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256711256711B003G52BN0AZ8Y3MES22UNVCarl Insco0051316390400Kookoo for coconuts!Wow...this is a delightful, fresh coffee from Green Mountain. I did not know what to expect it to taste like as I am not real fond of fruit type flavored coffee, but I like coconut allot. The taste was fresh, clean with just the right amount of coconut flavor. I highly recommend this coffee to anyone who adores coconut or for those that want something different. It is a seasonal type coffee, so get it while it is available. Thumbs up Green Mountain!
256712256712B003G52BN0AR81JOVWQAANCNicole_260031315958400That's some weak coffee!My roommate and I tried this one because she really likes the Kona Island blend from Coffee People. The first time we tried it was this morning and we brewed the largest size (travel mug sized). It was extremely weak and the coconut flavor was really strong.

We brewed another generic kcup in the smallest cup size and mixed it then split it into two cups for each of us. It was a great cup of coffee, but it was a DYI process.

Brew in the small size and then brace yourself for the taste of a melted coconut snowcone in your coffee.

I will be honest that I do like it and I am glad we have it, but if you are in great need of coffee and you like something strong, go with something else.
256713256713B003G52BN0A2D45ZF2E3819Gpardos0051315440000Coconut lover's dreamThis coffee is rather mild, but if you like Coconut in most foods and drinks like some people do, then you'll probably like this too. The only complaint I have is that it's not always available, being more of a seasonal flavor and somewhat overpriced.
256714256714B003G52BN0A3UUK116CBFUHUVKC0051315353600Island CoconutThis is one of my favorite k cup flavors. Put some Almond Joy creamer in and it is delightful. A great treat
256715256715B003G52BN0AHK3HFORSNM33sendallq0051315008000AWESOME FLAVOR!!!I love this coffee in the morning, noon, or night. It does not have too much coconut flavor, but just enough. I would absolutely recommend this coffee!!
256716256716B003G52BN0A31YJ4UH62NLPFAaron W0051314316800Great after dinner coffeeThis is an excellent after-dinner coffee. It's smooth and mild, with a hint of coconut flavor and a nutty coconut smell. I drink it in the mornings sometimes too, but I usually prefer a bolder, darker coffee to start the day.

Tastes great with just a little cream and sugar. My only complaint is that the price is a little high, but I'm not reviewing the cost - just the flavor.
256717256717B003G52BN0A1BWPCSYKJ5U7ZElem Math Science "cool dude"0041313712000Wonderful!This was one the best Green Mountain flavors yet! Very rich flavor and not too artificial. I would buy it again and again without hesitation.
256718256718B003G52BN0A74WRAGMUPSB7Ducky Shopper0051313539200love this flavori love this coffee flavor. you can really taste the coconut flavor and price is better than anywhere else. i just wish this was on subscribe and save.
256719256719B003G52BN0A1KLE6FUKH3QLRdpicard30051312761600MMMMmmmm GGoooooddddddI certainly hope this limited edition makes a comeback next year. I love this coffee and my Keurig coffee maker.
256720256720B003G52BN0A38TPUN6VBAYYPR Owens0051312243200Makes great iced lattesThis is perhaps my favorite kcup flavor. We put milk, ice and a dash of peanut butter with this coconut coffee into a blender to make a to-die-for latte. Makes a great summer cooler.
256721256721B003G52BN0A20VILRIJYIT0TTrevor Bryant0051312156800Great Coffee!!!I used to be a "I only drink no-flavored coffee" kinda guy...but this changed after I started drinking Island Coconut. Perfect balance of coconut and coffee flavor. A must try for any coffee drinker...make sure you order enough, once supplies are gone you have to wait until spring time.
256722256722B003G52BN0A1P8D7UI9OMUDRSebastian0051311724800My NEW favorite coffeeI do love this coffee. It's the first flavored coffee that really tasted like it said it would. It has a hint of coconut and is nice and mild. I could drink this any time of the day or night..I tend to like a tad stronger coffee in the morning to get my day started but sometimes I like to change up on that too.

Also love the fact that there are 24 cups as opposed to usually 12 in the stores..This is a very good bargain as well.
256723256723B003G52BN0A15Z6LEX3MLU34Teacher IU0021311552000Woah -Fake Coconut TasteI was sure I'd LOVE this coffee, but the coconut taste is very artificial and overwhelming...I was so disappointed. I will take the Hazelnut GM Coffee over this any day. It does smell good while brewing :)
256724256724B003G52BN0A35HBHGPJ2T294ALeestma0051311552000Wish we could get this year round!This flavor from GMC is our favorite, gets everything right. It's just rich enough for my taste and mild enough for my husband. The coconut smell and taste is amazing, and there is something else that seems to add just a little sweetness to the after taste. We also like that it's fair trade certified. With as much as we drink this flavor, we just wish it were sold by the pound to make a whole pot of it at one time :). Thank you, Amazon, for offering it at a great price as well.
256725256725B003G52BN0A914TQVHI872UAn Educated Consumer0051311033600My husband's very favorite!A seasonal selection, we stock up on this flavor. It becomes impossible to find afterwards.

