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255991255991B001ELL7P6A1XVQ3KHS22E3Fexpresslaine0041348012800dancing bear honeyloose bear shape bottles came in a clear plastic bag but no leaking of any contents noted. as advertised. mine has hardened in the bottle but warming the bottle up liquifies again easily or i have taken some out using an iced tea spoon. it disolved easily in hot tea with lemon for my elderly mom. no bad after taste for me anyway. gave 2 bottles each to my son and daughter---haven't heard any complaints as of yet.
255992255992B0032GFTFAA3TECS7XO5ELJLV. Stevenson3351301097600Viva Italia Hybrid Tomato Seeds - Lycopersicon Esculentum - 0.2 Grams - Approx 70 Gardening Seeds - Vegetable Garden SeedI purchased these Viva Italian Tomato seeds from Amazon. I planted a little over half (38 seeds to be exact) one seed in each Jiffy peat pellet and then placed them in one of two old Aquariums I use to germinate seeds, I added water, turned the Aquarium light on and closed the lid. (Old aquariums are great to use to germinate seeds as it provides a controlled environment and the light provides just enough heat to properly germinate seeds, if it gets too moist just open the lid and allow the moisture to evaporate.) Of the seeds 37 germinated, and are thriving now about 2 1/2 inches tall. I am very pleased with these seeds and the hardiness of the seedlings. I highly recommend these seed to others; it is a great cost savings to grow your own seedling instead of purchasing them from a nursery.
255993255993B005Y3K0K8A34MD1OGHW2V6CSlanted Eye0051346803200good on all kinds of stuffI usually mix two packs of seasoning with a couple heaping tablespoons of minced garlic and a little beer or 7up, with a costco bag of jumbo shrimp. They taste pretty good on the grill.

This past weekend I used 6 pounds of boneless skinless chicken, three packs of seasoning, a bunch of munched garlic and a can of beer. My brother grilled it and loved eating it!
255994255994B0000SXEL4AIFHAU95VN5PCRainy Day0051313625600Delicious Pumpkin Pie Mix!This is delicious, but I wish they would use Stevia instead of NutraSweet. I used half water and half milk instead of 4 cups of skim milk and mixed in a blender instead of mixer (add milk first). After 1 to 2 hours in the refrigerator it was set and ready to eat.

It works well as a pudding if you don't have (or don't want) a crust.

After the last review, I was a little concerned that I wouldn't like it. I suppose, if you like your pumpkin pie really sweet, you'll be disappointed. I like the taste of the pumpkin more than a sweet taste so I was very pleased.


Ingredients: Whey protein concentrate, modified corn starch, pumpkin solids, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, sodium alginate, spices, calcium sulfate, sodium phosphate, aspartame*, natural and artificial flavors.

Caramel color, FD&C Yellow #6.

Contains milk ingredient
*Phenylketonurics: contains Phenylalanine
255995255995B0000SXEL4A1PR82Z3YBTSHUBlonda0031307404800Not as good as other San Sucre Items I've PurchasedI bought this for Thanksgiving for those of us who were dieting and for my daughter who as a gluten intolerance. I also had other San Sucre mousses.

While this mix was good, it is very strong (spices). We ate it, but I would not buy it again.

BUT - I definitely recommend the San Sucre Mousses Mixes!
255996255996B004Y18GJ8A1XUA0G7EIAVZUAndrea Osmon4451325203200Amazing!I fell in love with this spice while working for a Japanese restaurant during college, and have never looked back! I have used it for so many things, but my favorite way to eat it still remains sprinkled on jasmine rice. I love the flavor of it so much and putting it on a blank canvas such as rice really allows you to enjoy it's true deliciousness! Rice + a sprinkle of nanami togarashi + a sprinkle of soy = AMAZING!! Not too spicy (although I do enjoy spice) and even loved by my four year old! I went through the little bottles so often I invested in the large bag :-)
255997255997B001E5DY5SALKZIK2ONZ6BIBoston Bookworm4511198886400It's just bad coffee. bitter. acidic.Re: Caffe Appassionato Sumatra, Ground, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)"

This has got to be the worst Sumatra coffee I've ever tasted, and possibly the worst coffee to ever come out of my coffee maker.

