Amazon Fine Food Reviews

256381256381B001EQ55R2A39NKNL3FUAOKILARRY B. MCNALL0051246665600Salad Supreme ReviewThis is an excellent seasoning for salads, potatoes, pasta and whatever else the imagination comes up with.
256382256382B001EQ55R2A1HTC4BKKYA9VCDiana A. Wang0041246665600SeasoningI love this makes the BEST pasta salad. Add the seasoning to It. dressing and mix with pasta and some chopped cucumbers and you have a GREAT easy pasta salad:)
256383256383B0043OV16GANTTRALEZ2AKDIsabel2251317168000Very fishy foodMy cats have been eating this food for at least six years and they love it. I buy both tuna with egg and tuna with cheese and these are their two favorites. I have my cats checked out at the vet annually and they have always been very healthy. One of my cats, rescued from shelter, was never introduced to "wet" food as a kitten and only drinks sauce from cans with chunks of meat or fish - since this is shredded tuna, he eats this food without problems. I have been buying this cat food for years and will continue buying it.
256384256384B0043OV16GA3F9OD76J0PQT2C. Simon1151329868800Great Product and Service!My cats love 9-Lives tuna, even though we buy them more expensive canned foods, whenever we give them 9-Lives tuna, they just go crazy! Recently, I have had trouble finding it at Wal Mart or even Pets Mart, so when I found it on Amazon, with their special subscription prices and service, I was thrilled and relieved. Thanks so much, Amazon, for keeping this product on hand.
256385256385B0043OV16GAN0N05A9LIJEQcritters0151315526400Note: NO pop-topMy monsters LOVE these super-fishy flavors, but this one doesn't come with pop-tops. Since my Tripod eats upstairs, getting an extra can opener, while not the end of the world, was a necessity. I'd have liked to have known that when I made the order.
256386256386B0043OV16GAIEV9YB94UCQBESellers0211311033600Gave my cat immediate diarrhea.Sorry folks. My healthy (regularly vet-checked) indoor-only Himalayan gives this food a definite thumbs-down. She ate it happily enough but it was Apparently too rich (or something) for her. She had extreme diarrhea as a result of eating just two teaspoons of this food. It was so bad we had to wash her rear end to get it all off. I'll be donating the rest to a shelter and hope other kitties fare better with it. We'll stick to her regular fish-variety Petite Cuisine and Fancy Feast Appetizers.
256387256387B000OC27S2A2Z8I91M85C7SKKaren2251242432000Merrick TreatsOur dog just goes crazy for these. We call them fingers in our house, but when he gets one he runs and barks, tries to hide it for later then he finally settles in for a quick chew snack. Highly recommend, but the dog store is more expensive, Amazon is a better deal other than shipping, so buy the case.
256388256388B000OC27S2A352RM5NFFCTZLElizabeth H.1141285027200Merrick Texas ToothpicksI first my dog these treats at my local pet store. I also only feed her Merrick dry dogfood because of the exceptional quality. The food as well as the treats are a little expensive, but worth it. I like giving these treats because they are natural, last as long as a rawhide chew but are made in the USA., they clean her teeth, they don't stink like pigs ears or hooves, and she LOVES them! At the pet store the cost $21 for a 6.5 oz bag, which average about 15 per bag. This price thru amazon is half the price, and they stay fresh so that's not even a concern.
256389256389B000OC27S2AU7MWUP8S162TAda0051293840000Real treat for a dog!My dog loves the Merrick's Texas Toothpicks!
I love them too
256390256390B002V93O7OA238K6B2SPIRHOKitty0051287619200Best Licorice aroundFeel safe ordering this delicious bag of old world Chalk Licorice. White hard candy coating around licorice with a soft center of flavor. Will order this over and over again.
256391256391B002V93O7OA2GZVA22WYG95IJ. Olsen0051273017600Licorice ambrosiaFirst tasted this candy on a trip to Canada a couple of years ago--had never seen it in the states. It was in a candy shop in Nelson, B.C. that had a wide array of licorice. When I asked the clerk for a recommendation on a good black licorice she said that this one, though not technically black, was a definite customer favorite. She gave me a sample and I was sold! I bought a bag and was soon sorry I had not purchased more. On our drive home we went through Montana and stopped at a little shop outside Billings that advertised over 40 different types of black licorice--but no chalk!

