Amazon Fine Food Reviews

256132256132B001HTI3J8ADT0H0C4883NFPaul2241294790400Too ExpensiveI can purchase the Natural Cola through my food co-op, have it delivered to my door and pay $16 for a case of 24 12oz. cans.

Price is way too high to be bought through Amazon.

The cola is great tasting, all natural and made with real sugar.

So good for the product, bad for this merchant.
256111256111B004H3QPNMAHHN0H4I75F6TLovelyplayfellow "lovelyplayfellow"0041336348800still tastyThese are 60% juice, because they are sweetened with water and a natural sweetener. Still tasty, and I like the little bottle sizes. I like that it doesn't taste like saccharin.
256133256133B000RHUYF2A3JGYL2D8XJUHYL. williams "garden fanatic"0011270944000Ridiculous price increasewhy has the price for this product almost doubled since March of this year. This is ridiculous. It used to be $65 for 25 pounds and now it's $101. What kind of business practice is that?
It's pretty good but not that good!
256112256112B004H3QPNMA4JSQFCKVKX2AJ. Kort3731309392000Skinny on the juice too!Taste is very good (63% juice) but would be better if it was 100 % juice. Cherrypharm is making a ton on this stuff-only 8 oz for about two bucks. Minus one star for it being a drink (not juice) and minus a star for not using glass bottles.
256134256134B000RHUYF2A103OBWVC0K1BZFrank J. Sblendorio0051239235200Great Deal!Anyone who likes Quinoa will want to purchase this product, it is a super value. Go to the store and buy a 12oz. box for an average price of $4.49 the 25lb. bag is half the price at $75.
256113256113B00022AM86AG1F1JOE69PJHAmy0051328572800Blind BettyOmg! Sweet and spicy! Bought several bottles after not being able to find it any whether but florida, and bring in ny it's not just a run to the store...
Will be buying more soon... Great stuff!!!
256135256135B0036VFXG6ATO9Q6JE7XL4UL. Iacono91051229472000good cereal, buy from TargetMy son loved this cereal. Unfortunately, I got ahead of myself and bought a case from Amazon. I found the individual boxes were much cheaper at Target.
256114256114B004KET2WEA97UPBVI4VCBRB. Drutar "surfmaster"0051347321600PACKED TO THE GILLSMy 1st can of these & wow a good spice to them, I eat habanero hot sauce occasionaly & these leave your mouth with a good mild burn, not as bad as habaneros, but spicy none the less ( which I love), this can is the most packed with fish I have ever seen, no floating in a sea of liquid, also no fishy taste & the medium sized sardines, not the big fillet, not the brisling just good meaty medium sized no heads, no tails. I eat sardines every day, so a variety is nice, these will fit into my rotation of favorites nicely.
256136256136B0036VFXG6A31S7TVNV1HXEXAmazolic3341318809600i use for thickeningi am currently feeding my baby Earth's Best veggies starter and since it is a bit on the thin side i use this rice cereal to help thicken the mixture. i microwave the veggies in a bowl for 20 sec then i mix in the rice cereal until i have the desired consistency for feeding. if i accidentally added too much, i just add warm milk. the cereal dissolves/mixes easily with a spoon. it works well and baby loves it! this pack of 6 with "prime" is also a great deal.
256115256115B0045TI2HUA1POFVVXUZR3IQZ Hayes1121350432000Tastes great, but husband had terrible gasMy husband is a Type-2 diabetic who enjoys sweet treats, so I've tried to look for sugar-free products that will agree with him and satisfy his sweet tooth. He loves chocolate brownies so after reading most of the positive reviews here, I decided to buy the six-pack brownie mix and try it out.

My husband liked the taste though he admitted it was nowhere near as rich and flavorful as the Ghirardelli Brownie mixes which I use occasionally at home. Taste aside, he also experienced bloating and excessive gas. Initially I thought this was due to something else he ate, but when he ate another brownie, similar effects convinced us it was due to the maltitol ingredient in the mix.

