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256591256591B003JA5KBWA16YU3GRGCD95STheresa M. Studer "Terra57"0041300060800This one at least tastes good.My daughter had this drink one day after exercising and she really really liked it. Mind you she loves anything that is Acai so that may have had a bit to do with it but I tend to think she really did enjoy it since she does drink alot of the healthy drinks. She said the flavor was mild and smooth, not overwheleming like some drinks can be. She felt refreshed after drinking it also and said it gave her the get up and go she needed.

The main thing I like about these drinks mixes is that they are not soda or those high energy drinks. This is something that is more healthy and will replenish what you might have worked off with exercise or even after being ill and losing important nutrients there. It's comparable in price with what you find in stores all over so you really can't lose out by trying it.
256592256592B003JA5KBWA2L6QS8SVHT9RGrandomartco "period film aficionado"0021299024000Sadly this product doesn't live up to its name at all...I was quite happy to give this EBOOST Acai Pomegranate product a try - after all, I love pomegranates and really like acai...I couldn't taste either of those flavors in this drink. I added a pouch to 8 fluid ounces of water - it immediately begin to fizz and ended up making a tiny bit of a pink mess (this powder foams like crazy when added to water): strike one. Then I gave it a bit of time to settle before giving it a try: wow, I was very taken aback. The flavor is very mineral-y, both from first taste all the way thru to after-taste, where it gets even worse, way worse: strike two.

I took a look at the package quite a bit closer then, to see if all this was worth it, at least hoping to find some type of super-positive health boost worth all the foaming, and mineral (yucky) flavor: there wasn't anything. Strike Three. I agree that these minerals and vitamins are good & necessary, but I wouldn't use this particular method to get them: there are much better products on the market to take in things this powder touts like zinc. And that's that...

And to end, the product is pink. Very pink. Now, I like pink, but I was taken aback by this: my main complaint is this doesn't taste like acai or pomegranante at all, so it just doesn't live up to its name.
256593256593B003JA5KBWA2SDM2D1X3HE7Ztake4030011298505600A poor man's GatoradeI don't know about it giving me energy but after trying it with water as the instructions read, it made me feel sick to my stomach. Also overpriced! Others may swear by it and if you had better results than I, feel free to press the no button!
256594256594B003JA5KBWA2ZWTFZRNQW7D5Jeremy Storly0031298073600Not bad, but not particularly amazingThis is just one more in a long line of gimmicky energy drinks that offers nothing special in terms of workout enhancement or health. I used this product shortly before working out, and I did not feel the sustained energy that a piece of fruit or a handful of almonds would have offered. As for that "boost", a cup of freshly-brewed green tea would be healthier. Those with a sweet tooth may prefer this drink, but it's just not for me.
256595256595B003JA5KBWAC0HPFQVBZVGYDaniel Lee Taylor "dan57"0041297728000Good drink mixThe mix was good. I found that it dissolved easily and tasted good. Ther appeared to be a boost from the drink, but knowing me it could be pyschological. I liked it,
256596256596B003JA5KBWA3AO62FZVOUVZ8Watchmaker Sylar "Watchmaker Sylar"0041297555200No sleep for you!The flavor was pretty good, but it wasn't terribly strong. I almost wanted there to be bubbles. As for the energy, I couldn't sleep hours later after drinking this. I was wide awake until the wee hour of the morning. No drinking this stuff after 10am.
256597256597B003JA5KBWALRCAGJOJ9583Gabriel's Buddy0031297468800Very medicinal tasting, not pleasant at allI could not find mixing directions, so I mixed it with about 8 ounces of bottled water. The resulting drink tasted very medicinal, sort of like a medicated cough-drop. It wasn't awful, just not pleasant and certainly there wasn't a strong presence of pomegranate. The acai must be responsible for much of this, but the other suppliments may have played a role. I didn't notice anything perticularly boosted after taking it (I usually have a cafeinated soda or cup of tea), so it wasn't worth going through.

I would have given it fewer stars, but I just had one packet with which to evaluate this and I presume those buying it are doing so for perceived benefits of the ingredients and not for the taste.
256598256598B003JA5KBWA22KGO6Q2YWS0CDean!0041297123200How to describe, just bold and dark ?Hard to describe the flavor, but it is comparable to other Acai type drinks out there. Bold and dark just comes to mind. Comparable to Dragonberry Vitamin Water.

I think the pouch idea is great, easy to carry around and jazz up a bottle of water in a small pre-measured packet. That being said, the Acai pomegranate mix says 8 ounces, but I mixed it in a standard water bottle which I believe is 12-16 ounces and I thought it still tasted good.

I purposely let it sit after a few sips to see if the powder mix was well mixed and it was, no clumps of powder at the bottom.

