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256530256530B003JA5KBWA23DFB8IUTIZM0Dan Sherman0021288051200Fizzy, sugary, and phony flavorThis product reminded me of sour Koolaid with a bit of fizz. It looks like it is mostly sugar (though package is small), so I do wonder how much of an energy boost you get from this. I didn't feel anything, though maybe if I have tried it a few more times (Amazon only sent me one packet to sample) I might have seen a detectable and consistent effect. Buyer beware here - maybe this stuff works but I couldn't tell. The taste won't win you over.
256501256501B000B7TNSMA1Z8CR3HQOAA76darla Martin0051325635200great healthy choicei have two wonderful boxers we tried the sam's yams several years ago in attempt to get away from the nasty, unhealthy dog chews that are widely sold. these are great. my dogs love them! so do i as they are not messy thank goodness for amazon as i can't get these treats locally. great job. thanks. darla, cheetah and guiness.
256502256502B000B7TNSMAV91SGCTXAI84dog0051324080000great treatsMy dog loves these chews. He is on a strict vegan diet. He used to eat raw hide chews. This is a great alternate to the raw hides. I received the package in a very prompt time.
256503256503B000B7TNSMA3H4MR85L1MV9RxLEO0051155168000Big Boyz dog chewsOur dog absolutely loves these chews; they do not stain household surfaces and they have no offensive odors like some other dog chews (bull pizzle for example). The chews help to keep her teeth clean and the fiber keeps her regular. I highly recommend these chews for your companion animal. I would recommend starting out with a small trial order first since not all dogs seem to be so smitten with these like ours was(one of our family members tried the chews with her 2 dogs but they, the dogs, prefer traditional chews so we were actually first introduced to the chews by our relative and we have been ordering these ever since).
256504256504B003JA5KBWA27RVRXXT1JLO3KDiNobile "Style With Comfort"0041290297600Seems to workI tried this product, and was impressed. It definitely gave me a boost of energy, without any negative effects. I did not get tired hours later. The taste was ok - not great, but far from bad. I tend to have lots of problems with my stomach, and was nervous that this product would upset my stomach. However, there was not the slightest upset. I would definitely try this product again in the future.
256505256505B003JA5KBWA369R4MUZCUI3DRuss Emrick0021290038400Great concept, undrikable resultI loved the concept - an energy drink made of healthy stuff useful not only for hydration but for energy. I had hopes of eliminating all soda and using this drink on hikes, workouts, etc. However it doesn't taste good, dilutes with very little water, and doesn't mix well. Did anyone at the company taste this stuff? Please go back to the drawing board. You had a great idea but this stuff doesn't work.

Edit: the company has reached out to me and attempted to revisit this product. Amazing really in today's age of corporate and customer service indifference. I appreciate that kind of support and will try this product again because of the company's dedication to customer satisfaction and support. Thank you.
256506256506B003JA5KBWAEM57NVIFQ8B9FLYingG0D0041290038400Not a fan of the flavor, but gave me energy!So, on the individual packets, this does not say how much water to mix it with. I would have liked that part to be on the individual packets so when I am preparing one at work or elsewhere, and I forget - I can check.

When I poured it into the water, it started bubbling like alka-seltzer. This drink is effervescent, but does not retain the bubbling effect while you drink it. It mixes fairly well with cold water.

Sadly, I was not a fan of the flavor. It gave me the feeling in my stomach that I get when I drink a diet soda. Not sure what it is or if others feel it too, but it is as if I can feel the liquid in my stomach. And the flavor was not very strong. The best way I can describe it is by comparing the flavor to a green tea, where the flavor tastes like it was lightly added and kind of dry. The flavor might be favorable to some, but I was not a fan.

I did, however, feel more energy than normal for the remainder of my work shift. I generally feel tired about 75% of the way through my shift, and after having this in the beginning of my work shift, I did not get the tired feeling.

