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257185257185B002TSA91QAQZ4PHIEEV5N5Penny Pinching Polly "Check out my website fo...1211271894400Scent is overpoweringNormally, I would try to find some good points about a product even if it has a bad scent. However, the scent of this body wash is so overpowering that I cannot get past it to find some endearing qualities.

The smell triggered a migraine even when my father was the one to use the body wash. Yes, it is THAT bad.

Sorry, Dove. I wanted to like you. I love your deodorant, shampoo, and usually your soap. This time, you failed me.dove
257186257186B002TSA91QA2HC9549CZAKNNB. McCarthy "Engineer, CERT, Amateur Radio Op...1241268870400Soap is Soap, Nothing SpecialThe soap cleaned my body without irritation, so I guess it did it's job. But I expected more from a product that costs more than my Suave shampoo ($1.47/bottle). I just don't see the point in spending more on a product that does the same thing. It didn't do it any better, and it didn't smell better (in fact, I like the variety of scents that Suave offers). But it did the job and it isn't a ton more, so I only took off one star for not living up to my expectations. I think this product hooks people on the idea that it is just for men, like it's some sort of secret club or something. Soap is soap, if a woman uses this product she'll get the same results. I don't know, it just seems like false advertising to play on people's insecurities. Perhaps I'm just in a cynical mood...
257187257187B002TSA91QA3OC42X7H74D1YJ. Friedman "J-F"1231267056000Same gooey stuff, a manlier smellHere's the short review: It has a decent scent, more manly than the creamy, sweeter smell of regular Dove body wash. If you're looking for body wash to maybe give you a bit more moisturizing effect, then this is a decent choice.

But I think I still prefer a good old bar of deodorant soap. It's simpler and, well, cleaner. It doesn't leave a slippery feel on the tub floor like most body washes do. And most deodorant soaps give a fresher smell and wash off more thoroughly.

I'll keep using it for a while and see if it gets better than this, otherwise I'll just stick with a mediocre 3 star rating.
257188257188B002TSA91QA3PE884TA8529GJ. E. Nelson1241267056000It's Soap, I'm Clean, and It Makes My Skin Feel NiceAs I get a bit older, my skin does not seem to hold up so well to the cold dry winters anymore. Since I hit my 30's, I usually use Dove Moisturizing Body Wash (if you are like me, I refer it to Dove in the white bottle) and to be honest, I have had lackluster results with it. It helps quite a bit, but it never seemed to do a great job of moisturizing.

I agreed to try Dove Men + Care (I guess this will be dubbed Dove gray) and to be honest, expected similar results.

After using it for a few days, I have to say my skin does feel better than with the standard Dove in the white bottle. The dry, burning, itchiness feeling I get in winter really seems to have diminished.

The scent that it leaves behind is pretty long lasting and is what I would describe as a musky scent. Strangely, what my skin smells like after I wash and what the soap smells like in the bottle do not seem to have the same scent to me. My wife calls the scent nice (she is the most important judge after all), but I thought it was just so-so. The scent is not bad and is nothing I would find embarrassing, I just was not overly impressed by it. I do like the fact that the scent lasts a lot longer than other body washes I use. I think it lasts quite a bit longer than Old Spice High Endurance body wash.

Also to me a big improvement over Dove white is the lather. The Dove in the white bottle does not have a great lather, but Dove Men + Care is easy to lather up in a pouf and a little soap seems to go a long way.

The only thing I really did not like about the product was the name. Minor point, but I think Dove Men + Care is too wordy.

Overall, I do like how this makes my skin feel after only a few days. Most likely, this will be my new "winter" body wash as I really did like how it makes my skin feel.
257161257161B002TSA91QA3KPJ1MOGTZVGCCatfish Kozmo0041267401600Good body wash. Unsure about the "purifying beads"I've been using this now for a few weeks and the product works just fine. My skin has not been as dry as compared to other body washes. I know that there is a claim that you can use this to wash your face and I haven't really used this wash for that. The "purifying beads" are just fine and as a body wash work just fine. So long as you don't mind having little pebbles in your body wash. But I don't know that I would buy this just for that reason. The smell is manly and doesn't last overly long. I.e. you won't smell strongly for very long which is just as well.
257189257189B002TSA91QA2FRKEXDXDN1KIDennis A. Amith (kndy)1251267056000Like the fragrance and how it includes exfoliation to the body washAs a guy who tries various types of body wash, what's important for me is price, volume and exfoliating properties. Dove's latest Care Deep Clean Body Wash for men features a good fragrance, not so overpowering. Also, a clean body wash from a reputable brand.

