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256471256471B0012N9O60A2S8UCZ373SY53Mark Twain0051344297600Yummy. I bought Yummy from Amazon.comIt's a good frigg'n coffee flavored sucking candy for god's sake. It's not caviar. It's not pate. And, the wrappers are a bitch to remove.
256472256472B0012N9O60A2DIGW6438MB48Darla0051336780800addictiveGreat! Bought for gift bags but will buy again for my candy dish. Be prepared it's like potato chips for me...can't eat just one piece. Perhaps I'm just weak that way. Wondered if I would like the liquid center. It's more of a soft center and it is good. At .03 a candy why would you stop at eating just one piece anyway. Enjoy!!
256473256473B0012N9O60A247WRAX07IAJ0grandma70051332201600Coffee Candy It is wonderful if you like coffee.If you like coffee you will like this candy. I was not sure I would like it when my Daughter gave me some, but I was surprised. It is very good. I had to order some. You will enjoy the candy. Brenda Carter
256474256474B0012N9O60A3L8B7WPB39EKJMike Sublett "pawdad"0021329696000Not bad coffee candy, but not great eitherBali's Best Original Coffee Candy is a round dark brown hard candy, not overly sweet, with a good coffee taste from the start. Bali's Original had a nice coffee flavor. After all they use a coffee extract for the flavoring and it is #4 on the ingredient list of 8 items. But when compared A B with one of the truly strong coffee flavored candies, it comes up way short. 6 out of 10.
Bali's Best Latte is a round dark brown hard candy with a creamy center. Neither the hard candy nor the creamy center is very sweet. It was a real surprise that the coffee flavor wasn't as pronounced as the Bali's Best Original Coffee Candy reviewed above. After noticing coffee listed twice in the ingredients list (coffee extract & natural coffee) I just expected more. So although it is better than no coffee candy at all, it wasn't a top scorer. 4 out of 10
FYI- United, Kopiko and Coffee Rio were the top finishing coffee candies.
God bless. Mike
256475256475B0012N9O60A3F1A6NYZAK5YGSue0051328918400Bali's Coffee CandyI love this coffee candy. Mid afternoon when I need some caffein I will have a few of this candies and I am good to go. They taste just like real coffee...I absolutely love it.
256476256476B0012N9O60A2KYRU3S5XJNTPBob0051326412800YUMMY Coffee candyI have bought Bali's Best Coffee Candy Assortment, Original, Espresso & Latte, 300-Count Jars (Pack of 4) twice in the last 5 months. I love it. And the shipping time has been very quick when ordered from Amazon.
256477256477B0012N9O60A3UR2N0ATGBCU8X. Chen0051318377600They are great!I didn't realized how much candy I was getting, but 4 Jars!. This is a great deal, we still haven't finished one Jar yet after 2 month receiving it.
256478256478B0012N9O60AOHLKAZ8S8CAIseeguy0041318204800I love coffee and candy!These candies are very tasty and will make a excelent addition to give a customer when they purchase a cup of rich coffee or espresso.
256479256479B0012N9O60A29R1PORFEBJDUhedwegg0051288396800coffee candies by baliCouldn't ask for better with or without coffee. If you have a coupon or deal I'll buy another (4) canisters.

All the best,

256480256480B0012N9O60A2W3KOTHFGVNMTSoylentGreen0211325635200A truly gross coffee candy. Worst one ever.I've tried numerous coffee candies and this is by far the worst I've ever had. I should have known, seeing the main ingredient as Glucose syrup. Not only does it break up in your mouth, but the texture of the center goop is nauseating like a blob of snot. It breaks into sharp shards first, then you get the gross inner surprise...bleh!!! If you like high fructose type syrup, then this crap is for you.
256481256481B002RBOB1OA3FW29GQ2BNLHIM. Spalding3351291680000Wonderful Way To Spoil YourselfThe Lindt Lindor candy company has always made outstanding quality chocolates. Happily, they're widely available now, even in my local supermarket. But unfortunately I can still only order these Raspberry Truffles online or drive an hour to Cost Plus.

I love raspberry and chocolate together, and this combination is absolute perfection. The flavors are beautifully balanced, rich, and decadent. The glossy shell has a delightful snap, and the silky truffle filling melts on your tongue. I sincerely hope Lindt Lindor never compromises on quality in their candy making like so many other American chocolate makers have in recent years - like substituting cocoa butter for partially hydrogenated fats, skimping on portions, exporting factories to Mexico, etc.

