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257071257071B003V8SO10A31QZ0AF3CMEJLTed Kamp0241284336000MMM hydratedThis does really help keep you hydrated.

But life is still so disappointing in so many ways. And American society is so riven with selfish, myopic viewpoints. And one feels so helpless in the face of the ongoing ecological crises. Am I putting too much pressure on Naked 100% Naked Coconut Water?
257072257072B003V8SO10A3TIACCF9FM8PBREPTAA "REPTAA"0251281484800great for hydrationthis brand is a little sweeter than vita brand...I take a lot of water pills and ofter have cramps...I started drinking coconut water a month ago and I have not had any cramps...I was eating two Bananas a day...the trouble with Bananas is the fruit flys,keep bananas around and sooner or later you will have the fruit flys around...
257073257073B003V8SO10A1M4DT2FR4KWASSunny0311325894400Not real coconut water.I have purchased this item during the thanks giving 2010 when it was on sale for 9 $ or so. on Amazon site, price was slick deal when compared to VITA COCO i buy regularly, so went and ordered 3 12 packs .
The first sip from Naked was a disaster, it does not taste like 100% coconut water, VITA coco is far far better than this product.
Customer be aware not to buy this product as it is being offered at a cheap price, you will regret it.
257074257074B003V8SO10A5MZ1J5GJCPD8aravis0331288742400Naked Coconut water tastes that wayThis product didn't have quite the same taste as the Zico coconut water that I also tried. I'll order Zico instead.
257075257075B003V8SO10A206A6G71Q8MCUR. Sullivan1821322870400Very unlike real coconut milk.Obviously this is a personal preference review, but I'm a fan of coconut milk directly from a coconut and this tastes nothing like it.

I'm not sure of the percentages of coconut milk and water, but this tastes like water with a mild, musty coconut aftertaste. Definitely not appetizing.
257076257076B0016JA4XCA1RRHET1QIP1YKDaniel Hill4451279843200Yummy flavorful chips!I thought I would try these since I have tried and liked BOULDER BRAND! WOW! These chips are really flavorful and pack a powerful punch. I am really happy with the flavor and you need NO DIP! I also noticed that these chips can be eaten and do not leave a residue or coloring on the fingers. Fantastic crunch and texture. Happy with the bags also. Needed scissors to cut open, but hey, they aren't all broken into pieces because of the strong bag. I liked the way they stood all twelve bags up in the box and then sat that box into the shipping carton. Nicely packed and arrived, crush free. Happy with the entire purchase. Will be buying these again.
257077257077B0016JA4XCA2TIGUXKJXBX2VT. Nathe0041291939200Great chipsBeen looking for this flavor since I tried the TGIF brand, hard to find, these are slightly greasy but as good as the other brand I tried.
257078257078B0016JA4XCA2W9B725TZBXOXMrs.58 "GimmeDaOldDaze"0121314403200Not very....good.
The bar-b-que style was on sale recently and we tried those, they seemed spicy for chips but quickly became addictive.

