Amazon Fine Food Reviews

256321256321B0029NH1JYA2X7HZFBBZNELOMargaret Davis2251335571200Dogs love it but Vets don'tI gave this five stars because I've never known a dog who won't "gobble" these Cesar foods. Yet, my Vet scolded me ("Misty's getting chubby) and says this food is sinfully rich (& fattening). He put her on a "healthy diet" and she's not very happy. Feeling sorry for her, I mix a small portion of the Cesar with her 'healthy' dry food. She normally finds the Cesar, and leaves most of the dry food. If you've got a skinny dog, with a picky appetite, this is for you!
256322256322B0029NH1JYA2S5KW8XROWB0HGloria Young2251299110400Cesar canine meal is one of the few dog foods she will eatMy maltese always each all of her cesar products, not only this food but all of the foods prepared by Cesar. I will continue to buy them for her.
256323256323B0029NH1JYA38WPLBU8HE5LTLinnnie132251268524800My dogs love these!I have two Westies and a Maltese. We tried many brands of canned food that they didn't like before we found Cesar's. All three love this flavor!
256324256324B0029NH1JYA2T5VEAFT6PUH3J. Hollister "Judy says"1151337040000Cheesy Chicken delightOur westies love the Caesar Canine Cuisine foods, they seem to prefer the pates to the sauced varieties, but they eat all of them. I like to give them a big variety of flavors and Caesar's food comes in so many wonderful flavors. This is one of their favorites. And it is a better deal than in the stores. So that is super for me.
256325256325B0029NH1JYA29J8LX2ZPZUUYcoloradonana "coloradonana"0051351123200perfect for small dogConvenience size container. Food is always fresh. I have one 10 lbs baby that should weigh 8 pounds so Vet suggested cutting her food back and adding canned green beans. The gravy is just the right amountto flavor the green beans and she loves it. So much, I have had to do this for my not over wgt dog, too. Great Product and delivery.
256326256326B0029NH1JYA1TOWDVZIUHFYPAmy K. Green0051351123200Fantastic size for small dogsMy 7 pound poodle was always resistant to eating until we tried the sunrise products from Cesar. Now he eats breakfast every day! For additional goodness, remove lid and mircowave for 15 seconds....your dog will go crazy for it!
I have now purchased this to be delivered every two months--subscribe and save is a great deal for this item!
256327256327B0029NH1JYA34U4Y40W1GW9Iandiesenji0051350086400Excellent product, exactly as advertised.I have a basenji dog that is a bit "picky" and will not eat some dog foods (I have tried several of the "premium" and "super-premium" dog foods.

He loves several of the Cesar Canine Cuisine foods and this is one of his favorites. There is never any hesitation when I put his food down, he digs right in and consumes it almost instantly.

There have been no GI upsets with this food - his stools are completely normal. Traveling with him is easy with this food because it doesn't require refrigeration and no mixing - although I do give him dry food to "snack on" at will, he usually eats only a small amount of this and only when he has been very active.

He gets two packages a day, one in the morning, one in the evening so a pack of 24 lasts 12 days.
256328256328B000B8EQRYA1VS6YB8265ARFDeana Holmes "Gluten Freek"2251181347200Best Pancakes Ever!My nieces, who do not have a gluten intolerence tried these, loved them, and then noticed they were gluten free, they called me, very excited, and shared the good news. They are by far the best pancakes I have ever eaten. My nieces perfer them over "normal" pancakes. I think that speaks for itself. We love them!
256329256329B004NBITX2A2CO48OMIWKNROakkls0041344297600Love this tea!!I love this tea!Zhena's Gypsy Tea Raspberry Earl Tea ( 6x22 BAG) A friend had given me some as a gift, but I was unable to find it locally. I was happy to find it on Amazon. I cannot drink highly caffeinated products (coffee, Zinger teas), but this tea has just enough caffeine to give me a boost, yet not enough to make me ill. The blend of Earl Grey and Raspberry is delicious hot or cold. I use one bag with 2 of the Mojito Mint to make a wonderfully refreshing iced tea.
256330256330B00067E9POA2J0SYPWKH1P8Skimeri2351189641600Crack for steaks and meatsAlton Brown recommends salt for cooking.