The sugar content, etc was reasonable, far, far better than any soda drink out there. I'll consider some out flavors to throw in a water bottle, shake up and just have a better tasting beverage. :)
256599256599B003JA5KBWAMYTL79JMGQ6DMary Ann0021296864000Nice color, cloying aftertasteThe packet of powder, which is twice the size of that of similar products, mixed readily with water, and produced a lovely colored drink. The scent was fruity, but not unpleasant. The flavor was comparable to other mixed potions. However, there was an aftertaste that was decidedly off-putting.
256600256600B003JA5KBWA1F1A0QQP2XVH5TomWilly0031296604800Not sold on its value...This dietary supplemental powder drink has some pretty good ingredients. One pack makes 1 cup of drink for one pack per day. Looks like hot pink fruit punch and taste like carbonated fruit juice with an artificial sweetner-like aftertaste (note, there is NO artificial sweetener in the packet). It's the kind of taste you could grow accustomed to, but I'm not so sure what the real benefit is for the price. Here are the ingredients: Acai Pomegranate, Vitamins C,D,B-12, Zinc, Reservatrol, Quercetin, Green Tea Extract, cane juice crystals, natural flavors, potassium carbonate, citric acid, malic acid, beet color and silica. Nothing amazing in there. Has a warning to consult a physician before use if you have high blood pressure, heart problems, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant, nursing, or contemplating becoming pregnant.
256601256601B003JA5KBWA38BE06WWL20AYJames Mcritchie "Publisher"0011296518400Disgusting TasteSorry, I don't like panning a product but there is no where else to go with this stuff. The label is too small for me to read the ingredients and I don't seem them listed online other than in reviews. One reviewer says it "contains 20 calories and 4 grams of sugar (print is so small I'm reading with a magnifying glass). Each packet contains 100% of your daily needs of chromium, copper and zinc, and 143% of your daily requirement of selenium. The EBOOST blend contains 340mg of Acai fruit and green tea extract." I'll take their word for it.

I have no way to assess the health value, nor did I feel any energy boost. However, I can tell you I didn't like the taste. It was very sweet but maybe not sugary, which I also wouldn't like but more of an artificial sweetener taste. If you want sweet colored water with a nasty aftertaste, this may be the drink for you. Otherwise try something like Emergen-C Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix, 1000 mg, Raspberry, 0.3 Ounce Packets, 30-Packets
256602256602B003JA5KBWA1T7IB6NJ3KZFBJ. Miller "a_tech_guy"0041296518400Good tasteReally good. I like it and I would drink this before or after a workout or run. My son who runs also thought it was really good. My other son did not like it too much. I can taste the pomegranate. The son that liked it gave it double thumbs up. I think it's light enough for an every day drink before working out. It has lots of vitamins and good stuff for you. Not so sure about that, but I am sure it tastes good.
256603256603B003JA5KBWA1KXJCXS6HFRQZEric S. Olstad0041296432000Great vitamin pack alternativeI usually look to Emergen-C for a quick vitamin boost. EBOOST is a fantastic alternative if you're looking to try something new. It provides a little jolt of energy via B-vitamins and some caffeine. They boast other natural energy boosting ingredients like Acai, but I can't speak to that. The vitamin content rivals Emergen-C in some cases and beats it out in many others. There are a number of additional antioxidants and fruit-based compounds in EBOOST that can't be found in Emergen-C or some other vitamin drink mixes. There's also cane sugar for taste.

You can't get passed the salty, oily vitamin taste but the cane sugar makes it tangy and sweet with no aftertaste. I rather enjoyed my sample of this product. Unfortunately I cannot give it 5 stars as my Vine sample was but a single packet. There's no way for me to comment on one of the most important aspects of these types of products -- their effectiveness over time.

But I have to say that I did enjoy my single packet and I would recommend others try this product as an alternative to other vitamin jolt drink mixes.
256604256604B003JA5KBWA2G7B7FKP2O2PUD. Leschke0041296345600Not BadI thought the product tasted pretty good. Not very sweet and easy to dispense.
The cost of adding it daily might limit the use though.
256605256605B003JA5KBWA3TNYNA2360NPAStanley C. Sargent "Stanley C. Sargent"0041296086400Pretty good-tasting with good ingredientsThis is an easy-to-use product (just mix with water) that has a pleasant taste and contains good ingredients. I can't say I got a super power boost from it, but it mixed well (not too thick as other reviews say), quickly, and tasted good. Pomegranate is good for the body, and acai is a new item on the market (one of the wonder foods) that has not been tested enough to know if it actually lives up to the claims that have been made for it. The latter is almost certainly not bad for you, but we won't know for a while whether it is something special.
256606256606B003JA5KBWA2062FPGYJ6IQMjimnypivo "Jim Hisson"0011296086400Where's the Boost?I tested this Acai-Pomegranate energy boost drink as part of the Amazon Vine program.