So, in conclusion: This EBOOST drink did not meet my taste requirements, but it did indeed provide me with energy so I guess it was a small price to pay for the benefits. I would have rather enjoyed a better tasting drink though.
256507256507B003JA5KBWA2OW356OMJNAVHBMAR0021290038400Smells so much better than it tastesI love pomegranate flavor and love all things fizzy, so I was excited to try this new energy boost supplement. The powder dissolved rather easily in water though it left a bit of a chalky pink color to the water. The smell was very fruity and promising. However my first taste was disappointing...the fizziness is underwhelming...much more "alka seltzer" type fizzy than sparkling water. Also the taste is neither fruity nor would I saw it is really a pomegranate taste. Also left a bit of an odd after taste - it was not completely unpleasant but not a great taste either.

I didn't feel really noticeable changes in energy level, as advertised. Also a bit pricey at ~$1.30 - ~1.40 per pack which yields an 8 oz serving.

Although the product boost a number of beneficial vitamins and supplements and a relatively modest 20 calories, I will stick to supplements with a more powerful and much more pleasant taste.
256508256508B003JA5KBWA37071Q86HR6FUAlan Hawkins0051289952000tastr goodonly received one packet so its kinda hard to review from that. Got the lemonade and it taste pretty good.
256509256509B003JA5KBWA33B3XCIXB4ZVGShane0031289779200UncertainI used this product through the Amazon Vine program. I have to be honest: I cannot really give a solid review because I only received one packet from the Vine Program. All I can say is that the taste and texture were fine, and I would probably purchase these if I was in the market for some health drink like this.
256510256510B003JA5KBWA27L5L6I7OSV5BAlex Nennig "al27"0021289520000Good flavor, but bad aftertaste...I was hoping this product wouldn't end up being another energy drink thing, but aside from the powdered form itself, it was.

After mixing the powder in water, it was a fizzy fruity drink that tastes good at first but then has that sour, semi-metallic vitamin taste that I've experienced with virtually every energy drink.

Also, it has TONS of vitamin B in it, so (like all the other energy drinks) it made me pee a rainbow.

All in all, not really my cup of tea.
256511256511B003JA5KBWA15OAS39003U5RBradley J. Brisco "Brad Brisco"0041289347200Good dietary supplement, great packagingWhile I have tried EBOOST before, with a different flavor and packaging, I would say that I like the Pomegranate flavor better than the orange, and I prefer this type of packaging over the square packets. This packaging is more convenient when pouring the product into a water bottle.

Now having said that, I would share pretty much the same perspective on all of the EBOOST products, that being that I like the fact that the product provides the essential vitamins of Vitamin C, B6, B12, Zinc, Green Tea Extract to supplement a person's dietary requirements. However, as far as the "energy boost" that is suppose to accompany the use of the product . . . well I am more than a little skeptical. Overall I think it may be a helpful/easy way to supplement your diet, especially if you are not receiving the appropriate and necessary vitamins/minerals, but I am not convinced it will add to a person's vitality or daily energy level. I will probably stick with Emergen-C.
256512256512B003JA5KBWA1LJR5IS0B6ADXThe Straw Man "J.E. Hoppock"0011289347200TUMS + Alka Seltzer = Drink SickI am a junkie for drink sticks and am always looking for a new flavor. The fact that this is also a healthy energy drink, with no crash is a plus. In addition EBOOST puts some of their process towards the National Breast Cancer Research. Sadly, this is where all the positives end.

The flavor of this beverage is almost medicinal. This drink is almost like a cross between TUMS and Alka Seltzer. Speaking of Alka Seltzer, when I put the powder in the water it started fizzing like Professor Honeydew was going off the deep end. I digress to the taste, I really do not detect pomegranate at all. If I had to pick a flavor I would say a very, very bitter mixed berry. Overall I am very disappointed with this drink stick. At least the color of the beverage is rather tranquil, once it is mixed.
256513256513B003JA5KBWA3ULJE7UMUGSXRRebekah Sue Harris0021289347200Disappointing as a BoostWorking an hour from home, and driving home at 2:00 a.m., I'd hoped to find a wonderful new energy drink in the EBOOST Acai Pomegranate. It's easily portable, and mixes with water so it can be quickly prepared.

The EBOOST smelled great, though the mild flavor was a bit... watery. It has a bit of a chemical aftertaste.

