Amazon Fine Food Reviews

256141256141B0036VFXG6A3W1Z7N4OYDVQDTalar "Working mom"2251200268800Great product, conveniently deliveredEarth's best makes great products, that are sometimes hard to find, so having Amazon deliver it is very nice. I recommend it highly. The only problem with this cereal is that there is no added Vit C to maximize iron absorption, so I will give the baby's daily vitamin with the cereal.
256142256142B0036VFXG6A3S7PXINLFBJS7Ruth4531276992000good cereal but has box design flawsI keep buying this cereal, and then wondering if I should buy it again, only because I absolutely HATE the design of the box. If only they could change the box to something like Happy Bellies (a nice box with a tight lid that's easy to open and then keep hermetically closed). Earth's Best: please re-think your packaging and you'll have a superior product. I have twin boys and they like the cereal still, but I've just about had enough of 'fighting' with the box to open it ... and then end up ripping it so badly that it doesn't stay tightly closed. Maybe I'll simply change to the Happy Bellies cereal after all ... a few more bucks but hassle free and simply yummy.
256143256143B0036VFXG6A328H3CKB2ZHRHCaroline Gelber1141329264000Love Earths BestI really love Earths Best, and have used only EB to feed my little one. This cereal is great, except I would switch back to plain flavor after this box is done. The banana flavor had a weird smell to it when mixed with the formula (similac alimentum), and also if you're giving it in every bottle, then it can constipate your baby. So as for EB regular cereal we LOVE it, but the banana flavor not so much.
256144256144B0036VFXG6A1KF9PNKL9ZY52Lana1151300060800Great cereal!This product from Earth's best is great! (as well as others from this brand)
I would like to mention that I like the fact that the cereal is packaged into a carton box. What could be better, safer and healthier? I wouldn't want the cerial my baby eats to see packaged in something else (and get into contact with that "something else"). Maybe it's not as convenient (as the previous reviewer mentioned,though the question of conveniency is arguable) but piece of mind and health of my baby surely makes it worth to deal with the packaging!
256145256145B0036VFXG6A2NQKBC54RAZL5Keribeth1151297296000Great Cereal - Love the Banana FlavorMy son really likes this cereal. I found it at our local healthfood store and the price here on Amazon does tend to fluctuate. It shouldn't be much more than a normal box of Earth's Best Cereal. I find I don't use this particular variety as much since we usually mix in cereal with his meals and not all of them go well with the banana flavor. He eats this without anything mixed in, however and seems to really like it.
256146256146B0036VFXG6A28Q9REXMH9WM4C. McDermott1151276560000Great productMy baby loves this oatmeal. I tried the Gerber oatmeal and it does not have the great taste this one does. It mixes well with all of his fruit and vegis as well. I buy it in bulk and save money too. Everyone should use this oatmeal for thier growing babies!
256147256147B0036VFXG6AM42FA4N9WGIDmn.nikki0041349308800Great product, too much for one babyI bought this because the price was right and I knew I wanted to feed my baby oatmeal & we had tried this stuff and she liked it. Turns out she only ended up eating about half of the boxes before she moved on to more solid foods. So...moral of the story...share with friends!
256148256148B0036VFXG6A1YHXHUM2DUT80Dagney0051348444800So Good!This cereal is great! I always try my little ones food before I give it to her. This tasted so good I eat it for breakfast now. I put it in a mug, pour some warm milk over it and I'm good to go. It's organic, tasty and even though it has no added sugar, it's sweet. My son calls it my "Matrix" diet, I just call it yummy.: ) So very good.
256149256149B0036VFXG6A1WR5TWGNODAHAKatie R.0031348099200so much healthierI think it is so important to give the best to a baby, toddler to child. It's so much healthier for them in their first years of life. And it doesn't cost much different than the non-organic brands.
256150256150B0036VFXG6AV0M48GK4F38LJanMom010051345766400Baby girl loves it!My baby girl loves this flavor. Apples have always been her favorite, even when I was still pregnant with her :) This product mixes well with liquids and my baby is able to digest it easily. We also mix it with her formula and she drinks it out of the bottle. We are very happy this is on the subscribe and save program!
256151256151B0036VFXG6A2HDNSM8T2YD24Jamie Justice0051344988800Twin Boys love itOur twin boys have been eating this for breakfast from day one of solids(now 22mos old). We usually blend up some fresh fruit, a little whole milk, and this oatmeal for breakfast. Only difference from day one of trying it, is that they feed themselves now. This is an awesome, wholesome, organic choice for parents, and I highly recommend it.
256152256152B0036VFXG6A1HAZDTXA4NSIJD. Raddatz "Previous Apple Manager and Proud Dad"0051336867200Great and OrganicThis oatmeal is great and organic. Much better price than Baby's r Us or Ralphs. Good ingredients. Would buy again.
256153256153B0036VFXG6A24B4CP03WMU8QRavenwings0041325894400my kids love itThis is a great cereal, both my boys have loved it (until about 1 year old and then they want something more textuarally appealling for breakfast). I typically spice it up with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg or other tasty flavors, stir in some applesauce or other mashed fruit, a spoonful of yogurt or tahini, or various other things to keep it interesting. I have also used it as filler for meatloaf and meatballs. It's loaded with vitamins and is probably the most economic organic cereal on the market.
256154256154B0036VFXG6A5ACW17Z4GCHCD. M. Pardo0051296777600Cereal, the way it should be!Couldn't find this cereal in any stores near me so I ordered from Amazon. It was packaged nicely and now I am stocked up and probably won't need to buy anymore cereal as my 9 month old REALLY wants to eat table food! Watch the pricing as it does skyrocket then come back down to "normal". I got this product for a little less than what I would spend for a regular box of Earth's Best whole grain cereal in the stores.
