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257011257011B003V8SO10A23L56OY3AR0QXchukka1151318809600Best Coconut waternaked coconut water is the closest to real coconut water(drank directly from coconut itself).

nothing can beat the real one but this is as close you can get .. i tried all other varieties of coconut water and this is the one i like.. but expensive though..
257012257012B003V8SO10A1UE8M40X4KRPWAramis1151311120000YUMMYFirst time trying coconut water.. great product. Rehydrates me quickly especially when its chilled. Good taste, not too sweet, not too plain. Best post-workout drink you can drink. Will buy again if it goes below $1.5 per box.
257013257013B003V8SO10A29HSII7DT0D15Natural Mama1141302825600Not sweetI've tried ONE and Vita Coco. I don't remember if those two tasted different since I wasn't comparing taste at the time, but decided to try Naked since it was on sale for .99 each. It's definitely not as sweet or flavorful as ONE or Vita Coco, but if that's because it has less sugar then I'm fine with it. I've always thought well of the Naked brand so I'm sure they know what they are doing. I'm also pregnant so it's good to hydrate myself with electrolytes and I know coconut water is chock full of them and other good stuff.
257014257014B003V8SO10A2S2BRYYYZUYHWandie5551151296518400I love this stuffThis is my favorite coconut water. I've tried about 4 other brands and I just didn't like them. They had too much pulp in them or had a terrible after taste. Naked coconut water is smooth and has just the right amount of sweetness. It's very refreshing and makes me feel healthier. My grocery store actually got rid of it for about 2 months and now they brought it back. I was very happy the day I saw it back on the shelves. At least it's available on Amazon now too!
257015257015B003V8SO10A2JB7WRX86Y1YDNaveen Ramaiah3451282694400True Coconut WaterI have been using ZICO Bottled Coconut Water(see my reviews there) and have not been very happy with the ADDED FLAVOR in ZICO. I have used different NAKED juice products for sometime and have been happy with their REAL & TRUE 100% juice products. I tried NAKED COCONUT WATER and this is the best you can get closer to real coconut water with NO added flavors. Love the product.
257016257016B003V8SO10A4FTDP1L4Q810Nihar Reddy "Nihar"3451282521600Most Natural without any artificial sweetnersI grew up drinking coconut water of the freshly cut fruits from trees. I tasted all the brands except "Zico". I found "Naked" the closest to the fresh natural coconut water. It didn't taste any artificial contents nor sweeteners like other brands taste probably to enhance taste. Especially Vita coco does taste like natural coconut water with little bit of added sweetener flavor. This is my personal opinion. I use "Naked" coconut water for my 18 Months Old Daughter daily.
Jan 15th 2011: I'm satill using it. Its been couple of Months now and by far this is the Best
257017257017B003V8SO10A3QO4VXCK8HLU9Susie "Bookworm"5711312588800Terrible tasteI come from the islands and have enjoyed fresh coconut water for years. I thought this would be a nice alternative to fresh, wrong. The product is horrible, it tastes strange. Not sure if the taste is affected by the packaging, product quality, or both. Total waste of money.
257018257018B003V8SO10A2D78UZTXR9AKBChicago71011305072000Naked Coconut Water expiring in a monthToday is 5/11/11 and I received the Naked Coconut water from Amazon. They have expiration date of 6/26/2011. If I go to the store and get them today, they are easily good for another several months. This is such a negative experience for me. Will never order food item from Amazon again.
257019257019B003V8SO10A2AV7FGNFTEVFGSun No91351281312000Taste comes close to water from a real coconutMy mom needs potassium due to her high blood pressure meds and she hates eating bananas. So my sister sent her a case of the Vita Coco brand of coconut water and while it tastes better than the ONE brand, it still has a weird chemical taste to it. In the meantime while waiting on the Naked coconut water shipment, we found out that real coconut water straight out of the coconut actually tastes really good, what you would imagine coconut water ought to taste like rather than the odd sweat taste from the tetra paks. Although the Naked brand coconut water doesn't taste as good as the real thing, it is much better than the Vita Coco and ONE brands.
257020257020B003V8SO10A1H1U67JFF7N7TSchpeen6911302307200Tasted bad. Tossed most in the trashI lived in the islands for 5 years and I know coconut water. This stuff is garbage. Tasted rancid. Not happy!
257021257021B003V8SO10A11VAOCPVENXIPB. Le4621305072000Naked coco water sucksI've been a fan of coconut water since I was a kid and until recently, other than getting it straight from a coconut, it was hard to find pure coconut water drinks without a bunch of additives and sugars (although I enjoy those too). needless to say, after trying my first brand (O.N.E.), I've been on a coco water rampage. I've tried vita coco, amy and brian's, blue monkey, zico, c20, O.N.E., etc. most are good, some are whatever (zico, vitacoco). vitacoco has days in which it tastes ok and some days I must be getting bad packages cus they suck.

Naked, however, sucks every. single. time. it hardly has that distinctive coconut scent/taste. good coconut water is supposed to be even more refreshing than water after a good work out but I don't enjoy the taste of Naked at all.

unfortunately for customers, coconut water comes at a premium price and is hardly affordable per fluid oz, so if you're going to shell out $$$ to get some, get something worthwhile, like O.N.E., C2O, or blue monkey coconut water.
257022257022B003V8SO10AI44RRF55NP0TSky Guy "Sky Guy"0031349568000Ehhh, OK, but it's not as good as others I've triedI'm a huge Coconut water fan. When I travel I love just getting them fresh from street vendors and having them machete the top off and drinking it right there.

This Naked coconut water, I thought tasted a bit old. Definitely not as fresh or sweet as other brands like VitaCoco.

