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256201256201B001PB6C5AA2LB86SVX3NDV1Person0031345939200Salt of the earth.I was expecting something special, as with taste; but this product didn't deliver to me personally. The salt looks pretty as it is very shinny, and will salt your food, but I will not reorder and go back to the Kosher salt from the dollar store when I run out in 20 years.
256202256202B001E5DY58A2E1KA7EK9YPBOld Warhorse0041212796800Love Appassionato Coffee! But...This would be SO much better if it was left as whole beans rather than ground because I prefer to grind my coffee fresh every morning. Ground coffee goes stale entirely too fast, even when kept in an airtight container. I would definitely use the subscription method of ordering, if only this was whole bean!
256203256203B000OH97Y4A25QGGBI6NGHNYMillie0031351209600Trying a different foodBecause our Rottweiler has some skin issues, we are trying the ProPlan Selects Natural Salmon and Brown Rice food. We are beginning our 3rd bag via subscribe and save. So far, our dog likes it and we haven't had enough time to know if its doing better than the Blue Buffalo we used before. I am thinking of adding Salmon oil.

The only negative we have is the kibble is small. My dog sometimes gets choked on the little kibble, so I am going to try and stick with this form, but find a larger kibble. Overall, this is a great food.
256204256204B0001K5KXGAWTN0NPWX7IHVJMPkadoo181951138060800Annual Holiday TreatEvery year my Italian godmother gives me a box of these candies for Christmas and I have to work hard not to devour them within the day. Within the box, one third are lightly orange flavored torrone, one third vanilla, and one third mildly lemon flavored - all are excellent, soft nougat (that unfortunately leave you wanting another one!). Glad to know I can order them myself online, now, for the months in-between!
256205256205B0001K5KXGA2J874VYX9XHNORoodles182051169337600Nostalgia as well as nougatIt was by chance I stumbled on to this candy, thanks to a friend who chose an Italian Restaurant for us in Portland, Oregon today. (And a right fine restaurant it is too, I might add.) I did not think any of the wonder from Christmas as a girl could come rushing back so profoundly. But there was this candy. We Italians, of course, were Catholic. We were poor as my parents were first generation, and so only had this candy at Christmas. In its cute, well actually, very lovely artisticaly pleasing, boxes. Because we took Holy Communion and the wafers from the priest's hands to our tongues were the same egg white as what coated these candies, it was like the candy held so much more meaning. I would lift off the egg white and ponder the signifiance of Communion and how the candy was also a bit Holy. Little kids and their ideas. I had not seen it in fourty or more years (I am 61). By chance, a friend and I were talking about it with relish (pun intended) only a week ago. Where have we been? It's been here (in the universe) all along! I didn't remember the name but she and I both remembered the candy. I can't WAIT to give her some. YIPEE! My parents, and all of their generation are gone now, but thanks to this discovery and ability to gift my friends, they have been resurrected emotionally again.
256206256206B0001K5KXGAXG6BXIZFGS2NSportMum6651203033600One bite brought back some great memories!These are exactly the candies I've been craving for so long. A million years ago when the earth was still cooler, once a week I'd walk with my dad to the delicatessen and he'd buy me some while he waited for those yummy cold cuts. My favorite part was the thin paper-like wafer that would stick to my gums then quickly melt. Then I'd bite into a thick nougat loaded with almonds and slowly chew every morsel. Probably why my parents let us have these since it kept us kids quiet while they shopped!

The La Florentine is close to what I remember though I was looking for the originals in the blue box. I found them -- Ferrara -- from the same vendor and ordered both.

They're both loaded with almonds and same-texture nougat; not too chewy but doesn't fall apart or crumble unless you force it to. Each square is 1" x 1.3/4" x .1/2(thick) Perfect size for a sweet pick-me-up. Each box comes with Vanilla, Orange, and Lemon flavors. I started with Vanilla and have to wait awhile for the next taste but expect them to be just as wonderful. Minute they arrived I ripped open the boxes and started remembering why I loved them so much.

The La Florentine's are the sweeter of the two but that doesn't mean the other brand isn't sweet or any good. The Ferrara is actually in the range I prefer, more the "touch of sweet" as I love nougat but only want sugary-sweet sometimes. Getting both was a great idea and covers all moods!