These are greasy, salty and odd tasting.
Read the ingredients before buying.
257079257079B0001N48SGAMW7MCK2E6SQSEllen Cooper "ellen14620"6651088553600Jade Green Tea is the best I have tastedI recently bought a Melitta One:One expecting to love the coffee. Instead I love this tea! I have tasted many varieties of green tea in my life. By far, this is my favorite. The hint of lemon is a perfect addition to the flavor and not overpowering.
257080257080B0001N48SGAMW7MCK2E6SQSEllen Cooper "ellen14620"5551088553600Jade Green Tea is the best I have tasted!I recently bought the Melitta One:One coffee maker expecting to love the coffee. Instead, I love this tea! The hint of lemon is perfect. I have tasted many varieties of green tea. By far, this is my favorite. This tea is excellent hot or iced!
257081257081B0001N48SGA1ZLOST7FE1PENM. Stivers2251142294400Tastes GreatI'm new to Green Tea, but I wanted to give these a shot after I got my Senseo machine. I was pleasently surprised with the taste. It is very smooth, with a light taste of lemon. These aren't made for the Senseo machine, but they work just as well.
257082257082B0001N48SGA2U01LCOQA5VTWSharon Jack Robinson0041230076800Excellent green teaThe tea is really smooth and has a very nice taste. It takes only seconds to prepare. No boiling water. The pod is great, as well as this tea.
257083257083B0001N48SGA1IYUU4NY1D112R. Martindale0051139270400Yum!I love this tea! I use my Senseo pod brewer, and 1 pod of this tea makes 8oz of the most wonderful tea I ever have tasted. It it not too lemony, but light and soothing. I put sweetener and a little milk in it and there is a foamy cream on top. I plan on buying more of these tea pods.
257084257084B0001N48SGA3RS20TVZMC9IAnoah'smom0051136332800Wonderful flavor!This tea really is wonderful. It does have a hint of lemon but it is the perfect amount and I agree that it is very fresh tasting. I use them in my Senseo and it works perfectly. I just received my first box and I am already ordering more to have on hand.
257085257085B0001N48SGA3GRIFDDYBBW67Lara Halvorsen "Heather"0051132012800You don't need the one:one brewer to make this amazing tea!I picked these up at Ulta on clearance, w/o owning the one:one brewer, and am able to use the pods just as you would a regular tea bag. This stuff is awesome! I was not a huge fan of green tea, but after trying these out, I had to find a way to purchase more! My co-workers agree- this is the freshest-tasting green tea we've ever tried! HIghly recommended.
257086257086B0001N48SGA1N2URKQHOV6D7L. W. Spruill "Bill"0051129852800Green tea at its bestThis is a wonderful full flavored tea with no 'bite' that I've encountered with many other greens. I've bought at least a dozen boxes, both to use and to give away. Like the cereal commercial says "Mikey likes it"
257087257087B0001N48SGATNZA7EE83D47Jessica G. "lilac_jive"0051108857600Mmmmmm.....I was thoroughly suprised how good this tea tasted. I was really bummed that they didn't come up with a green tea flavor (my favorite), so picked up this, the closest thing. It is amazing. A perfect balance of sweetness with just the right amount of flavor. If you have a one:one pod maker (and you should, greatest coffee maker for single people), definetly try these out. It makes me even more happy I bought the pod machine I did, this is some of the best tea I've ever tasted. You can pick them up here, at Target (who has the best prices), or your possibly your local grocery store.
257088257088B003TV7KXWA3OW579U5QXWHMP. Sanders0051286755200Just Right!The perfect snack for those wanting something with great taste but not too much food.
257089257089B002U91V0CA1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner0051339286400I guess you would have to want one pretty bad to pay the shippingThe five stars on this review is strictly for the product!

A&W Rootbeer, including the diet version, is made with aged vanilla. As a teen, I worked at an A&W and served the Rootbeer in frosty mugs. Since then, it is the only brand that tastes like real root beer to me. As a diabetic, I have switched to the diet, and love the fact that it is caffeine free. Of course, even the diet makes a nice root beer float!

Would I buy this on Amazon? Maybe if I was stationed overseas using a military P.O. Box and was really desperate. It's one of those things you just have to decide for yourself.

But yeah, even the diet A&W is worthy of the name.
257090257090B004KNOZ54A3BT3V7W4COCXSDeanna3351332633600great fast food!!I have now ordered the Tandoor Chef Spinach & Paneer Cheese Pizza three times. The first time was in the heat of Texas summer. Their packaging is not sufficient for 100+ degrees. The next two times were winter and spring. There was dry ice still in the box both times. So, be aware of weather when you order and order at the beginning of the week so it doesn't sit in a warehouse over the weekend.
They are delicious! I had tried them at a local grocer. But, the grocer was bought by a bigger chain and stopped carrying them. So I have been very pleased that I can buy them through Amazon.
257091257091B004KNOZ54A3GZJRI6F6ULKILorraine Rotundo2251328054400Shipping problem ,but I tried againIt shipped Jan 19 and arrived Feb 1, so it took 12 days to arrive. I had to throw it away.Too bad because the first pizza I bought was really good and i intended to make it a steady purchase.But now I'm not so sure I trust this company again.