I was glad to see Sumatra coffee available on Amazon and that you could "subscribe" to get it regularly too. Having learned to drink & enjoy coffee during an extended stay in the Netherlands and for almost 15 years now having been a fan of the world's best coffee, Douwe Egberts
Douwe Egberts Ground Coffee - Medium Roast (8.8 Ounce) by I'm picky and 100% arabica is important.

Although the web page says it's 100% arabica, this is very hard to believe when you see the package and smell it. The labelling on the package mentions nothing about containing arabica beans.

I hardly ever write reviews on Amazon, but this is just sooo bad. It's shocking. Despite repeated brewing at different strengths and different machines, different filters, etc. nothing works.

It's just bad coffee.




Sumatra coffee and the arabica bean are supposed to cut down on the acidity and bitterness, but this is some of the most acidic and bitter coffee I've tasted.

Who knows maybe I got a bad batch, but Amazon's policy is "no returns allowed." So I guess the remaining 2 pounds will go down the disposal.
255998255998B001E5DY5SA33TRMMLH2AZ9HL. King "heavy 'coffee' drinker"2351180137600I've missed you, Caffe Appassionato!As a long-time customer of Caffe App in Seattle (Queen Anne store, to be exact), I've really been missing their coffee since I moved a few thousand miles away. It's nice to see their products available on Amazon to people across the US and around the world. Fantastically smooth coffee and a great commitment from the company to quality and humanity. I especially like the Sumatra, Appassionato, and Beethoven blends, depending on my mood. (Now, if we only got a Trader Joe's here, my life would be complete...).
255999255999B00304X2BCA1OZBQQCW71HFBElle3311324166400Not like older versionsThese are the latest Cedar Lake meatless hot dogs. The older versions, Tofu Dogs and DeliFranks were very good. Unfortunately, unless I just got a bad batch, these are very hard, tasteless and gummy. We couldn't even eat them; I will most likely throw the other 9 cans out too.
256000256000B00304X2BCA1977SJI8SZJMKMichelle Allen0051344297600Great Alternative for Health Conscious peopleI first ate this when I visited my best friend and I've loved eating it ever since. I can say that it can't be identified at all that its meatless. It's good for my husband who controls himself from eating a lot of meat. It's a good alternative. Though it doesn't really taste the same as the traditional but it's still delicious. For those of you who are health conscious, must try then you can think you haven't avoided yourself from eating meat at all.
256001256001B00304X2BCA239TMP8AST25ZJanet L Wilson0051343865600Who KnewI didn't even realize you could get meatless hot dogs but I got these for my niece since she doesn't eat meat and they are really good. I was pleasantly surprised and everything in them is good for you. What a concept right!
256002256002B00304X2BCACPBMLZX3VZA2Anthony Xero0051343520000TastyIt's always a matter of choice on what types of food you enjoy and this product is one of those that I love! You won't miss the taste of hotdogs anymore with this product and forget about the calorie and meat content, this is the bomb in grilling!
256003256003B00304X2BCA3P8UMHBOBE6RJessie Heart0051342310400Not BadThese meatless hot dogs tastes pretty good, it also has a light spicy taste. You can use it for sandwiches, or dice to add in stews or casseroles. There's also no artificial color. A healthy choice!
256004256004B003EEEQ4KA11UPZ6LI1UJZYPono0041328832000a little sticky to the teeth but not badMy 2 years old son loves peach and pear Froose juice and I like what this company puts in their products, so we gave this gummy a try. It tastes pretty good and my son can't seem to get enough of them. As others says, it is true, each of the packages is small. Froose gummy is much healthier than other gummy snacks out there but it does stick to your teeth a little. Probably that is because they make it soft for the young kids to chew easily. Just don't expect the texture of the Haribo gummy bear, which by the way my 2 years old can chew down without problem already.
