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256621256621B003JA5KBWA2XPK6XCL0UH1SPaul Christensen "gadget geek"0031293062400good taste - not the overload that most energy drinks haveUnlike other reviewers here, I happened to like the flavor of the Acai Pomegranate EBOOST, especially compared to other energy supplements. Frankly, my experience with other supplements often leaves me nauseous, but not with the EBOOST.

You still get the intensity, which I found more acceptable with a larger (16oz) glass of water. For my purposes, though, I'm not sure I could take this on a daily basis.
256622256622B003JA5KBWA3JPFWKS83R49VBryan Carey "Bryan Carey"0021292976000Eboost Pomegranate is Tolerable, but That Isn't Saying MuchA boost of energy is often necessary over the course of a long day and there are plenty of energy drinks to help a person reach his/her desired level of alertness. I used to reach for the ever- reliable cup of java during these moments, but I have found many good energy drinks that get the job done with better effectiveness. Eboost makes several energy boosters and one of them is Eboost Acai Pomegranate, a powered drink mix loaded with nutrition and energy- enhancing ingredients.

This is the second Eboost product I have tried and after the horrific experience with the first product, Eboost Pink Lemonade, it is surprising that I would even think of trying anything else with the Eboost name on the label. However, I believe in being fair and there was always the possibility that this experience could be better. So, I mixed my packet with water and hoped for the best.

Starting with the appearance, this product isn't too bad. It has a scent like one would expect- slightly fruity and similar to a watered- down fruit juice drink or a glass of Hi- C. Its body is a little fizzy, which is fine with me and helps make it at least interesting. A quick read of the label shows that it contains some important minerals and a mega- dose of vitamins like Vitamin B complex. The doses are probably a little much, but if it adds to my energy, I can accept it.

Now, it is time for the tasting to begin. Wow....I'm having a tough time with this one. The taste is slightly fruity, tart, and a little medicinal in nature. There is an alka seltzer- like quality to this product that, again, makes me think I am drinking medicine and not an actual beverage. There is an aftertaste, too, and it isn't too pleasant.

Ok, so what about the energy? Let's see....I'm not feeling terribly energized but I do feel a little better than before. What I am uncertain about is whether I feel better because I am energized or feel better because I am no longer drinking this beverage. I have had better experiences with other energy drinks and the obvious boost that some provide, but there is some good with this product. I feel about the same way I do after a couple cups of coffee.

So, I guess my final verdict on this product is that it is only so- so as an energy drink and less than desireable in terms of taste and other qualities. It isn't as foul as Eboost Pink Lemonade (I had nightmares for days after that experience!) and it does offer some good nutrition, but the flavor and other factors lead to an overall rating that is still below average.
256623256623B003JA5KBWAXNJFYJRDK7CJMegan Bostic "I am Creative Chaos. I may have...0041292457600Tastes yummy, full of good stuff.This little packet is chock full of good stuff. Vitamin C, D, B-12, Niacin, B6 and Folic Acid, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, and Chromium. There are also herbal extracts: Pomegranate, Agave, Gingko, etc, etc.

It takes a bit to dissolve, and it's fizzy, not like a soda, more like alka seltzer, probably not what you're used to in an energy drink. However, I thought it tasted pretty yummy.

It gave me a bit of a boost I admit. Now, be warned, this is not a caffeine free drink. So if you like to go caffeine free, this is not the drink for you.

Another thing I like about this product is the description said that some of the proceeds go to breast cancer research.

So, I'd probably use this as an afternoon pick-me-up, but replace my morning coffee? Probably not.
256624256624B003JA5KBWA1ZGHA3IJV01BKK-cee Kit "CAH-M"0021292371200Not so great...I wanted to like this as I REALLY love pomegranate (have several in my fruit basket as I type this)but this isnt drinkable. I dont mind the fizzy Alka Salzter type thing the other reviewers mentioned its the taste. I tastes nothing like Acai and certainly not like even the most sour of pomgranates. It has a bitter medicine like after if your ok with that sort of taste you might like it. It has potential-I hope they improve it.
256625256625B003JA5KBWA2LXC5ZHHP0WXPLeah Maines0041292198400burst of energy that lasted for hoursThe taste of the Boost Pomegranate drink was a little flat and bitter. However, the taste does grow on you, and it becomes palatable. It did give me a burst of energy that lasted for a few hours. I was alert and very productive, and a little jittery. It wore off slowly, and I felt no sudden drain. It works! The less than great taste is worth tolerating for the energy surge.
256626256626B003JA5KBWACAXV4V8PBCE3Texas Rose "Roseanna"0051292112000Yum!So, yum is the operative word here. I have tried many of the different kinds of packet items from other brands that can be added to water. Some are great and some are awful. This product is the wonderful, yum variety.

