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257131257131B000LKYNIEAIZ2WW0Q88QIPMed "medever"2241257897600YummyI love the taste and texture of these bars. The only problem is that there are 2 servings per bar, which makes them a bit less convenient. Still, they are moist and chewy, and very satisfying.
257132257132B000LKYNIEA18NPNRL7UB7DDKimberly L. Ellis "bathory"1151324425600Versatile Food BarGreat work food. They're easy to store(no frig required). At 400 calories they are a complete meal. My favorite is the Fruit & Nut variety.
257133257133B000LKYNIEAT6CZDCP4TRGAEduardo Nietzsche0041348099200Not SUPER-delish, but not that bad either.My favorite Bear Valley bars are the Carob Cocoa and the Fruit'n Nut ones, but they were out of them a few weeks ago so I thought I'd try this one for the first time. While I have to admit that it's a bit on the dry side, the flavor is unusual but not unplesant. And the dryness might actually be a very good sign: it means that they didn't add a lot of oil or butter to moisten it up...just eat it with a glass of milk or water/tea/coffee, I suppose. No biggy...the pros still far far outweigh the cons:

Because like the rest of the Bear Valley bars, it is a complete protein and has an unbeatable dollars-per-calorie value. I'm a very physically-active male with a high metabolism, yet I really CAN eat this bar as a meal replacement, it keeps me feeling full but never bloated or gassy (unlike many others) for a good 3-5 hours...that would normally require at least two ClifBars or at least 3 of a cheap grocery store granola bar. Anyway, if you just need a little snack to tie you over for an hour or so, have just half of a bar at a time.

I've also eaten 1/4 to 1/3 of these bars at a time just before a long run or during (about every 45 minutes) a long run, and with no ill effects stomach-wise. That, in my opinion, is a good testament to its digestibility and quality, organic ingredients.