If you love coconut, you will love this brew!
256726256726B003G52BN0A2OT2J0YBL2EPQpcboston0051310947200Coconut at its coffee bestMet the high standards of older teens and other adults who don't drink coffee, but will drink this blend if it's availavble. Nice hint of coconut in every sip.
256727256727B003G52BN0A3G2K3XHUJNV2KCourtney0051310947200great flavor!!I love this coffee! The flavor is really unique and so perfect for summer. I loved Green Mountain before due to their dedication to high quality, organic ingredients but after drinking this coffee, they really won me over! Ill buy again for sure
256728256728B003G52BN0A1AOQ491U3WJH1Sue She0051310515200LIGHT ROAST, NICE COCONUT FLAVORFirst let me start by saying I'm not into very strong coffee. I'm a one to two cup a day coffee drinker and found this to be a perfectly light roast with a nice smooth coconut flavor. Great for a second cup without getting the jitters. I am also a fan of coconut and flavored coffees. I can have a cup of Island coconut in the afternoon for a little pick me up or to curb my appetite without worrying about being up until all hours of the night, It tastes a bit like you had a coconut candy 5 minutes earlier and the taste is still swirling in your mouth. It has a nice aroma. I can't see drinking it everyday but with a little fat free half and half and some truvia, it feels like a little desert. I'm sure it would be delicious over ice in the summer. Get it while you can, from my understanding it is a seasonal product and very hard to get other than the internet. Can't beat the $12 +/- price tag for a pack of 24. Look for sales and free shipping.
256729256729B003G52BN0A1K9TCQNHR0WPXH. Grasso0051310342400MY FAVORITEI bought this in a 3 pack- this was instant hit. Everyone loves this!! Not too strong or mild. Nice island/coconut flavor. I love to use vanilla creamer so it keeps the coffee flavor. I will buy again!
256730256730B003G52BN0A3ACOFYT6XBNPCLoretta G. Holaday0051310256000Palm Trees and Balmy BreezesWhen I smell this coffee it makes me think of the Keys. It's hot, palm trees are blowing in the breeze and I'm relaxing in a hammock. Needless to say, it is one of my favorite of the flavored coffees. I enjoy it in the afternoon when I take a break. It's just SO relaxing. Ahhhh......
256731256731B003G52BN0A4ZTZX195NYUNangies favorites0051309910400Absolutely delicious!We have been buying the flavored cffees for the Keurig machine for over a year. So we have tried many. I first picked up the Island Coconut in a famous kitchen/bath store. I loved it from day one. It has a slight not too over powering coconut taste. Slightly sweet without any added sugar. Although i do put a little splenda in with mine when I make it. ONe thing that i don't like is that we were told this is a seasonal flavor. Summer. WEll when we went to buy more it was no longer available and it was the first week in June. I was so excited to find it on Amazon. Ordered several boxes. So when you see it, buy it. You will love it.
256732256732B003G52BN0ADP2GX1QS1IP4Lisa M. Stark "L. Stark"0051308787200Delish!!!I normally don't go for the light roasts, but this one is so delish! It says on the box that it is available for a limited time. I hope that Green Mountain Coffee keeps it available year round. I absolutely love the strong coconut flavor.
256733256733B003G52BN0A2G4ZT3R94CUH0Kathleen Broderick0051308441600best coffee from green mountainas a coffee snob, this is the best coffee i have had for my keurig. It is slightly lighter than i like, but very smooth. It's also got a smooth nuttiness from the coconut, not sweet and sugary like one would think. I want this year round because it's favorite.
256734256734B003G52BN0A7HSE0PPW7ZXKTheodore M. Kipp0051308355200This coffee is so goodI am a coconut lover and this coffee is delicious. I recommend it to anyone who likes coconut. The coconut flavor is awesome.
256735256735B003G52BN0AXYZEE4GQ7SGWDonna Travis0051308268800A favorite coffee!I love this coffee and so does my family. Coconut is a favorite flavor of mine. If you like coconut AND coffee, then this flavor is for you. Yesterday I made it over ice to make an iced coffee and it was fabulous.
256736256736B003G52BN0A1KEXGHZJF1A9Ipatb0051307923200Tasty coffeeThis coffee is delicious and has a definite coconut taste. I would not recommend it as an early morning coffee but a great midmorning or later afternoon treat.
256737256737B003G52BN0ADBFCKZDGSW9JK. Buker0051307404800Our favorite flavored K-cup!My wife and I never dreamed we would like coconut flavored coffee, but after one taste of this it has become our favorite flavored joe. It is extremely smooth, with just enough coconut to accent the coffee but not overwhelm it. We occasionally like to add a chocolate flavored creamer to it make a pseudo Almond Joy flavor. It is a shame (and incomprehensible to us) that this is a seasonal offering, so we try to stock up/hoard this whenever it is available. Perhaps GMCR will come to their senses and make this a year-round offering soon.
256738256738B003G52BN0A23K5IUP2CWLPGredwing481240051307404800Yes, coconut coffee has great flavor.Coconut and coffee fans applaud - Green Mountain Coffee delivers on quality and flavor. Add some coconut creamer to boost the flavor and you'll want more. It's a winner!
256739256739B003G52BN0AH1SJYFXD9BA0CStewart0051307404800Goodness doesn't have a seasonI would like to see this coffee available year round. I think I might need a trip to the islands in the winter.
256740256740B003G52BN0A24OXEAT95ZUVKcdspinner20051306800000a great cup of CoffeeThis is the third box of the Island Coconut coffee I have purchased. it is a medium roast coffee with more than a hint of coconut that comes out in every sip. It also has other nutty flavors. Out of all the flavors I have tried (a bunch) this is my favorite flavor, but I love coconut. I don't like very strong coffee and I don't like weak coffee so this is roast is perfect for me.

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