When the product arrived, I'd thought Amazon had mailed me an empty envelope. Until I peeked in and saw a single small tubelike pouch smaller than a pencil.

I added it to H2O in my Stainless steel water bottle.

Argggghh! T'was a bitter flavor, saccharine-sweet, with a chalky after-taste. It had a glowing pinkish color I'd not ever seen in Nature. I poured some into a styrofoam cup with ice, then it wasn't as bitter.

Did it give me an energy boost? Did I have a great workout because of it? Did I feel better for consuming it?

I only had the one pouch to try, and can honestly say I couldn't tell any difference.

Perhaps if I'd had several pouches to compare over a week or so, I could report more conclusive results.
256607256607B003JA5KBWAYOMAHLWRQHUGConspicuous Consumer "$$"0011296086400My 9 Year Old Grandson Said it was Too SweetNothing is too sweet for this kid so this stuff must taste really bad.

Regardless, you don't drink your way to health. If you need vitamins, take a pill. If you need fruit, eat one. If you are thirsty, drink water.

Do not believe that any sweetened drink, natural or artificial, is healthy.
256608256608B003JA5KBWA3882RXW8MO4J4lore0021296086400Tried it anyway, despite blood pressure warningAlthough I am on a blood pressure med, I went ahead and tried this anyway. I doubt I was able to choke down enough to affect my med, because the taste was terrible. And I'm a fan of pomegranates, so that's not the issue. EBOOST tasted bitter and medicinal - there are much better, more palatable, ways to boost your immune system.
256609256609B003JA5KBWA25CZCHLNH3OMOMrs Baldwin0031295827200InterestingThis fizzy powder turns a gorgeous day-glo magenta when mixed into water in a glass. My first taste of it called to mind cough syrup, actually, and then it had a bit of an aspartame-y aftertaste that I didn't care for.

It wasn't un-drinkable, but not something I'd go out and stock up on. If I want a nutrient boost I'll stick to Walborn. Same fizz, better flavour.
256610256610B003JA5KBWAFVDHQ4W359NHBrett Farrell "Offenbachinate!!!"0051295827200Taste good!I don't usually like these flavor pouches but this one tasted good. Maybe this is just the first time I used the right amount of water. I don't know what kind of a boost it gave me. I felt the same after drinking it. I defintely recoomend it.
256611256611B003JA5KBWA2YQ2ZI65F37N8T. Gaston0011295395200taste terribleArtificial sweeteners taste bitter to me, and sadly, that is all I could taste in the one sip I drank. I checked for the ingredients online, since they are impossible to read on the little packet. One site listed Stevia and cane juice crystals (another name for sugar).
256612256612B003JA5KBWARBKYIVNYWK3CTHATCH "RST"0011295395200Blood Pressure WarningNot many natural drinks that are energy focused have a warning on them for people with high blood pressure. This one does. Since that's not explicit on the listing, I was duped into getting this to review. Unfortunately, I'm not even going to chance it.

Here's to full disclosure on products sold on Amazon. Everything can't be in the disclaimer and most people don't read pages full of disclosures. The least they could do is put a full copy of the product packaging on here, since it is big & shown clearly on the packaging.
256613256613B003JA5KBWA2ALX5U55NTGTLDanny "Danny Boy"0051294876800Served my purposeWell, this is definitely an energy drink that served my purpose well. I just needed something to give me some energy to go work out, because at the time, I was very tired. When I drunk this, it gave me the energy to get up and go work out. The flavor wasn't too bad. It tasted like a typical energy drink.
256614256614B003JA5KBWA1NN8Q1DLAYPGHThe Three Woods "mommy2lile"0041294704000Delicious and EnergizingSkipping my usual coffee in the morning, I elected to try the Acai Pomegranate eboost. I am not a fan of energy drinks because of the crash that inevitably follows them. But as Eboost says you will not experience a crash, I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm very happy I did. First off, it smells and tastes better than some other brands I have tried. The pouches are easy to open and it just requires 8ozs of water - although you could add more water if the flavor is too sweet for you. As you stir the powder in, a frothy, fizzing, delightful drink forms. You'll start to feel the effects of the boost almost immediately. The alertness stays with you for a good part of the day - about as much (if not more) as a strong cup of coffee will carry you. You do not feel a "crash" but you will have a gradual decline in your energy as the day progresses - which you'd expect anyway without the drink. No headaches, though, which is fabulous! I slowly sipped my energy drink - making the effects not so strong as downing it in one gulp.

