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255971255971B000CBOR60A103OZ75AVET1YRaymond Brown ""4551140566400Special Gunpodwer Tea? What a Blast!I bought this tea on a whim while browsing through a Chinese supermarket, thinking that the name would make for good coffeetable conversation. However, the taste of this product is amazing. It is easily the best green tea I've ever had, and it's perfect with a little honey or sugar, and a shot of lemon juice or mint. Excellent tea with a great aftertaste. You won't be disappointed!
255972255972B000CBOR60A35JR05AB8MR8PGreggie1121343520000Good in a pinchBought these on line as I couldn't find it locally. Tought it was a fair deal. Product was good and timely delivery.

However, I was able to find it locally at two different local Chinese Grocery stores where it was also cheaper, much cheaper. 250g or 8.8 oz for 2.99 (as of July 2012). They also carried 500g packages but can't recall the exact price, believe it was 5.60something.

Good product, fit the need at the time but cheaper if you look locally.
255973255973B000CBOR60A1Y3QL0TKRHRPDCharles Gilbert Jr.1131327363200Don't buy this if you drink a lot of teaI thought I was getting the standard package that I usually buy from certain stores, but this is a cut-down version, only 250 grams for nearly $9! I can buy it much cheaper locally. Amazon also offers the same product (different vendor) in the full size, 1 kilogram, for a more reasonable price, only $12.41.
255974255974B000CBOR60A2O3D9VU1AYLL5Timothy J. Gurske "TJG"1151299888000Good StuffIt's a different, thicker flavor than Lipton but I really like it. Lipton is consistent and perfect. This tea is more raw and real. I added four TBSP to a coffee pot and brewed it. Then I poured it through a strainer into a gallon pitcher. I then poured water through the used leaves into the pitcher until I topped it off. Add in some mint or honey and you've got some amazing iced tea!
255975255975B000CBOR60A201JQUJPBDU6GElaine B1151151712000My favorite brand of Green Tea.I have tried many brands of Green tea from in the US and while visiting China. I have found this brand to be superior in flavor. The price is also surprisingly affordable.

I agree not to allow it to steep over 3 minutes, as it does affect the flavor.
255976255976B000CBOR60A346UUYJII1JLWYuri0011350604800Do not buy this particular tea...This tea supposed to be really good, but... It is awful and I think I know why. It is kept in the wrong environment or was acquired from oriental supermarket where it was laying for a long time. It is in a loose paper bag and it is absorbed all the "aromas" of typical oriental market and thus has awful taste. There will be no returns or exchange or anything of that nature. There were times when this tea was in a sealed plastic bag inside and that was my favorite tea, not anymore.
255977255977B000CBOR60A25G9Z70FW8D5BN. Miller "Tiffany's mom"0051349481600very good tealove this tea, and it is a great amount for the money.
makes a nice pot of tea to enjoy.
255978255978B000CBOR60A32RBI4HWF806LBring0021348444800won't buy it againthe tea taste very bad. but I am not too surpised since the price is cheap. I won't buy it again.
255961255961B0029K32JKA28RYWE54XXTW9S. Kvarnstrom "bookgranny"1251291075200Good morning!I love this coffee. This is what coffee should taste like. It is rich, a little bitey and smells and tastes wonderful. I am not much of a morning person...but I really enjoy getting up to this coffee. I only drink one large cup of coffee a day and I want it to be a good one....and it is!
255962255962B0029K32JKA1T6IA69NK043MFish Saver0151318032000Great ValueI live in NYC and the coffee prices have gone up greatly! Did a search and Pack of 3 with free shipping saved me enormously. And the EXACT same product!
255963255963B0029K32JKA1OEBF9LD9R98SMalia0151315094400Great CoffeeWhile shopping at Amazon, I have used several different brands of coffee, Whole beans and ground. I always come back to Starbucks. It is the best, tastiest, and freshest coffee I have used. Now I won't buy anything else.
255979255979B000CBOR60ARIHGPLO0IY28Tennosuke0051346457600Great Refresher for MorningDrank this after moderate to heavy drinking last night. Hangover wasn't bad since it was white wine but still noticeably "out of it". Drank about 2 cups of this with some Ginger Honey Crystals from Prince of Peace and it worked like a charm. Feel mental clarity and physically alert but not "wired". Combine with a Hot Shower for best effects :)
255964255964B0029K32JKA3R8K6FN7RYY3Ianonymous0151307750400starbucks espresso roastIt's been fine. Rich, but not very bitter. I sometimes mix this with one of the milder ones like Columbian. I meant to order the beans, but must have ordered the ground by mistake.
255965255965B0029K32JKABLHX351GMKM8Katherine0151304467200Delicious, but pricyThis is really excellent coffee--smooth, fragrant, and rich. And I'm pretty terrible, in general, at making my own coffee, so the fact that this comes out consistently tasty is sort of a marvel. It is fairly pricey, but if you can get it on sale, it's definitely worth it.
255980255980B000CBOR60A527WABPU7421S. Mungroo0051346112000Great taste!This tea tastes fantastic! The flavour is not bitter at all as with other green teas and I keep brewing the same leaves about 3-4 times a day and still get really excellent flavour!

