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256051256051B000XBCBIAA1PH4ITT5DOVGDkb "kb"0051267660800Perfect little trick!My finicky cat who needs a pill everyday eats these babies up. Medication delivery is soo simple now!
256052256052B000XBCBIAAKJ9UIHPKCUCB. Goffe0051262390400Works with my catMy cat needs a pill 3x per day and I've been using Pill Pockets to do so for over a year. I've never had a problem with him turning away from them or extracting the pill from the pocket. I haven't had to pill my other cat so I don't know they'd work with her or not although I'm sure they would.
256053256053B000XBCBIAA31RZ85OJ3DKXUThomas A. Mc Hugh0051261267200only way to give pillsWe have a cat who is on twice daily meds, very fussy, this is much easier then using commercial soft cat treats. We switch to salmon flavor once in a while when the cat decides she is a cat and tells us it is time for a change
256054256054B000XBCBIAA1QXE7OX7MSL2HM. Smith "cenmad"0051240444800Great solution!We have four cats, all of whom have very, very different tastes -- one eats anything, one eats only one type of dry food EVER, and the other two are somewhere in between. So I was thrilled that all four of them love these treats. Everyone comes running now when I shake the bag - there seems to be no preference between the chicken and salmon flavors at all.

The pockets are half-marble size cylinder of playdoh-like treat, that you can mash over and around small pills. We have three cats who receive pills at least once a day, and this has made the process completely painless for everyone. Our petsitter wrote us a note to thank us, in fact, and has recommended these to all her other clients.

One note on the size -- our cats are "chewers" or "swallowers." The swallowers don't seem to chew these treats at all, just gulp them down no problem. The chewers actually chew these treats, and spit out the pills. We get around this by tearing each treat into two pieces, and tossing the empty piece first. The second piece, with the pill, seems to go down faster, without a spit-out pill.

A second note is that these are much too small for capsule-type pills, especially for chewers. If your cat is on larger capsules (like some antibiotics are), you may need to find another solution, like emptying the capsule into a treat, or just using these as a reward after giving the capsule "the old way."
256055256055B000XBCBIAAIB967O8XLQZYAmerican Music Fan "Manymanymanypaws"0051233446400Feline Pill PocketsThis is a great product, good value, too. One of my cats requires cardiac medication twice daily. This little invention makes the process very easy. Retail pet stores charge much more for the same product. I'll reorder from Amazon.
256056256056B000XBCBIAA350OV3PDZ0T13M0051221868800Great ValueThis product makes it so easy to give my cat her daily pills. This product costs much more if you buy it at a pet store or at a vet's office. Great value for the money.
256057256057B000XBCBIAAM0J0JDTOPR92J. A. Patterson ""0051221350400This is How To Give A Cat A PillWe've probably all seen that joke emailed around a few years ago about giving a cat a pill. Most cat owners I've talked to had experiences that weren't much different than the nightmare parody.
Well no more! This product made it unbelievably easy to give a pill!

My cat just went on heart medication. The (chicken) Pill Pockets work fabulously! I put several other treats or wet food on his plate at the same time. He usually eats the pill pocket somewhere in the middle of the snack. If its the only thing on the plate, he won't eat it though.
My vet sold me the first bag of pill pockets. Now I'm back to buy more at a much lower price.
256058256058B000SANUD6A2S7SFTXM7NBLGRose Red5641266019200nice flavor, but different from regular green tea flavorGood if you've been drinking green tea forever and want a distinct change - I got it because they were out of the Oothu green tea and I thought it sounded enticing. I was a bit disappointed only because I was expecting the flavor of regular green tea - the corn flowers make it taste almost completely different even though it is still mostly green tea leaves... but now that I've had it a couple of weeks, I like it - it tastes very good. But as soon as its done I will be purchasing the Oothu version again - until I am truly looking for a change! Then I probably pick this one up again.
256078256078B00032EGE6A2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin0151178668800I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke And Keep It Company...Coca Cola has always been popular; and there's no secret why. Coca Cola is a very refreshing soft drink with good carbonation that quenches your thirst no matter what! Now this classic beverage comes in "fridge packs;" these thin cardboard containers have a dozen 12 ounce cans of diet coke in them. The cardboard pack even has a handy built in handle for you to carry them almost effortlessly!