The only TINY gripe I have about these bars is that it's damn near impossible to tear open the wrapper with your bare hands unless you take something sharp and slash a hole I just use a pair of scissors, quick and easy. But then again maybe that's a good thing, means you are assured of these things staying fresh for a long time without needing a bunch of artificial preservatives.
257134257134B000LKYNIEA1OAA2Y0D07RFBTee0051327536000The best meal replacement bar ever!!I have tried several brands of bars over the years but this one tastes amazing, gives long lasting energy and is low in calories. Doesn't get any better than this and even has a small kick of natural protein.
257135257135B000LKYNIEAJB5P7GVR0MT8Harry the Horse0111335744000AtrociousBone dry, many bites with off flavors, ingredients cause headaches. Would never buy again, even @ the $10 price for which I scored these.
257136257136B002OC31YOA2KW9FZ92IQUFQCAROL J MCKELVEY0021347408000too expensiveyou can buy sea salt in your local stores. don't waste money on this. The jar is wrapped as having come from Aguni Island, but who is to say. A small jar for a large price. I only got it because my daughter is an Aguni and I wanted her to have it. Otherwise, i would not have wasted the money.
257137257137B0045G8KFWA3HA8G5E3VF4OMgbsb0051347580800Almost as good as fresh!The convenience of these fruit cups cannot be overstated. And a great help if you need to exert "portion control" as well ... has a great price on these and I've decided to "Subscribe and Save". We all need to eat more fruit, after all ... and this makes it effortless.
257138257138B003P9XFXWAWJXWD0EMKIUVT. B. H. "The Bargain Hunter"2241310601600Mixed feelings about itMy dogs love it, which is great. But every can I've bought is almost half gravy. While the dogs don't mind, I don't feel like it's a good value for the money. I continue to buy it periodically but prefer to buy a meatier food for regular use.
257139257139B003P9XFXWA2O0N2YDMX6AML. Boyd0051302480000Another happy Blue customer!Pleased as usual with this food! All four large dogs like this food and in addition to their raw diet we really have been pleased with this food overall!
257140257140B003P9XFXWAPK23CG8ALWO1Susan in Oakton1211318723200Manufacturer put WRONG food in can!Because of all the good reviews about Blue Buffalo dog food, I've been using this (expensive) dog food for about 6 months. I have 2 large dogs so sometimes I go through 5 cans a day. I've mostly purchased through Amazon. This past order, I opened a can of Chicken Pot Pie which is supposed to be 'chunk' style with clearly identifiable peas, potatoes, etc. This time, I opened a can and it was mush food. Not knowing how it got messed up in the processing plant, I did not feed it to my dogs (thus losing the $2.30 that I paid for the can). I immediately went to AND Blue Buffalo and wrote to their customer service departments about this. NEITHER company has contacted me back and that was 3 weeks ago! So, I decided to start randomly opening the other cans (they all came in one 12-can carton that was wrapped in plastic) to see if all the cans were wrong. Fortunately, they were not wrong so somehow the company mislabeled one of the cans during processing. The reason that this could be extremely dangerous for us is if it was beef as one of my dogs has so many bowel issues after eating beef that I only give him poultry and fish products. Luckily, I did not feed them this can and threw it away. However, this has tarnished my trust in this company. At the very least, either AMAZON or Blue Buffalo should have responded to my concerns. I've been waiting to get an email asking for my 'review' because I feel this is the only forum that will give any attention to this potential problem that other people could experience. My dogs are precious to me and I go to great lengths to exercise and nourish them which means I have to put trust in other companies to help me do just that. I'm now looking for homemade dog food receipes and have started making some myself this past week. I hope this was helpful to you.
257141257141B004FVZRBMALUS02O3GDBFSTres0051343347200If you have a picky eater, problem solvedI have spent a ridiculous amout of money trying to get my 2 new dogs to eat. I tried the major brands and the expensive brands, researched the internet for recommendations, wet/dry you name it. I was always faced with the few sniffs and then the look up at me in bitter disappointment. I never was a dog person but these two were dumped by me so I took them in (the vet said they looked like at one time they had been pound dogs because of spaying tatoos). I felt sorry for them and would give them table scraps...big mistake. I also used treats for housebreaking. They had a feeder which contained what was described in research of consumer reports as a "guarantee your dog would love" that they would walk over to and sniff and walk away. I put the Bingo-Mega in there and now they are excited when I give them their dish. My neighbors are going to be very disappointed that their dogs will no longer be receiving the bags, cans and treats my dogs refused.
257142257142B002TSA91QA45S6D1P309G9M. B. Walters "Big Smoky Valley"0051268352000mmmmm I love this stuff!I got this for my husband who uses one of the old bar soaps known for leaving a "sticky soap film" behind. He is a man of habit though and wouldn't use it even when I reminded him of the great commercial they had for the super bowl. So, I hid his soap and left him with either this or puppy shampoo for his morning bath. That did the trick! Not only that but this stuff has a really nice, subtle masculine scent. mmmmmmmmm, I LIKE this stuff! He smells sexy but not until you get really, really close, so I don't have to worry about the girls at work "sniffing after him".

In the interest of writing a good review I did some additional research and used it on myself in the shower: This product lathers nicely, and rinses very clean. It does a good job of washing off sweat, dirt, grease, etc. without having to reapply. After using it, I did not have dry or itchy skin and I felt clean and refreshed. The scent was faint and kinda woodsy, it reminded me of sandlewood but very subtle. While this product is for men, I would use it again. As for my husband, I hope he keeps using this -- did I mention? -- mmmm I LOVE the smell of this on him.
257143257143B002TSA91QA1ZCSSCAGBCD49J. SPIEGEL "Joe"0041268265600Nice body wash, pleasent to useDove Men + Care Clean Comfort Body Wash, 18-Ounces Bottles (Pack of 3)

