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256951256951B0029NGY4MASALATXVOO93KOC Mom "OC Mom"0031337040000My cats love this smelly fishMy 2 cats are picky tuna lovers and this was all that was available at the time. They still love this, but the smelly fish scent is very strong and the kitchen smells for a bit after they eat it. They still love it. But I don't like the smell. I'd buy it again if there was no other choice. But if there is tuna, I'd go for that instead.
256952256952B0029NGY4MAY248XZFR20X8Trisha Neuschwander0051335312000Kitty Loves ItI have looked for the Sardines and Mackerel for weeks.... My cat Ramses was not happy... I was so pleased to find this available! The kitty food came quickly and was much appreciated! Ramses wants to personally thank you for carrying his favorites... meow, meow, MEOW!!
256953256953B0029NGY4MA3KAB2WMDVS6S3Doug Kueffler "Gruggers"0051334016000Whiskas Tuna Entree for CatsAfter Wal-mart discontinued the tuna packets product from Whiskas I turned to Amazon and found that I could purchase this product by the case (24). This has been the best wet food our cat has ever had, and this is how we deliver his medicine, pulverized into the tuna! He is a picky eater and has rejected every other wet product we have found. So, I am very happy with this product and by subscribing for an automatic monthly delivery, using Amazon Prime, I am saving money and paying less than I did at Wal-mart. Amazon Prime takes care of the postage and the automatic subscription saved me even more. I know I sound like a shill, but I am a happy cat owner.
256954256954B0029NGY4MA19QLFHBU1GXTQDale T. Jenkins "DTJ"0051333497600My Cat's Favorite Seafood DinnersSir Flip loves the taste of Purrfectly Fish. The variety and true fish taste makes him a happy kitty and me an even happier guardian of a cat who used to be a finicky eater. The cost and ease of getting a case [which I've not found in stores]just makes more sense. He's happy and fish oil is great for his coat and skin.
256955256955B0029NGY4MA3MYCJU91K48FMJudith A. Reed "judesters"0051332633600Cat foodAlthough serving this to my cat makes me gag (I am a vegetarian), my cat loves it. She is very picky and can not eat hard foods since she lost some of her teeth. It seems to be hard to get in grocery stores, but I was very happy ordering it from Amazon. They always have good prices and very good delivery times.
256956256956B0029NGY4MA26JYIPTHH25VCMoto0051331424000A cat delicacyMy Kitties(Tuffy and Silki) LOVE this stuff. They will eat other food they are less fond of if I put a tablespoon of this on it. It's got to be the all time fave!
256957256957B0029NGY4MA17LIW1UGS6IKTPaul F. Austin0051329004800Our cats love this stuffThe Whiskas Purrfectly Fish Salmon flavor is a big hit with our kitties, including our cancer-survivor whose appetite (due to chemotherapy) was very poor. The _other_ Whiskas flavors... not so much.
256958256958B0029NGY4MATI8X8CPAU5N6Eleanor Martin "book maven"0051328486400Pleasing MollyMolly wakes me up early telling me it is time for her "breakfast". She really loves the Sardine and Mackerel Entree. I have to rely on her reaction, as I have not tasted it. I give her half a pack in the morning and half at night. I rescued her from the Humane Society, so I do not know what she ate before. She is five years old.

Thank you for sending it once a month and I do not have to go shopping for it. Eleanor Martin
256959256959B0029NGY4MAYAH5HYV62EXVConnie S. Miller0051327622400Just what "The Cat" ordered."The Cat" will not eat anything else although he's been offered a varied menu. It is all about him, I'm told.
256960256960B0029NGY4MA3IINUJ0L32ZR0Barbara Dewey0051326672000very goodI have a very old cat which has lost teeth and her appetite and it seems that this food is one that she will always eat. She was my granddaughters cat but I have had her for 3-4 years she is 14 and though thin is active and healthy .
256961256961B0029NGY4MA12BTR2MVK2BR5xenofan0041326412800my cat prefers this over the other Whiskas brandsMy cat is a fussy eater. I have to cycle between two or three different varieties of cat food in order to keep her happy - and eating! She'd much rather yowl all day long, than eat the same meal twice in a row.

So, when I discovered that she actually likes all three flavors of this Whiskas Purrfectly Fish variety pack, I was very pleased. (Incidentally, she doesn't like two of the flavors in the other Purrfectly fish variety pack, but oh well...) Also, this is a pretty good price for 4 packs of 10 pouches.

I would have been happy to give this food five stars, except for a few minor issues. For starters, pouches are always difficult to open and the food inside tends to often be messy to serve. I've often gotten my hands splattered in juice, whilst I'm trying to feed a hungry cat.