The idea of drinking coke in cans means that the soda doesn't loose its carbonation as it would if you bought a large bottle of soda. Each can remains completely fresh to the moment you open it to drink it. As for the "fridge pack;" you can load the cardboard pack into the fridge and just reach into it when you want a can of coke; and people like this. You can also remove the cans from the pack, of course, and then place the individual cans themselves into your refrigerator. The cans are also comparatively small so you can carry one or two with you in your car if you wish to take a long drive to get somewhere.

The nutrition facts label can easily be found on the outside of the thin cardboard container that they call the actual "fridge pack." Unfortunately, this beverage does contain caffeine as one of its ingredients so ask your doctor before drinking this soda if caffeine is a health concern for you. Coke also uses other ingredients so check out this nutrition facts label if any of the ingredients is a health concern for you.

All in all, this is a wonderfully refreshing soft drink that many people enjoy for many good reasons. It is particularly refreshing with a hot meal or on a hot summer's day when you've been working outside. The "fridge pack" makes it easier than ever before to store the individual cans of Coca Cola in your refrigerator.

Thank you, Coke!!!
256079256079B00032EGE6A2QG4FKVVWTV7VMatthew May1351167004800Coke is it!In the words of my childhood friend, "Pepsi sucks; coke is it". Then again, dad always told us "Pepsi gives you diarreah"
256059256059B0017026EKA12A7Q6ASCLGB3R. Garner0041347148800Good foodThese cookies are very tasty. They are especially good with sherbert or ice cream. They have a nice buttery taste. Yumm.
256080256080B00032EGE6A3QQN0BL6DB132John "J-Cokes"1351141430400Johngy 4 Cokes loves thisI am a long-time fan of Coke. I will not drink Pepsi, although I respect that as a choice someone else would make. People have given me cases of Coke as gifts and I am always glad to receive it.

Coke is the greatest beverage. My favorite Coke com es from the fountain, even though fountain Cokes can be different. Still, a good fountain Coke beats all else! Coke in the can is next. The great thing about canned Coke is the consistency.

Coke will always get 5 stars from me.
256060256060B0017026EKA1NZSVNW2K13WAce1USMC0051345248000BEST Cookies EVER!These are just wonderful. That's all I can say. They are very buttery, sweet, and have a great texture. I should warn you though - they are so good, they are addicting! Be warned!! :)
256061256061B0025VQK42A1QV0GHM3087JYgrandmaof22251302134400Great MixI cannot find this version of Duncan Hines Mixes in any local store so was happy to find it on Amazon. Instead of adding butter, I use 8 oz sour cream and l/3 cup oil. Makes a very moist tasty bundt cake.
256062256062B0025VQK42A2PN55MTK1BIL5penny131151289520000Best EverThank you so much for carrying the best ever cake. Where I live, I haven't been able to find this cake mix in years!
256063256063B0025VQK42A1QT3N5FUQ4I47lainibug1131280880000just not for cupcakesI have only one real issue with this cake mix: it doesn't make good cupcakes. I've made three separate batches (one with baking-approved margarine and two with regular butter) and the tops are flat, even indented, but run out onto the muffin pans. You have to cut circles around the top to get them out of the pan, and they just aren't attractive. Each time I've also gotten some crumbling when I've iced the tops, probably because of the light texture and the trauma from getting them out of the pan.

I get compliments on the taste, and the texture is very light. This mix would probably be a fine cake for most uses. But if you want to make cupcakes, especially to decorate, pick another mix.
256064256064B007G93MUIA3M171TL1TLEZEPat Collin "my library"1151338076800Never knew a tea could taste this goodIts pricey, true. but after trying over a dozen other lower priced teas, and others that were only lower because of a pre purchased certificate, I decided it was less expensive just to buy what I wanted than try to save. If I didnt think it was a good value in the long run, I would have had to go with 4 not 5 stars, no matter how much I love it. But it earns that last star when you get down to it. I first tasted this at a mall walking by a teavana shop.