Reading the package information, this drink is not recommended for those who have heart/health issues. I can understand why because it does increase your heart rate a little, but not much. You also might feel a little shaky at first. If you have questions about your particular health issues, or if you are taking medications, I would seek your doctor's opinion before trying any energy drink. Also, be sure to only drink the recommended dosage - ONE pouch per day. I also would not mix this with any sodas/coffees/etc. for the day. The boost you get from this energy drink is enough.
256615256615B003JA5KBWA11W2ZN3VGJOARRoberta M. Thornton "Maumeeprof"0021294185600Not for my faint heartI'd love to love this product, really I would. The way it's touted, it sounds like it's energy and health in a powder! But it, frankly, scares me a little bit. The warning labels state that, if you take prescription drugs, you ought to think twice about drinking it. I am on two blood pressure medications and a blood sugar medication, so I sipped a little bit of my single free pouch, mixed with cold water, on an empty stomach. For full disclosure's sake, I did not drink the entire mixture. Within five minutes, I could feel the "energy" being released...vroom, vroom. Lotsa caffeine in this product, I think! It mixes well into water with my immersion blender. The color is an odd Pepto-Bismol pink, rather than a deep pomegranate red. The taste is, in my opinion, not natural, but rather tinny and acidic, with an aftertaste of artificial sweetener.

I wouldn't recommend this, but I can imagine lots of 5-Hour Energy drinkers and other energy drink consumers would, thinking it's "good" for them. There are lots of people who think Sunny Delight is OJ, that Raisin Branch Crunch is full of good carbs, that Lean Cuisine is actually good food pre-prepared, etc., and I think eBoost belongs to those folks...let 'em dream.
256616256616B003JA5KBWA173YMJ9XFVRSYSwati S. Desai0031294012800Tastes like medicineThis tastes absolutely disgusting. The package indicates it has some vitamins and health benefits, but it tastes so completely awful that you're better off buying a bottle of water and a packet of Centrum vitamins. There is nothing about this that is remotely like acai or pomegranate. Save yourself some money and do not buy this. Horrible, horrible taste.

What does it taste like, you might wonder? You know Robutussin cherry? Once you swallow and the cherry flavor goes away and all you are left with is the aftertaste? This tastes like the aftertaste alone, no cherry. Yuck yuck yuck. (And I like Robutussin).
256617256617B003JA5KBWA1VABWDOUQLULZS. K. Harrell0021294012800No, Thank YouI have tried several energy boost supplement drinks and thought this one might be good. I sampled the Acai Pomegranate flavor, and it did not taste like acai berry or pomegranate. The flavor was intensely sweet and the mixture a bit slimy--even with additional liquid. I didn't like the texture of the drink at all. As for ingredients, it seemed to have all the vitamins associated with energy boost, though it also contained caffeine. That's a big turn off for me. If it had tasted badly but still gave solid results, I would just choose another flavor. I'm not interested in a caffeinated product. I also found the packaging difficult to open and resorted to scissors. Not very efficient for those on-the-go. It may be a great flavor for some, and the caffeine may not be a bother. I won't invest further in this product.
256618256618B003JA5KBWA3SZXYX9YEDGT6Addison Dewitt "I'm nobody's fool."0031293753600Comme Si, Comme SaThe package is a tube which you will need to snip open and pour out the crystals into your water. At first there's a slight foaming action and then after a few seconds of stirring, the crystals dissolve. The result is a somewhat non-natural transparent magenta color and a flavor much like Kool-aid. (I couldn't help but think of Jim Jones at this point.)

Since there isn't any clear instructions, I suppose you could mix this into your own choice of water amounts. I used about 7 ounces and the flavor was not unpleasant, so I took a few gulps. I didn't get the medicine-like flavor that many other reviewers here seem to have experienced, but instead a berry-flavored drink (if an artificial strawberry/raspberry flavor could be called that) that seemed to have an artificial sweetener added. Not fantastic, but not totally horrible either.

If I were 14 and wanted a sugary, artificial, kool-aid-flavored energy drink, this might be something I'd try but I'm old and already having had my strictly regimented doctor-ordered 1 cup of coffee, I didn't drink the rest for fear of caffeine overdose. It's too bad they couldn't have just given the mix some natural energy booster instead of caffeine, but it's nice to know I got some vitamins while I was gulping.

My real problem with the product is the lack of instructions. I suppose one could even eat this right out of the package if they wanted, but since it's a drink and not candy, that might be overkill.
256619256619B003JA5KBWA89ZZKNDFQH23Delaney0031293667200It tasted pretty good, can't comment if it gave energyThe product tasted delicious, and turned the water a lovely shade of raspberry, however, it is hard to say from one sampling if the Acai Pomegranate increased my energy or health at all. The pouches are simple to open, and easy to pour, and it really did taste delicious.
256620256620B003JA5KBWA1IDAKX7OM3QIEAn Engineer "Happy Shopping!"0031293494400As expectedI would recommend this do the person who is concerned about energy drinks because of their sugar or caffeine levels. Since the flavor is Acai Pomegranate, the drink did have a bite to it. Although the flavor is pretty good, I have to say I don't agree with the new flavor.

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