256155256155B0036VFXG6AEQ50BFWWZHOMRico "PR"1251327708800baby approved!She likes bananas or apple, either, when she was 4 months we spoon fed her but when she turns 7 months didn't want to eat anymore, i did want her to eat especially at bedtime because would keep her full longer, now i put inside the bottle, she eats everyday, and i have no more problems.
256156256156B0036VFXG6A3QXHJG6NBWJR8P. Sullivan1251247529600VERY TASTY AND NUTRITIOUSThis cereal is very tasty and nutritious. I've even eaten it before as well as my 10yr old. I like the fact that it's organic too. Would recommend to anyone.
256157256157B0036VFXG6A2JQ8P1SU3U3VQjulie m hetland101711284336000High price on AmazonMost products are cheaper on Amazon, this is twice the price of Babies R US!
256158256158B0036VFXG6ANRV1AYH1GA7NEco-Lover0111309219200DON'T BUY UNLESS YOU WILL USE WITHIN A FEW DAYS! FAULTY PACKAGINGThe packaging is faulty and allows moisture into the cereal. I retained all packs in a safe, dry area (we do live in a moist area though). When opened packs to use, they were all so hard & stuck together from getting moist, you could barely even get teh cereal out of the box much less giving it to a baby probably wouldn't be a good idea.
256159256159B0036VFXG6A39A10INI2LHONT.C.1451218153600Great productThis cereal is very hard to find in grocery stores and thanks to Amazon my daughter always has it. It is very nutritious, tastes great and is easily digestable for babies. Thanks Amazon for making it available.
256160256160B0036VFXG6A32IJWDCUT18ZESanis1511346112000Order 15 days agoDon't know who to reach for package, i order it 15 days ago still waiting ! Send it as soon as possible or return money
256161256161B0036VFXG6A1LVDGE1C0LIZPStephen41121303776000I just ruined the EarthThe actual cereal is fine, but why on Earth do I need individual packets of it? I thought I was buying the large box (like the one I bought at Whole Foods). Instead it was 12 boxes containing individual packets of cereal. Obviously I should have read the description more closely, but I'm sleep deprived. The carbon footprint on this is just insane!
256162256162B000EUCBXAA548ZZWND755PRobert Walraven "Rhotwire"0051340582400Great Food for your dogGreat food for your dog.....Takes less food to fill up your dog and less waste too. Highly recommended for pet owners who care what their dog(s) are eating.
256163256163B001IW5ZLIA289ATA0NCEF38William L Parlee1151310774400Best Orange soda EVER!Had this Orange Cream soda in the Adirondacks. Ordered 12 bottles as soon as I got back to my computer. Fresh clean taste, not too sugary, really tastes like that famous orange-vanilla ice cream pop we all had as kids in the summertime. Good enough as dessert by itself.
256164256164B0032Z3MCIA1VL4JFT4MU0FCCharles Castle "Robot"2221277251200Vegans of the Traveling CookiesPackaged arrived dented, and most if not all 4 variety bags of cookies were clumped, in pieces and crumbly. I use to get these at WFMarket, and they were just fine. However, it's been extremely hot across the country, and add in the reckless shipping carrier (no AC on trucks). These cookies really need to be kept in a cool environment. Oh well, what can you do. Too bad, I really do love these cookies.
256165256165B000GW67JKA2J1L6I57V623EK. Hill3351169942400Awesome Snack...If you are ever in the mood for summer sausage but don't feel like cutting a piece off of a large log, these are the ticket. They have a great taste and are the perfect the snack! Highly recommended!
256166256166B000GW67JKA1FCBSL3FRDM3IBassmaster1151324252800Outstanding for OutdoorsWe had a guy bring a dozen of these little jewels on a hunting trip and I almost hiked out in order to find more. I usually put in over 300 hours a year hunting and fishing and I am always searching for the right snack to pack. The Lil' Chub is not loaded with sugar which will make you crash and it's small enough that you don't over indulge. A hand full of crackers and one Lil' Chub will get through 3 or 4 hours without hunger. I can't wait to order them from Amazon. In 30 years of being in the outdoors --- THIS IS BEST SNACK IDEA I HAVE EVER SEEN...
256167256167B000GW67JKABPOHBG2R952Ymary1151231200000Lil Chubthis is one of my favorite snacks. they are too expensive individually in the store so i usually order them here.
256168256168B000GW67JKAN5YPH48FHROIPhonebreaker0051323302400EAT IT!If you don't love these little logs of love then you aren't human. You people with all your "processed" BS make me sick, can't you people enjoy ANYTHING in life, or at least let the rest of live a happy one while you all wallow away in a dark corner counting calories and making your kids childhood hell? FYI I'm in great shape, don't eat everything I see, and still love these lil beauties so if you think they're nasty that's great, that just means more for me.
256169256169B000GW67JKA21Z8B8XSZ4R17Eric R. Dierks0051260662400Jack Link's Original Lil' Chub, 24-packThis stuff is great for snacking, has a long shelf life, and convenient to pack for travel. The taste and texture is awesome. I like how the product comes with a canister like you see in the stores. Buying on-line saves money and time. I keep a canister in my office and another at home. It is a great way to enjoy group discussions and family time. Eric D., Wanamingo, MN
256170256170B000GW67JKAAVNUPWTIC2MJHarry Henry Gebel0051254787200The best meat snackI ran into these at a convenience store when I lived in Delaware, and thought they were the best meat snack I had ever had. Unfortunately, the store only ever got one case of them. Then when I moved to Orlando I found these again at the breakroom at work and was in heaven. Finally, it occurred to me to get them from, I love these little things.

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