I've been using the Dove body wash for the past few weeks since I got it. I use the Axe Detailer with it, although Dove seems to have a similar product. It works well. It lathers up nicely has a pleasant, not too strong aroma and cleans effectively. Not much more I can ask from such a product. I saw from the Amazon page that you can save some money by subscribing to it. That's a good thing as it's a little bit pricey. But, it works well and I like it. I'll save one star for the high price but it earned the rest as a high quality product.
257144257144B002TSA91QA20A9P8EJ5BREGhasselaar "belgie"0031268265600Too Much FragranceMy husband used this a few times, but did not care for the strong fragrance. other than that, he felt that it was a fine body gel, but he does not wish to use it anymore.
257145257145B002TSA91QA1RRMZKOMZ2M7JSue Katz "Honey Bee"0041268265600Worth a tryNice scent, clear gel product. Does not dry out the skin. Not like woman's Dove product (creamy, opaque). Worth a try, gentlemen.
257146257146B002TSA91QA2MKY6T9KE7I54Michael Hickerson0041268265600A Nice CombinationWhen it comes to a body wash, I want something that's going to leave me clean and smelling better than I did when I took a shower. But I don't want it to be so overpowering that other people flee the room when I enter. I also want something that's on the masculine side of things and isn't overly floral.

Enter the Dove Care for Men series. I figured I'd give it a try and see how it works.

So far, it's pretty good. I swim laps a couple of times a week in a heavily chlorinated indoor pool. So my first expectation is that the body wash would help remove that feeling of dryness and general chlorine-ness that can sometimes occur. And it did that.

The good thing is the dispenser on the top is large enough to get out enough but not so big that you're getting a ton more of the body wash then you need. It allows for a greater degree of control and to use as little or as much as you need. (I tend to err on the side of starting out with too little and getting more as needed rather than having too much).

As for the scent, it's fairly subdued and not overpowering.

A nice combination.
257147257147B002TSA91QA1509YCCYCYQQ3cait0021268092800Rather overpoweringOk, to tell you the truth, after a read Mad Max's review, with a discussion of all the chemicals in this product, I am just a wee bit scared of this stuff. Are all these things necessary in something to bathe in?

I have a couple of other issues with it as well. Personally, I thought the smell of it was very strong. Yes, I guess they want it to smell manly, but this stuff was rather overpowering.
Wouldn't it just be easier to make something with a very faint odor or no scent that perhaps the entire family could use and then if you would like to add a scent to oneself...aftershave or cologne or perfume, depending on ones gender, you could choose to do so. All these layers of scent seem just a bit much.

And I also think the packaging is awkward.
257148257148B002TSA91QA2D66KSHQQHOSDSeth C. Dortch0041268092800Good New ProductI normally use Clearsil daily face wash(no I'm not 13, but yes I have oily skin), but I decided to give this product a try. Overall I really like it. While I personally like Clearisil because it really leaves your face feeling dry and clean, this is still a nice face wash. It is more of a moisturizer when it comes down to it.
But I'd have to say that where the product really shines is the body wash aspect of it. It is soothing, moisturizing, and has a really nice smell. I recommend it.
257149257149B002TSA91QA688RIZ2POWSQL. Jenkins "Many hobbies in Texas"0041268092800Light scentSome products like this pour in the scent so that a person smells like they spilled the whole bottle in the bathroom, but not this product. I can still smell this scent on my husband for several hours but it is very light. This product says that it is for face and body but my husband uses it for shampoo also. It takes only a small amount for loads of suds. Even though my water tends to be hard, it is still hard to get this product off and in fact needs to be gotten off with a wash cloth. Would recommend this product but maybe not if you have soft water.
257150257150B002TSA91QA2NOJVQUPKPTEIT. Paslay0031268006400Not bad, but nothing special.I've been using Dove for Men + Care Deep Clean Body Wash for two weeks now. There's really not a lot to say when reviewing body wash so I'll break it down briefly.

I have not noticed a change in how soft my skin is or how moist/dry my skin is.

The scent is masculine but not overpowering. I do not notice a lasting scent on my skin throughout the day.

It works up a good lather.

It says to use it as a face wash, however, I've noticed my face is oilier and I've had a couple breakouts on my forehead. This is not normal for me and wasn't the case until I switched from my Clean and Clear face scrub to this. I will discontinue using this as a face wash.

