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257101257101B001B8YROUA1WAYVM44HACOOClint Rock0041320019200Detox in a boxThe smell of this tea lingers. Kinda of a spicy, cinnamony, licorice flavor. I was going to add some lemon until I smelled it. So I added just a little agave nectar for sweetener. Not bad, but not great. Does it work? I would like to know, but have no means to tell.
257102257102B0071FR66SA2Z8AB4QB4FEFLShoshi0051348444800zingyI ordered these for my nephews who are now at college and cooking for themselves. They asked me if I'd send some from home, but ordered them some instead. The order arrived in a very timely manner and the guys are cooking up a storm.
257103257103B000FGCD1SA3S15YGZ6W6EV2K. Varraso222341157500800Delightful, crunchy and um....gone.Freeze dried fruit is expensive, since many fruits are about 90% water, and strawberries are no exception. This little 1/2 lb container was made with 5 lbs of fruit. The flavor is very concentrated, as was the price. Most people couldn't down 5 lbs of strawberries in a few minutes, but downing these little treats is something else again. I'd look at them as healthy candy alternative. it contains the same vitamins, materials, fiber and nutrients as 5 lb. of strawcerries but it also has the sugar and calories as 5 lbs of fruit, too. They're awfully yummy, so try not to get too addicted to them.
257104257104B000FGCD1SA330RCGGBDMAXGG. Jackson "TnGJ"8851163030400THE best thing for Oatmeal!Strawberries never tasted so good! I've never eaten fresh strawberries before because FRESH ones were always hard to find! These freeze dried berries seem to have come from flawless berries because they - just - taste - so - darn - good. They almost look fake because they're so perfect, they're BIG, have a deep red color and emit a delightfully strong strawberry aroma. I couldn't stop digging into the tub and eating hand-fulls of them. If you love Strawberry N Cream flavored instant Oatmeal then you should definitely try making your own with these strawberries and steel cut oats! (I haven't found the perfect cream, any suggestions?) Also, it is VERY important that you use an airtight or vacuum sealable storage container for these, just after about five days the berries will begin to become soft and lose their crunch and some flavor.
257105257105B000FGCD1SA374POWERPF1X3enb147751160870400Totally strawberries and totally addictiveI've been ordering these direct for a couple of years and am glad to find they're now sold by Amazon (so I can use Amazon gift certificates!). They are intensely flavored freeze-dried strawberries and they will make even the most boring cereal (say, Shredded Wheat & Bran) tasty enough to eat every day. Just try not to eat them straight from the container or they'll be gone in no time. I agree with another reviewer who advised putting them into an airtight container; otherwise, if you live in a humid area you can end up with a sticky, stale mess.

Unfortunately they are really expensive but hey, they have definitely upped my fruit intake. I recommend the blueberries too.
257106257106B000FGCD1SA3966TRSIWW4Q2Tinybear "TechGeek"8951164585600Great StrawberriesThese are really the best dried strawberries you can get. They have no added sugar but they are extremely sweet and everyone enjoys them. They are perfect to add to cereal in the morning or simply to eat as a snack (although eating as a snack gets a little expensive). I only wish they were a little cheaper as I could justify buying more, other than that, they are terrific dried strawberries.
257107257107B000FGCD1SA3FG5E1JKYNJP2Tiffany A. Ballinger6751157846400Yummy and very Addicting!!These are so yummy! My whole family loves them! My daughter and I eat them straight from the container while my husband, who is dieting, loves them mixed in with his yogurt. My son won't eat his Rice Krispies or Cheerios without sprinkling these over the top. You can't imagine how addicting these little strawberries are!!!
257108257108B000FGCD1SA3KZCNV1N8R9GCdiljs6751157068800In case you were wondering"1 pound of Just Strawberries equals 10 pounds of fresh strawberries"
257109257109B000FGCD1SAY11F8HH2L4MPAirlee Owens "Airlee"81031163030400Great, InitiallyI loved these dried strawberries. In fact after I started munching on them right out of the container I had a hard time stopping. It was sort of like eating potato chips, "Bet you can't eat just one!" The only problem I have had is that once opened you probably should get rid of them quickly because the container lid just does not keep out the moisture and after a relatively short time you are eating something less than dried berries, more like potato chips which had laid around open for a few days.
257110257110B000FGCD1SA21NV6BVVA1KG0Kci32251160265600My kids only want to eat these!I have a hard time getting my kids to eat all the fruit I want them to. I have one child who is extremely picky at the dinner table. He LOVES these snacks and will ask for them everyday. I'm afraid he loves them too much because they are expensive. They are not the sugar coated candy dried fruit you purchase at the store so don't expect that type of taste. Some of the fruit will take a little getting use to but when you do you will love them. I even catch my husband eating them for a snack.
257111257111B000FGCD1SAV6SMM9UG83X77kids&counting0051174176000Best strawberries everThese are the best snack ever. They have a far more consistent taste than "regular" strawberries and I absolutely love "regular" strawberries". I don't put them on cereal or anything because I usually don't have any left by the time I get ready to have cereal! I eat them right out of the tub but once opened they must be put into an air-tight container to preserve the crunch. I highly recommend them and I'm gonna order some more right now!
257112257112B000FGCD1SA34MH4G98GS6N2GRK0611162512000AwfulI purchased this item based on its reviews. I Love strawberries, but these are Awful!
257113257113B000FGCD1SA30QIRX0TROA6AJonathan Green "defrocked cultural anthropolo...0811160179200The evil fruit of 21st century decadance!What kind of sick genetically engineered horror is this?! Both a tomato and a strawberry, it must have been devised by some mad scientist and loosed upon an unwary world.