I was so dazed that this was a tea I was just didnt seem real. I didnt buy any that day, and kept hurrying to my destinatation. Later I couldnt get it out of my head, and finally went back to be sure, and to buy it.

then i went shopping around. I can usually find things for waaaay below retail, without sacrificing quality. But not with this. I wasted a couple of hundred dollars on less expensive blends with no luck. Eventually I found one that was a close second. But the same was true in price... other than a prepaid half off certificate I had for that store.

I was almost "enchanted" by the runner up. But once I tried the Teavana again, the other just wasnt in the same district. It was just too floral. The teavana tea is more delicate and balanced. If I ever find a deal like that again, I'll try the other tea for use in blending with the distant third place winners. If even the youthberry is a bit floral for you, tevana sells a lighter blended version with orange.

But for me , by itself in the youthberry, you taste each flavor as a separate note, fruity, warm, then aromatically fragrant. I know they say taste is mostly smell. I actually smell the roses more than taste them... Then at either the beginning or the end of the sip (or so I found, varying by whether hot or cold, may not be there at all for you) there is a brief moment when the notes make a chord or perhaps symphony. All too short, leaving you wanting more, but at the same time, perfectly filled.

If I sound like I'm reviewing a wine.. I have had that pleasure, and I think out of the hundreds of wines I tried, including most of the wines considered among the finest, I never enjoyed a wine more than this tea for flavor. And at almost no calories!

Then again, once I had to pay for the wines myself..for some reason my love for them waned. This tea is one of the few things I think is worth paying retail for.

If you hate all things floral, including the scent of flowers, perfume etc...this isnt for you. I dont know many who do, other than allergically.

This is like drinking a cup of sweet fruit tea while visiting a fine florist. sitting in a garden, or holding a rose. But somehow it isnt girly, unless you want it to be. I just found something totally new and different for me when I tasted it, and it was an unexpected pleasure that brought me into the tea afficiando world like never before. I only like herbals I make myself usually.

Oh the other two of my 4, had nothing in common with this, were just herbals I picked up to qualify for free shipping in hopes of finding something I could tolerate that had the benefit of some of the herbs within. I actually found two I like for two things I knew I should either drink or eat, but hated the taste.

The youthberry may have beneficial things in it. (In fact it does, or so my herbal books say of the ingredients) but its a drink for pure pleasure. I recently had to give up all forms of soda. diet or not, and was using tea for a flavor substitute. It didnt really do the job, until I found this. I like it better than the soda and dont miss it at all now. I really only switch out from the youthberry for plain water, or something I need the benefit of, and to cleanse my taste buds to go back to this. Leaves easily yeild two batches of water. I find that adding only about 25% as much I can stretch that to 4 or 5. In the long run, I'm actually saving money vs soda.
256065256065B007G93MUIA7CCXET106Q31S. Mosher0041347840000Pretty goodSo, some friends said this was the best tea ever. As a tea lover, I thought I would give it a shot. First, the tea leaves and bits of fruit and what not, are large. It's probably best to brew this tea loose in a small pot and strain it into a cup to let the flavors really develop. However, for the size of the tea product the flavor was not very strong. I have never been to a Teavana shop, but apparently they really sweeten the teas they serve. I used a little agave for mine and I found it to be just OK. In summary, not the best tea ever, but not bad, it certainly beats Lipton by a mile. It's also costs a lot more than, there's that. As for shipping, my products arrived quickly and safely packaged.
256066256066B00032EGE6A1HBRKG4UCR7D2Harsh Reviewer2251116633600i like itbeen drinking coke since i was about 10. i like it pretty good. i think it's better than pepsi because it isn't as sweet. i do reccomend trying both though, because if you want sweeter you might like pepsi a little better.
256067256067B00032EGE6A244P3YXH9U4F0Lady Vee2341125619200No matter what it's a classic!I mean sure you may not be crazy about it like most people, but it's a classic. What can I say! I like this stuff, but if it wasn't a classic I don't know if I'd like this stuff as much as I do. I guess all I can say is this is that the is a big great classic!
256068256068B00032EGE6AD7IBJCYSJ9EEAdam Sims2351125014400Classic drink, classic taste.You gotta love good ol' Coca-Cola! Too bad my family is like, "OMG!!! COCA-COLa is teh sux0rs!! peps! roxs!!" Actually, I'm pretty tired of these reviewers constantly comparing. I think both taste great, even though Pepsi is SLIGHTLY sweeter.