If you love quality chocolate and raspberry together - look no further!
256482256482B002RBOB1OA3SC8KCHVHUQKMMaryland Mom3351264032000Gift for Father-in-LawThese were a gift for my Father-in-Law. His comment was that they like them better than the original ones. So, if you like the other Lindt truffles, these should be a hit.
256483256483B002RBOB1OAGB72037U24S7Birman lover "Deb"1151324080000The best raspberry chocolate candyI bought this as a present for my new boyfriend, buying from Amazon because I could not find the dark chocolate raspberry in stores. He swore it was the best, beating out all other brands. I had a couple of pieces and fell in love. I love dark chocolate, first of all, and I put it in the fridge to chill it. The raspberry was mild but flavorful, not over-powering like other brands. I will definitely buy these again! And I know I will get a special Christmas kiss for finding his favorite candy.
256484256484B002RBOB1OA19ZM81VUELPI4prime member2311318636800chocolate messMy order arrived as a chocolate mess--don't know where the product handling went wrong. The chocolates were deformed and had leaked outside of their individual packaging. Refrigeration after the fact did not improve their consistency. Will not order online again.
256485256485B002RBOB1OA38U4GZ05501QNGary Worden "reader, musician, fun guy"0051322179200Great care in shippinThese truffles are great, and buying them by the box like this is the most price-effective way to stock up. I was very impressed by the shipping. They were packed in a little styrofoam cooler with two ice packs, and arrived in great condition.
256486256486B002RBOB1OA1FPLGZ0Y5G0WXStephanie S. Pavlat0051320364800Excellent ChocolatesWonderful chocolates.Hard to find most times of the year in stores. I would order them again. Shipment was very fast.
256487256487B002RBOB1OA3LJPQCWBU46NHcathymdh0051300406400YummyMy husband loves raspberry and these fit the bill. You can't find this flavor in stores where I live, Idaho. We are loving having them in our home to snack on. I would highly recommend them!
256488256488B002RBOB1OA3PVCLR6CT488DSarah Shoemaker "Sarah"0031299542400Chocolates edible, but looked awefulAs stated in the title, the chocolates were definitely edible, but did not look all that great. They had patches of white (?wax) on the surface, as well as some were dented or misshaped. They looked like they had been stored in a place that was a little to warm and they started to melt before they were shipped.
256489256489B002RBOB1OA1TNBUYPSFIICNancy M. Poarch0051299542400HeavenLinddt Lindor Truffles Rasberry Dark Choclate were absolutely delecious. I brought the box in and shared with my co-workers. I thought the price was good also. I had been buying them in the grocery store. The 60 ct saved me money.
256490256490B002RBOB1OA3KE4S233C2ZGFThe Hunter0051298505600I hate these because .......I hate these because I love them so much.

Imagine having a box of 60 truffles on your desk.

Me, I am a chocoholic, so they lasted only two days.
256491256491B002RBOB1OA1JZ40AV5LHBSFJenetta0051297123200Super yummy!!!I was always a white truffle fan, but added these to my wish list just cause they sounded good, they are much better than I expected!!!
256492256492B002RBOB1OAATWFX0ZZSE6CFaja4X0031293753600Tasty, but waxy...I mean they are tasty, but after having a cold beverage they absolutely do not melt in your mouth. And for the price it becomes debatable as to whether I would recommend. But, if you are in a shopping pinch, then they are acceptable.
256493256493B002RBOB1OA3D6R22GIUKINSCrowd Control1211308700800SOUPI have ordered Lindt Lindor truffles in the past, and they came packaged in a styrofoam container with plenty of dry ice. All was good.

This time, however, the order came from Candy Direct of California, and were shipped Priority Mail to me in Florida (96 degrees today) in a plain brown box with a large label saying "Protect From Heat". When the mailman deliverd this to me he was in stitches. The box was STEAMING!. Inside was one skinny packet of dry ice, which was as hot as the candy. You could not even touch the chocolate without it disolving in the packaging.