I really like the sweet and fruity taste of the pomegranate, and according to the package, it is full of healthy ingredients.

The only thing I would caution you about is that this is a fizzy drink powder. Do not make the mistake I did with my first packet. I did not read the directions or pay attention to the packet and poured the contents into a full bottle of water. It immediately fizzed out all over me and my desk.

So read the directions - drink some of the water out of your bottle before adding the mix - then be ready for a wonderful and tasty drink!
256627256627B003JA5KBWATYUQROTHLNYVLaurel0041292025600Weird, but I liked itI wasn't sure what to expect of this energy-drink powder. The list of ingredients looked promising, at least, so worth a try.

I poured it into a water goblet, added a little water and *foom*, it foamed up, almost overflowing the glass. After a short while it settled down and I was able to fill the rest of the glass with water, producing this gorgeously colored shocking fuchsia beverage. The pictures in the product listing do not do it justice.

The taste was... well, kind of meh. Strong notes of caffeine and vitamin, slightly tart, and sweetened primarily with stevia, which has its own weird aftertaste. (I like it, but I'm strange that way.)

The energy lift was gentle, pleasant, and lasted for a few hours. The single-serving sample I got for review was free, but after I tried it I intended to buy more... until I saw the price, at over a dollar per packet! I could buy some pretty nice energy drinks, already made, for that much. Now I'm not so certain.

Overall: nice color, nice lift, but mediocre taste and too expensive.
256628256628B003JA5KBWA10ZBR6O8S8OCYDat Hong0021292025600Too expensive and not tastyIt doesn't taste awful, it just doesn't taste very good. It's tolerable, but for the price, it's not worth the buy for me. You mix it with 8 ounces of water and you get this bland medicine like drink out of it. I don't know what it is supposed to taste like. I didn't feel like I got a boost of energy or anything. It did nothing for me except make me want to drink something sweet after wards to flush out the taste. Look for something else if you need an energy boost drink.
256629256629B003JA5KBWA3VTOLNB5N6FVPLumi0021291766400not very goodgot this to taste test and it's not for me. it does bubble and fizz but the taste is chalk like, too bad because the idea
could sell if the taste wasn't so sad.
256630256630B003JA5KBWA294SHLWPSG1BPRyan Winkleman0021291680000The only thing it's boosting is my negativity towards the product lineI already reviewed the EBOOST pink lemonade flavor and thought it sucked, but decided that it wouldn't hurt to try a different flavor and see if my experience didn't! The acai pomegranate EBOOST powder works just as well as the pink lemonade one; that is to say, it doesn't work at all. Instead, you pour it into your glass and mix it with water, it foams up BIG time in an interesting fuchsia foamy color, and then as you mix it it settles down into just a big fuchsia glass of liquid (see my uploaded photo to see what it looks like). The taste in my opinion is not terrible. Pomegranate is kind of bitter to begin with, so if you're expecting it to be some really sweet concoction then you're barking up the wrong tree. This does have a slightly sweet taste, but is more overpowered by the bitterness. If you drink it all in one go, it's really not that bad. But the reason for dropping the product down so low is that, just like the pink lemonade variety, it doesn't work. It is supposed to boost your energy and your mind and all that, but my experience was that it made me feel no more energetic, gave me a slight headache, and boosted my negativity towards the product line.
256631256631B003JA5KBWA15CL28ALB7MTZTW0021291680000Wish all the ingredients were listed on the detail page firstIt's hard to enjoy something if you find out that you can't have some of the ingredients that are part of it.

I love pomegranates and thought that the Acai would be a great addition to a healthy mix, but in case you can't have some of the other ingredients, here they are so you can be spared the hassle:

From the Product Package (which the writing is soooo small it's very hard to read because some of the printing of the letters bleed into the next letters):

Acai Fruit
Green tea leaf extract (90 mg EGOG and 110 mg caffeine)
pomegranate fruit extract
resveratrol (from red grapes and Polyganum cuspidalum root extract
Agave fruit
Mango Fruit
Querein dihydrate?
Ginkgo biloba leaf extract
Grape seed extract

Other Ingredients:
Cane juice crystals
Natural Flavors
Potassium carbonate
Citric acid
Malic Acid
Beet color