Opening for the bottle is at the bottom and didn't experience any of the body washing running out. You also get a lot for 18-ounces. Also, it does include the exfoliating particles that is important, in my opinion for a body wash.

Overall, it does the job, smells great and it all comes down to price. If you see a good deal for the pack of three or individual, definitely give it a try!
257162257162B002TSA91QA2YKWYC3WQJX5JShannie "Shan"0051267401600Dove for Men and moreI tried this product after using a few other 'Men's' body washes when I didn't want to smell like a fruit or a flower. After tiring quickly of the 'sport scent' types, this was a refreshing change, pun intended. This is a more wood/exotic scent. Still a bit sporty, but not in the surfer dude way, more in the (dare I say) sexy way. I didn't find it overpowering, and the scent is compatible with an oriental or wood cologne. I think the only citrus it would work with is a bergamont scent. Lathers nicely. Great for a woman in the winter months, and for a man all year long.
257190257190B002TSA91QA1HOLE9R6WPT85Mad Max61011266624000WHY must you add all these chemicals? Not safe to use around my infantOk - I have historically liked Dove products. This is a body wash specifically for men. It seemed to work great after the first use (though I'm still not sure what "micromoisture" is).

Problem is, after using it, it made my child's face break out. (No, I didn't use it on her). After touching her face to mine, the chemicals must have transferred.

I normally read ALL ingredients of everything I use (laundry detergent, soaps, hand soaps, etc). But this was a new product, it was by Dove (I assumed they had higher standards), and I only tested it on a small area (my face & upper body).

I'm so confused because Dove is the company that advertised gentle formula, pure ingredients, etc. But why are there so many malicious chemicals included in this product?

* DIOXANE is a known chemical carcinogen (aka Sodium Laureth Sulfate, the first ingredient here)

* PETROCHEMICALS petrolatum (second ingredient), derived from crude oil. As you would expect, it fills in your pores and doesn't allow skin to breathe.

* ACRYLATE COPOLYMER is a synthetic polymer (plastic) which also comes from crude oil - highly processed, creates toxic by-products.

* COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE - known to irritate the skin, and cause allergic reactions in some people.

* FRAGRANCE - sounds simple, but perhaps the most dangerous ingredient here. Due to deregulation, they are not legally bound to tell us what's really in it! Almost always contain phthalates, chemicals commonly used to stabilize shampoos and liquid soaps, But they are "endocrine disrupters" which mimic hormones and may alter genital development, especially in little boys! When put in the lakes or streams, this chemical will cause male frogs and salamanders to turn into females!

* POLYETHYLENE - also a Dioxane.

* DMDM Hydantoin - preservatives that have the potential to release formaldehyde in very small amounts. Causes contact dermatitis, perhaps what caused the rash in my daughter's face after touching my skin.

Simply put, it's RIDICULOUS that something as simple as soap contains KNOWN cancer-causing chemicals, and other insane chemicals that aren't safe!! And, why are we the only industrialized country in the world without laws to protect consumers and children?

Many products, including some top-selling Johnson & Johnson products, are banned in Europe because of unsafe ingredients ... but shouldn't we have the highest standards of everybody? Why do we have the ~lowest~ standards?

And, isn't it ridiculous that something as simple as soap is so politicized? Unilever (owns Dove & Axe), Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson each donate millions of dollars to politicians so they can continue putting unsafe ingredients in our products. Thank God we have politicians (on both sides of the aisle) to take their money and look the other way.

Dove, please clean up your act.
257163257163B002TSA91QA3EM243NDJ4DF3T Rose "T Rose"0031267401600Too gritty to be a moisturing facial washMy first impression is that the scent is nice. It's a clean soapy scent but not as strong as Irish Spring or some of the other men's body washes out there.

The problem is that it is way too gritty/grainy. For a body wash whose description focuses on moisture and "skin comfort" and is also meant for use on your face, I was a little surprised that it was so abrasive.

If you are looking for a good exfoliant it might be a good choice but I wouldn't recommend it for someone who is looking for a moisturizing facial wash that promotes skin comfort. I think the product description/marketing is all wrong. Had I been looking for a super clarifying exfoliant I think I would have been pleased.
257164257164B002TSA91QA8WEXFRWX1ZHHGoldengate "Goldengate"0031267315200Nice product - inconvenient bottleI normally prefer to use bar soaps in the shower as I find that most gels don't go very far and I end up using half of a bottle of soap in one shower. However, this soap foams quite a bit and goes really far - one dab will do you, as the old commercial used to say. The soap is clean, fresh-smelling and works well. The scent is not overpowering (my other fear about this product before I tried it)... it's subtle and quite nice.

