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256021256021B003BU0N30A2JATAKAX3CTYJL. Jennings0141269561600so good!this gum is so good!!! the flavor is very fruity and lasts a long time...unfortunately the gum is black which initially turned me off but i came around. It doesn't stain your teeth either :)
256022256022B003BU0N30A2B6CUFBB6YZPTaria0221271808000blehI've been on a fruit-flavored gum kick lately, and have tried and loved both Stride Mega Mystery and 5's Zing flavor with great success. The packaging for 5 Gum is sleek and well-designed, and I love that both the React gum and the wrapper are black. Unfortunately, the flavor is like very strong, very fruity cough syrup and leaves a lingering aftertaste. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be licorice or what (not that I don't like licorice, I do, but not in this gum >_<) I find 5 gum to be hit or miss. A few of the flavors work, and the ones that don't are either mediocre (like the cinnamon) or just strange, like this one.
256023256023B000XBCBIAA2W14MMKTQS7GPhoebeCat5551271808000Amazing! 3 Cheers for Greenies Pill PocketsThese Pill Pockets are a total god-send. I have two cats, one of which has to be 'pilled' twice daily. This has meant a horrible process starting with her being wrapped up in a blanket. Now, thank heavens, we no longer have to go through that procedure. I simply pop her tablet into a Pill Pocket and she eats it up. My other cat is beyond fussy: she won't even touch fresh chicken, salmon, cream ... none of the normal cat 'treats' we humans offer. However, she actually BEGS for the Pill Pockets, which I now give her minus any medication as a treat. I recommend that anyone with a cat or dog keeps a packet of these handy. And if your pet is super fussy, they just might like these as treats. In fact, I'm so happy with them, I have already placed another, larger order. The only 'complaint' I have is that they only come in two flavors.
256024256024B000XBCBIAA1FVXQXC0U46RTHeather Jones3351299110400Amazing product! Highly Recommend!I have a very picky cat that will only eat one brand of wet food, and does not like ANY cat treats. I bought these with some skepticism as to whether she would eat them at all. She loves them! They are a soft consistency so they can be molded around the pill, and she has no idea it's in there. The package says it will also work for liquid medicines. To be honest, I think that would be a little difficult since the opening is very small, but with enough manipulation, I suppose you could make it work for liquid medicines too. I HIGHLY recommend this product.
256025256025B000XBCBIAA2LP33GB0U2H8DErna2251295308800Prompt delivery, fresh product, great price!I would definitely order from them again. Since one packet costs at least $7 in the pet superstores, it's a great deal to buy from them. And the delivery was quick, and the pill pockets were fresh and chewy - my cat loves them!
256026256026B000XBCBIAA13EOHV9DG6X64J. Divito1151334880000A great invention, why didn't they invent it sooner?!?I wish they had invented these ten years ago when my late cat, Jack, needed heart medication three times a day. It would have saved me and the cat much grief getting his pills down.