Most disappointing was that, after drinking the EBOOST Acai Pomegranate, I felt like I'd had a glass of water.

For the price, the EBOOST Acai Pomegranate, I'd hoped, would be a viable option to the canned energy drinks that do help somewhat. Unfortunately, I got about as much help as I would have from a glass of Crystal Light. For now, I'll have to stick with the overpriced cans or with cups of espresso.
256514256514B003JA5KBWA2O9L2LA6Z5LXJKonrad Baumeister0041289088000just add waterFoamy, mixes easy, somewhat sweet raspberry taste (not so much pomegranate). Hard to tell from just one how much of a boost.
256515256515B003JA5KBWA21CJ047FMVUA1NapoleonOfTheNow "NSB"0011289001600Want Energy? Or a concoction that will clean your drains?Disgusting!

Dumping the packet into water, it started to foam and fizz. I'm thinking: "Maybe I should have read the ingredients." Drinking something from Bill Nye's chem-shop isn't disgusting, its just not natural. Well, I took a sip and seconds later I dumped that concoction down the drain where it belongs.

If you want energy, BomDia makes some great tasting natural energy Acai Berry drinks, my favorite being 'Conquer.' If you like cheap energy, stick with the time tested Chocolate.
256516256516B003JA5KBWA3U0S17XYK8XMJAlexander Lucard0021288828800Disappointing ProductI was very underwhelmed with this product for several reasons.

1) It's caffinated. Caffine actually gives me migraines and there was nothing on the Amazon description to indicate this. It's also odd for a powdered drink supplement like this to have that. This thing packs as much caffine as a cup of coffee and I actually had to go to the Eboost website to discover this as the packaging doesn't say so. Very uncool.

2) This doesn't taste at all like an Acai Pomegranate drink. It tastes more like a generic fruit punch product.

3) Very foamy. This plus the colour of the product reminded me of something out of a Jeffrey Combs film.

4) I'm not really sure why the tagline of the product is "For the Planet," when it doesn't do anything green or ecological. In fact, the 30 count box involves 30 little pouches you'll be throwing away (but they are recyclable) so it's actually less "green" than something like Crystal Light where you can scoop the flavoring out.

I can't honestly think of anything positive to say about the product other than it is a nice source of zinc, chromium, copper and selenium, but even then you're getting those as strange chemical compounds rather than in fashion you would normally intake them.

Definitely pass on EBOOST. Nice idea, but bad follow-through.
256517256517B003JA5KBWA1EF5ODLYYMZIUJ. A. KONRATH "Thriller Author"0041288742400Good ProductFlavor is fine, mixes easily, and a good way to jazz up your water and get some extra vitamins.

I deducted 1 star for the packaging. Not only is it impossible to rip open, but pouring it directly into a water bottle causes a big, foamy overflow.

Adding to the water in a glass works fine, but why make this package the size of a water bottle spout if pouring it inside causes Mount St. Helens?
256518256518B003JA5KBWA2SLX6UHHYCMCVM. Cordoba "mxc"0031288656000Cough Syrup taste, but gives a small energy boostQuick summary - it tastes a little bit like a cough syrup but gives you a boost in energy.

- Healthier than canned energy drinks
- Contains more natural ingredients than most energy drinks
- Gives a small boost in energy
- High in vitamins an anti-oxidants (read info for exact details)

- Tastes like medicine

Since the taste is quite important for a drink, I can only give this 3 stars.
256519256519B003JA5KBWA3V7D0LH8L7BG0H. Dinh "shooter"0031288483200Taste OK..Like a dozen other packages in the market, Eboost tells you that it helps you recover fast from workout and replenish vitamin in your body. Well,may be. I made the drink after one of my bike rides and drank the whole thing. No energy boost that I can see. 20oz of Gatorade probably gives you more electrolytes than this package. But it tastes ok, so I have no complaints. But this is nothing to write home about.
256520256520B003JA5KBWA1X2LENOF84LCQD "D"0021288310400An OK beverage, no extra energy for meI only got to test one packet which gives limited testing results. I found the one packet gave me no extra energy, the taste was OK but too sweet and a bit artificial tasting. Since I only got one little packet I can't see the print well enough to read the ingredients, there was no box. The color is too bright to not be artificial. This reminds me of koolaid but more expensive. I really don't feel it is worth buying and I won't be buying it again. I think if they would make it all natural then maybe it would taste and look better.
256521256521B003JA5KBWA1VYFEJM12ZP11Jana Taylor0041288310400Interesting concept. Flavor of the Acai Pomegranate was ok.I got just one tube packet of this and there were no directions with it so I went to the Eboost Website [...] which told me to add to 8 fluid ounces of water then allow to "effervesce" before consuming. Which I did. Once the bubbling calmed down (probably due to citric acid and other ingredients hitting the water) I took a sip.