The packaging was also great as it came in a sealable pouch that kept the leavs fresh. Will definitely continue to purchase this tea in the future.
255966255966B0029K32JKA15J1ZO9ZXB2YMororo11111313107200no returnI dont know why they are not accepting returns.
It is not same quality as starbuck's...
If it is whole bean i can tell its genuinity. but it is already grounded...who knows?

Anyway i waste my money 100%.
255967255967B000CBOR60A2ZTV1499FCAPBStephen Pollett141441147132800Steep with careSome reviewers claim not to like the taste or smell of gunpowder green tea. To each his own. It should be noted that preparing green tea does require more care than other teas. Never boil the water in an aluminum kettle, or steep the tea in an aluminum container. This ruins the taste of the brew. It is also important to let the water cool before pouring it onto the tea leaves. Once the water has boiled let it cool for 2-3 minutes, and then steep the tea for 2-3 more. I have found Temple Of Heaven Gunpowder to be a superior and delicious green tea.
255968255968B000CBOR60A1CC3XLVSHGQ2JPseudo Nym101151157328000Delicious!!I just brewed my first batch and this is by far the best green tea I've tried. My family will have to live with less this batch because my first sample cup quickly turned into 3 big cups! Yummmmmmmm.

Don't know what some of the other folks here are talking about when they say it smells/tastes bad. Smells just like some of the better-quality green tea in teabags, but stronger, sweeter and much richer. Taste is smoother, no bitterness, much fuller, and surprisingly long-lasting. I'm no tea connoisseur, I just know what I like and this one is awesome.

A little research on the web helped. The general consensus seems to be that 160-180 degree water is the best, brewed about 2 minutes. I don't have a thermometer or anything fancy so I brought the water just to boiling and waited 5 minutes before using. Brewed 2 minutes then poured through a strainer into a pitcher.

If you're willing to go through a bit of extra trouble, you can use the same leaves up to 3 times. A little goes a long way. I used about 2 rounded tablespoons, brewed 3 times, and got more than a full pitcher of nice strong tea. I like my tea strong, and it looks like 2 level tablespoons would still do the job nicely. Use less for something milder.
255969255969B000CBOR60A345NW7QRCEYALJ.F.L.-Fairfax VA "j_f_ligaya"4451297728000Excellent tasting Chinese green teaI've been experimenting on how much gunpowder green tea to use, and I think I have the amount (to my desired taste). I use one rounded teaspoon per 8-ounce water, with water heated to 175F (80-seconds high on 1000w microwave oven). Brew-time is 90 seconds. I find myself drinking 6 to 8 cups tea a day -- this is enjoyable tea.

This is Chinese green tea, not Japanese sencha, so it has the brown-green color of good Chinese tea from restaurants or from good-quality tea bags. Quality is excellent -- no twigs or stems and does not leave that much dreg. Temple Heaven brews a fuller more robust tea than Twining's green tea, that's for sure. Temple of Heaven tea - I use the same leaves twice and I get the same robust full taste, no bitterness.

[Notes: The bottom of the can has the production- and expiration-date. For a variation, heat 20 ounces water to 175F. Then in an infuser, put one bag dynasty Jasmine tea and 1-1/2 rounded teaspoons gunpowder green tea. Brew for 90 to 120 seconds.]
255981255981B000CBOR60A1ZKVHS55Y8F4RJ. Jack0021338854400BrokenI am a fan of gunpowder tea and have been for years. The flavor is about what I would expect from a gunpowder tea. The problem with this product is that the pellets were either broken or made up of leaf shreds instead of whole leaves and seem to lack the density I'm used to. Part of this may be that the packaging is a thin cardboard box and not a tin. I don't know if this is normal for the brand as it is my first purchase and probably my last. I'll try other new (to me) gunpowder tea marketers or go back to some of my tried and true brands.
255970255970B000CBOR60AT2TASP0IAYRZrobo--cop2251301356800Temple of Heaven " Special Gunpowder" Green TeaCame accross this tea at my local asian market. $2.50 for 500 grams ( 17 oz.) the best price anywhere!! I keep 5 or 6 on hand at all times.. I give them as gifts with a french press. this tea goes a long, long way.. 2 tablespoons makes 1 gallon.. No Joke !
I put 4 tablespoonds in a french press, fill with hot water ( never boiling ) and let stand 5 mins. the tea as it unrolls almost fills my 32 oz. press. it makes 2 gallons at one time. I add lemon and sweet n low...