I think this mix will be OK for those who are not averse to Maltitol, but I would not advise it for those who are averse to it. I guess my search for the perfect sugar-free brownie mix continues.
256116256116B0045TI2HUAP7TMMWPX5GBScandia3421329609600Tasted great but gave me HORRENDOUS gas!Anyone who's well-versed in sugar-free products probably knows what "sugar alcohols" are. Products like this mix put "Splenda" prominently on the label, but if you read the ingredients, that is not the only artificial sweetener. This mix contains maltitol, which just does not agree with me at all. If I eat even a small brownie for lunch, there's no living with me for the next several hours (and my belly gets bloated, too). If I eat one at dinner, I wake up in the middle of the night with horrendous gas pains. If maltitol doesn't bother you, you're lucky. But I won't buy these again, even though they taste great.
256117256117B0045TI2HUAMRMK86X3PKXDR. Thomasson2351300492800Great Sugar Free Baking MixThe Pillsbury sugar free brownie mix is great. My mother is a diabetic. I am always looking for sugar free sweets for her. This product makes a great brownie. I put a little of the Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge Frosting, 15 oz. (Pack of 6) on them and Granny was one happy camper. They have a great dense/moist texture and a nice chocolate flavor. They also crust well, which some sugar free baked goods have trouble with.
256118256118B0045TI2HUA62DE4ONLWSDJimD0051351209600Sugar-Free Brownies - Diabetes related issueExtremely satisfied... got precisely what I ordered and wanted. I appreciate that we are permitted to modify the order while still keeping it in force. Next time the option appears, I will either spread it out to more than three months or reduce the number. Six boxes in three months maybe a bit more than I need as I am told to cut back/eliminate. But these are a great way to get my chocolate fix. Only the CHOC FUDGE is carried by our stores, but the MILK CHOC is what I prefer.

On a similar note, why do stores limit their sugar free inventory? Because they do is why I had to come online to purchase this product. I had made requests at our local stores to carry this product, but it was not accommodated.
256137256137B0036VFXG6A1GW6V0N3NAIRERebecca Lowell "Rebecca in Wedgwood"3351228867200Great product, but very very expensive on AmazonThis is a great cereal, and I still use it with yogurt on top for my toddler. It would be even better if it weren't 5 times as much as it is in a major chain that is everywhere and which is NOT walmart. I also love Happy Bellies cereal which has added probiotics.
256119256119B0045TI2HUA1IZTYB8HGW77FJacqueline B. Cox0051343347200WOW BrowniesYou would never know that these are sugar free. They are moist and yummy.
Second order for me. No one in my family can tell that they are sugar free.
256120256120B0045TI2HUA151JPKXJM4SIEamazonmousing0051323216000great browniesI can never find sugar -free brownie mix in the stores.
Its just so easy to go to Amazon and order it. So easy!
My husband is diabetic and loves these brownies!
256138256138B0036VFXG6A1B913J27SKK70M. Molenda2251324944000I love this product.I have been giving this product to my son since he wasa few months old. I like how it has a little flavor to it. I love Earth's Best and have never had any issues with this product being clumped up upon receipt.
256139256139B0036VFXG6A4X50QWNEP9IFMarusia2251316908800Very tastyI dilute the cereal just with plain water and it still tastes pretty good. My baby loves it.I highly recommend it: good product, good price.
256121256121B0045TI2HUAOWF9BJDCSRFIDali Mama0041320969600Pleseantly SurprisedAdmitedly, I can be closed-minded when I see food with the words "sugar-free", "low-carb", "Heart Smart", etc...I know there are good-tasting products out there with these words in the title (I prefer diet soda and Crystal Light to surgared drinks), but if I see the above words on anything else, psychologically I shut down. I actually bought these to make for a pot luck that included diabetic colleagues and in a period of open-mindedness, made some for my family. Not. Bad.

I sprinkled chopped pecans on top before baking - they smelled great cooking, looked good cooling off. I stared hard at the brownies before cutting myself a piece and...wait for it; I was pleseantly surprised! In fact, they were so good that I helped myself to another slice, but after the 2nd helping I could taste whatever sweetener subsitute they use. Fine by me - this will ensure I don't overload in a moment of weakness.