And it's being sold with the usual slipperiness of the product naming industry. While being of both tomatoes and strawberries, it's advertised as Just, or solely, both of them.

Don't fall for their corrupt science and sophistry!!!
257114257114B000FGCD1SA2WAP3D72BH75CS. "strap"53511166572800Tomato or Strawberry?I couldn't tell if these were tomatoes or strawberries, so I ordered Just Tomatoes Just Strawberries, 4-Ounce Tub, and I'm not sure what I got. Whatever they are, there's none of that sweet juicy fruity goodness you find in both strawberries and tomatoes. They should call these...Just Something Dried Up That Just Used to be Fruit or something like that.
257115257115B004HIHWDOA1E6CXEWKLICRQJ. L. Bredin0051335052800Good projects for medium chewersMy vet recommended "pressed bone" chews for my dog, and these seem more economical than most dog chews. My 45lb dog will generally finish one of these bones in 2-3 sittings. She doesn't seem motivated to perform tricks for these bones, but when she's bored, she'll go to her crate, bring back a pressed bone, and chew.

I think the chews help keep her teeth clean, and my dog prefers pressed bone to shoes and furniture. The Cadet bones don't seem to be staining the carpet, either. The smell is neutral
257116257116B000FDB3S0A11Q9SHJIWOYB4Tom Huber2211292371200It's NOT REAL Hungarian PaprikaIf you look at the paprika, it's not REAL Hungarian. Thus, this is why it says Hungarian "style." Don't be fooled by sellers who sell you Spanish or Chinese paprika under the umbrella of "Hungarian Paprika." Also, they can't even spell "Kalocsai" right on the can! So much for their 'Hungarian style' of FAKE Hungarian paprika. I highly suggest to pass on this item!
257117257117B000FDB3S0A2TRAZI3XMZAT9O. Wynn2251248912000What a great deal!Any fan of quality Hungarian or Spanish Paprika knows that it's expensive to buy by the can, especially if you use it regularly. I use a lot of sweet paprika to make my BBQ rub so I couldn't pass up on this deal when I came across it. I even gave a few cans to family and friends.
257118257118B000FDB3S0A3IVYA74SP63UOBrygantor0031282176000Just a few wordsThe delivery time was great,and the Paprika itself was very good. I ordered it for my wife, and she really likes it.
257119257119B000FDB3S0A13N7PEPHI0AIEM. S. Oliver11551162425600Hungarian style paprikaAfter visiting Kolacsa, Hungary, this summer 2006, I wanted to give Paprika to my friends but could not carry enough home in my luggage. I ordered Hungarian "style" from this vendor and received the product very quickly. Even though I have not used the paprika, I was pleased with the service. Five star rating is for the company.
257120257120B0075VIUY0A383D7642GIF4ZL. Sidney0051343433600Delicious!This hot chocolate, available in the U.K. for about 3.50 pounds ($5.50), is delicious. It is also lactose-free, which is fantastic for people like me! Just add your own milk, heat, and enjoy!
257121257121B002GWH5TEA1QP7XS0E4G2P3uthaman "uthaman5"0031300752000UPDATE - Better Result with Fewer Grounds (Mediocre and Stale Tasting)UPDATE:
I achieved a slightly improved result by using less coffee (fewer grounds). Some of the bitterness was coming from making it too strong.

So, 3.5 Stars now.

Still feel the beans are not quite as fresh as my previous order (Guatemala , Organic Fair Trade Huehuetenango)

My only other Coffee Bean Direct experience was good...with Guatemala , Organic Fair Trade Huehuetenango. It has been excellent.