Hopefully, that helps if you have problems with any of the ingredients. Sorry if the spelling is off. It's really hard to read the ingredients.
256632256632B003JA5KBWA3V55DVYU80LDSV. Canfield0021291593600Should Be Called enastyYuck, I couldn't get passed the gross, Alka-Seltzer taste to finish it and get the energy boost it claims to give. The color was a weird bright pink, which made me wonder what they put in it to give it such an unusual shade. The one advantage the Eboost had was it's liberal amounts of vitamins B-12, C, and D, and small amounts minerals such as zinc, along with some naturally occurring caffeine. However, if you can't get past the taste, you can't enjoy the benefits.
256633256633B003JA5KBWA1R4VHGGF1H23YJoseph Morse0031291593600Bittersweet energy mixeBoost is similar to Emergen-C and similar immunity/energy boost products with some good and bad qualities. First, it has a handsome collection of vitamins comparable to Emergen-C with quite a bit more vitamin B12 (for increased attention to energy) and less vitamin C. eBoost will certainly give you a boost of energy as it's fortified with 110mg of caffeine (more than what's in a shot of espresso). I prefer my energy without caffeine (which will make you crash despite the eBoost claim to the contrary). Second, the flavor is pretty bad. Vitamins don't taste good, that's clear, but Emergen-C tastes neutral comparatively and the generic version of Emergen-C has excellent flavor.

I like the proceeds going to cancer research, but the actual product is bittersweet in more ways than one.
256634256634B003JA5KBWA23J1T7UNX14TKNolan Lewis "Indrid Cold"0021291248000Unpleasant taste, but healthyWhen pouring the drink mix into 8oz of water, it definitely bubbled quite a bit, so watch out. After mixing it up and taking a sip, I found the flavor to remind me of cherry flavored medicine, with an aftertaste of chalk. While I appreciate the many vitamins included in the mix, I think they detract from the drink's taste. This is the reason I don't care for vitamin water, either. I'm the kind of person who would rather take a daily multivitamin, and drink something later on that I actually enjoy, instead. For those of you who enjoy drinks with tons of vitamins (and the associated vitamin taste), and want energy without caffeine, this might be for you. Acai and pomegranate have lots of antioxidants, which is the reason I bought it. But I'm going to just stick with plain old acai juice.
256635256635B003JA5KBWA3H7AOFQDPU0JVTimothy Capehart "Review-a-holic"0011291161600Gross taste, fun fizz(Note to Amazon-Vine Admin: I don't know how I am supposed to form an accurate opinion with one tube of the product. This is the best I can do)

This was pretty gross. The best part was watching it fizz. First I wasn't sure how much water to add & I didn't have my microscope, the package print is truely microscopic. After a moment or two of squinting I saw the 8 oz. of water directions & did my best guestimate in my water bottle.

There was a lot of pink fizzing action. And a pretty pleasant fruity smell. When the fizz died down, I gave it an experimental taste--and the first sip wasn't totally awful. Then the bitter kicked in. It was still vaguely fruity on the front of my tongue but seriously bitter in the back. I got no pomegranate or acai flavour.

As to the healthful effects of the vitamins & such...with one tube, who can say. I am, in some ways, glad there isn't more because of the nasty taste. But I can't guage whether my e was boosted or not.

This is ground up pop-rocks and Flintstone vitamins in a tube with unsweetened Koolaid. Take it to your next Harry Potter-themed party and use it in the potions for effect.
256636256636B003JA5KBWA235UFZGCFN3J5Eva0021291161600DisappointedI like the idea of natural energy boosting drinks with vitamins and natural ingredients instead of caffeine, but I didn't care for this product at all. I added 8 oz. of water to a coffee size cup and the fizziness caused it to overflow and end up all over the counter top. Unless you use a large size cup, this will probably happen. The flavor was just okay. Foamy, especially at first. Sort of fruity, but a little artificial tasting. It left a slightly salty, vitamin-flavored aftertaste in my mouth. I was hoping for a more natural pomegranate taste. It may have helped a little with my energy level, but not a big difference. There is a health notice on the packet that suggests people check with their doctor before using this product if you're taking prescription medication or have certain health conditions, so that's something to keep in mind. Also, I think it's very expensive for only 30 packets. I'd expect at least 100 packets for that price. This isn't a product I'd use again.
256637256637B003JA5KBWA2OZ6PW2W5FQTPKathy0021291161600Not bad, but too expensiveI've tried this flavor and the lemonade, and this is much better. Not what I'd call good, but at least drinkable. I like the idea of drinking powdered vitamins because taking a lot of different vitamins is kind of a pain and a little time consuming, and would consider buying this product if it weren't so expensive. EmergenC is about half this price, so I'll probably go with that.
256638256638B003JA5KBWAXVKMYWNIHK7WTerri "3kids-at-home"0011291075200Eboost Acai Pomegranate drinkHow do I describe this drink? Nasy and sweet tasting. It didn't taste like pomegranate, it tasted like sweet Alka Seltzer. My husband and I both tasted one sip,and both said "gross!" at the same time. It might give you a boost with the caffeine, if you can get the strength to drink the whole eight ounces. Sorry, but I won't be tasting this drink again, we dumped it out. Others might like this, but we couldn't get past how sweet this drink was, and how it left a nasty after taste.
256639256639B003JA5KBWA2F2S1L61X1LA9Bromptonboy "Bromptonboy"0041290988800Tasty way to get your acai doseA handy and flavorful way of getting a daily boost of such minerals - supplements as: zinc, copper, chromium, potassium, and selenium - with only 20 calories per serving with a 25 oz (~739 ML) of water. Green tea extract also included.
They come in a handy foil pouch about the size of a fountain pen. The pouch was tough to open, I had to use my teeth to tear off the top.
256640256640B003JA5KBWA2WN1QF8GSVHYVAltmed0031290902400Effervescent, bubbly & tastes like vitaminsBubbly, effervescent drink mix. Pour SLOWLY into water! Will overflow. Like pouring pop-rocks into water. Tastes a lot like vitamins that are in these.