256005256005B003EEEQ4KA30T1SHXQEX1VVJ. Field "Go Cardinals"0051274572800Best Gummy Snacks Ever!!!I saw these gummy snacks made with "whole food nutrition" and 3g of fiber and low in sugar and was a little skeptical that my kids would like them... THEY LOVED THEM!!! Besides being much healthier than other gummy snacks, they taste absolutely phenomenal. Give them a try, your kids will love them.
256006256006B001FKA2NYA22O5OB5CZ23HVSavvy Shopper0051328227200Really? Quality Dog Food by Mail??Never thought I'd take advantage of my Amazon Prime membership by having my dog's food delivered to my doorstep. What can I say? It sure works for me! The bag arrives on time and in great condition.
Let me preface this review by saying that I have never worked for or been associated in any way with the manufacturer or the distributor of this product. I am simply a discerning but thrifty dog owner.
OK, down to brass tacks...ProPac High Performance Dog Food is worth every penny down to the last piece of kibble. My Golden is nine and a half years old and has been allergic her entire life to ALL the non-allergenic premium dog foods out there...with the exception of Propac, which is entirely made, from start to finish, in the US (and was never part of the melamine-laced dog food scandal several years ago that prematurely ended many dogs lives). Propac doesn't contain any of those dubious-quality ingredients you always find on pet food labels that are lumped under the catch-all term: by-products.
With Propac, what you see on the label is what you get. No substitutions. Period. Chicken meal and fat, ground corn, flax seed, beet pulp, yeast culture and vitamin/mineral supplements. The ONLY preservative is vitamin E. Since my pooch isn't a 'working dog', she eats a fraction of whats recommended on the label. One cup twice a day maintains her svelte 75 lb figure. This dog food is a rare find nowadays: a reliable, quality product with the right price for my wallet.
The best part? My dog(and every other canine fussy-eater I know who's wisely made the switch)goes absolutely WILD for this dog food. That NEVER happened with other premium brands...and these dogs have tried every one! The folks at Wells obviously know what they're doing, because this stuff stays fresh and palatable, from the first bowl to the last from every 33 lb bag.
EVERYONE who touches my Golden is blown away by her incredibly soft, gleaming coat. Several weeks after my friends switched their four-legged family members to Propac, they discovered their dog's coats were likewise transformed from dull and dry to soft, luxurious and gleaming as well. No more flaky doggy-dandruff either! This is not my first dog and she surely won't be my last. I am very pleased to have discovered Propac High Performance and I will always feed my future dogs this quality product.
256008256008B0049UH8A2A3Q3EVDIIIRLLLShorty0021307577600Just OkThese are alright, but they have a really fake taste to them. I bought the YummyEarth Organic Lollipops around the same time, and the lollipops hands down beat this candy and they are not that much more in carbs and sugar. I guess the lollipops ruined my experience with these. lol
256009256009B001E5DY5IA2XWSP8U1SOABPSorceress "Holograph"7751174780800Wonderful organic coffee!This is my first purchase of organic coffee, yet I am very impressed and pleased. I used to get stomach pains if I drank too much coffee and this coffee is so gentle on my stomach that I haven't even had a second thought about acidity levels and such, and it is so flavorful and dark. I am hooked and will be buying this brand from now on.
256010256010B001E5DY5IA7R6UU95TMBIGAmy P. "treehuggin granola pack"0051228867200Great CoffeeIf you like a bold flavored cup of coffee you'll love this coffee. It's bold but not bitter with a smooth, almost buttery finish. No harsh after taste like some dark roast.