I got one of the large boxes at the store, it had 4 servings. I usually love coconut water, but this flavor I just liked. Better than nothing, but not as good as others I've tried.
257023257023B003V8SO10A1QG26S4H8R0IALauren0011347840000Half were expired!I have been drinking this beverage for over 2 years. This package was terrible. Half of the coconut waters were expired as of March of this year. They tasted spoiled and disgusting. Not sure how this QC matter didn't get caught.
257024257024B003V8SO10A1UPSY9F6890BXwaynn0041346889600Not the best but the price makes it worth it.While not the greatest coconut water I've ever had, it's very good and for the price you really can't go wrong. I haven't found it this cheap in the grocery stores so if you like Naked products then you should get this. Shipping was pretty good and I had no issues with the quality of the product.
257025257025B003V8SO10A1DL86U37XNEEIjoyfuljuice0051346544000The Best Coconut WaterAfter tasting nearly every coconut water on the market, this is the best coconut water I have tasted and closest to the real thing.
257026257026B003V8SO10A4XPIW7HIP6U2Pen Name0011339113600Tastes sourWe just got this today and couldn't take more than one sip each. Even smelling it after, it smells like it has gone bad. We actually thought it had expired, but it says it's still good for six months. Never buying this brand again.
257027257027B003V8SO10A1451S4US0CEKFA. Baliga "abaliga"0011339113600Not impressedTried this because it was on sale, but I would stick to Zico or Vita Coco, this one has a foul after taste.
257028257028B003V8SO10A1QBJG8HYFH8GIzamoraw0051333497600The best package coconut waterNaked coconut water from Brazil tastes the closes to nature has the least amount of sugar and sodium, and the most potassium compare to others in the marketplace.
257029257029B003V8SO10A3TTENLCPJX73HPenelope B.0051330214400Refreshing!I love Naked coconut water since it is all natural (no added sugar) and not too sweet. I just discovered this drink about six months ago and I've been hooked since. This coconut water is so refreshing to drink during my long training runs, and definitely during the half-marathon and full marathon races I've been doing for the past six months. Will definitely be continuing my monthly subscription of two cases per month since it's a really good deal (as compared to purchasing them at the local store). I highly recommend this drink for runners!
257030257030B003V8SO10A355MHF6HNAC15Rehana Islam0051329609600Love it!Naked coconut juice is delicious! I drink this in place of gatorade when I am doing cardio. It keeps you hydrated and keeps you enerized. I noticed when I do a rigorous cardio workout and drink naked coconut juice, I do not feel light headed afterwards at all! I will definitely be purchasing more of this in the future.
257031257031B003V8SO10ANYVAVVBIKK7GNorma0051328832000Love it!!!I love coconut water and this one is soooo good!! (and healthy as well) I also LOVE Mighty Mango Naked juice.
257032257032B003V8SO10A1QCQE5XW37LN1Short Stain0041327795200Pretty good coconut.Naked is a bit more neutral than Zico in my opinion, and tastier than ONE (I can't really explain how, but you have to try the two of them). I like Naked a lot, except out of the 4 cases I ordered, some of them in the 2nd case so far have tasted a little bit off, almost a little sour in aftertaste. Not expired though. I drank them all anyways to no ill effect, so I think I'll be safe in that regard.

Also, no packaged coconut juice is going to come close to using a machete and hacking off a fresh one and sticking a straw in it, because I believe most of these are heat-treated for storage purposes. A sterile liquid from a coconut would harbor bacteria pretty quickly if it wasn't pasteurized. I might be wrong on this, but I remember reading somewhere that all coconut waters are pasteurized - a bit of a pity when you consider that you do lose some nutrient value.
257033257033B003V8SO10A30MBFOW6L1PASCoconutDripping0031327536000Its okayNot as sweet, taste natural yet missing that sweet taste of coconut or missing that flavor of natural coconut, almost taste like water down coconut. fyi
257034257034B003V8SO10A4K8F9IFVP8QVMiguel A Cortes0041327276800Not as sweet as others!I really like the fact that is not as sweet as other brands, for some reason still does not taste 100% natural but is close enough.
257035257035B003V8SO10A1TY97XOKVQTQFElena0051324944000Naked coconut water is naked indeedWhoever likes the natural product, this drink is for you. It's like you just split a coconut and drink from inside. I personally prefer Nirvana brand, because it's a little bit more sweet.
257036257036B003V8SO10A1QY991O3OY4RRHank30051324598400Great tasting Coconut Water!!!I've tried other brands but this is better due to the lesser amount of sugar content. Very refreshing and satisfying. Treat yourself to this wonderful water today!!!
257037257037B003V8SO10A2AZKS3GL4YPQ7PN "PN in DC"0031323820800not badit is real coconut water, it is not sweet at all. it is not bad for what it is and for low sugar.
257038257038B003V8SO10A5LMG2EKJY2DQsdds140051318809600Great taste from the great brandWas li'l skeptical at the beginning to order this product online without tasting...but neither the brand nor the seller let me down!! great taste - not too sweet..tastes like more from young tender coconuts....
257039257039B003V8SO10A2CY6JAGGPJCTLMaggie0051318118400PerfectThis is my favorite out of all brands. I think it tastes the closest with less sugar than most. I subscribe and save on this item and it is well worth it!!
257040257040B003V8SO10A1G0XM9I91YYZJRichie Etwaru0041316563200Refreshing ...Tastes almost natural, if the packaging is telling the truth, fairly healthy, best of all it seems to stay fresh over time ... suggestion, add some small pieces of pulp, Like Grace's Coconut water found here ... [...]

-Richie Etwaru

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