Coca-Cola comes in many flavors: Regular, Diet, [which is horrible; kind of like brown water.] Cherry, [I love Cherry Coke! It has a hint of cherry flavor!] C2, [Half the calories, carbs, sugar, but it tastes like the original.] Vanilla, [It has a hint of vanilla. Tastes great!] and Lime. [Who could forget the phrase, "Put the Lime in the Coke, you nut."?]

Oh, and another thing: Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine in the early days. Not anymore, though.
256069256069B00032EGE6A37PVW66RSIACZRobert Hoinsky0041341100800delicious coke is for the brokeNo the only kind of drink, but damn good nonetheless. I prefer foxon park or another sugar based drink, but if there is none available, coke gets my vote. Coke 2012.
256070256070B00032EGE6A2ZEFDVX4X5TPXThomas A. Roberts "tomrgalvtx"005133064640060 years of experiencing COKEJust a few anecdotes---in the 60s and in Germany, the only Coke product available was "mit limonada", lemon flavored Coke--I switched to the other cola for my Army tour and didn't die or lose my teeth. Then as a college student in Iowa, Coke in cans was not sold there and one fellow student had his folks mail him two six packs every week, he became a good friend to share pizza with. I do miss the 12 and 16 ounce returnable bottles that are not generally available in the US except for the Mexican coke at a buck a bottle.
256071256071B00032EGE6A1L43KWWR05PCSLawyeraau0051126310400IT'S THE REAL THING...Coca-Cola Classic is my favorite cola drink. I can't think of a better beverage to have while eating a juicy burger or a hot dog. I never understood why one would prefer Pepsi, although I know that Pepsi has its own adherents.

Of course, Coca-Cola shot itself in the foot when they decided to tamper with the formula of the best selling soft drink in America. By popular demand, they had to eat crow and bring it back, renamed as Coca-Cola Classic. I am glad that they did.
256072256072B00032EGE6A2ETZ7GF5B1712Chandler "Infamous"1231159401600Coca-Cola's Goodness (3.5 stars)No I didn't give this 4 or 5 stars. I have a few legatimate beefs with Coca-Cola. I like supporting Atlanta based companies (has anyone been to the world of Coca Cola here? Check it out), and Coca Cola and their products are one of my favorites. It's addactive and with the caffeine will keep you up for a couple of hours. Also it has it's refreshing taste, that makes me want to pop open another one. Thats where the innovation stops here.

For about 20 years, I've drank this product. As time went along, this product has gone through some changes, mostly to compete with their infamous rival Pepsi (as well as other companies). For a while I had a rebellion against this soda because of them making changes in their taste to match other companies. I guess thats a marketing technique or something, because the goal is to sell more products, and have a higher turnover rate. And for about 3 years, I wouldn't drink this soda. Just about the start of this year I decided to give Coca Cola Classic another try, and thinking they are going back to the older formula (trust me, you can notice the difference). Coca Cola is on the rise once again, and I hope that it will be back on top with their products in the soda industry. For right now I have a good wait ahead of me because of my high expectations from them.

Don't get me wrong, I've always liked their products, especially Cherry Coke and Sprite, as well as the original Coca Cola Classic. I just believe that it shouldn't try TOO hard in competion, because that can seriously backfire.

Chandler Infamous, and I'm ghost. Peace!
256073256073B00032EGE6A1C23583NUQDAEBig J Moreno "Mills"1251128988800Classic in every sense of the wordAhhhh, "Always Coca-cola!!" Yes, my friends Coke is probably the most popular soda in the world. You can go anywhere on earth and be able to purchase it, even places like Turkey! To those places it's like a symbol of capitalism coming in and much more commercialism.

Man, I can't believe they used to put a little bit of the drug of the same name in the drink. Where do ya think the name of the soda came from in the first place? I'm pretty sure everyone knew that though. I guess they were gonna make it addictive like how the tobacco companies use nicotine in cigarettes. Well they stopped that nonsense in 1914 when the Narcotics Act kicked in, phew!

One problem with the fridge pack is that it's totally pointless since it doesn't even fit in our frige. It's definitely terrible for those small friges you get for your college dorm room. Even when you have an apartment at school it's still lame since the box takes up so much room compared to everything else it always seems.