My next order to Fine Products will be the hard candies, especially the Anise, Liquore, Caffe, and the Gran Mix that I might share with others. I'll probably have to buy 2 of each so I can have my own :)
256207256207B0001K5KXGA3HY1SU2CJ9KU2nihil3351197849600A Wonderful Italian TaditionMy husband's family is Italian and these candies are an annual Christmas treat. They are very delicious and not overly sweet. The nougat is delightful and the flavors are very refreshing. The little bits of almond in each one makes an especially good contrast between the slightly chewy nougat and the crunch of the nuts. I love the lemon ones and as with the other reviewer have to stop myself from over indulging.
256208256208B0001K5KXGA2YSEWW66OZS89Dawn Cantagallo "dc"5651186531200old Italian Torrone CandiesThese are an old italian traditional candy my family enjoyed every Christmas, so nice to see them here now !
256209256209B0001K5KXGA3S8J29AGHK3QAmary illinois2251317168000La Florentine torrone from Amazon gourmet foodsI have eaten this candy since I was a small child and my grandmother gave it as special treat at Christmas and I'd save the little boxes. I'm now retired and still love torrone, but it's hard to find locally except at Christmas. Bought this as a gift for my 90 yr old dad when he said he had a nostalgic yearning for some torrone- it was gone in one day!
256210256210B0001K5KXGA1Q7A78VSQ5GQ4Nice Lady "a reasonable person"1151325894400Best of the Soft Torrone. Know it for decades. Quality consistent for years.Hands down, this is the best of the Soft Torrone. Enjoying this nougat without fear of breaking your teeth is a definite plus-especially in the cold winter weather. Makes a very nice gift-very appreciated.

These individually wrapped pieces in nice little boxes is a special treat. Savor orange, lemon, vanilla soft nougat. Especially like the portrait of Julio Verne. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, anyone?
256211256211B0001K5KXGA2SID7I4EKB6SFC.M.1151294876800Authentic Italian treatWhen I was a kid (over 40 years ago) my grandmother, who's Italian and lived in Cleveland, would come to visit us at Christmas. She always brought Italian foods that we couldn't get where we lived. I remember she always brought La Florentine torrone and we loved it. I'm passing along the tradition now to my family. It's the real deal!!
256212256212B0001K5KXGAL4N40T75UHLLelishebabb0051344988800WOWEEThey are light, moist, delicately slightly chewy, sweet of course, and have good ingredients. For you strict vegetarians - don't worry about the egg white ...chickens eat eggs also.
256213256213B0001K5KXGA1YJMG0QJXZLD4Rosemarie0051343952000Just as I remembered!!As soon and I opened one of these little gems I was transported back to my childhood when I spent my summers with my beloved Nonna.
My grandma had a store in Bridgeport Ct. I loved going there, It was one of those stores that had a grocery department in the front and in the back was a butcher, there was saw dust on the floor and fish and hardware splattered around, on the counter my grandma would keep, under the rows of Italian sausage and big balls of aging chees, a basket full of Perugino nougat candy just like this one. Although these are not the same brand the are good enough to bring back fond memories of my times with my grandma.
I would come in and call out "Ciao Nonna" and she would come and kiss my cheep and grab a couple of candies tell me how much she loved me and tap my bottom and send me on my way with my treat.

I just cannot stop eating these, they are not exactly like the ones I remember, because it has been a very long time and tastes have changed but these are just as soft and sweet, chewy and still has nice crispy almonds. If the almonds are stale they would be soft and chewy, not good. I love these I am just happy they do not sell them around the corner I would be in trouble.
If you have never tried this unbelievable nougat candy you are missing something give them a try you will not be sorry.
256214256214B0001K5KXGA349TXHTNEG5VJLucky0051341446400Easter CandyGreat candy. La Florentine torrone has been a tradition at Easter time in our family for over 70 years. Too bad about the shipping costs at $5 a box though.
256215256215B0001K5KXGAHZWIW7BK5RMNTBussio0051325203200Amazing.My package got lost in the mail, and I had to contact Taylor's Market on Christmas Eve. Not only did they reply the same day, they also sent another package, free of charge.
256216256216B0001K5KXGA1ABFPI59PLGUPPat0051318809600Perfect ExperienceI needed these as a snack for a Sicily presentation. They arrived on time and in perfect condition. This was the best price that I found.
256217256217B0001K5KXGA3NS91H4U26YY8427Cobra0051292976000Just like I remember - almostI had these as a child over 50 years ago. They were a favorite of my Italian grandmother. These are as close as I have ever found to those from the family, even to the little boxes and pictures on them.

The candies themselves are more consistently soft and chewy - we always had a few that had dried out and became too stiff. Modern packaging probably helps a lot.

