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256651256651B004XG2H94A3CPPW0HUC07YSAmy Nicolai1151336176000Tasty, not too sweetTrue Lemon Raspberry Lemonade is practically perfect! The lemonade flavor is balanced, not too sweet. The raspberry flavor is very subtle (could be a little stronger for my taste). The sweetening in done with stevia, and isn't overpoweringly sweet. I've just discovered it, but this will become a staple in my home. Wonderful added to iced tea too!
256652256652B004XG2H94AV2OTJKDCINB4P. Burnett1151317168000Fabulous Drink MixThis is a fabulous and refreshing lemonade drink mix. I love the lemonade flavor with the hint of raspberry. The lemon taste is from crystallized lemon and it is sweetened with Stevia so natural and no chemical after taste. This makes water so so so good!
256653256653B004XG2H94A3CMF6JQJMY8TSAmazon Fan0051349395200LOVE ITA big health freak and this by far is best water flavor enhancer. Drink lots of it at work and stay hydrated.
256654256654B004XG2H94A2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0051347667200Naturally sweetened VERY low calorie drink mixI can't do artificial sweeteners for medical reasons; add that Monsanto is behind aspartame's original push through the FDA without the added testing the FDA wanted.... and I'm all in for this stuff. It does have a 'twang' of stevia aftertaste, but I add about 1/2 teaspoon of agave nectar (I use raspberry flavored in this), and it kills the twang with only about 10 extra calories. That's not bad for 16 ounces of a good tasting drink. :)
256655256655B004XG2H94A3J171NBGIBYAWD. Mansfield "Book Addict"0041346803200Hits the SpotIt is not easy to find a good drink mix that isn't full of garbage or sugar. I don't mind sugar but my diabetes does. This is on the tart side, but I like that and find it hits the spot when I don't want to drink plain ol' water or have a taste for lemonade.
256656256656B004XG2H94ASLO3L927NX6NL. LONDON0051338076800delicious lemonadeI can't get this at my local grocery store anymore, so lucky for me Amazon has it. It is made with truvia or stevia, the only natural, no calorie sweetner.
256657256657B004XG2H94A1NEKBEKPD6F0LC. Vidrine "sportutilitygirl"0051337040000Get your water quota, and then some!I too dislike the tastelessness of plain water. I don't want overpowering flavor either. This stuff is great. I mix it a little thinner than most folks would, doubling the water for each packet. This gives me a whole pitcher of lightly flavored water which is refreshing and a great alternative to plain water or unhealthy sodas. I look forward to my next glass of water now, and usually end up drinking more than the requisite 8 glasses per day. Woohoo! :)
256658256658B004XG2H94A3MZ0F7XQNIVGYLynwood Hightower0051335830400True Lemon w/ Stevia sweetnerLook I'm a Pharmacist by trade going on 26 years experience. I am constanly amazed what we as Americans will put in our bodies without thinking what the long term effects are. When I tell people about the effects of NutraSweet/Aspartame, NeoTame (soon to reach the US market), Splenda, Agava Nectar, Sweet-and-Low, High Fructose Corn Sugar, Xylitol, Sorbitol and the like, they always say, "But I can't just drink water, it's so bland/boring/tastless, etc." True Lemon/w Stevia is often what I recoment to these folks. It's portable, flavorful and to my knowledge, experience has no harmful effects short or long term.

I suffer from Kidney Stones and have been drinking Lemonade w/ Stevia for years to prevent futher occurence. When I discovered True Lemon w/Stevia I jumped on it-carry it in my backpack to work so when I'm not home I can still have a great, quick, refreshing drink. Our local grocery stores can not keep the stuff on the shelf so ordering 6 boxes at a great price was has been the way to go.
256659256659B004XG2H94A5S38CUDPMJ3HP. Breeds "Amazon woman"0051329091200Perks up the waterI love these little packets of Raspberry/Lemon refreshment. The True Lemon has no artificial flavor or ingredients... just crystallized lemon juice. Easy to use and open. The little slender packets easily pours into a bottle of water
256660256660B004XG2H94A31ENZIKXP2ZZETaylor R. Luster "happy paws"0051324080000love themI love these drink mixes...and the price and package were great. I would buy them again for sure. Great product!
256661256661B0006STN04A3JOBFNQI8OXISMARIE0051347148800Golden LOVES them!I have a golden retriever who loves these treats. He loves all the flavors but seems to get more excited for the S'mores flavor which is what I was buying prior to finding this deal. Local pet store sells these for $5 plus tax, so this pack is an amazing deal.
256662256662B0006STN04A2W173D1BPXIMWbluesky0051343779200My dogs love it!I received the product on time. My dogs absolutely love these
cookies. I will recommend them to anyone...they smell great!
256663256663B0006STN04A38XXE4Z10UKN5Mark McCorry "Tired Guy"0051295481600A serious LOT of cookies...Bought for in-law's dogs for christmas. These are a LOT of cookies, so I'd rate it a reasonable value, and the dogs did ignore their previously happy life of chewing on bones to beg for these snacks, so I guess they work as advertised...
256664256664B0021491QMAFU1PPMKAAB2CGerman Artist171751271548800A delicous, buttery tuna for people who can't stand fish (like I)---
Bonito del Norte is the very best-tasting tuna in the world! Better than fresh tuna I think. This is coming from me, someone who doesn't like fish at all. When I was little, and my father cooked fish, I started to gag and had to run out of the house, I hated that smell. I still hate that fishy taste. In a pinch, I will eat Albacore (white) tuna, but even that sometimes makes me gag (because I just am not able to stomach fish), and most of the can goes to waste, because I never want to touch it for weeks afterwards.

