time I had experienced this type of olive years ago at a place I had worked. If you like black olives I think you will really enjoy these.
255753255753B001VNEBSCAPGPJRZMLHXGQWini the Pooh131351297900800DELICIOUS!!!!!This is the brand that Pampered Chef sells for an outrageous amount of money for a tiny amount. Cinnabon uses this type of cinnamon as well. This price is perfect, please don't raise it, and the flavor is phenomenal! My product arrived with an issue and the seller promptly (within 3 hours of sending my email to them) corrected it. I've never had service like that before from an internet purchase or otherwise. I will order again and try more of their products.

I have Saigon cinnamon in my house that I'm finishing up and this is far more fragrant than the Saigon cinnamon or any other cinnamon I've ever tried. You won't regret buying this product or dealing with this seller.
255754255754B001VNEBSCA1FSMGI12S1BV5Priscilla D'agostino "Prissydag"101051264118400WonderfulThis was the best cinnamon I have ever used. Be careful as it is almost too flavorful.
255755255755B001VNEBSCA2L851OXM9NNT2Tutu Cyndie4451300320000Yowza!!After reading reviews I decided to order this cinnamon and boy it knocked my socks off!! My husband went crazy for it and had me order even more! I used it in my oatmeal and couldn't believe how delicious it was! It's strong and flavorful so be prepared!! Like my husband said, a little sugar and this cinnamon and he could eat anything!
255756255756B001VNEBSCA3FVRUH0YAAWRIJ. Yoon2251343347200Definitely high quality cinnamonThis Korintje Cinnamon tastes much more vibrant and has the sharp sting of cinnamon, similar to Big Red (chewing gum). This type of cinnamon would be great for desserts, such as the Korean Soo Chung Gwa (Cinnamon drink), but I would not recommend it for non-bakery foods. Because it is so fragrant with a sharp cinnamon sting, I think that using it in sauces for meats might make it too overpowering. It is excellent for bakeries and cinnamon rolls though!
I also made some Gingerbread Cake and the Korintje cinnamon is what made mine tastes just like the Whole Foods Market's famous gingerbread sold at their bakeries. When compared to McCormick's cinnamon, I could taste a significant difference. McCormick's tastes more flat and dull, which may be good for meat or recipes where you want only a light cinnamon flavor (like Pho). Frontier's Korintje cinnamon tastes sharp and stingy, with a strong fragrance.
255757255757B001VNEBSCA3229I7JSLZE7ECritical Thinker "Critical Thinker"2251329609600Cinnamon buns better than CinabonAfter doing a bit of research on Cinnabon, "What makes their buns so special?!" I decided to give this a try... The results were amazing.

I use this product professionally, from my cinnamon rolls, homemade cinnamon-sugar cake doughnuts to using it in Indian food. It is never bitter like the chemical versions can be. It's also nice to know what we really are eating... tree bark.

I also use it for mulled cider and on top of hot coffee drinks. People ask me why my stuff seems to taste better -- I think it has a lot to do with this product.
255758255758B001VNEBSCA1KISOS1HRQ4PVTheodore L. Stern "gadget maven"2241329004800frontier cinnamon, korintjegreat product. smells fantastic. but taste of product after cooking or adding hot water is no different from ceylon cinammon. would probably not buy again unless it is priced the best over ceylon.
255759255759B001VNEBSCAZXTP1FBJ8FA2mingxuan2241328486400good cinnamongood quality
it taste much sweet than i bought others before.
it is also more spicy than others.
the price is not high and i think it is worth to buy
255760255760B001VNEBSCAE9Q674QP4XVRobbie2251326326400OutstandingThis product was fresh in a completely sealed bag. Had a wonderful full smelling flavor to it. This was exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely purchas from this place.
255761255761B001VNEBSCAXU8RH1DEV21HJohn Piquette "John P"2251324684800Wow, DifferentNot what one is use to when one is use to store bought cinnamon.
Good price, great with honey, and as always fast, easy shipping. Recommend.
255762255762B001VNEBSCA1SPFZ5BOIMIXRGracia K. Brailey "music lovr"1151331424000Just THE bestI cannot say just how superior this cinnamon is.......I LOVE cinnamon but never expected there were different types/varieties. THIS is the ONE YOU WANT for flavor AND health benefits. A must have foe those of you who love cinnamon!! FAST shipping and great price1 THANK YOU GREAt seller a superior product
255763255763B001VNEBSCAQ9YFSXP11XQEEmily N. Horning "mamababa"1151331078400Far more flavorful and sweeter than your standard cinnamon.If it were coffee or wine, the manufacturers would say something about it being full-bodied and talk about the various "notes" that make it superior to all others. And it would be true.
255764255764B001VNEBSCA2IIOKUHLJK0IZSwamp Fox II "Not a Wookie!"3441312761600Different than Used toI prefer the Ceylon cinnamon sticks that I grind and have used for 20 years. This is good and I will use it all. But it is a bit less pronounced in flavor.