They are OK. Some of the flavor comes through, but mostly tastes like vitamins masked by flavors - not a great meld.

If you need vitamins, take the separately, unless you like the tastes of vitamins. Acidic, punchy taste. Doesn't set well with an upset stomach.

Not my favorite tastes, but OK. A lot like Tang with a punchy, vitamin flavor.
256641256641B003JA5KBWA2I98OOPNIJNYYAltar Boy "Pax Vobis"0011290902400HorribleThis is probably the worst mix drink I have ever had. First it is too sweat due to too much stevia added. Then the flavor is incredibly horrible. This does not taste like pomegranate, it tastes like sick bubble gum. I would avoid this product like the plague. I would rather get my vitamins through my supplements.
256642256642B003JA5KBWA2IT7S59GSASN7Mark Taylor "markdtaylor"0041290816000Too Expensive: Tastes Pretty GoodIf money were not an issue, I might take the Acai Pomegranate instead of my daily Nuun.

The Nuun tablets may not have resveratrol or quercetin, but like eboost, they are just 3 to 5 calories per serving. The difference is that 48 Nuun tablets are $18, whereas 30 eBoost packets are [...] (as of 11/27/2010).

eBoost does contain maltodextrin and sucralose. Nuun uses sorbitol. Pick your poison I guess.

if you take eBoost in 8 oz of water, it will knock your socks off, I definitely recommend at least 16oz, if not a liter of water.

The label does state "Take 1 packet every 12 hours or as needed but do not exceed 4 servings a day".

The "do not exceed" message on eBoost is most likely due to the fact that it contains "Anhdrous Caffeine" (only one Nuun product does: Kona Kola - 20 mg, eBoost does not disclose how much caffeine is in the product. )
256643256643B0047YG5UYA3LMWAW8QZCKMUWilliam Carrasquillo0051338854400Meltykiss Matcha Gree Tea - Deliciously Smooth!!I enjoyed the Meltykiss Green Tea chocolates. A friend from work had given me one and it was delicious. Great for a little afternoon energy boost during work. Great product! The seller is reliable. Thanks. :)
256644256644B0047YG5UYA11WYHDB1YEZOXJackie-the-Greyhound "Trusty Shellback"0051328313600One of my favorite Japanese treats...I made the mistake of sharing at workand now I have to buy more. Nice bite sized morsels with a real matcha style green tea flavor--if you have ever had the real thing you can recognize the flavor in the candy. The chocolate is not overly sweet and compliments the matcha just right. Very smooth and balanced between the two flavors. Heaven!

Highly Recommended!

256645256645B0047YG5UYAKOF2L53XKFPKDeathnote lover!0051323302400Tea Lovers Will Love This!I would recommend this chocolate treat to any tea lover! Its a tiny little square of chocolaty green tea goodness! Not to sweet, not to just right and really does taste and smell good quality green tea!
256646256646B004JFXJX2A262VXIALR5283chip3351313884800Simply the purest cayenne out there!I really trust That spicely cayenne powder is the purest out there. I find no ther labels on other products that specify how pure these peppers they are using in their product! I went through a pound of this stuff within 3 months and my digetive issues are all cleared up thanks to the power of this stuff. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to heal themselves naturally!
256647256647B005ZMILUOA2FYX5MWD8F3TNtbtakara5621323734400DisappointingI typically love the tartness of pom juice and used to like POM Wonderful. I don't buy it often because it's so expensive, but recently needed some for a recipe. I went to 2 stores and couldn't find it in the small bottles without some other flavor mixed in. So I bought the big bottle, thinking "well at least I'll enjoy it". Alas, no. It tasted watered down. More sweet than sour. I even got a second opinion and that person agreed that it wasn't as tart as before. I don't think I'll buy this brand again. Of course, being less tart will appeal to lots of other people. I'm only speaking for my own taste buds.