The taste wasn't bad, I think my expectations from some of the reviews I read made me think it would be awful - but it wasn't. It wasn't as sweet as I would think... but it wasn't as sour. There was kind of a almost carbonated acid-y feel to it though the drink is not carbonated. I could easily drink this stuff in place of pop, or juice since it is supposed to be better for me. I think the weird carbonated not to sweet taste is why - if something is too sweet I can't drink a lot of it, and this sort of makes me want more of it because after one drink you feel like you need more to feel hydrated. So this would boost my liquid intake for sure. It has the same effect on me as Gatorade - I just keep wanting more of it because the flavor is more subtle if you know what I mean.

There is naturally occurring caffeine in it from the Green Tea extract, but I didn't notice it. I am pretty immune to caffeine I think.

I think I would recommend this to someone trying to break a pop habit, or who wants to try something more healthy anyway. There is a warning not to exceed 4 of these in a day - probably because some of the vitamin levels are so high, but note they are water soluble vitamins so what your body does not process would naturally flush out of your system without using. I didn't feel any different after having drank one of these, but I only had one to try so maybe after 2 you start feeling more energy. Hard to say. I have never had an energy drink before that really made any noticeable difference in my energy so maybe I am an anomaly.
256522256522B003JA5KBWA2D9N670IKJ2BPC. Fischer0031288224000Fair taste, questionable energy benefitsWhile tastes may differ, both my girlfriend and I found the taste of this acai-pomegranate energy drink to be uninspired and neither of us felt particularly energized after drinking it, so try it and see for yourself. It looks like those sugar-free packets but actually this does have some carbs, so it is not to be used as a diet drink.
256523256523B003JA5KBWA1S2IY37JU93XSW. E. Phillips0031288224000Good, but nothing special.The first thing that happened when I added this packet to my 12 oz water bottle is that it fizzed and bubbled over! I guess you need to add it to a bottle that has some empty space at the top. Since some of it spilled over, I got a rather diluted taste of the flavor. It was fine, but nothing very special in my opinion. I like the idea that it is good for you, and if you want to add some flavor to your water it is fine, but nothing terrible special or unique.
256524256524B003JA5KBWA1HUPQBIXPAZ9IBill E. "The Movie Critic"0021288224000I wouldn't buy it for the taste! Too Sour and causes discomfort!I received the EBOOST Acai Pomegranate and decided to try it one afternoon. My first impression was it smelled like jello. I added the content to a glass of cold water and took my first sip. I'm not sure if I would buy it for the taste. It tasted sour, artificial and somewhat carbonated that seem to irritate my throat a little bit.

As I took additional sips, perhaps I liked the taste a little better. But the sour effect was strong and some people might get some stomach discomfort.

Again, the taste is sharp, sour and not very enjoyable to drink on a daily basis. It almost tasted like squeezing a lemon and drinking it on an empty stomach. I usually eat my lunch around 12:30 and it was around 3:00 pm in the afternoon when I tried this product. I wouldn't say it's terrible, but you feel you need to eat something after you drink it to take away the sourness.

One thing that caught my attention was the warning on the package against using this product if you have high blood pressure.

Final note: About 30 minutes after taking this product, I felt my blood pressure rose to a high level - the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee for me.