It has the same color as Arizona tea by the gallon but, not the 3 to 4 dollar price tag. My friends marvel at the taste and are shocked at the price ( $0.15 per Gallon ).. shop around ... french press' can be found at Goodwill from 2 to 6 dollars new !!! Most of them were Bodum's ! When the power goes out a french press will make coffee as well as tea!! People turn up their nose at them and most have No clue on how necessary they are to have in every home!!
255982255982B000CBOR60A2UGZJVDFKEMIBK. Gick "freakn_frack"0051329091200wonderful, especially the priceat first i was a little throw off by this tea ... after a couple batches i got the amount of tea just right (i use a french press to make my tea). it requires just a tiny pinch of tea to make a full 30oz press worth. i havent tried to re-fire it, maybe ill do that tomorrow.

i definitely recommend this tea, well worth the cost of admission.
255983255983B000CBOR60A3R6Q5IAI6TZXDDavid Castel0051328227200Great TeaWe have been using this tea as our daily starter for about ten years. We blend 1000grams with five peach teabags and five mint. It softens and adds an interesting complexity. Brew in a slow brew coffee maker and you have a great drink for less than a quarter a day.
255984255984B000CBOR60A1JSSX1HBJN9J6longjohnsilver0051298851200Look around in local asian supermarketsI have been drinking Temple of Heaven for several decades and have found this tea on the shelf in local asian supermarkets. If you don't want to wait for delivery, locate an asian supermarket and check it out. But once on the program, buying from amazon makes for convenience when you determine how fast your consumption is.
255985255985B000CBOR60A251ZN2FL4CKH7Cathy I0051295654400Excellent Green tea.We bought this at The Holy Land supermarket in Minneapolis for .99 I thought at that price we couldn't go wrong. We are mainly coffee drinkers, but enjoy an occasional cup of afternoon tea. This tea was so good we are going to have to get more. I always use a french press to make loose tea, its the way to go.
255986255986B000CBOR60A2BI5XCREX9UNQmonarene "monarene"0051274832000temple of heaven gunpowder teaExactly like another respondent, I bought this tea on a whim while browsing through a Chinese supermarket, thinking that the name and beautiful product packaging would make for good coffeetable conversation. However, it is the best green tea I've ever had, except possibly for Orchestral (which I can't get anywhere), and it's perfect with a little honey or sugar. You won't be disappointed, and it is very affordable. A little less than a tablespoon will make you several cups of tea. I keep the leftover leaves in a pyrex cup in the refrigerator. Never use tap water for your tea.
255987255987B000CBOR60AZ8X0M31FBAQ0roul duke1211305504000contains a lot of dirtThe earthy taste of the tea comes from the dozens of rice size clumps of dirt left behind when the leaves are fully open. These are partial leaves wraped around dirt. Not only do I not recommend this to fellow tea lovers, I do not recommend this be consumed. The quality control on the their gunpowder process is less than adequate by western standards.
255988255988B000CBOR60A26J3JRMEZF9VGmangoez0111333584000horribleI bought this tea at an Asian market here in town. the box looks the same but the tea was horrible. It doesn't look like little green balls of tea leaves, it looks almost black. No tight little balls, the leaves expanded a little bit when in the water, there are tons of stems just thrown in there. It looks like shredded little leaves and stems. The tea turned out yellowish brown. I can stand anything just about anything so this was drinkable, but the quality was terrible. I don't know if this is how the brand always comes or if there was a problem with mine.
255989255989B000CBOR60ADN8ZCNN5YPCCJimbob1611145318400Muddy PuddleIt reminded me of when I got mud in my mouth, while playing diggers in the garden as a child!

Sorry but this wasn't for me I'm affaid.

The water just turned black and it tasted 'earthy'.
255990255990B000CBOR60A4WD28TX0UBJCJ. Brownell0911144195200Horrid!=( stars.I have been drinking green tea for years, and love not only the taste but the smell too. When I opened up the box of this tea I thought I was standing over an old ash tray! It's smells horrid and doesn't infuse well into the water. I steeped a table spoon of it for five minutes and the water color barely changed. I highly recommend you NOT buy this tea. Exotic product aside, the plain old Lipton green tea bags from the grocery store are far better!

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