This candy has a crisp shell and soft center with an indescribable licorice flavor. It makes my mouth water just writing about it.

I am glad to see it available here, but wish it came in smaller quantities--I am the only licorice lover in my home and I already know my willpower where this candy is concerned.
256392256392B000V6MY8EA1WSV2NI8JJ6QYcoral2na0051350864000a new staple in my food pantrythis product is tasty...not at all like other lower sodium products. my husband, who has to watch his sodium intake, just loves it for a quick pick me up during the day.
256393256393B000V6MY8EA7BJQ18ATXRBTMrRat0031311292800Very Convenient but still Too SaltyClassic tomato soup in a great package. Nuke it, sip it, enjoy. But I do think they could have used even less salt.
256394256394B000V6MY8EA1REV7VUPJ3K4LI'm a Mom0051305072000Great snack for the whole family.I can't help it...even knowing that I'm paying a lot of money for basically half the soup in a full can of Campbell's, the convenience of Soup at Hand makes me splurge. However, since both my teenagers like these too, I needed a cheaper option. Enter Amazon and their discounts on frequently-purchased food items. I have these delivered every month and we have no problem getting through several cans before the next shipment arrives. I also have had trouble finding the low-sodium soups in our local markets so I was happy to find them here at Amazon and for a lower price.
256395256395B0023V65GWAU6BAERO89ZN4C.C.8841309392000Melt in the summerLike another reviewer, I also received a batch that appears to have melted and reconstituted. It was sent with 1-day shipping, so the gummy bears either don't keep well in the warehouse in the summer or they'll melt within a few hours of traveling in the delivery truck. They're great when they're as they should be, but really gross when they've melted.
256396256396B0023V65GWA1S5S6NYMJVDGIJ. Lee "Bargain Hunting Researcher"7751261094400Awesome Allergen-Free Party Favors!YummyEarth makes the best tasting allergen free candy! These gummy bears are soft, tasty and chewy.

I bought these YummyEarth Organic Gummy Bears to include in my child's party favor bags.
Several of my child's classmates are allergic to corn, wheat, dairy, eggs and nuts. As a parent of a child who outgrew his allergies and carried an Epi-Pen, I understood the challenges of finding a treat that you feel safe giving.

It was a huge challenge to find candy that was both kid and mom approved - candy that tasted good, is allergen free, and wholesome. These gummy bears are the best! They come in small packets of 24 bags. These are just the right sized packets. There is enough gummy bears to let the kids eat now or save for later.

I hope YummyEarth makes these small packets available year round. I have only seen the larger 5oz bags, and the smaller 0.9 oz packet sold individually at my local grocery store.
256397256397B0023V65GWA1G8BC99793QKBM. Goldstein111351250899200Contains Gelatin just in case....I really like the Yummy Earth hard candies and have tried the Ginger and Peppermint so far.
Just wanted to point out that these gummies contain gelatine-some people might be concerned with that and others not.
256398256398B0023V65GWA2QQVPN9CC5VISJoe K.3321312502400Melts in the box, not in your mouthOur son has a ton of allergies, but these Gummy Bears by YummyEarth are an absolute favorite of his. We couldn't be any more grateful for awesome companies like YummyEarth that make these products. Personally, they taste way better than the standard gummy bears that you buy from the grocery store. An absolutely fantastic product. I have no beaf with the product itself, but...