Forget these fools who do not know how to package a product properly. The product is good, their shipping and handling is not.
256494256494B002RBOB1OANBUAK5RWUKL7Charles Canales1211300924800melted messIt was warm here for the end of winter, (80 degrees). The package I received was a melted mess. There are ways of packaging chocolates to prevent this from happening. I would have been willing to pay a bit extra to avoid the disappointment. Evidently this company doesn't care much about customer satisfaction.
256495256495B002RBOB1OA18Y832XYSR5IGCecile Eldridge - Perez0131323907200Not what I expectedLet me first state that I love Lindt products. That was the main reason I purchased this box of candy, because I had a good idea of what I was actually buying. I was also aware that it is a terrible idea to purchase chocolate via mail order during the summer because you will probably end up getting a melted chocolate mess instead of what you wanted. I thought that it would be ok since I was making this order in December,therefore not much danger of the candy melting. So - what went wrong? - why wasn't I happy with my purchase considering that the chocolate was not melted and I love Lindt? I've had these chocolate truffles before and they have always had a creamy center. So the raspberry chocolates were supposed to have a creamy raspberry center - all liquid, gooey and delicious. The ones I recieved do not have a creamy center!! I have no idea why this is. Maybe these chocolates are defective? I don't know. But there is NO raspberry in these chocolates. They sort of smell of raspberries. But when you eat them they are just chocolate - which is not what I thought I was ordering. The chocolate is a little old with some white spots on it, but that doesn't bother me that much. They still taste like high quality chocolate. I'm thinking about melting them into a fondue. I'm just dissapointed because I wanted raspberry filling :( At the same time I also ordered the mint truffles as well. I have not recieved them yet. I'm hoping that they will have the mint filling. I hope it works out. I might order Lindt chocolates again from Amazon, but probably not the truffles. I'll see if I can get the truffles from somewhere else. If you are really into high quality - mass produced chocolate I recommend buying from Russel Stover. Last summer I bought 2 boxes of Mint Dreams, a box with milk chocolate and a box of dark chocolate. I had to pay more for shipping during the summer because they packed the shipping box FULL of ice packs. Nothing was melted and the Mint Dreams were AMAZING. And Mint Dreams are almost impossible to find in my area - So I was extremely happy with Russel Stover. They cost a bit more but they were worth it.
256496256496B002RBOB1OA1V5RXFDC7XBK3yam7aha0111322697600Discolored looking but taste OKI ordered these Nov 2011, upon arrival I opened them and they had weird white discolration, almost looks like they either went through a melt/freeze cycle or got freezer burnt. Taste seems ok. Not sure it worth returning, wont order chocolate mail order even again.
256497256497B002RBOB1OA241UHB34M59ZZLisa Haught0211325030400OLD CHOCOLATEThe chocolate was given as a Christmas gift and when it was recieved was covered in a white chaulky film. I tried contacting the company without ANY responce. HORRIBLE product and CRAPPY customer service!!
256498256498B000B7TNSMA1D2ZD5ZAR117J. Rosenberger "Amazon shopper"0051345248000The easy way to clean your dog's teethOur vet suggested these chews for my young hound, who was starting to get some soft tartar buildup on her teeth. I've tried to get in the habit of brushing my dogs' teeth, but it's just never worked for me. It's like flossing my own teeth--I'll do it for a few weeks, then forget a few times and eventually stop. But these treats are so easy! And my dogs love them, too! I give my dogs one of these treats every evening as a way to relax and wind down from the day. After my younger dog ate the first one, I could see a noticeable improvement in her teeth. After eating several, her teeth are now gleaming white! Yams will only do so much, though. These only work to remove soft gunk on the teeth that could be removed with a brush. Any hard deposits will require a dental at your vet's office. My 13-year-old husky/shepherd mix (multiple health issues) got a little ill after the first one and threw up, but we tried again another night with a smaller piece, and he was fine with it. It's the only thing we've found that he enjoys chewing in his old age. We do only give them ONE per day, however, although both dogs would happily devour an entire bag of them every day. I'm pretty sure you can overdo the fiber in these, and that could lead to all kinds of issues, I'm sure. The extra fiber seems to make their stools slightly softer, but they haven't seen actual diarrhea from them. In fact, I think the added fiber helps to keep the dogs more "regular." The vet also said that the yams are a good source of beta carotene, so they're even nutritious. One thing to keep in mind is that the Big Boyz size is really not that huge. My hound is 60 pounds, and they're fine for her size. My elderly shepherd/husky is 70 pounds, and he is fine with one of the smaller ones in the bag (the sizes within the bag do vary, as do the sizes of sweet potatoes).
256499256499B000B7TNSMAIQKBVM1DJW9Wcbowman660051330387200Dogs Really Seem to Like ThemVery fast shipment and am pleased with the product! 2 of my 3 dogs like them but that says a lot! One of my dogs is extremely picky so I did not expect him to like them! Will order again! Thanks for the fast delivery and excellent product!
256500256500B000B7TNSMAK11V2BR943BZKristen Cervenka0051325721600Amazing shipping!I ordered this on Sunday and it arrived on Wednesday! I am very happy with the product, my dog loves them.

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