Amazon Fine Food Reviews

256368256368B001EHEDN8A1XO2B2GE4NVYGP. Carlson1151327708800Great GiftI purchased this as a Christmas gift for friends. They say they loved
the salmon and that it was of very good quality.
256369256369B004XTDIA8A2Q6KMMNGEYLSCmarcella tsihlis0051331164800YummyThese garbanzo beans are delicious I cook them in my crock pot, no fuss, and great quality dry beans. Dr. Perricone recommends these in his weight loss book. Excellent source of fiber and protein. Shipped very fast and very affordable.
256370256370B004CH8BYOA3S59RN1UJQH08nikya20000041343692800I gummied myself to death! LOLThis is a really great buy but dont try to eat them all yourself, lol. This item arrived on time and were fresh and oh so yummy! I recommend this item and seller to everyone.
256371256371B004VLVBUMA3FSBI79OF6134#1shopper2251344902400Love it!I live in a rural area so it is hard to find a variety of flours. I had a recipe for homemade protein bars that called for Oat flour as a healthier option. I received four individually sealed bags of oat flour which is great to keep fresh until I need it. Great product!
256351256351B000GD653CA290P0XUD2MAC1OLIVIA!!!!!!!!0151306627200best water ever hadI never had such good water. its cold, clean and comes packaged perfectley. Who could ask for more. wonderful product.
256372256372B004VLVBUMAWVD4SKL2OET4D. Olson "Jules777"2251342483200healthy choiceoat flour is a good source of protein and fiber. It worked fine in my homemade bread along with white and wheat flours. it is nicely flavored and light textured. I didn't like it as much in crepes where it was the only flour used. it worked great in place of white flour for high altitude brownie mix instructions. I like Bob's Red Mill high quality products.
We are on Amazon Prime, so order arrived quickly. Amazon Prime is delightful! I highly recommend that too.
256373256373B004VLVBUMAFZPHE2BEOV4OR. Leslie "meretired1"1151313712000OAT FLOUR HAS GREAT TEXTUREI use Bob's Red Mill Oat flour to boost flavor in gluten free bread. I adds great texture, color and like I said that wonderful oat flavor!
256374256374B004VLVBUMA38OC8VXB7GH7ZK. Allsop0031350691200NO GMO LABELING????I gave this 3 stars because I usually trust this company...that being said...
I certainly hope these products are non-GMO as they are labeling other wheat flour products "non-GMO". Why doesn't this have that label, especially considering the newest information on carcinogenic and environment concerns over these products. Please label products so we can make our choice...GMO's are obsolete.
256352256352B000GD653CA15D5QQEU5T4FAudiologicist21651224288000Not Bottled WaterAmazon has a problem. A person can send them info on why they should change product info, but they have idiots working for them who don't understand that they don't need an act of God to change obviously erroneous info. 90% of the time, they refuse to correct obvious mistakes. What a bunch of jerks.

And yes, this is the Helstar CD - Burning Star... not bottled water as the heading and item description indicate.
256375256375B004VLVBUMA1N1LN0GZ0DKQSN. Grossman "Midnight"0051348444800Good oat flourIt's supposed to be healthy so I use it instead of regular wheat flour. Works for me as I like everything made from oats.
256376256376B004VLVBUMA2G9DE8OCNI7MLowell W. Bowler0051323820800oat flourVery happy with Bob's Red Mill oat flour. I use it to make low fat pancakes and waffles. Arrived quickly.
256377256377B00016XKP0AHNWR5S1E790GJihnzter0051287964800Best Dark Chocolate BarI have been sampling a few dark chocolate bars lately to see which one I like the best and this one hands down is my favorite.
256378256378B00016XKP0AIKDNHV17RWVCDenise Marie Fezza "Denise"3621168819200InconsistentI got these bars at a local organic grocery store and they were great, but the box I bought here wasn't nearly as good. It seemed like I got the bottom of the barrel of some almond shavings and barely any cherry. Basically a boring dark chocolate bar... and they are expensive. I wrote to the company to help them with feedback and they didn't reply for a week and they expect me to mail the bars back. I will if I get time, but that is a hassle.
256379256379B001EQ55R2A2ZUDUI947DY5Umeli conner0051347321600McCormick Salad SupremeThis is a great product and the seller I give a 5 star. Great Great purchase and I love this Seasoning on vegetables, meats, salads. Hope McCormick never quits making it.
256380256380B001EQ55R2A38XAAS5U05GY8Judith0051320451200Essential for most saladsI don't use it on salads with fruit or fruit in the dressing, but it really enhances all other lettuce-type salads. Have used it for many years. Am now going to try Spike too, but it seems best for soups and such.
256353256353B0013L2FJYA12TOCW6O0QT13BoState9951251244800The Best Cup of Coffee EverThis past Christmas I received two bags of Vinacafe as a gift from one of my students. It was "love at first sip"!! I reluctantly shared the coffee with my husband and father. They were just as delighted with the coffee as I was. My student told me where I could purchase more. I did, BUT unfortunately our local 88 Market has since closed. I Googled the coffee and found it on I now purchase this great beverage online. It's convenient and delicious all at the same time. The price of the coffee is the same that I was paying at the market. Try it! I'm sure you'll love it too!!
256354256354B0013L2FJYA16LA5NFGEO0PROrangityOrange7841240531200Great when there's no barista around!I love this product. It's a great replacement for a latte when there is no barista around. It's a tad on the sweet side for me (I usually don't take any sugar in my coffee) but very yummy. Put some in your backpack when you go camping or take some to work for that instant pick-me-up. I like it better than the new instant coffee from S*bucks.
256355256355B0013L2FJYA36PZ4TD3W9OX5Jerri L. Johnson4451275868800great flavor in easy packetsThis is a great product for travel. The coffee, sugar and cream are in the packet, all you add is hot water. We take them hiking, kayaking and traveling all over. Comes in a handy pack of 20. Great flavor.
256356256356B0013L2FJYA1EOP5QZPOISHMtresverdes5631282521600Great Product, Bad Price...Vinacafe is the best of the 3 in 1 coffees, but this price is very high. We get a bag of 20 at our local farmer's market for $3.79.
256357256357B0013L2FJYA190TSOKKZRI9DWookiee2241328832000Decent coffeeConvenient because it comes in individual packs, and it tastes fine, but not very different from other instant coffee mixes of this type. Just tastes like instant coffee
256358256358B0013L2FJYA1YBLB81C4MW60SoCalGal2251319414400The Perfect BlendI tried this instant coffee for the first time last year, and was immediately hooked! To me its a perfect cup of coffee, if you want something a little better than a regular instant coffee. I actually prefer it over starbucks or coffeebean's coffee blends. It's not as sugary sweet as all the other packaged instant mocha or latte mixes in the market, but has a really nice balance. I couldn't find Vinacafe in any of the regular chain supermarkets, so I'm really glad I found it on Amazon.
256359256359B0013L2FJYAF62OFMKFKYYUH. Joffe "I love movies"2251253923200Best Instant Vietnamese Coffee but where is the black version?I love this coffee but I can't find the plain black version of it anymore.. :-(