Now, for the only downside... the bottle. The top of the bottle is curved so it's impossible to stand it on the other end. Why, might you ask, would you want to do that. The bottom of the bottle is where the product comes out. Picture yourself in the shower... you've just squeezed out some soap and you need both hands to lather up so you want to put it down MOMENTARILY. If you could rest it on its top (which, since the product comes out on the bottom actually is like the bottom of a normal bottle), you could then easily access more product if you need it. However, since you can't rest it on the top because the top is curved, you have to close the bottle, turn it upside down, and then put it down, three steps. If you want more product, you have to pick it up and then open the bottle again. Sounds like a small detail, but when you're late for work and just trying to get a quick shower, who wants all these acrobatics with a bottle? Just poor design and not well-thought through but it's a new product on the market and I'm sure they will correct this going forward.

I'm sure a marketing person somewhere "pitched" the top of the bottle as echoing the shape of the classic Dove soap bar (not to be confused with the chocolate Dove bar...) and therefore suggested its curve. Clearly they didn't actually take a shower with this bottle.

In summary, excellent product, with packaging that needs a change. Hope this is helpful!
257165257165B002TSA91QAM2IR1V5EU55UBrian J. Greene "djbrian"0041267315200Good but Leave it Off Your FaceYou'll get a nice, brisk wash from this, but I don't recommend using it on your face (despite its claim that it's a face and body wash) - the gel is thick and does not easily rinse off your face. But if you stick to using it from the neck down, it's a nice product and a fresh wash.
257166257166B002TSA91QAPHXWZJ22M17MT. Stratton0041267142400Very good body washI have very dry skin in the winter which drives me crazy with itching etc. I've tried most of the skin lotions out there, with none really taking care of the problem. This Dove body wash seems to work quite well. I have not used it for long enough to be certain, but so far it looks like a very good product. As such I recommend it.
257167257167B002TSA91QACR4HKUT808U1Ursula K. Raphael "AstraDaemon of The Zombiep...0041267142400Much BetterMy husband said he preferred using this over the Dove Men Clean Comfort Body Wash. He said it had more lather, and the exfoliation left his skin feeling cleaner to him. He thought the scent was about the same between the two products, but it wasn't as overpowering as something like Axe Revitalizing Shower Gel.

Even though our family uses other Dove products like Dove Shampoo and Dove Soap, this is the first Dove men's product that my husband really liked.
257168257168B002TSA91QA2SRT262WG2WH6Dave0041267056000Good Soap, Bad Marketing...Dove soap makes me think of gentle soap for ladies and babies. Calling it Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort does little to dispell this idea, especially considering how prominently the gentle dove logo is displayed. Yet I put aside my manly pride and decided to give it a try...

Using the soap was a new experience. The soap itself is a weird pale blue color, and rather thin. When you start the lathering process, you will find it doesn't really produce a lot of lather, which is a little disappointing. Now, this is compared to the lather of New AXE Snake Peel Shower Scrub - 12 oz which I normally use. I am afraid the Dove Men+Care lather would take extra scrubbing when cleaning up after the weekend car maintenance. In fairness, I haven't tried it under really tough conditions, but I will update this review if I find out otherwise.

The scent of the soap was weird, and I hated it at first. It smells a little flowery at times, and musky at others, but overall, the smell is really faint and hard to define. You can hardly smell it. It's a real contrast to those soaps that wake you up like smelling salts. Overall, the scent was ok to me, but the real judge was my wife. She has told me immediately after I started using this soap that I really smelled good. Mission accomplished.

The "Micro-Moisturizing" aspect of this soap basically means that this soap forms a slick coating on your skin when you lather, which seems to be quickly absorbed by your skin or rinse off; then, after you dry off, your skin is left a little less dry. I like this aspect, although I don't know that I would seek it out except in winter. These dry winter days leave your skin pretty scaly, and this soap helps a little bit.

Overall, a good soap, but not a soap I would be likely to slip in the cart. My wife, however might, and if she did, I wouldn't be too disappointed. She likes my scent when I shower with it, and it makes my skin a little less scaly.