The major issue I have with the food is that it comes in one big piece. When you open the pouch, it kinda slithers out - which is a bit less messy than feeding chunks (and at least all of the meat does come out of the pouch) but my cat won't eat this stuff until I chop it up for her. Usually, that's not easy when she likes to shove her head in the bowl and start licking up the juice.

She'll probably tire of this brand given a few more months, but for now, she definitely really likes it and I appreciate that I have three varieties of flavor to offer her.
256962256962B0029NGY4MA1IPZ9ATPDR56OG Gina0051324425600its all goodI have 2 cats who are completely different........and knowing this I am extremely happy to
feed them the same item WHISKAS/TUNA POUCHES and they both are happy and content. Makes my life all good
knowing the cats are eating well.
256963256963B0029NGY4MABQXS84HVNC1ND. Brenner "gift giver"0051323475200Purrfectly great.My cat was allergic to something in most canned cat foods.
This one has none of the mixtures of other meats mixed with
the tuna. Best of all - he loves it.
256964256964B0029NGY4MA1NK7L4ZS8CNWHR. A. Hoerst0031323302400cat rejected one varietyI like the convenience of always having cat food on hand, but had to change the order because my cat would not eat the sardine and mackerel combination (can't blame him for that!) So I changed to an all-tuna shipment.
256965256965B0029NGY4MA2LEA8LWF8G2U9Meowin' Kitty0051321056000Whiskas Purrfectly Fish Tuna & Whitefish Entree in Natural Juices Food for Cats, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 24)Exactly what I needed, new/sealed and delivered quickly. Variety pack is cheaper per pouch, but my cats like only one flavor, and I wind up throwing out too much uneaten food. This way, with the single variety box, I have no waste, and the one-flavor boxes are hard to find.
256966256966B0029NGY4MAGVHHNGCXSUJECat Mama0041319155200Our kitties love this stuff!We have two very spoiled orange tabby cats who absolutely love this food. It's not always available at our local grocery stores, and not at this good Amazon price. Please keep stocking it!
256967256967B0029NGY4MA1RET8URKV6NVA Customer0051318896000My Cat Loves Whiskas chicken and duckCats can be very finicky when they want to be, my cat will not eat 9 lives, friskies and only a few flavors of Fancy Feast so I have one spoiled cat!! But it seems to love Whiskas Chicken and Duck. Cats are very smart and have good hearing when he heard the UPS truck and saw me bring in this big box he knew his favorite Chicken and Duck was in the box. When I mixed the Whiskas Chicken and Duck with his Whiskas dry about 10 minutes later he licked his plate clean. So instead of wasting money on food he does not like I am sticking with his Chicken and Duck.Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken & Duck in Natural Juices Food for Cats, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 24)
256968256968B0029NGY4MA3P8CU9874SRK5C. christine0021316649600Unwanted IngredientsI was interested in this food and so was my cat until she got ill from two magical ingredients:

Corn Starch-Modified, Wheat Gluten

They do absolutely nothing for your cat but can cause health issues. She did a lot of throwing up and had the runs so I immediately switched to a natural canned cat food, all back to normal - no more sickness.

My even greater concern with these flavors is the tuna/salmon - not only are you feeding them things they can't really process{wheat/corn} but your also feeding them a daily dose of mercury. Worth it?? You tell me when you get the vet bills that could have rather been spent on good food.
256969256969B0029NGY4MA1CT12IHJVQ5IVSharron0051312329600My Cats Just Love ThisMy Cats truly love Whiskas Purrfectly Fish Variety Pack. They love the variety. I serve food to my Cats at about the same times each day. When I began serving Wiskas Purrfectly Fish, and another Wiskas Variety Pack, the began to follow me into the Kitchen with great expectation when it was time for their Wiskas. They watch me prepare each of their dishes with great interest. They follow me as I place their dishes out for them, and then dive in with great gusto. They did not do this when I served competing National Brands. My Cats also love Wiskas dry Cat Food which I make available to them 24 hours a day in a special serving bowl for that. My Cats enjoy good health, abundant energy, and a happy spirit. I am glad that I am able to serve them food that they enjoy and provides nutritional benefits they need.
256970256970B0029NGY4MA3HQKGTU3EQXXZA Customer0051312243200The Cat's Meow!I had the hardest time trying to find a cat food my cats would eat. Every time I got one they would sniff it and then act as if burying it so I could tell they hated it. Finally, I found this food. My cats will not even eat the same flavor even from another brand. I was so upset when Target put the individuals on sale and stopped selling them. Needles to say, when I found this on Amazon I was very happy. Reasonably priced for the amount and my cats are completely satisfied. Will also be ordering from here!
256971256971B0029NGY4MA3ITDFPD4WCXWNLaurie T "Lauriet807"0051311292800Weaned my Kittens!Not only do my full sized cats gobble this up but this was the only food that our 5 week old kittens would eat in order to go to new homes. We were getting down to the wire and the kittens had to eat solid food before they were given away. I tried several kittens formulas and KMR- and they wouldn't eat anything because they preferred nursing. However, when I brought this flavor of Whiskas out all 8 of them gathered around the food dish and gobbled it up as if they were starving. I realize kitten food is said to have the nutrients kittens require but there must be something to this formula for the kittens to take to it that well!
256972256972B0029NGY4MA24MTH7QZV0VNKopenheimer0051307664000My cats love this.My cats are on a diet of super high quality dry food, but once a day I split up a pouch of Whiskas Purrfectly Fish or Chicken between them.

