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256861256861B001ECVGKGA3EO2PZBLK89JBbret7721324598400dry, small and quality varies a lotI have had these from Trader Joes few yrs ago when they carried them. They were big juicy and yummy.
Navitas ones that got shipped(had 2 bags) were small, more bitter than sour and dry. I will be in search of
better ones.

Update: i got the same 8 ounce pack from whole foods. 10 times better. Most are juicy, soft and consistent quality.
fyi the lot# of whole foods ones is 2521 and one from amazon is 405. That may explain the dried berries from amazon
256862256862B001ECVGKGAVT7655GUDGN6Stacy Fisher1151317081600GoldenberriesUnlike other reviewers, I did receive 2 packages, as stated in the item description. They are great tasting and make for a perfect snack between meals.
256863256863B001ECVGKGA344HUNF29YGOImeg hillman0051341878400goldenberriesi wish they came in bigger bags and weren't so expensive. but they always arrive on time and are so good for me.
256864256864B001ECVGKGA21XAJ9PAHB4YCKathy Tharp0051338076800GREAT SnackI highly recommend these berries. The sweet and tart flavor is unique and delicious. I eat them alone and add them to my own trail mix. They satisfy hunger, are a great snack choice and they are good for you.
256865256865B001ECVGKGA2TCY4Q5S0NO5ZMira L. Shanks "F.R.O.G."0051337558400Sweet Tart and very goodI like this. Heard about it on Dr Oz. Very tart, sort of tartness like dried cranberries but different flavor. does give energy and tartness will keep you from over indulging. most are more plump than other brands I have tried.
256866256866B001ECVGKGA2PGI4LBBMC2I0E. Lord "E. Lord"0051319587200Awsome BerriesThese berries are very yummy. Nice texture and very clean. My 1 year old would not stop eating them right after I opened the bag. I had to take them away from her before she had a $7 lunch. I am going to buy more right away so I don't run out.
256867256867B001ECVGKGA253RBNRYT1H3EFieldem0211334620800Taste Bad!These were recommended by Dr. Oz and so I ordered them. I can usually deal with sort of unpleasant tastes if it is good for me, but this one was one I just could not eat.
256868256868B004BQ6MTCAI6VEEBTJFILGRev. Kitten2251297555200O...M....G.... Love in a bag...Raw cacao + raw coconut = sweet manna of the gods. Wholesome AND healthy - ??? This IS love in a bag. I will never go back to regular ol' Hershey's, again. Color me impressed. And delighted!
256869256869B004BQ6MTCA31EGEWH798R97Wuji1151320710400Snack For HealthThese are absolutely delicious! I keep these with me all the time, in the car, in my pocket for hikes, and when I go to the movies. The raw cacao and maca root give me a gentle buzz. For those of you that don't know about maca root from Peru, it is a powerful endocrine system balancer and anti-oxident. And raw cacao is a superfood too. So it really is, food on purpose and with a purpose: HEALTH! Thank you FOP.
256870256870B004BQ6MTCAEW6GTFJT2T1SCatherine Donavon1151320624000So satisfyingI absolutely love these. Whenever I get a chocolate craving just one of these gives me complete, guilt-free satisfaction. I like all of the Food On Purpose sweet treats, but these are my very favorite. (Don't tell the others.)
256871256871B004BQ6MTCANBNBM39RSVFSCramertivity0051293494400So good-and better for you!These are amazing! An incredible sweet that contains no dairy, no glutens and all-natural ingredients. They contain organic agave nectar, organic shredded coconut, organic cacao powder, organic coconut oil, organic vanilla, organic maca powder, and Celtic sea salt. Highly recommended treat for anyone who is careful about the foods they consume.

I asked for the cheapest ground shipping, and this company had my order to me two days after I placed it. That's great service!