This is all around a decent body wash. The price is cheap and it works as well as most anything else you'll find comparatively priced. I haven't noticed a positive change in my skin since using this product and have noticed a negative change to the skin on my face since using this product.
257151257151B002TSA91QA3C4UKEYNLUP4XT. C Gerlach "pootiboo"0051268006400great productThis is a great product. I can use it in the shower and not have to switch to any other product. Smells manly without being strong, lathers just fine, moisturizes great, and washes away clean. Couldn't ask for more.
257152257152B002TSA91QA3IR834T7AROBTEd0041268006400Improvement over what I was using!---I like it.I have been using a wash that comes in the green container, you know which one. I've been satisfied with that product for a long time. Had the opportunity to try Dove Deep Clean Body wash. There is a big difference and I like it! I find that I use a lot less, it makes a great lather and rinses off leaving a good clean feeling. The scent is a great change, it is not strong but refreshing. I know scents are subjective and we all like something a little different, I just happen to find this very pleasant. I do live in a very dry area (Arizona), this seems to leave a bit of moisture on my skin, I just don't feel that dry skin feeling as before. The container is easy to handle, the cap is on the bottom so it always is ready without doing a lot of bottle squeezing. My wife has always used Dove products and is a big fan, this is true to form and certainly is not a let-down for me. I must recommend this on my experience. I know we all have different skin, preferences for smell, and expectations. This suits me fine and an improvement over what I had been using. Hope this will be a bit of help if you are thinking about purchasing Dove for men.
257153257153B002TSA91QA357B3PUHSVQAY. R. Wu "The will to win is nothing without ...0041267920000Nice smell, comparison to Nivea for Men, Softsoap SPA...Summary: Main difference from other body washes seems to be the nice smell that lingers more than other body wash. For better moisturizing I'd recommend Softsoap Spa Moisture Wrap.

"Dermatologist recommended, Micro Moisture for total skin comfort, Clinically proven to fight skin dryness??" Maybe, but I couldn't really tell anything different.

I have been using Softsoap SPA (Exfoliating Sea Salt and Moisture Wrap Essential Oil) and also had a new bottle of Nivea For Men Sensitive body wash.

I tried these for a few days - using one body wash on the left and another on the right side of my body to see if I could tell any them apart. The main difference is that the Dove has a pleasant smell. Not overpowering. Fresh out of the shower my wife thought I smelled nice. as a result I don't think she'd use this body wash as it definitely is a "guy" scent.

The Nivea smells nice but the smell won't linger on you after you rinse.

As far as moisturizing, it's winter and very dry. I wasn't able to see any significant difference between the Dove Men and the Nivea for Men products. However, the "Moisture Wrap" version of the Softsoap SPA body wash definitely left my body feeling like there was something going on - kind of the difference between using a conditioner in your hair and not.

If you've found this review helpful or have questions/comments, please let me know!
257154257154B002TSA91QA344GA15FSBNSDJ. Carter "packrat201"0051267920000Dove Men Body WashFinally a Body Wash for a Man. This bottle opens from the bottom and only comes out when the bottle is squeezed. Lathers up quickly and leaves a clean feeling on skin. Not harsh on or drying of skin. Rinses off easy, does not have a soapy film feeling that's left behind after rinsing off. Leaves a light clean scent, not offensive or girly smelling. Skin does feel healthier after about a week of use. Safe to use all over including on sensitive dry skin. My son (10) uses it as well, he wants to have his own bottle. :) Since your skin is your largest organ, makes sense that you keep it healthy. Women have been doing it for years. Makes sense that a product like Dove Men + Care is geared towards a mans skin care needs. Great Product!!! A+
257155257155B002TSA91QA35JP8KSV9281Kbezoarrn0051267833600Great productMen need products that provide moisture for their skin without leaving a flowery scent. Many prefer masculine packaging as well. This product is the best of all worlds at a reasonable price. It provides the moisturizing skin care they need with a crisp, "sports" type fragrance similar to many other masculine fragrances, all in a "masculine" package. Not much else to say.
257156257156B002TSA91QA2OKRGHIYTBQ6PLewis A. Edge0051267747200Clean and Moisturize Without Oily Slickness and Overpowering FragranceLike many older adults, I have found that many bath soaps dry my skin. During the Winter months, in particular, I've often needed to apply skin lotion after bathing to prevent itching even though I used a so-called "moisturizing bar" for my showers. Liquid body washes for women are often oily and have a strong perfume smell. They can also make a shower floor or tub slippery and dangerous.