They love it. I haven't been able to find much nutritional value of this particular wet food, but there are real bits of fish and chicken in the pouch. Sometimes, the chicken pouches almost make me want to taste them. The rich gravy and flaky bits of white meat smell like Thanksgiving. I haven't tasted it yet, but if I do I'll update my review.
256973256973B0029NGY4MA1Y78YZQQMKFBYA Customer0041307404800Great if your cats love varietyUnfortunately, my cats are not fans of the sardine and mackerel pack. The sardine & mackerel has actual chunks of fish, but it seems the cats prefer the flaked tuna and the tuna and whitefish. Amazon sells a tuna-only version of this item, so I decided to stick to what my cats like and keep the tuna-only dinner.

The price is comparable to what you will find at your local Wal-Mart. With the added convenience of home delivery with Subscribe and Save, this is a good deal if your cats like the sardine/mackerel dinner.
256974256974B0029NGY4MA18ZQSYTAWBIFMHershey0041306281600Good food for the fish lineThe only downside about this food is that it contains BHA/BHT. As long as you don't overload your cats with this every single day you should be fine, but be cautious of the purrfectly chicken/turkey variety because it does contain BY-products.
256975256975B0029NGY4MA2FBIW0WJU5X3YBabsbny earned her Masters0041305417600Two enthusiastic paws upOkay, so I admit I spoil my cat. These Whiskas Purrfectly Tuna pouches are hit with my furry kiddos. The pouches are easily to open, just simply grasp at the notch and twist. The food is relatively easy to get out of the package. I found it easier to massage the bags first before opening to mix the filling up, otherwise you'll end up with one blob of congealed cat food. Sometimes I'll still need to use a fork to separate and clean out the pouch.

These pouches per ounce maybe more expensive than some of the other canned food, but the convenience of not using a can opener and easy at putting the food in the bowl are worth the extra nickel or two you might save.

Truth wise, my cats love the Fancy Feast Appetizers for Cats, Chicken & Beef, 2-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 12) and if given a taste test would probably prefer, but at about $1.46 per tub, they don't get to eat it very often.
256976256976B0029NGY4MAX8IL8KBVLF05Bayou Belle0041299283200Good standard cat foodThe Whiskas tuna is one of the few non-premium cat food that doesn't have grains or meal in it. My guys like this, but to be honest they really prefer the premium brands, Sigh!
256977256977B0029NGY4MA2MY9VXHZYAHUZKimba W. Lion ""0041297555200Cats love it I hate the pouches.
256978256978B0029NGY4MA2BU7S8E2RSSYHAnita Grauer0041289520000My cats favorite foodI use to get this product at my local Petsmart until they no longer carried it other than in a variety pack. The Mackeral is their favoite and my cats were soooo upset when I couldn't get it. So I turned to Amazon to find it and now order it online in large quantities just to have it. They're happy once again.
256979256979B0029NGY4MA3DID7JUQSVCUDiane Gregg0051285372800Whiska's Purrfectly Fish and Purrfectly Chicken Improved My Cats' HealthI used to never feed my cats wet food because they preferred dry and I thought it was fine as long as they drank plenty of water. After losing one cat to death mysteriously and another one to kidney disease I decided to follow the advice of many on the web and switch to wet food. I tried many brands including the most expensive, but my three cats prefer Whiskas Purrfectly Fish and Purrfectly Chicken to all others. I mix them together in the bowl. All three of my cats run to the bowls to gobble up the food and they don't leave a morsel. Also, my cats do not throw up this food like they do dry food. I can't believe the change in their health. In just a short time my two older boys went from being round fatties to having shape and nice healthy curves. And their coats are absolutely gorgeous. The oils in the food obviously create a nice sheen. Also, the shedding is way down. Thanks Whiskas and keep it comin'.
256980256980B0029NGY4MA19FZBMLOQX9GIboomer0031285113600shipping cost high, product excellentReceived 24 packets of cat food - quantity was unclear in advertising.
The packaging protected against damage as if the packets were crystal glassware.
The shipping cost was too high for the amount of product received.
My cat loves it, so I will find some alternative to keep a supply.

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