I gave the same review on POM Wonderful's website, but it hasn't appeared. It disappeared into the black hole of moderator-ship. Maybe they changed their processing procedures and don't want anyone to know.
256648256648B004XG2H94A3T0OTH5072YREM. Reynard "kairosdreaming"5541325203200True Lemon Raspberry LemonadeI'm not much of a water drinker. I want to be, I just have trouble with the tastelessness of water and thus fall into the trap of guzzling down sodas both for the caffeine and for the taste. Which is a habit I'd really love to stop. The problem with most drink additives though is the ingredients. All those fake sugars and I figure I might as well be drinking a soda. So then I saw True Lemon at the store and the advertisement that it was 100% natural. So I thought why not try it? And I'm glad I did.

I started off with a little box of 10 packets of the Raspberry Lemonade to see how I would like it. For drink additives it was pricey, but no more (and actually a little less) than if I had bought a case of the same amount of soda. So I won't complain about the price especially considering this is better for me. They came in little packets that were long and tubular shaped and easy to get open. You just pop the top of your water bottle and pour the contents in, getting a little show in the meantime of the powder coming up like smoke from the bottle. Hey, it doesn't take much to amuse me.

The taste is pretty good. I think I taste more of the raspberry and sugar than they do the lemon, and that's why this product doesn't get more than four stars from me. I would have liked to have had it be a bit more tart instead of just smooth and sweet. But it's still not bad. It goes down smooth and one packet is enough to flavor 17oz of water quite strongly. It also turns the water a nice pale pink color.

As said before I was strongly attracted to this product because of its ingredients. Instead of artificial sweeteners, stevia is used. It also has lemon juice and other natural flavors. Nothing in the ingredient list looked too bad so I'm happy. And according to the box its only 5 calories, which isn't too bad either.

Definitely a product I'd try again, and I'll probably end up trying their other flavors as well.

Review by M. Reynard 2011
256649256649B004XG2H94AMACXKD1SBM6VG. Parker3351311206400Very good taste and natural based sweetenerWell, I used to drink other flavored water beverages, just because plain water gets boring sometimes. However, most of them are expensive, this is very cheap when mixed in with a bottled water. The obvious cost savings aside, let me get down to the taste...

I think the taste of this is PERFECT! Not too sweet, and not too plain. To compare, I consider the Kool Aid packets too sweet, and the True Orange Crystallized Fruit Wedge is too plain. The Stevia based sweetener this uses is also supposed to be the most healthy one, and certainly safer than Aspartame.

I've been taking a packet of this and a bottle of water to work for several months and I'm not tired of it yet. It mixes up quickly. I normally open and sip a little water out of the bottle (to give more air to shake it), then add a packet, shake it up, and it's ready. I drink it room temp, if the water is colder it might take longer to absorb. It leaves the water with a light pink color. Oddly enough if you leave it alone for over a day it becomes almost clear, I'm not sure why that is but the taste is unaffected.
256650256650B004XG2H94A25UZ7MA72SMKMBrent Butler2251310428800Nice taste, VERY low caloriesThis is one of the many stevia sweetened drink/drink mix alternatives that have come out over the last few years. I like the stevia taste better than popular no-cal sweeteners, which I dislike so much that I won't drink. However, to me it still tastes somewhat like saccharine and has a bit of an aftertaste. When we prepare a drink with this mix, I pour in a few drops of RealLemon lemon juice. Those who have tried this trick agree with me that the acidity of the lemon juice helps to solve both taste issues mentioned.

The Raspberry Lemonade flavor of this drink is quite pleasing ... not overpowering but also not too diluted tasting.

While not especially low cost, these packets of mix do cost less than a soft drink, and flavor 16 ounces of water, rather than the 12 you'll get in a soft drink. They cost somewhat less on Amazon than they do at our local grocer, and the grocer doesn't even carry this flavor ... only the straight lemonade flavor.

This is not calorie free, but at 5 calories for 16 ounces of drink its close enough. ;-)

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