Jill (my current 19 year old) needs thyroid and pregnesone twice a day. With the pill pockets, I put them into the pocket, and drop them into her wet food. She eats the pockets like they're just part of her food, medication and all. Finally, a product that makes giving medicine a treat instead of something to dread!
256027256027B000XBCBIAA2J1BJ8RYATNO4roundgal1151315094400The cat thinks he's getting a special treatThe cat thinks his pills are treats made especially for him. No more fighting or finding the pills on the floor. Our old, mostly toothless, cat needs three pills a day and pill pockets make this easy. Greenies pill pockets are soft so you can shape them around the pill. Since "The Squeak" is a toothless old man, he does best with 1/2 a pill pocket around the pill. Since they are totally soft, you can divide and shape them as you want. If you needed more around the pill to fool a really insistent pill-rejector, you could easily mash two pill pockets together. These cost $9.35/bag at our local pet supply shop. Ridiculous. Mail order is the only way to go for these. We see no deterioration over the time it takes us to use up a six-bag supply.
256028256028B000XBCBIAAUS3GV6UTRWHYAnnette Bridges1151297296000Fantastic!I received the chicken pill pockets for my cat and he loves them. What an idea!! The order was fast and the price was fantastic!! This is where I will order them from now on!!!!! Thank you sooo much.
256029256029B000XBCBIAAIBZ1U7VJVK72Jessie-messie-bo-bessie1141201046400Great product, but came in terrible conditionFabulous product, my cat comes begging for her "treat" when it's pill time. The package looked fine, but the pill pockets inside the bag were crushed, smushed, and crumbled. Got them from Entirely Pets.
256030256030B000XBCBIAA394H1KJI3Q080T. Koonce "Festie Freak"1151197158400A Godsend!When my cat started having seizures last spring, the vet put him on phenobarbital tablets daily. If you've ever tried giving a cat a pill you know how difficult, time consuming, and disheartening this can be. I was NOT looking forward to a daily ritual of mutual torture for myself and my cat, so the vet recommended these. They have literally saved me (and my cat) HOURS of stress! You simply place the pill inside the pocket, form it into a ball, and feed it to your cat. My cat is finicky, but he LOVES these!
256031256031B000XBCBIAA2UA5IBP8NE2JZBrynn P0051340496000Pill pocket for cats- great productI ordered the chicken flavor pill pockets for cats.The product arrived on-time, actually early. Exactly what i
ordered, the perfect way to give pills to your cat.
256032256032B000XBCBIAARTB8MGKKS807Joanneplante0051338768000Fantastic Buy!My cat must take medication twice a day. She loves these pill pockets. It really helps giving her the medication so much easier!6-PACK Pill Pockets for Cats CHICKEN 9.6 oz (270 pockets)
256033256033B000XBCBIAA13QO8MEP30D3TKelster0011337385600worked at first, but then she wouldn't eat themAt first my cat took her pill in these pill pockets, but she stopped eating these treats. I ended up using frisky soft hairball treats and she took the pills no problem. She would never go back to eating these pill pockets, even when I didn't put a pill in there. The other cats weren't fans either. I ended up giving them to an animal shelter. I hope they are working for some other cats
256034256034B000XBCBIAA237N79PAK5A6FSheCat852 "SheCat852"0051336089600Excellent ProductFor a cat who is food-oriented & likely to gobble anything down, this product is definitely the stress-free way to give cats pills. It's not good for liquids or powders, because the pockets aren't that big. Capsules likewise are a bit tricky, even the smallest size is just a touch too long. But this product is very soft when kept in the resealable pouch & the seal is intact. You can even break off a little from another pocket & stick it over anything you can't cover up. However, if your cat doesn't like soft food or soft treats, or is not accepting food at all, you should try another method, including the old "pry & pop". But overall, this product does what is advertised.
256035256035B000XBCBIAA1KHVW4VTZ82XCJMP0011335830400My cat didn't like the treatsMy cat usually loves treats so I thought this would be a great way to give him antibiotics he had to take for ten days since he hates taking pills.

I tried giving him one without a pill earlier in the day just because I thought it might be easier to trick him with the pill in it later and he wouldn't even touch it without the pill in it, even though he loves treats. I guess if he would have liked the trick, it might have worked good. I have also tried putting the pill in a bowl of canned food and he figured out how to eat all the food leaving just the tiny (size of a baby asprin)pill in the bowl while eating everything else. My mom and dad tried it on their cat and he liked the treat but figured out how to get the pill out, so that is another concern.

I would recomend the pill pusher instead. It's fast and you know the cat has taken the pill.
256036256036B000XBCBIAA28HEQ16FK2L99L. D. Coley0051334880000Best pill delivering treat ever!I have 4 indoor cats who range from 15 to 10 years. They are usually healthy. One of my 11 year old cats developed a thyroid problem a few months ago and has to have a pill twice a day. Before Pill Pockets it was a constant battle to medicate her and caused her and me a lot of stress. With pill pockets, she can't wait to get her pill and looks around for more.
256037256037B000XBCBIAA5DMNNZ8I8JXL. Pistilli0051331078400Best invention for cats!These are the greatest way to give cats meds! ALL my cats love them. Makes giving pills a breeze! Some of my cats eat the pill pocket and spit the pill but most gobble it ALL up! So easy to use and convenient. Would definitely recommend this product.
256038256038B000XBCBIAA2JI3ASA64PRAGmom2serena0051325548800cat LOVES theseOur 16 year old cat was just recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The vet says she needs to take half a pill -TWICE a day. ugh. If you've ever tried to give a cat a pill by pushing it down its throat--you will know how dreadful it is. The vet gave us a sample of these to try. Our cat loves them. They are soft and have an indent to insert the pill. Then I just usually mold it in my fingers to make sure it is secure. The entire time my cat is meowing her head off waiting for me to give it to her. Within a week, she is trained to be in the kitchen when I fix my coffee and at dinner time for her treat. She will sit in the kitchen and cry constantly till she gets it. It is eaten in a split second. Its soft enough that I don't think she has to take 2 bites, just swallows it whole because she's so anxious to get it.