This recent purchase of Sumatra Gayoland has been disappointing.

Not much aroma. Beans are a bit over-roasted. Not much oil on the bean.

As a result it tastes burned/bitter, stale and one-dimensional.

I won't purchase again (even though good value) because quality and consistency is primary importance to me. I can't be disappointed every morning by a mediocre cup of coffee.

BTW - I use a French press and properly grind just before putting into perfectly heated water. Brew for 4 minutes using timer. Very particular.
257122257122B0001PB9I6A19TAINKR2S3OClance0051350432000THE best hot sauce bar none!Tried LOTS of hot sauces.. THIS one has the right thickness, texture & taste for me. Believe me, I tried dozens and found this one 15 year's ago and STILL using it.
257123257123B005NDY0S2A1Y92JWAKHRXDTBrent McIntosh0051325030400Yule logsDelicious! A very tasty treat for the holidays. Our whole family enjoyed these Yule log rolls filled with cream. Our two year old daughter would have eaten that for dinner given the chance. A very festive treat.
257124257124B004OBJB92A1P2BAXH11PVW1larry blackburn0051348358400Basil mustard, FallotExcellent! All the mustards I've tried of this brand are very good. Great price for a great product. I am French, I know a good mustard when I taste one, and these are it.
257125257125B001EKD3POA2FOMLKUHMOWTTW. Calkins3351279756800This product is excellentI have used this product, bought at Sam's Club when I was a member, for many years. Works perfectly in my bread machine every time. Two pounds seemed an incredible amount when I started, but I found I could keep an unopened package in the freezer and transfer the opened package to a jar I kept in the freezer. When making bread, I simply add a couple of teaspoons of the frozen yeast from the jar directly to the bread pan. I have had the yeast keep for about four to six years (two 1 lb packages) without a problem. I'm nearing the end of my last (4th) pound and looked to Amazon for a replacement. Glad to find it on Amazon even though it's a few dollars more expensive than Sam's. Still a wonderful deal! Dirt cheap compared to packets and small jars.
257126257126B001EKD3POAUZFM3V5IN4FFVera L. Taylor "Animal Lover"1151306281600yeasteI will always buy from this store and this brand/quantity of product. an EXCELLENT price. The product is great. I bought this threw
257127257127B001EKD3POAID3Q5FCJ5P9CMasen0051341792000Flei. Instant YeastExcellent product did the job well ,no complaints at all I use it mainly for making Pizza and Pita bread dow a very good value for the money when you compare to the small sachettes they sell at grocery stores.
257128257128B001EKD3POA3VJT5UZKFIXEKKevin0051321315200Beats the heck out of store bought packagesIf you own a bread maker or make your own bread buy this yeast. I have a jar from the store bought yeast I used to buy that I store my current batch in. All the rest goes in the freezer to delay the expiration date. This stuff works great - I'm making the best ciabatta bread I've ever seen with this stuff. It makes great pizza dough, too.
257129257129B001EKD3POAFV2EMFYRRKQZStar1954 "Star1954"2811276473600If I could give this zero stars, I would.I was very excited to find this product. It is suppose to be the same yeast as in the "Rapid Rise" and the product for bread machines. I used the exact amount for my recipe: a typical 1/4 ounce strip envelope equals 2 1/4 teaspoons. The end result was a baked product that tasted foul. I contacted Fleishmann's Company the next morning. I was told that they would replace the two pounds of yeast I had purchased with a (three envelope strip with a total of 3/4 ounces). When I pointed out that this did not seem reasonable, they said they would replace the two pounds of Fleishmann's yeast with a coupon for a 4-oz glass jar, and pointed out that I had complained about another product from their company in the past. I was further told that I would not have any future defective products compensated for. (?) This is not a company that stands behind their products, and apparently they are not committed to a reasonable level of quality control.
257130257130B000LKYNIEA3QQRMRZHPXRAHPorcelain Monkey4451301270400great backpack/locker foodyou know when you out running errands and you start getting the hungriness. you drive by 30 fast food restaurants knowing its easy. well break the habit by putting this in you purse/murse and have a thermos of water- your set. I didn't realize it was two servings per bar- sill better that a burger and fries-
I also keep them in my work locker, the area is climate controlled, so no worry about early spoilage due to heat.
the Taste to me is great- I love coconut and the almond bits give a variety to the texture. I am truly full when I eat a whole bar- perhaps I could try to cut down to half a bar and see if it will still do the job. Strongly recommend a full bottle of water with it.

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