As so many other have pointed out, this product is not well handled at all either at the warehouse or during shipping. The bags that we received were all just globs of goop. Nowhere did we see any cute bears that taste yummy. This really makes me question any product that we order from Amazon now. I don't think I will be buying any more food products from Amazon.
256399256399B0023V65GWA1YLFR795WQEKClittlepaynes2251324771200Great, YUMMY, nutritious product!These have become a favorite with my kids and even myself. They are soft, chewy, taste great, and are relatively good for you. A fabulous alternative to store bought gummy bears with artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and colors. I feel great about giving my kids this product. No artificial anything=a healthy snack for anytime in our household.
YummyEarth Organic Gummy Bears, 0.9-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24)
256400256400B0023V65GWA1QPV7QX1WBG4Jlyolechka2251308787200Wonderful!!! Kids LOVE them!It's my kids first candy ever. A great find for kids with food allergies. Too bad package is is so small about 8-9 gummies per package. Tastes good. You can give it to your child knowing that its organic, no chemicals/or uneeded ingredients. Very happy we found it.
256401256401B0023V65GWART4XS2NQIICRL. M. Whitaker4541277942400Do Nor Order in the SummerThe product is very tasty and my son enjoys them. Only problem is that they completely melt in shipping during the hot summer. What you get is a melted blob of gummy. So definitely try the WINTER!
256402256402B0023V65GWA3N041QAKY7BVWSJ068301121330214400Not goodI love yummy earth hard candy and I love gummy bears. I was very excited to get these, but they were a big disappointment. BTW the bears I received were fresh so it's not a stale/dry bear issue. My objections are 1) Texture is too dense and chewy. I like a softer gummy bear. These are a workout for your jaw. 2) The fruit flavors are indistinguishable from each other. I can't stand that all the different colored bears taste the same. I was expecting much better flavors from yummy earth based on the hard candy flavors which are very good. 3) Flavor is unbalanced. These bears have a very one-note sweet taste. There is not nearly enough tartness to balance out the boring sweetness.

All in all, I do not recommend these and would not buy again.
256403256403B0023V65GWA2CLBOXNXDAN7Bcheekymom1141326758400Love these little gummies!Love these little gummie bears. Great little treat for my kids, I like them too. The first time I bought them for my kids, I secretly ate most of them myself, oops! YUM. would definately recommend.
256404256404B0023V65GWA2YQYOJ5QLPXYSM. Stanger "Certified AromaTherapist"1151325635200love a healthy treat!With 14 grandchildren, I am always on the look out for healthy treats! These fit the bill and the children LOVE them.
256405256405B0023V65GWA18G86L7N37VKJCat Armijo1151325289600gummy bearsYummy, students loved them. Personally, I could not taste the difference, but I also enjoyed them. Looking for an item in school store at a high school.
256406256406B0023V65GWA2N99R1INXANKKizzy1001151321142400Love, love, love these!So I am an adult that is crazy for gummies. I have just always loved them and let's just say that I'm old enough people in the grocery store think I am buying them for my kids (which I do not have). The only problem is that my hubby and I are those organic people, so I had to seriously cut back on my gummy consumption. I found these at like a Whole Foods and have loved them ever since. But the price here is so much better. I bring lunch to work everyday and these are perfect for that -- they are the highlight. I don't care that there are only 3 flavors and they are a little chewy on the outside. You get used to that. These are a great product if you care about eating organic.
256407256407B0023V65GWAK45DT2S0KLC6MacDog1571151317945600Awesome SnackIt's candy just to be clear but with slightly less guilt. The flavors taste like real fruit (they use real juice so this makes sense). My family prefers them over other brands on the market. The fact the gummy bears are gluten free and have vitamin C is an added bonus as well. I could eat half a box at a sitting but limit them to a morning snack. Give them a try we really like them.
256408256408B0023V65GWA3H35C69DW5UJGmom2two1151305849600LOVE <3
256409256409B0023V65GWA3OYTABY46TZS7J2341272499200love allergen friendly foods...but, IMO there is a slight bitter taste to the gummies. My two daughters did not care for the gummies at all, however my 9 year old son ate the whole box. I may still buy for my son, as they are packaged in an appropriate serving size for kids, organic & I do like supporting allergen-free food companies.
256410256410B0023V65GWA8XWLKID992H5Micheline Amy0051350604800These are a fantastic snack!Both the kids and I love these. It's nice to be able to give the kids a little treat that is organic and gluten free. The snack packs make it easy to throw into a bag or keep in the car. Child appropriate portions.

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