I wanted to come back and write a better review.Since I love all these pizzas,I ordered again (and then again) and now I get my orders with no problems.I do not know what happened with the first order but this one arrived in good time and the pizzas were wonderful.
I must say thses pizzas are so good they have spoiled me for eating any other pizzas.Even the ones in my home town.I have tried all the flavors Naan has and I love them all.I will continue to buy them <3
257092257092B004KNOZ54AG1JWQCP2UKI7KGS2251324339200Delicioius and easy to prepareThese are great to keep in the freezer. A little peppery, but not too much. You can add additional toppings if you like, but not necessary. I prepare on perforated pan, on lower shelf of oven, and because I like a crispy crust add a few min. to cooking time.
257093257093B004INKHQMA1MR1VMK999I6OMotherLodeBeth "MotherLodeBeth"115134092800010 star WOW Please try this!!It was the label that caught my eye because I love anything with ginger and with the lemon I assumed this would have a lovely bite, and then i read that the maker was into delicious yet nutritious foods. And NO high fructose corn sweetener!!! YES!!!!

Love that this awesome spread also has organic garlic, organic honey, organic lemon, organic spices, as well as the top organic flaxseeds and organic ginger. Everything is 100% organic. And it tastes so wonderfullllll. Bear in mind this is not a tame spread, nor is it extremely spicey. If you love ginger and lemon you should love it.

Suggesting that its addictive is probably going to far, but being mostly vegetarian I am always looking for hearty items that I can use on veggie burgers, steamed fish or grilled chicken for my guests. And every one LOVED this. And I was even happier when I found out Amazon carries this product, which I buy a lot.
257094257094B004INKHQMAAFO7XC4SJSY0Curious "hrk"1151334361600Interesting delicately spicy alternative spreadWow, I saw Laxmi's lemony flaxseed spread with ginger at the grocery and thought I would try it because it sounded so unusual. I am glad I did! The spread is delicious, wonderful on crackers or bread, offering a wonderful light Indian spiced flavor. It's a little expensive, but a little goes a long way and I am glad that I have a new addition to my appetizer / snack / light meal options.
257095257095B004INKHQMA2CBA72M109D4IHumble Chris "Keeper of the Faith"0051348358400A Delicious and Versatile Spread!While walking the aisles of Wegmans yesterday I came across this product, and after reading the back I though, "hey, this sounds kind of good!" When I got back I tried it instantly on a multigrain craker and all I could think was WOW! The spread is a little sweet, a little spicy, a little savory, and could honestly go with just about anything. I can even imagine using this as an addition to my chicken marinade, or on top of baked salmon. The possibilities truly are endless, and the best part is that this product is actually healthy. So if you have the chance to buy this, you really have to give it a try - you will NOT regret it!
257096257096B000EUF9D4A2H2LJCQ5DJ5K3rc "Adopt a shelter pet PetFinder."1151271203200Excellent product, as advertised.This has no unnatural additives and is organic. The other reviewer may have been looking for something more traditional in chocolate. If you're looking for something like hershey's, this won't taste like that. This is much more natural in form, flavor, etc.

And part of the proceeds go to help protect animals!
257097257097B000EUF9D4A2PFFMVPXXS0EFAda P. Russell0051329696000Genuine Chocolate- BEST!I love animals. This is so far the BEST flavor- milk chocolate with cherries! Yum! The wrappers have interesting, eye-opening stories.
I am also a chocoholic, so I've tried every kind of chocolate (especially being Vegan for almost a year while living in europe), and I genuinely love this chocolate. Yes, it's not fresh chocolate from Belguim, but it's VERY CLOSE!! I will never buy another kind of chocolate besides Endangered Species Chocolate from Whole Foods. Ever. I have settled on this chocolate after exploring a ton.
257098257098B000EUF9D4AU6890Q08RKEGV. T.0211271030400Milk chocolate with cherriesThe chocolate is not smooth and left a strange after taste. I wouldn't buy it again.

This is a review for milk chocolate with cherries.
257099257099B0087J7U90A2PZCR40G8D80IAnn Fox "Buffy"0051350000000Wonderful productI had used the Honey Panko Japanese Bread Crumbs when I lived in South Carolina and found the product locally. After moving to West Virginia I have been unable to find the "bread crumbs" until now. If you have never used this product you should try it - creates a light "breading" on fish, chicken, veal etc. and can be used either when frying or baking your meat choice. I am sure others have many variable options in using the honey panko bread crumbs - but the bottom line is - this product is fantastic.
257100257100B001B8YROUA2FXRNXC7O8NN2Danielle N. Walker0051324425600Love Yogi Detox TeaI love this tea. It tastes great, and keeps you healthy too. I usually get it at whole foods but got it for a much better price on amazon.

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