My cats are also binge & purgers with their regular food, these stay down.

I'm glad she likes them so much and makes medicine time so easy, and really isn't that expensive. Had she not taken her medicine so easily, and considering her age.....well, I'm sure there's a kitty "farm" she would have been sent to otherwise. Buying these in bulk from Amazon made the choice easy for us.
256039256039B000XBCBIAA2R2AEKKCQ89FRLesFromStJ0031319846400Better late than neverThe package arrived about a week late. However, the company was quite responsive and the final product is what we wanted.
256040256040B000XBCBIAA1C10UPISLZJFADick from VA "Dick"0051316736000They do the trick.These pill pockets allow us to give medicine to our cat without his knowing that the pills are inside of the treat.
256041256041B000XBCBIAA23LDHA1Z0BR7RNime0051312675200Cats love themMy cats love these. I feed it to them regularly as a treat. When one of them got sick and needed to take a pill, they're so used to it and just gobbled it up.
256042256042B000XBCBIAA33KDOS37S350Fmyromax0041311638400Excellent solutionExcellent alternative to getting my fingers bit every time I have to give my cat a pill. He loves them, a little too much perhaps. He wants to eat the whole bag. I would have given this product 5 stars, but it's very expensive. The 6 pack on Amazon is a good way to lower that price, and the service was great.
256043256043B000XBCBIAA3977OZLNA8LCBCarol Lynn0051310083200No more hassle!No more liquid medicine all over ME! No more begging, no more chasing little kitty to give him his medicine. He waits by the pantry for his morning meds! Pills in pill pockets-the ONLY way to go!!!
256044256044B000XBCBIAAW6DSXO26IFQNGallopGal "Ginger"0051307577600My cat dreams about theseEver since receiving a few of these at the veterinarian's office to hide medicine in, my cat can't get enough! She loves them as treats anytime. has one of the best prices. Well worth it.
256045256045B000XBCBIAA4RPPITBVU0SJBonny0051301356800Absolutely fabulous!My cat is on medication for the rest of his life, and I'd been stuffing his pills into small amounts of wet food (requiring that I handle the stuff - not high on my list of likes). I received my first order of these yesterday, and he went nuts when I gave him one just as a test. Needless to say, I don't plan on handling canned cat food ever again, and can't give these things high enough praise.
256046256046B000XBCBIAA167WWI0TX9F1WK Shepard0011301184000Picky kittyShe didn't fall for it. Maybe if I had not been giving her pills for so long, she may have gotten past it. I tried to use it as a treat, and she turned her nose. Oh well.
256047256047B000XBCBIAA16PHU99MHJFTCRonald J. Schellhase "Caveman"0051300579200Great for Dogs tooThese pill pockets are great for getting your pets to take pills. We have a small (15 lb) dog and have used the Pill Pockets for Cats (both salmon and chicken flavor). So far she has not refused a pill yet. They are plyable so you can fold them around the pill. The pockets for cats are cheaper than for dogs....probably smaller, but fine for us. We are able to fit two baby asprin into one pocket.
256048256048B000XBCBIAADXCCNMCNT8MBLorrie0051285977600LifesaverThese pill pockets are a blessing. I need to give my cat 2 pills a day. With the aid of pill pockets, she doesn't run from me when she sees me coming. AND they are twice as expensive at the pet stores. I will never fight with a cat again.
256049256049B000XBCBIAAOF06ABDD868Ycam0051284422400I LOVE Pill Pockets!Pill pockets have made giving my cat pills a pleasure instead of an ordeal. My cat has to take medicine in pill form every day. He is the sweetest, most gentle cat I've ever had, and his feelings get hurt when I try to shove a pill down his throat. Now, with Pill Pockets, he comes and bugs me when it gets to be around the time for him to have his medicine. His pill is too big to fit well into one pill pocket, so I just cut the pill in half and use two pill pockets.

The very first time I tried Pill Pockets, he did spit the pill out, but after that, he very rarely spits the pill out. When he does, I just load the pill into another Pill Pocket and he wolfs it right down.
256050256050B000XBCBIAA2X4WJJVO1F2UTDomenic Cantarella "Domenic"0051270425600Great price, excellent productThis is the best way to administer medications to your cat, and the price was the best around

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