257169257169B002TSA91QA1EN4XAKX9LK4ARobert Pace "Hugs and Curses."0051267056000FabulousThis stuff is amazing. It smells great, goes on nice and frothy and makes me feel extremely clean. I felt very manly after using it.
257170257170B002TSA91QAYB8XLKTYMTTXBeldini0041267056000A clean-feeling body wash that goes easy on the fragrancePart of Dove's new men's skincare line, Dove Men + Care's Clean Comfort Body Wash lives up to its no-nonsense name. The creamy, blue gel has a light, fresh fragrance that goes a long way in the lather department. More importantly, it rinses off cleanly without leaving any oily residue behind, but doesn't leave the skin feeling too dry, either. Best of all, the subtle residual scent left behind smells clean without being cloying, meaning it won't do battle with your cologne.
257171257171B002TSA91QACR4HKUT808U1Ursula K. Raphael "AstraDaemon of The Zombiep...0031267056000Husband said "It was OK."I selected this for my husband to try. He said there was barely any lather compared to other body washes that he's used. Lather doesn't necessarily make you any cleaner, but the lack of suds was a negative.

The big positive was the scent. My husband doesn't like smelling like a piece of fruit, but I am very sensitive to strong scents (ex: perfume, cologne). Body wash scents like Axe Revitalizing Shower Gel or Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash trigger an allergic reaction in me. I'm happy to say that this men's body wash from Dove isn't too strong to be around, but my husband wasn't impressed with it -- he thought it didn't really have a distinguishing scent.

Overall, it will get your man clean, but Dove hasn't really won us over with this one.
257172257172B002TSA91QAQ3IN3MRXQ5KHIlPrimitivo0041267056000Nice SoapOverall a success in my book. Nice aftershave smell, washes off easily, seems to have the Dove quality and performance intact.

Packaging is good with a well designed container and "manly" look for those who feel their masculinity may be threatened by a bottle. Did not have the manly Shower Tool to accompany my showering experience but it's nothing a loofah and scrunch couldn't handle. Not too sure what "Micromoisture Technology" really is, though. Water? Olive oil?

The price point seems a bit high but anyone who orders this product shouldn't be disappointed as long as expectations are in check.
257173257173B002TSA91QAPMYPD97EHUUZJohn H. Gruver "brainactiv"0031267056000Too much perfume for me... cleans well though.Not too much to add to the title. 3-stars cuz it works, no more cuz it's too smelly for my use. This seems like a product in search of a niche. I mean, soap works, right?

My predominant shower soap is Clearly Natural Soap Glycerine Peppermint 4 oz ( Multi-Pack) (and other "flavors"). I started using glycerin soap when I found out that it cleans as well as regular soap but doesn't leave soap scum to muck up the bath/shower. When I saw this as a choice on Vine, I thought, "What the heck? Give it a try. You can always clean off the scum."

This product cleans well and leaves a slippery feeling to the skin (we have softened water) when rinsed off, but it leaves a very obvious aftershave-like smell: it actually work me up several times during the night the one-time I used it to shower with. So, no more showers with this for me! However, I am using it during the day to wash the old armpits. It really does clean and de-smellify well.