Anyway LONG LIVE COKE!!! Pepsi sucks.
256074256074B00032EGE6A2GQVVI1C8QDVQSaturday Night Special "foolishmortal12"2451124150400W00, my first review other than Games & Music!While I agree with the other reviewers such as Van Halen Fan & Pete, I disagree with 1 part. Honestly, Pepsi DOES have more sweetness as well as tasting a bit more bland than Coke, but other than that, I don't see THAT much more difference than the seperate tastes in the Regular kinds. Anyway, any of the Coke flavors are defeniatly better than any type of Pepsi. Sure, I don't mind any Pepsi AT ALL, but Coke in every way Pawnz Pepsi with the stronger taste & caffeine. Sorry for another band comparison, but, Coke is like Black Sabbath, 2 things that make me strong & proud to be me everyday, while Pepsi is like Green Day, 2 things I fairly like, but too Suguary & Watery for me. :P Anyway, I reccomend everybody to buy a 6-pack of Coke every week at their local Grocery shop! Smell y'all later! >_>
256075256075B00032EGE6A8O13GJJDU01ZChristopher "chrysaetos"2451110499200The Red DrinkThis stuff is amazing. I can't quite conceive of Earth having a modern history without this drink.

I was never allowed sodas while growing up, so sodas sort of became something special for me in high school (when I could buy them whenever I wanted). Probably because of this, I drink Coke on practically a daily basis now.

* Coke has "sharper" carbonation than Pepsi
* Coke is tangier, less sweet
* Do not drink canned Coke directly after eating pepperoni pizza - the taste disappears, and for some reason the carbonation is more painful
* Coke does not go flat as quickly as Pepsi, and this is especially true at ocean level
* Canned Coke tastes better than bottled Coke. Fountain Coke is a good compromise
* According to William Poundstone's book, "Big Secrets," the de-cocainization process cannot remove 100% of the cocaine. In effect, you have to drink 25 million gallons of Coke a day to introduce 1 ounce of cocaine into your body. In reality, cocaine *was* completely alleviated from the cola in 1925, when the above statement was probably true.
* Coke is less aggressive with the alternative soda market, competing with Pepsi's strange new sodas only by releasing New Coke, and Coke II. These ultimately failed (like Pepsi's sodas). New flavors that probably won't disappear quickly are Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Diet Coke with Lemon, Diet Coke with Lime, Coke with Lime.
* Coke responded to Pepsi's 3D red-white-blue sphere logo with a 3D rendition of the Coca-Cola bottle cap. This stays inline with Coke's marketing ploy of utilizing (and still selling) the old glass bottles

Coke is the drink of the Holidays, as well! The company has often combined the red can and the jolly face of St. Nick. In my opinion, the cursive style of Coca-Cola's logo is more nostalgic compared to Pepsi's modern (and vertical) cans. Undoubtedly, this affects the older generation's market.

Recent surveys have found that Root Beer is a little better for your teeth than other sodas (because, you know, I soak my teeth in it every night before going to bed), and that AriZona Green Tea is actually the worst of all drinks (to cause tooth decay)!
256076256076B00032EGE6A8TM0MI3D9T29Brett Corkins0151326067200I AM REVIEWING COKECoke.

The mere word drives my tastebuds crazy...more than I'm comfortable admitting really.

My obsession with Coke has driven me to be a human dictionary when it comes to finding the places that serve the best Coke.

"Brett, does this gas station have good Coke?"
"Unless you're getting it bottled or canned, no. There's not enough carbonation in the fountain drink."

Yes, I've went as far as diagnosing what's wrong with each store's offering. The fact that I can't go more than a day should speak volumes, add in the fact that I sneak them behind my girlfriend's back constantly, and going as far as jacking her stash of quarters even, clearly, I have a problem.

Problem aside, Coke has a taste no other soda can rival. Past that, you just have to taste and enjoy for yourself.
256077256077B00032EGE6A339F4I8GBN3H3LaughingLion "I am Lion, read me review!"0151189382400my fave soft drink, and mixerIf I'm drinking something, this is probably it. I even prefer the can over the bottle, the taste is just subtly different. Usually I drink it straight, but its good with several hard liquors.

* Görseller ve İçerik tekif hakkına sahip olabilir