BUT! Bonito del Norte (not necessarily this particular brand, which I do enjoy) is the champagne of tuna - it tastes so mild, and buttery, it has its own distinct flavor, in between fish and meat. Best of all is the texture, very firm and dense.

When I was little, my family got to stay in my aunt's house in Spain, off season, when she couldn't rent it out to anyone else, and this was my favorite food: fresh baguette, and Bonito del Norte on top. A little bit goes a long way. You can spread a little mayo on the bread, and then put just a few pieces of this tuna on top, very sparingly (not like in American tuna sandwiches). It's the best. The taste is so exquisite, you can just open the can and eat it out of the can with a fork, without mayo. If you do use mayo, use very litte, as not to overpower the delicate taste.

Wikipedia states that Spaniards call Albacore tuna (white tuna) Bonito del Norte That may be so, but the Bonito del Norte that is canned in Spain tastes totally different from the Albacore tuna normally available in the supermarket in the US, even the most expensive brands. Starkist sells a White Tuna in olive oil, which should theoretically taste the same as the Bonito del Norte in olive oil, according to Wikipedia, but that's not the case. The American Albacore white tuna has a much stronger, coarser taste. The Bonito del Norte has buttery taste, which manages to be delicate and at the same time concentrated. Therefore a litte goes a long way.

Yes, Bonito del Norte is always expensive, even in Spain, but I hope that you try to taste it just once in you life, which is why I'm writing this review.

PS I have had fresh (very expensive) Ahi tuna in Hawaii, grilled. It was good, but still too fishy. I've made tuna salad out the leftover cold Ahi, with mayo the next day. That tasted better, nice and firm meat, less fishy than eaten hot. But for me, nothing in the world can touch the sublime taste of this canned Bonito del Norte.
256665256665B0021491QMA2RO2UTW8P8K69Adrian Gutierrez "Diesel Mercedes guy"121251272240000I'm from Spain; before Amazon, I had to bring it from home!Well, the title says it all. I grew up eating this kind of tuna and since I've been in the US (2003) I've had to bring it from home. The tuna found in grocery stores here in the US tastes very different; it almost has no taste. My wife (an American) could not understand why I insisted on home tuna until she had it. Now, there is no going back for her either. The flavor is rich and the meat is not just shreds. Enjoy...
256666256666B0021491QMA2JVZFHWAKPC9WMolly Bland8851264464000Wonderful TunaThe Bonito del Norte is unlike any canned tuna you've had before (and better!). I'm always on the lookout for a good deal on this product. I wish Amazon would add Ortiz Bonito del Norte to their Subscribe & Save list (hint, hint).
256667256667B0021491QMA2Z3RHB55EYOQ8Sean K. Stewart4451257292800Tuna like you've never had beforeSpanish tuna is so different than what we are used to buying. The fish is in chunks, not decimated and packed in wonderful olive oil which really compliments the fish. If you've never tried it, you must, it's the most accessible and delicious gourmet food.
256668256668B0021491QMA39Y3GQGLRUJE5Bob Rockwell3351257292800Simply the bestI've been buying this tuna for five years, ever since I first tasted it. I won't eat any other.
256669256669B0021491QMA26HYWF07BCMQZEvelhakur7931287100800It's still canned tunaI ordered this tuna ready to be blown away and and quite frankly I wasn't (except by the cost!). As far as canned tuna goes this is really good, but it is also really expensive. I was expecting something with perhaps a better texture than 'regular' canned, but while it is very good it's still canned tuna. At this price per pound I had higher expectations. Again, this is good canned tuna and I would rate it higher but I don't think the cost is justified. One thing to keep in mind when comparing this tuna to other store bought brands: make sure to buy canned tuna packed in olive oil. Tuna in water tends to be 'mushy' and not as 'flaky' as oil packed tuna.