My husband stuck them in the fridge and while still good, they take on a more fudge-like texture. We both thought they tasted like Little Debbie Brownies. He loves them! I glad I trusted the reviews on Amazon and wanted to share my own thoughts for other skeptics like me. If you would like to find ways to reduce your sugar intake without living without chocolate, I recommend these (but just one serving!). Enjoy!
256140256140B0036VFXG6A2MF0C4E7GYCIVW "VW"2251302912000My baby loves this.My son has never denied a spoonful of this oatmeal. He absolutely enjoys it and I love that it's organic and mixes to a great consistency.
256122256122B0045TI2HUA2OTIM2D4VX9ZAYe Older Person0051301529600OMG YUM!I love this Brownie mix ! I found the texture soft and just enough chewy. I though the Milk Chocolate might mean not as "Chocolate-y" but NOOO.... just a little square really satisfied all chocolate craving. I will definitely buy again. First time I made plain, I'm adding nuts next time ..... maybe some sugar-free chocolate chips !
256123256123B0045TI2HUA2XG05RVALZZSAAngela M. Brown "amb"1251339891200I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S SUGAR FREE--IT TASTES JUST GREAT!I must order more immediately. I love this Pillsbury Sugar Free Milk chocolate Brownie Mix. Being diabetic and testing 3x a day, it is difficult to find great snacks that do not adversely affect your glucose sugar count. I tested after tasting the Brownie mix. It is suprising how little it affects my count. Thanks again, Pillsbury, for such a wonderful job in making this product.
256124256124B0045TI2HUA1JPYQYAYAOEVFF. Orsini "Francine"1251297814400Surprisingly WonderfulI have always made Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate Brownie mix that I buy in a large box in Costco. The entire house smells wonderful and the gooey brownie can't be beat. So I try this last weekend and the house didn't smell of chocolate at all. I didn't try it for a couple of days because I was expecting a major let down. Much to my surprise, I could not tell it was sugar free. It was chewy and chocolatey. I will continue to by Ghiradelli for the rest of the family who are not diabetics. But now I'm a loyal follower of Pillsbury's S.F. Milk Chocolate Brownies. I'm anxious to try the chocolate fudge but my store didn't stock it.
256125256125B0045TI2HUA19N1167A3503HPJSnickers1331297382400Not nearly as good as Betty CrockerI used to buy Betty Crocker's low-carb brownie mix until it disappeared from store shelves. Since then, I have found nothing similar until I saw that Pillsbury came out with a sugar-free mix. I expected it to be similar but I was very disappointed. The Better Crocker mix tasted great--like regular brownies but not as sweet. The Pillsbury mix has a odd texture and they apparently went way overboard with the Splenda. I thought this would be an adequate substitute for my much-missed BC mix, but I think it is awful and I won't be buying it again.
256126256126B008IF571GA3EG40CVA680Y5Annie0021346371200not only changed cap and logo colorOrdered this fajita marinade, the picture showed the old packaging blue bottle. Had bought the Mexican Style with the new yellow cap in store and didn't like the taste at all. Was so happy to find the blue cap Fajita sauce online. Received the order and I now have 6 bottle of the new yellow cap. It is too spicy and kind of bitter. Very disappointed, now I have 6 bottle of marinade that no one in my family likes. Hope that the company that has taken over World Harbor will bring the old recipe back. I see now that it shows the Blue capped marinade out of stock. Boohoo
256127256127B0000D17LBA1ZCSXQOTOZYXFDr. Littlejohn "Book lover"0051329609600Excellent rich flavor.I love this Pesto! I put it on traditional Italian pasta and have a wonderful meal that tastes authentic. And, it's even better at a much lower price! I was able to find it in the ethnic section of a major grocery store for a fraction of the price.
256128256128B0047TG8Y2A15RYGZNTDB2E7mary0031344211200Not as potentII bought these in bulk because I wanted to save money. This is an expensive spice at my local grocery store, and only available in McCormack brand. I would up having to use much more in my recipes than I would have had to use of McCormack brand.
256129256129B001NJMFP0A2JZ062DPCHXNJjanjenn2351332115200Oh so tasty!Tart, tangy, tasty, crunchy, mustardy. What more could you want on a burger or hot dog? This piccalilli works particularly well on cold roast beef (pot roast included). But my fav way to use it is on a bacon spamwich. Lightly sear a slice of Bacon Spam, smear with piccalilli wrap in your favorite bread or bun and prepare to swoon with joy.
256130256130B001NJMFP0A1KHF7Q7RM79ESirene0051335225600Piccalilliexactly how I remembered it when living in England. A taste of home. Will probably re order later in the year.
256131256131B001NJMFP0A1XT75Q0O9ZCCDDocWizard1241335398400Dashingly GoodVery much like the tangy yellow mustard you are used to in taste and bite. The exception is that is has large chuncks of veggies in it. Good, but not really what you would want to put on your dog. Smashing with pork schnitzel!

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