Alton Brown recommends smoked salt for meats and such.

This is the smoked salt to get and put it on everything. I've put it on every savory dish possible and it still comes out good.

This smoked salt is rad.
256331256331B00067E9POA1HAOJH4H4ZUDLKimberly Colburn "Theatre Kimberly"0041228003200Smoky SaltinessA bit skeptical, I purchased some flavored salt as a gift and got this one for myself.

It turns out the smokiness adds a nice dimension of flavor, especially to soups like split pea or to a recipe for BBQ sauce. Worth a try!
256332256332B002KB2CS0A28XWODLPGBNGESandra K. Jennings "life lover"0041324425600good stuff!this is not your peanut butter consistency its a little mealy and stiff - but i enjoyed tastes fresh as well..every once in awhile i crave cashews and this is an answer when one has a sore mouth..
256333256333B004Q7H8UIA14WWT0QD2UTUMP. Long "fattie man"4551174867200if i had am illion stars it would not be enoughthese are the best cookies in the universe, and i wish i was a little less heavy so i could at least rolls over in bed and grab a fresh bag

my mom has not been home in four hours, where is she

my cookies i need my cookies
256334256334B004Q7H8UIABDCYK04CL6O4MIDNIGHT05210051323993600PEPPERIDGE FARM CHESAPEAKE COOKIES(PACK OF 4)Another delicious selection from the Pepperidge Farm Cookie Line-Up called Chesapeake Dark Chocolate Pecan. You get 8 large cookies per bag with 4 bags in an order. I purchased mine through Warehouse Deals fulfilled by for $8.73 per order *I got 2* 'cause it was such a good price! These normally go for $3.49/per bag in the supermarket/grocery store and usually are not 1 of the type of Pepperidge Farm Cookie that goes on sale at all, unlike their Milano Cookie Brand counterpart which do on a semi-regular basis. A great deal, highly recommended, buy them if the price is right!
256335256335B004Q7H8UIA31N6KB160O508Fran W.0051323820800Good taste and quailityDelicious as usual for this cookie. Love them. Glad Amazon had them on their website, esp. on sale when I ordered them. Can't beat that.
256336256336B004Q7H8UIAQY5SNQULV6BRLaytonsvillebuyer0111328486400Stale cookiesI purchased these Pepperidge Farm cookies for a family member that is sick in the hospital. The cookies had an expiration date of 5/2/2012 but they were STALE. This was very embarrassing and disappointing to say the least. This tells me that food products are not a good buy from Amazon.
256337256337B00018CX5QA3FIIP1PJLJ8I8Jessica K. Swafford0051244764800Yummy Raspberry Pie FillingDelicious! It's hard to find raspberry pie filling anywhere, and I felt like I was just settling for buying online, but it was very good! I'd be happy to buy it again; In the future, I'll look here first.
256338256338B003P9XGJAA2O0N2YDMX6AML. Boyd0051302480000Great Food!We have four very large German shepherds that eat a mixture of a raw diet and Blue Buffalo and they seem to really like this food! I was really thrilled to see amazon carrying this so I stock up on all the Blue Buffalo canned food every few weeks and have really loved just having it shipped to my front door! We go through quite a bit of this canned food when they aren't eating raw and after trying several different natural brands we have stuck with Blue because they seem to digest it very well! Yard cleanup is as easy as it can be with 4 dogs with this food and that makes me a satisfied dog mom!
256339256339B003FFHFQOAOEQI67PAS9GSpandulce3611290124800Awful custumer service from faerie's finestDon't order from Faerie's finest, you will be wasting your time. Order your product from somewhere else.
Ingredients were not available for shipment when they promised and I kept calling for a status of my order. Every time they told me the same thing: "next week we'll receive the ingredients and after that we'll ship the product". Over an over the same thing until I got tired and I had to cancel my order. The person on the phone was not willing to help or answer my questions. Very frustrating and a waste of time.
256340256340B000FOCC4SA3KL1DGX2US998Marc Morales5551215475200Great Churro MakerIf you are looking for a great churro maker for your kitchen, this is it. If you have tried making them with a pastry bag, you know that sometimes the dough can be to thick for the bag to handle. This churro maker is well constructed and made with a sturdy plastic (almost like PVC tubing). Rather than squeezing like you would do with a pastry bag, you turn the handle like a screw. This provides equal and constant pressure to the dough as it exits to the frying pan giving you better control on the size and shape of the churro. This churro maker is easy to clean - it can be taken apart and all the pieces are dishwasher-safe.