Conclusion: The sour effect during and hours afterwards and the risk of raising the blood pressure to a dangerous level with some people make me not recommend this products. I think there are many more natural and healthier choices out there.
256525256525B003JA5KBWA1DO6DKWF3CMBDBig Daddy0031288224000An Afternoon LiftI felt like this product gave me a nice mid-afternoon lift. A lot of reviewers complain about the sugar content, but good grief, the whole mix is only 20 calories. I'm not going to worry too much about 20 calories and I doubt that is going to make much of an impact on too many people.

As for the health effects, it contains a lot of vitamins. The jury is always going to be "out" on whether they help you or not. If you are a believer in vitamins, this is a good way to pick up a few more.

While the energy lift was good, the taste of the product was only so-so. Hence, I can only give it 3 stars.
256526256526B003JA5KBWA3FHSLWEMH7JD8Elizabeth G. Melillo "gloriana"0031288224000Difficult to see particular strengthsMy neutral review is based in part on that, as a Vine reviewer who was provided with a single packet, I could not conduct any extended text of the product, or see if it delivered any particular benefits.

Overall, the ingredients are similar to those in many vitamin supplements. The flavour is pleasing, but, since one packet contains four grams of sugar, those who need to be careful of sugar/carbohydrate intake might prefer a vitamin tablet. I would say that this is a typical vitamin product, with no particular pros and cons.
256527256527B003JA5KBWAEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns0041288137600Tasty, quick and easy, and a good boost to immune systemI received one tube of this drink mix via the Amazon Vine program. I mixed it with water and liked the fizzy-ness of it. It has a good taste, much like a lot of the other drink mix tubes we've tried. The difference is the addition of vitamins, acai and pomegranate - Acai is known for its caffeine boost and pomegranate is known for its anti-oxidant qualities.

This was a nice tart mixture of flavors - not too sweet or artificial tasting. It dissolved well in tap water.

Whether or not it really boosts immune systems or benefits health with the additional vitamins is up for debate. But it's a refreshing drink mix that I liked. Because of the caffeine, I wouldn't give it to my kids.

At $1.00+ per pouch, they're a little pricey, too.
256528256528B003JA5KBWASJ0MKRFZC47BMermaid0031288137600Artificially refreshingLet me start by saying that I haven't yet liked ANY packets that you add to water. (So far I have tried the One a Day - yes the same as the vitamin maker.) I was hoping I would like this one since I didn't like the other kind. So take this into consideration with my review.

Instead of pouring the packet into a water bottle, I filled a Guinness pint glass about 3/4 of the way full and added some ice before adding the packet. I wasn't really sure how much water was the appropriate amount to be mixed. I was delighted by the hot pink foamy action at the top of the glass, but after stirring it around with a spoon, the foam quickly disappeared and the powder all dissolved into the water.

On the plus side, the powder all dissolves. There is no junk left at the bottom of the glass. The color is very bright pink - almost fuchsia. It seems a little artificial to me, but I'm not sure if it's a natural color for the pomegranate. The very first taste was really good. After the first sip, however, I realized it was going to take a lot for me to drink the entire glass. It might be easier to drink this while you're working out very hard and are super thirsty and are more apt to take big, quick gulps. There's also a little bit of a funky smell to it when my nose enters the glass. This may not be so much of an issue if you're drinking out of a water bottle where you nose doesn't catch much of a whiff.

To give a fair review, I thought I'd let my seven year old taste this concoction. Maybe I'm just too old for the overly sweet taste? Verdict? Seven year old didn't like it either. I won't be buying this in the future.
256529256529B003JA5KBWA1ACM1CBGORBN1Sherry Berry0041288137600Great taste and full of vitaminsThese pouches are small and convenient to carry around. Just pour the powder into the water and let it dissolve. It becomes a pinkish drink. It is very easy to take down and it's not too sweet. It kind of reminds me of a Red Bull drink but not as strong as one. It boasts a lot of different vitamins and acai, which is suppose to help promote weight loss. It is too soon to tell if it really does anything. It did make me a little bit more energetic but that was just one packet. I personally did enjoy the taste but unfortunately, cannot say one way or another if it does help lose weight or really boost energy. I may buy some more for later but at the moment, it's a bit pricy so I will probably wait until it goes down in price a bit.

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