Added after reading the previous reviews: there is a "technical problem" with the container. The lid is on the bottom and not easy to open when your hands are wet. Also, if you use it at the sink (like I do for my armpits), the stuff drips out when you open it - OK in the shower but not at the sink.
257174257174B002TSA91QA2PL0US7RN67GJennifer "Jennifer"0041267056000Just like Dove Bar soap but in a bottleI was expecting Dove Men + Care Clean body wash to be more "man" specific. It seems like just plain Dove Soap in a bottle. We use Dove Soap all the time and have always liked the soft and clean feeling it leaves my body feeling after a shower, but my son and husband call it "girly" soap and always opted for Axe or some other brand of "man" soap, although they are all very drying to their skin and I have to listen to them complain about dry winter skin. When Dove Men came out I was thrilled that it would finally be more of the "man" soap they want with the great Dove non itchy soap. Well, it is definately still the great Dove soap, but it still can't compare with Axe as far as smell. It isn't quite up to the same cologne type smell that Axe or other brands made for men have. I give it 4 stars because Dove is a wonderful soap, and this is a bit more on the manly scent side, but not enough. Some men don't like a strong smelling soap so this may be great for them, but unfortunately for my guys they want a stronger smelling cologne in their soap.
257175257175B002TSA91QA2S26YGSVXBCFLMorley Dotes "morleydotes"0051266969600I never thought I would like something like this.........but I was WRONG. Wow! I am normally just a plain old soap kind of guy. I don't really care much for anything too smelly, and the body washes I have tried (received as a gift or used in a resort) have left me feeling that I would never want to try a body wash. Either I got hives (yes, that happened with H20 brand), or it just left a film. Well, Dove Men + Care is a different story. It smells good, not just nice, but really good....and my wife likes it, too, she said, "It has a manly smell." I'm not sure what that means, but it was said in a positive way, so that's good with me. It also rinses off easily, and my skin did actually feel softer without feeling filmy. As for the "smell," it's a crisp aroma, not musky and not woodsy. If you can imagine what "clean" ice would smell like (if there were such a thing), that is as close as I can get. It is not an overpowering aroma at all. Lastly, the container is perfect. It stands upside down very nicely and allows gravity to keep it at the dispensing end, which is great. As for value, well, I believe there is some value here. Each of these are fairly large, and should last for a while, so for the price, you are getting quite a lot. All-in-all, this is a winner!
257176257176B002TSA91QA2WB4OWBUH2VQXHardyBoy64 "RLC"0031266969600Great texture, Nasty smellI love the smooth yet granular feel of this body wash. I do feel like it cleans well and I haven't had any of the negative reactions to it that others here have. What I dislike most about the product is that is really doesn't smell good, in my opinion. The fragrance is Old Spice-ish and I just don't like it. I feel like the fragrance is too chemically strong. The first time I used it I though, "I'd better not strike a match right after using the product" because literally it feels like you're covered in chemicals.
257177257177B002TSA91QANCOMAI0I7LVGAndrew Ellington0041266969600Maybe I should wait a bit before reviewing this...I've been using for a few days now and I don't really have any complaints about this product. I have sensitive skin (have always had it) and so I'm always weary about how different products are going to affect my skin (positively or negatively) but I haven't had the issues that some of the other reviewers have had. My skin has not broken out after use, and my skin does not feel dry at all, in fact with all this cold weather we've been having, my face especially feels better than it has in a while. Like others have mentioned (even when complaining about other things), the soap lathers up great, washes off easily, cleanses nicely with the grains and it smells nice (nothing spectacular thought).

I do have an issue with the chemical contents, but I have yet to see any adverse reactions to me or my family (and like one reviewer, I have a young daughter, but she hasn't broken out from exposure). If something like this happens anytime soon, I'll be sure to amend my review with a cautionary blurp.

One minor issue with the bottle itself is the cap. It isn't the easiest to open when you're wet or cramped in the shower. It doesn't have an easily `poppable' cap. Like I said, minor issue.

Like the other reviewers, I have always been a fan of Dove (sounds weird to say that I am a fan of soap, but they make good products and are really the only supplier of soap to our home). At this point I'd recommend this, based on my own experience, but I'd also take into consideration the other reviews because every situation is different, and I may be singing a different song in a week or two.

For now, I'm happy.
257178257178B002TSA91QA3V1AHX8P4R839Forrest Wildwood "Phil"0021266796800Too dryingDove Men+Care Deep Clean with Purifying Grains is one of those total body washes that is supposed to do everything except wash hair. I have used other Dove bar soaps and found them to be fairly good at moisturizing the skin but not this product. It tended to be too drying on my face. That makes me not recommend this for anything but the body and even there it still strips out too much moisture. If your skin isn't sensitive this maybe alright, but with all the patent filled ingredients inside it just isn't the claimed "total skin comfort." On the positive side its' scent isn't overpowering but this isn't something that would make me buy it very often or at all. Not recommended for any sensitive skin types.
257179257179B002TSA91QA2J5XTLTXK5GV3Hunter3551315872000Miracle...READThe simplicity of this product! These days skincare products are jam-packed with different ingredients to add this benifit or that benefit to your skin (you name it), BUT those ingredients really don't make a difference. While this product does have a scent and I don't know about the micromoisture effect it claims (might need to work on the labeling), it does one thing phenomenally well; cleanse your skin without overdrying it.

Okay there are some game changers...Vitamin A (Retinol or Retinyl Palmitate) can effectively speed cell turnover. Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid are Beta Hydroxy Acids that increase cell turnover too (exoliating by penetrating the skin). So there are those active ingredients which promote exfoliation...BUT the reality is you don't really need to have that flaky dry, plastered feeling everytime you want to cleanse. Everyone wants a scrub or deep clean "rich" lather. BUT that is what's wrong with 100% of face washes out there. You are simply damaging the outer surface of your skin and breaking down it's defense barrier similar to using an imbalanced PH product (Sebamed scientifically proved that). The answer all lies within one ingredient, one that Sebamed never discovered. One we've been told never to use!