It's better than the G7, has a smoother aftertaste and has such a distinctive flavor.
256360256360B0013L2FJYA1ZG4WRCU7NTN2Alina Vorokh "danceholic"1151332806400Yum!I am a coffee lover and I felt in love with this one since since my Vietnamese friend introduced me to it. I still add Splenda or sugar to it but it is not necessary . A great product for home/ work, etc.
256361256361B0013L2FJYA2XXQLP0Z2SI6XDanny1151319587200Simple and Delicious!I love it! Perfect balance of sweetness and creamer. I can't recommend this product enough. Very convenient too!
I've never had any problems with it and sealed packets were always fresh.
256362256362B0013L2FJYA204906HLJ443EChanteuse1151314230400My only coffee drinkI am not a daily coffee drinker, only when I am camping. Over the years, this product has always been my go-to coffee drinks, taking it hot or ice cold. The taste and quality has remained the same. It's creamy and the sweetness is just right. It never tastes bitter or artificial.

Amazon price is high. The same item goes for about $4 in most Chinese supermarkets.
256363256363B0013L2FJYA2WIMQBF6R7Q66Adam M. Maciver "RN"1151276300800TastyWhat is better than caffeine and sugar? This product blends great coffee, sugar, and cream to produce a little cup of paradise.
256364256364B0013L2FJYAXFZN4Z8FCH69Beckie1141247529600Great for instantI ran across this item in Asia and search it out whenever I'm near a Chinatown or Asian store. It is sweet and has a pretty powerful punch. Perfect for traveling on when you're making a single cup.
256365256365B0013L2FJYA28RB0HFAMFPHZGina Wilde0041339372800Good coffee, high priceThis coffee doesn't taste like instant. It is very smooth and rich.
The only reason I didn't rate this 5 stars is that I buy this coffee at
the local Vietnamese grocery store 2 pkgs for $7. Big markup but still
cheaper than going to Starbucks.
256366256366B0013L2FJYA3CD0377YGALLEDaryl0041301529600A nice instant alternativeSUMMARY:
I have been consuming this product for about 8 months and have come to enjoy the taste and convenience of the Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix 3 in 1. I even toss a few into my suitcase if I'm traveling so that I can easily enjoy it from a hotel, customer site, corporate office visit, etc.

It's a great way to enjoy a hot coffee-genre beverage without all the effort of setting up the coffee pot. You just get some hot water, stir in one packet of Vinacafe and enjoy.

The deal I got for this off Amazon does not beat the less expensive price of the closest Chinese market. However, to get these at the Chinese market, I have to drive into town (about 15-20 minutes) and I would have to plan to stop there only when I go to town for other tasks.
256367256367B0013L2FJYA3MM7HRNDV008Rsw0051291075200Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix 3 in 1Love this stuff! I'm used to buying it in Chinatown, but now I've moved to the boonies & glad to find I can buy it on Amazon. A little pricey, but well worth it.

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