256341256341B000FOCC4SAP91G0L9852N1David "David"3341221696000Great Churro Maker!I bought it from La Tienda. They ship the product the same very day via usps ground. The churro maker does what it promises. There are 5 caps included plus the manual which includes the original churro recipe. Four out of five stars because this churro maker didn't have the ability to do filled churros. Great Overall, Product highly recommended!!!!!
256342256342B000FOCC4SA3UPFBTTYB1QSNIris Campanile3331220054400needs a stronger srew capWe truly enjoyed using our Chorro Maker. We use it in front of our guess so they can see how they are made and eat the Churros while they are still HOT. YET, we are disappionted that after just a few times that we used it ,the srew on cap Broke !!!! We can still use it, yet sooner or lated it will completly brake in two and we will not be able to use it any more.The srew cap of the Churro Maker should have been made of a stronger plastic or of metal.Churro Maker
256343256343B000FOCC4SA3MWRXX3TMS9ANGuadalupe Barreiros "guadalupe barreiros"1151239926400awesome churro makerthis churro maker is great and it easy to use, easy to clean, and does not take alot of room to store i give a big no huge thumbs up
256344256344B000GD653CA2N1E36J31Z9GSAnne012221327536000Poor packagingIn an effort to be ecologically responsible, Nestle has reduced the amount of plastic in their bottles making them almost impossible to open without spilling alot of water. To unscrew the cap, I have to grip the now very soft container in such a way that water is forced out the top even before the cap is completely off. Be prepared to wipe off your desk or clothing.
256345256345B000GD653CAPMNOV5RA7ALGC. Sundaram81211244419200Nestle Bottled Water - Dont BuyThe Nestle brand of bottled water did not taste well at all. If you have tasted Poland Springs or Dasani etc. you will NOT like this brand at all. I will never buy this brand ever and suggest that others dont too, unless you wish to waste your hard earned money.
256346256346B000GD653CA1FZ7YLTVGZ1A4Sleepless In Seattle0011349222400MisadvertisedI received two cases of Arrowhead water instead. IMHO Arrowhead tastes worse and is generally of lower quality than Nestle.
256347256347B000GD653CA3EQ6WZCD6U559Manuel R. Avakian0051348531200Absolutely the best!Nestle sends different water per your region. Here in Michigan I received Ice Mountain water. I'll have to say without a doubt this is excellence beyond compare. It's refreshing and light without a hint of heaviness due to chemicals. I received my cases a few days after ordering which was another plus.
256348256348B000GD653CA3IDF9IMQMSH48G. T. Olson "GTO"162551262131200WetThis water is good and wet. When you put the bottles in the fridge, you get cold water. This water will quench your thirst and is suitable for most situations where water is called for. Some applications, like filling a swimming pool or showering, may infrequently arise. In such instances, this water will work but you may want to look for a substitute in much larger bulk.

The clear plastic container probably does not leach chemicals into the water, but even then, it is not very environmentally friendly. The actual water is pretty good and I haven't found any floating debris or anything bad or smelly in it. You may also want to save money and take your own H2O with you, consider the Sigg Classic Bottle - Traveller (0.6-Liters).

Our bodies all need water - get some any way you can.
256349256349B000GD653CA3PUZHFZZB5NW8benedicta2451294099200received the product nicely packaged and several days early. much appreciatedi was pleased to receive this product--bittled water--nicely packaged, intact, and several days early. my favorite brand, of several available depending on region. would order again. thanks! also, delivered in midwinter and NOT frozen!
256350256350B000GD653CA1698RISUBREPPurple Turtle0151306886400FAST Delivery24 bottles of water, 16.9oz each

Excellent packaging.

I ordered on may 30th and received package on June 1st. Package was shipped from Smyrna Tennessee, I live in California.

The Arrowhead 100% mountain spring water is keeping me refreshed, hydrated and happy. THANKS

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