For more than a week, I have been using this product for my showers and have enjoyed the result. I wet a washcloth, squirt a glob of gel about the size of a finger joint into the washcloth and then have enough lather to wash my face and body. The fragrance is mild and masculine and the lather rinses quickly and cleanly without leaving an oily residue or slickness on the shower floor. One pleasant result is moist skin and no itch, even though we're still having cold northeastern Winter days.

This product, when used properly, shouldn't cost more than Dove men's bars and you won't need to do much rubbing to get a nice lather once the gel is applied to your washcloth. As long as I continue to get the same results, I'll probably reorder this product and continue using it. It's certainly worth a try for men who are looking to improve their bathing experience.
257157257157B002TSA91QA75IYBN6J0SQ5Skye "Gadget guy"0051267747200Great product - subtle scent.After using the Dove prouct for a few weeks I've decided to switch to this brand.
It's everything a guy expects in a body wash, clean and subtle scent, applies and washes off quickly. I'm careful about using body wash as my skin gets irritated by some. The Dove body wash actually cleared up my skin and dry areas. Even my hands feel less dry.
One things that is convenient about the Dove bottle is that the lid is on the bottom and opens/closes easily. The product is always right there and easy to get to.
257158257158B002TSA91QA19FRW264WZTGPBunson Honeydew0051267747200Every guy can enjoy thisAs a Vine reviewer, I only got one. I'm assuming it's actually three when you buy it from Amazon.

That being said, this is a great body wash. It's not thin and watery. It doesn't smell too girly. It doesn't smell too manly (think sweat covered with musk). It's thick enough, but not too thick that it's hard to rinse clean.

I'm a fan of Dove products because my wife enjoys them, and I've tried some of their hand soap offerings. If you want a manly way to get clean, this is a great option.
257159257159B002TSA91QA2NB2E5DXE319ZS. Lionel0041267574400Cleans nicely, not strongly scented, pleasant to useThe "Dove for Men" body wash has a nice feel - it lathers lightly, has "microbeads" that help clean the skin, and I did not find it to have a heavy fragrance. The smell was somewhat reminiscent of a man's cologne, but light. I am sensitive to strong fragrances, so this was a benefit to me. I do note that some reviewers have different opinions about the scent, however. Lastly, the product contains moisturizers. I did find that my skin felt smooth, and the Dove wash did not leave a film or feel slimy. I liked it.
257160257160B002TSA91QAXAJXJZUL2J5PD. Scott0041267574400Dove Understands MenMy husband's first reaction after using this body wash was, "It's unexpectedly gritty." He said the smell was just okay, though I loved how it smelled on his skin. Very manly and enticing. Then he went on a trip and I tried it myself (I didn't want to smell like a man while he was home; this stuff has a *very* distinctly masculine scent) so I'd have firsthand knowledge of its performance.

After the getting past the somewhat poorly designed cap (hard to open), the grittiness was the first thing *I* noticed, too. I've often used various exfoliating scrubs, so the experience is not unknown to me, but I somehow felt that this stuff would not actually do anything but uselessly scratch the skin. I used it on my face, which I found uncomfortable, and despite taking great care, I felt like I got some grit in my eyes. And the smell was absolutely overpowering.

I usually apply body lotion after showering, but I didn't this time so I could evaluate the product's moisturizing ability. My skin felt kind of tight and irritated, especially my face, but this passed after a while (except for on my hands and feet, which seemed to be much more dried out than they are after showering with my regular soap, currently Dove Cool Moisture Beauty Bar). In places (such as my shoulders), I noticed that the body wash had left a waxy residue.

Then my husband came home and tried it again. This time he said he *likes* the grit, and he reported that it did not cause him any irritation anywhere (even on sensitive parts). And he said he really likes that it easily washes off very well (a perception I didn't share). He still likes the scent, but he (unbelievably!) said he prefers something with a stronger scent (he uses Zest Body Wash Shower Gel, Aqua Pure) to get him going in the morning. He likes this enough to continue using it, but when he runs out, he said he'll go back to his regular body wash.

Overall, I would personally give Dove Men + Care (awkward name, isn't it?) three stars, with the highlight being the scent. But since I'm not the target market here, I'll give it what my husband voted, four stars.

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