I would suggest trying out the canned tuna from Fishing Vessel St. Jude. They are a Seattle based company and they test their tuna for mercury and post the results on their website. Whole Foods carries it in the Seattle area.
256670256670B0021491QMAKACGHPVILE9RSophronia "Euphemia"2251314144000Pricey! The Best Tuna Right Out of the CanI can eat this tuna right out of the can with nothing else. It is line caught and not from Japan. Cheaper than our local "Whole Paycheck" natural grocer. Did I say it tastes really good?
256671256671B0021491QMA2YWRWSLEJRM92Pennsylvania Reader2251296259200Superb - but it's hard to be satisfied with ordinary tuna nowOn the plus side, this tuna is amazing--rich, delicious, with lovely olive oil to drizzle on the salad, pasta, beans, bread, or whatever you are eating the tuna with. On the minus side, it is hard to go back. I used to think Cento and Progresso were all that canned tuna could be, and they are much more budget-friendly than Ortiz. It's a special treat.
256672256672B0021491QMA1N8DEFQY9Y274team-koca2251293667200It's no chicken of the sea.... that's for sureThis was a xmas present for hubby (lol). He is the only person I know who was delighted to find cans of tuna in his stocking(lol). Anyway we have purchased this tuna before and really enjoy it. It is reasonably priced (we have compared). I would consider us moderate foodies and this is probably one of the best (reasonably priced) tunas we have purchased. Good shipping, happy every time with vendor. Keeps us coming back and for how much it costs, it is truly the Poseidon of the Sea. You can keep your chicken...
256673256673B0021491QMA2KEKOQIM35XJAA.M. "shoe shopper"2251276646400The Best Tuna EVER!!!!This is by far the best Tuna I have ever tasted. Had it in L.A. in a restaurant. You will never buy supermarket tuna again.
256674256674B0021491QMA1S2A4MN083OWOlouise1151334102400highly recommendI love, love, love this product. I used to buy it at Whole Foods but they do not carry it any longer. Whole Foods sold it at a much better price so paying so much more for it plus shippping is not too cool. I did it anyway as there is no other tuna that I have eaten that is near as good as this one.
Here is a nice yummy canape recipe for your tummy. 2 small cans ortiz tuna, 1TB lemon juice, 1TB capers, 2tsp red onion minced, 1TB piquillo pepper chopped, salt and pepper to taste. mix it all up in a small bowl and let sit for a few hours or overnight to meld the flavors. serve atop sliced baguettes toasted or not. I grant you that letting it sit for awhile is the hardest part there are many times that I am so thrilled with this concotion that I consume it on the spot. sometimes I find myself standing up and eating it all, well most of it. Of course you can do what you want afterall it's your tuna, but you could put it on salad greens as well or share it with someone. that's the nice part, they will love it, or you, or both, thats for sure.
256675256675B0021491QMAH1Y0836VKR7DLisa Griffin1151298246400The Best!This is definitely the best canned tuna I have ever had. No off taste at all, almost chicken like in taste and texture. I drained most of the oil, added a squeeze of lemon and simply enjoyed. Awesome!
256676256676B0021491QMA1WXAF0ED7GR1DRon6941289088000Good but the same quality is available in a store brandJust like the 3-star reviewer, I was prepared to be blown away after looking at the reviews, but my tastebuds are certain that this is the same or maybe just slightly better than the BumbleBee tuna in the gold cans - usually around $2.50 at Walmart. Same size chunks, same color, same mellow taste. The olive oil used might be a bit better but I drain it out anyway.

I'd say if you like this, then go check out the BumbleBee in the gold can and save a few bucks a can.
256677256677B0021491QMA1RPTVW5VEOSIMichael J. Edelman0051348358400This is not your usual canned tuna!The Spanish produce some of the most exquisite and delicious canned seafood in the world- some of which sells for $25, $50 or even more per can. This particular tuna is a bit under $6/can, which might sound terribly expensive if you're used to paying $2.37/can at the local Quickee Mart, but be assured that this is no ordinary canned tuna. Ortiz Bonito Del Norte is to Starkist as Filet Mignon is to a Big Mac. This is a smooth, sweet, buttery flavored tuna packed in really good olive oil. I'd no sooner mix this tuna with a big dollop of mayonnaise than I'd put ketchup on a piece of filet. All you need to enjoy this tuna are some good quality crackers or some dense rye bread. Maybe a very thin slice of shallot or red onion. (Okay, maybe a little good home made mayo)

Now if you happen to like bland water-packed white tuna in Miracle Whip, you won't like this tuna. The Ortiz product uses dark, flavorful tuna. No, it doesn't taste "fishy." But it has a real fish flavor, something missing from most canned albacore. If you prefer natural foods to processed foods, fresh to frozen, and the taste of simple, unadulterated, raw foods, you'll love this tuna. But be forewarned: Once you try this tuna, before you know it you'll be ordering treats like the Ortiz Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil, 220-Grams or even the Conservas de Cambados Almejas con Setas - Galician Clams with Mushrooms (4 oz/111 g Tin) and before you know it, you have a $100/day Spanish Tinned Seafood habit....
256678256678B0021491QMAXDHD6UTSC0FNAuburn Anita0051348012800It's True It's Different!
256679256679B0021491QMA3TMRY0LXMVLQUMichael L. Lewis "gilamonsterz"0051347408000Grrrrreat TunaOrtiz Bonito Del Norte white tuna is terrific without an oily taste or fishy smell.
Highly recommended for lunch or snacks. A bit pricey but i think less than Whole Foods.
256680256680B0021491QMA3V485ANC8G4FDJo Ann Cummings0051347062400Wonderful tuna...I got this brand of tuna based on the taste tests of Cook's Illustrated... and it did not disappoint. There is no comparison between this tuna and supermarket tuna. This is a purchase I repeat periodically, and simply love the fresh flavor... great product.

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