256011256011B001E5DY5IA11MZ6DCLZG4WUD. Watts0051222646400outstanding coffeeThis coffee is simply the best I have found in ages. I purchase it through the Subscribe-and-Save program, so I get a discount, and free shipping. It is tasty, rich, well-balanced and fresh. Best of all it comes right to my door. Organic, fair trade and shade grown make it even better.
256012256012B001E5DY5IAGJN1KQAZPNTGD. Archer0051216512000Strong & tasty coffee - good for environmentThis has become one of my favorite coffees! Good strong flavor, with some "smoky" overtones; gives a great wake up surge in the morning. The fact that it's environmentally friendly at a price that isn't ridiculously high makes it a winner. The "subscribe & save" ordering option is a very useful money saver.
256013256013B001E5DY5IA3P25AVEBRFAV9Mark D. Jordahl0031211500800Mixed reviewWhen purchased from a store or coffee shop, this is my favorite roast. The fresh beans are dark, aromatic, oily and flavorful. The ground beans in this three-pack are ok, but I get the feeling they have been around for a while. Probably worth paying the extra money to get it fresh from a store.
256014256014B001E5DY5IAVCZBQTXQ9AKIEllis Thecat "Ellis The Cat"0051186876800Ground, but greatI love this coffee, and for fair trade, shade grown, organic coffee, the price is tough to beat. My only complaint is that I was expecting it to be whole beans, not ground. It's a wonderful, consistent, very fine grind, but it's ground, and I still can't find anywhere in the description the word, "ground." I'm probably stupidly missing it, but if I can't find the word, you could miss it too.
256015256015B001E5DY5IAY3UQ5G31NX7EM. Appel1411174521600Maybe it's just me . . .but I drink dark roasts all the time, and I thought this one was extremely bitter and acidic. Bad batch, maybe, but I wouldn't buy it again.
256016256016B006G3VYP0A3EPLFYHF6R79EDenise L. Mockabee0051342483200Great CoffeeI tried Tim Horton's coffee one day while I was traveling with my husband. I loved it! Needless to say, I came home and got on the internet to see if I could order it myself. Amazon of course had it and I have been ordering it ever since. I get it timely and in tack..nothing broken or spilled. Unless I travel up North, this will be how I get my coffee from now on.
256017256017B003U95EVIA1QBOC76MIOJYPMyPenName1151316995200Great quality - perfect every time!I have used these specific noodles for at least 10 years now and will never switch to anything else. These are actually a bit wider than the "Broad" or "Extra Wide" variety. The whole family loves them. We make them as a side dish with just noodles and salt most of often, or for Stroganoff. The quality is the best and they come out perfect every single time. Never soggy or mushy. The flavor is great and they work perfectly in any dish/recipe. I have not noticed any difference in these noodles over the years, they have been consistently perfect. The price here at Amazon is better than local grocery stores. They arrived fresh and carefully packaged - no broken or crushed noodles. Definitely a staple in our house and highly recommended.
256018256018B004AJRLRCA33YTHWUXJW2JJmom of nine0051322870400awesomethis stuff tastes just like i'm at a resaurant!!! and it came in 2 seperate 5 pound bags so that i didn't have to keep it all open at once!! i love the sweet taste and sooo fluffy
256019256019B003BU0N30AKCMMJF1IZUXGKyle Bertrand1111331251200Completely UnacceptableDO NOT BUY. BUYER BEWARE. This is REACT 2, not the original React flavor.
Completely disappointing to receive totally different product from what I ordered.
This is a serious case of false advertizing and misleading to the public.
You will not receive the original react, you will receive React 2

Completely unacceptable and misleading. Shame on you.
256020256020B003BU0N30A1EQCQFWOFJLLTAilee0011331683200Not the product in the pictureYou can order this gum, but you will receive React 2 - which is terrible! The original React holds its flavor for hours, but the React 2 loses the fruitiness after a short period of time. I wrote a complaint to the seller, but did not hear anything back. Very disappointing!

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