We will definitely purchase from them again!
256872256872B000QSN21KAPCNT89GU2UH5Joy4205551293926400Karma loves this stuffMy 14 year old toothless Siamese loves this stuff. She's pretty finicky but goes insane for chicken - this natural balance chicken & liver pate gets gummed right down. nomnomnom She gets a 6oz can per day and as much dry food as she cares to gum down. She's been eating this since she was sick, and shes gained weight and her fur looks so much better. My other cats get the dry version of this same Natures Balance - since they both have teeth.
Cat boxes will always stink but this stuff - compared to Friskies, etc., makes a huge difference in what comes out.
256873256873B000QSN21KA4MU366OWYG81Alexandra4451267574400My Cat Devours This StuffThis stuff smells just fine and my cat loves it. We get it for him ever since he had his UTI. Even though its wet food we add some water to it and he does not seem to mind in the least. He goes to pee regularly and never has upset stomach.
256874256874B000QSN21KA8LK03VK541VDluv2ride2251288569600Healthy and tasty (for my cat, at least!)Although this flavor isn't her number one favorite, my cat likes this one, and you can't beat the ingredients. No artificial crap - just healthy, real food.
256875256875B000QSN21KA2FRFAQCWZJT3QB. Davis "The Happy Hermit"1151314403200This one is a winnerIt's not easy to find a canned cat food without by-products, seafood, glutin, or grains (all cause problems) in it that my cat will readily eat. I'm delighted to say that this is one. The consistency is less sticky/stiff than the Wellness chicken formula, and firmer than Spot's Stew. There are vegetables in it but they are not in their whole state so they get eaten. My cat loves it. Now if only the company doesn't change the recipe and Amazon continues to sell it!!
256876256876B000QSN21KA3Z40XKL5044XJen1151300147200Cats are Crazy for ThisI needed something cheap and healthy to replace the evo soft food I was feeding my cats. The evo is great, but it's ridiculously expensive. Natural Balance's prices are terrific and my cats love eating this three times a week.
256877256877B000QSN21KA23EL8W1SAEZUSZen Ben0021345507200Good cat food, but poor packing and shippingOur cats have been eating Natural Balance for a long time. They like it and it's endorsed by our vet. I started buying it at Amazon recently to save a few cents a can and to have it delivered to my house since the cases of this can get heavy. I buy 6 cases at a time. In both orders I've made,I've had to throw away two or three cans because they are so badly damaged that I believe the seal is broken, so I'm not sure if I'm actually saving any money. In the last shipment, one of my cases was 1 can short and also had a damaged can or two in it so I only got about 21 instead of 24. The first time I ordered, I thought this was a fluke but it happened on this last order also, so shipping damaged goods is just part of their process.
256878256878B000QSN21KA14ARSVVVH62GEBeverly J. Leach "Synesthete"0051325894400Two Cats give four PAWS UpWe have a 16-year old female cat, and a two-year old male that we adopted a year ago when he was a stray. The male has "food issues" and wants to eat everything in sight. He went from scrawny to over 12 lbs. Our vet says that obesity in cats is related to too many carbohydrates, and she suggested giving him 80% canned and only 20% dry -- the reverse of how we used to do it.

We wanted a good-quality canned food that both cats would eat. Well, they both LOVE this food (chicken and liver pate). I am measuring by tablespoon, and feeding several times a day -- no more demand feeding, we are counting cat calories! The male seems satisfied, and the female now eats her serving at mealtime.

I recently bought the fish flavor for variety, and they are eating that too. The male needs to lose a pound, and I am glad that he is getting a high-quality food. The price is a good value (if you get the flavors with free shipping), it costs less using these 6 oz. cans than those 3-1/2 oz. cans I used to buy at the grocery store.