Price was good.

Recommend with some reservations.
255765255765B001VNEBSCA23VLI2ASN0UKKVACOWGIRL "K.B."4921289692800Not as good as Penzeys cinnamonI ordered this cinnamon hoping to save money but alas, you get what you pay for. I prefer the cinnamon at Penzeys over this brand. I really did not like this cinnamon at all.
255766255766B001VNEBSCACWGSZYPR9DDZKrazyKat "kk"51611307750400toxic cinnamon powderbuy CEYLON cinnamon if you take it daily. i didn't know about natural toxic chemical in cinnamon. only ceylon has low%.
255767255767B001SB5Q36A23INBAT3XAWYETankt901151334620800easy to cook and tastes greatWe just finished a whole bag and I am going to order another one. It is easy to cook and tastes great.
255768255768B001SB5Q36A2ETNQXYVB1IRWJackie0011344988800Ordered durum semolina spaghetti received whole wheatI ordered the organic durum semolina spaghetti and received whole wheat. I am very dissatisfied. I am unable to return the item and don't know what to do with 11lbs of something that I do not want to eat.
255769255769B001SB5Q36A3BV2F2FQXMYZ0Lemure0011339545600They keep sending me WHOLE WHEATThis pasta is good. BUT they keep sending me whole wheat and the whole wheat tastes like garbage.

They made this mistake about 4 times so far.
255770255770B001SB5Q36A288Z1VZZ3UC83Laura A. Baker0051263168000Great Pasta - Great DealBionaturae's Organic Spaghetti is delicious! I will be purchasing this item again and highly recommend it.

Wish they made a thin version in bulk... well, guess we can't have it all!

A winner and keeper for sure.
255771255771B000QSL30MA2I6MHMAZZDCRXMark Baker2251197158400My Favorite Kind of Cheez-ItI'm a major cheese lover, so naturally the original Cheez-It became my favorite snack cracker. I couldn't imagine them topping the original, but they did with these crackers.

My favorite type of cheese is cheddar, so it actually makes sense that I would love these. They have a very strong, sharp cheddar flavor. It doesn't taste artificial at all, but tastes like the cheddar I buy for my sandwiches. I can sit down and eat a box all by myself.

Unfortunately, they have lots of calories. 25 crackers contain 150 calories, almost half of which are from fat. So, while I can eat an entire box, I try to pace myself.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy Cheez-Its. But if I have a choice, I go for these any day of the week.
255772255772B005JL8JEYA17QK8KTU1JXSME. Vinson "Not all who wander are lost..."0041344470400Absolutely lovely!Same as Tate & Lyle's in the tin, but so much easier to use for smaller things! Price is a little much for the size of the bottle, which is why it gets 4 of 5 stars, but it is definitely tasty!
255773255773B00117ERSMA2PSB230XL8DY1VIPin Maheshwary "VIP-in"1151298505600Excellent First Flush TeaThis is an excellent tea - It has a very mild flavor as you would expect from any first flush tea. if you like good tea look no further, from the price perspective, this is cheap, 'coz first flush tea's can get really expensive. Surely recommended.
255774255774B00117ERSMA2OHTE408YG6N5Denis Sitnitsa0051349481600Awesome teaReally good tea. I used to buy darjeeling in Indian store, but this one is much more better. Use a teapod and wait 5 minutes before you drink it.
255775255775B00117ERSMA2H7IMVZT1YSOAJ Fleming0051344643200Perfect TeaWhile this is a bit more than I wanted to spend it is well worth it. My wife has this tea when she wants to relax with a wonderful mild tea.

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