The only issue is size. These are still the same size of box as I remember, but over the years the treats themselves have shrunk to the point that they fill only a small fraction of the space available. Too bad, I would rather pay a bit more and get a properly sized treat.
256218256218B0001K5KXGAACVN55FCK25NSherrill L. Murer0041262908800Christmas memories rekindledJust as I remember from childhood when my Italian grandfather gave this Torrone to us at Christmas each year, Delicious!
256219256219B0001K5KXGA2IFJ09SF8RQ4YM. Chen "you go toyota"0051226793600deliciousThe soft almond nougat is delicious. It's not too sticky, sweet or heavy, but just nice after a meal.
256220256220B0001K5KXGALVMIRJ1GLQTHGym Mom0051205539200Easter treatInteresting how many reviewers know this as a Christmas treat. It's always been associated with Easter in my Sicilian family. I'm thrilled to see it here on Amazon! :)
256221256221B0001K5KXGA3AZLG9CUM6CMJMFC1211348876800Shamefully stale.I should have known this would happen since it is late September and Torrone is widely known as a Christmas occurrence. Still, I figured if Amazon would sponser it, it would be fresh. Big mistake.. It is as stale as stale can be. Ugly. Threw it out, and will proceed with more caution in the future. And of course, never buy this brand again, no matter the season. They should have not offered it in this terrible condition.
256222256222B0001K5KXGA371Z04GWURCYCRich Dolata Jr.0141339459200good tasting foreign candy but don't buy if diabetic.I had 3 pieces and I woke up with a head ache.
For 3 pieces which is a servings size (plus have to try all flavors) there are 24g of sugar. To a diabetic it is like death or something is going to suffer for it.
Took some pills earlier than otherwise would and then mowed the lawn some and got a sweat on.
256223256223B0001K5KXGA20DUJ0A5SJKRQLindsay A. Lykens "MrsLykens"11231203811200I wasnt sure what I was buying...
256224256224B0009F3SF0AHFRVBQNZAST4Tiffiny Suter7751167782400Good flavorThis was a nice, flavorful tea. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to trying the Nursing Mom's tea.
256225256225B0009F3SF0ACRLYXWTJW9GPOlga6651234137600Best tea, pregnant or not!I have just ordered another package of this wonderful tea. I drink it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between! The flavor is really good and I drink this tea without sugar. I am 8 months pregnant at the moment and the tea really helps me to relax and feel better especially after a long crazy day chasing my 1 year old around! I sit down turn on a nice movie and have a big cup of this wonderful rejuvenating tea... I like that it is made of blend of very healthy herbs for your body and mind. Our lactation consultant, OB and midwife all recommend Yogi tea for pregnant women and there is also one for nursing women to help with with milk production.
256226256226B0009F3SF0A1QMM2WSCL35T7Noodle 19-20002251312588800Tastes great and soothing!I began drinking this tea as soon as I was out of my first trimester (I'm nearly done with my second now). I was warned that it might not taste so good but I love it. It has a nice minty flavor that resembles the regular peppermint teas that are available. There is also a natural lemon flavor added according to the box but I really don't taste it that much. I don't need sweeteners or anything and it isn't a chore at all to drink the 3 daily cups. I also bought the red raspberry leaf tea and I will add that once my due date is closer.

This has actually become one of my favorite teas overall, and I do enjoy hot tea. I might continue drinking it after my pregnancy because the ingredients are used to support womens' health overall.
256227256227B0009F3SF0A1Q8VSJTWAKB0IT.Monique1151342483200Awesome!!!!!This tea is awesome! I drink this herbal tea to help regulate my cycle and alleviate cramps, and it does just that! It also has a wonderful taste, no need to add sugar or cream. I will be drinking this tea for a lifetime!
256228256228B0009F3SF0A1XZKTBWHM3GBWDanielle M. Voiculescu1151303171200Good teapretty good tea. I recommend steaming it longer than what it says on the box. I personally steam my tea for 15-30 minutes.
256229256229B0009F3SF0A3OUWN6YDTO641J. Coakley1151238889600Yogi Tea - Mother to BeI really like this tea. It's smooth, has good aroma and tastes good with just a dash of sweetener!
256230256230B0009F3SF0A10QXGW9BSFHA9KatzeX30041345420800Refreshing minty flavorI guess I'm not big on hot teas as I've always loved sweet iced tea, but I couldn't taste much from this tea aside from the minty fresh feeling. I was only able to drink a few cups, but I have yet to try it with honey and/or lemon (used only honey once, but still wasn't satisfied). I already had my baby a couple months ago, but I still have all 6 boxes left! Haha, maybe if I can get it tasting good for me, I'll atleast finish up the first box. =] I did find out a friend of mine LOVES it, though, and she also has a healthy baby now. :]

Btw, I tried drinking this cold as well since I've seen reviews of people doing that, but that just made it even weirder for me. ;]

I'll update if I try adding lemon.

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