I wish all the flavors of Natural Balance canned cat food qualified for free shipping.
256879256879B000QSN21KA1O6G22V5906NTE. L. "Artgirl"0051321833600My cats LOVE it, I have to reorder every 2-3 months!I was looking for better quality wet food for my cats and after heavy research, found this brand. My cats LOVE it. Even better, my boy cat doesn't throw up anymore like he used to with Science Diet. I tried to give him Wellness before Natural Balance and they refused to eat it. So glad I found this product!
256880256880B000QSN21KA1TZHLX9UIXLBYL. Massicotte "ANIMAL LOVER"0051321488000for the cat gormundI was looking for cat food that was more healthy the the usual grocery store variety. I tried this and both of my cats love it and "whine" for more. It may seem a little expensive but it goes a long way. I add water because it is soo dense. I get twice as much from one can of this brand then from store brands. I order the larger can and it is economical.
256881256881B0030MRJFYAETBM9K6TEVQ3Manoj Khiani83851285891200Fantastic all-purpose vinegarAs a 100-year-old vinegar, this is a wonderful addition to your gourmet pantry. I drizzle it on chunks of Parmigiano-Reggiano, berries, Cheetos, walnuts, and other high-class foods. I also have a hardwood floor, and adding 1 teaspoon of this vinegar to a gallon of water makes a good floor cleaner also.
256882256882B0029NGY4MA1KR1ACVGLLWD7An admirer of Arthur Guinness0041273622400Cats love it !Cats are happy , so it must be good . The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because I prefer cans over pouches because it's easier and less messier to handle the food . Other than that , great product - just ask the cats .
256883256883B0029NGY4MA38TFU6M09BVGKJP0051222128000Good quality cat foodWe feed this food to our almost grown kitten. He loves it. Since cats are carnivores, this food fits the bill as it is mostly JUST fish, not fillers like corn and grains that really are not good for cats.
I really didn't like feeding the cat canned food because it grosses me out. This food smells just a little fishy but is really not bad at all - compared to some cat foods which smell disgusting. It's also very convenient and not messy. You don't need to use a spoon to get it out of the pack. Just rip it open and squeeze it out.
256884256884B0029NGY4MA3A9BYE27J2LVVM. Caron0051214611200Purrfectly great!!!The Purrfectly Fish and Chicken food line is great - I have a very finicky cat who has to eat because of health problems, so letting him go until he's hungry enough doesn't work. On top of that, he has a real preference for dry kibble, which he can't have anymore. But the "Purrfectly" line he scarfs down, trying to purr and eat at the same time, and actually begs for more! Whiskas, I'm a customer again!!! Thanks!!!
256885256885B0029NGY4MA3A9BYE27J2LVVM. Caron0051214611200Purrfectly Good!!!The Purrfectly Fish and Chicken food line is great - I have a very finicky cat who has to eat because of health problems, so letting him go until he's hungry enough doesn't work. On top of that, he has a real preference for dry kibble, which he can't have anymore. But the "Purrfectly" line he scarfs down, trying to purr and eat at the same time, and actually begs for more! Whiskas, I'm a customer again!!! Thanks!!!
256886256886B0029NGY4MAH1JB1NLWNK9WIsabelle1211323648000Cats definitely did not like!I tried this out for our indoor cat and some of the neighborhood cats that visit as well and they did NOT like it at all. I use Whiskas for other flavors but this new Purrfectly Chicken brand / flavor did not go well.
256887256887B0029NGY4MA3GGXJD0BMJ2W3Chris from Chicago "Chris"1241271808000Cats love the food (Hooray!) I hate packagingI've had them try every type of Whiskas. . .this is hands down the best (this, meaning the Purrfectly Chicken, Chicken/Duck, Chicken/Beef). The purple packages don't even resemble meat so even though my cats will eat it, I didn't feel comfortable feeding it to them. The Purrfectly Fish makes a couple of my kitties violently ill (hence the neon pink vomit everywhere) but the Purrfectly chicken varieties seem to agree with all of them. No vomit, they eat a majority of the meat after lapping up all of the juices and grain free. My diabetic cat is no longer diabetic, and the fact that there is now a food in my home that everyone will eat is pretty amazing.

My complaint - the packaging. I've tried the tip mentioned by others (storing them upside down) but there is just no way to get the pack open without a) having the juice squirt out on to one of the eager diners (though they don't let that slow them down), b) having the juice squirt and ooze all over my hands c) the juice splattering the wall d) me having to squeeze the package for the remaining bits of meat and juice as if I am milking a cow. I HATE feeding them because I always end up covered in chicken juice and bits and I know there is more in the package that I didn't successfully squeeze out. This in turn means that all of the pets will be trying to go through the trash when they are hungry looking for a few half squeezed packs so they can get another fix. There must be another interior material they could use for the packaging that would allow an easier 'release' of the food. . .Whiskas, you listening?
256888256888B0029NGY4MAJSR0YK5G9ZB5Wallace Callow0121310601600expensiveI just bought this exact same box of cat food today at Grocery Outlet for $3.99. You might want to check around and compare.
256889256889B0029NGY4MA70AAUX5A9QZOR. Nath1351328918400Oh my effing LordIt's cat food. If you have a picky cat, or you just like to spend money on soft mushy food for your cat, then this is the food for you.

Or maybe.....just maybe, you yourself like to eat cat food. Well this is cat food.
256890256890B0029NGY4MA2IPHEYQ8YQPGKLynne Nelson "book lover"1311295913600cats didn't like it!I donated this to local food pantry

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