Petrolatum. Unlike other emollients like alcohol derived ingredients (glycerin, glycol etc), Petrolatum doesn't sink into your skin it only sits on top protecting your skin. In a wash the Petrolatum keeps detergents like SLS from penetrating and damaging your skin's hydrating lipid barrier. As a result you have clean skin that has remained well hydrated due to the fact that all of the water, chemicals like chlorine, air pollution, and harmful UV rays have not penetrated your skin. It doesn't make much difference how much bottled water you drink if you take 2 showers a day in chemicals. Your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs too many bad things already. Protect it! Makes sense right!!!! FINALLY A SKINCARE COMPANY FIGURED IT OUT...EUREKA! (I'm not talking bout the vaccum) YOU DON'T NEED TO USE "NATURAL" OILS which aren't natural because they aren't naturally part of your skin (with the exception of squalane, still wouldn't be natural unless it was already there). They make 1)people break out 2) sticky skin 3) unbearable shine. And as for all of those moisturizers what's actually beneficial about them? You are just trying to draw moisture out of the air and into your skin making it HEAVY and WET that is GROSS and definately going to have a DRYING EFFECT on your skin over the long run! Take charge! Simplify your life and beautify your skin by not destroying it.
257180257180B002TSA91QATWTKK5MU6RCIM-Lo "M to tha Lo"3531267401600Good but not moisturizing enoughKnowing this is Dove for Men I had to compare the ingredients with Dove. And lo and behold the ingredients differ, but not in a good way. What I noticed is that one of the first ingredients is a "sodium lauryl sulfate" which is used for foaming. Unfortunately it does this at the expense for moisturizing. Dove is supposed to be moisturizing - remember those commercials bragging about 1/4 moisturizing. Yeah not so in this case. But I guess for men means you just want a good scent. Well at least it has a masculine scent.

I much prefer the Neutrogena exfoliating body scrub. It has a masculine scent, provides moisture and exfoliates.

But I digress. The Dove for men line is ok, good for those who don't care for moisture and appreciate a good scent (Axe anyone)?

3 out of 5 stars for the scent and suds.
257181257181B002TSA91QAIM6T1SQYDQKVPFollansbee1211329782400Smells nice, but leaves you dirtyI'm typically a bar soap kind of guy, Irish Spring or Dial depending on the day. I got some of this to try though and I was pretty stoked. It smelled all manly and stuff; my girlfriend seemed to enjoy the scent as well.

Let's just say the enjoyment didn't last long. This junk makes me feel like I have a film on me when I leave the shower. I figure it's all moisturizing or whatever, so that was ignored. What bugs me though, is that I can't make it past 5pm without feeling completely disgusting. My taint gets all tainty and before I know it, my day is ruined and I still have 5 hours to go. I could take another shower, but I'm a busy guy.

Here's to switching back to bar soap. I feel clean all day and smell clean, not manly, but at least clean. That's enough for me, I'll wear cologne if I want to smell like what society has deemed 'manly'.

Summation: This stuff leaves you gross and dirty. Major Fail.
257182257182B002TSA91QA20NJ2HBQ5UHVKChristopher Beaudet "Christopher Beaudet"1251313452800Slight discount, Great productThis body wash was recommended to me by my dermatologist - as part of a regiment for both acne and eczema. Now, I can see why it was recommended. By far, this is the best body wash I've ever used. I've tried many brands - Old Spice, Axe, plain Dove bar soap. All over dried my skin or irritated. This one doesn't, and also hasn't caused any breakouts, and hydrates my skin. Thanks in part to this body wash my skin is in amazing condition.

This pack was only slightly discounted as compared to buying in store, but with shipping options and other items bought at the same time it was a steal. I can only ever find this size bottle at Target; with 'Subscribe and Save' discount on top of a dollar discount coupon from Amazon, this was a steal.

Quality outer box and quality sealed plastic in side...almost seems wasteful to double package...but regardless, quality in every department.
257183257183B002TSA91QAJQU4CR39ISOVRebecca Stewart1251305504000This Product was Recommended for my Husband by a Dermatologist - Luckily Amazon had it in stock!This Product - Dove Men with Care Body and Face Wash, Sensitive Skin, 18 ounce (Package of two) is difficult to find in stores. The price at the store and Amazon's advertised price is not very different but you can order this product and have it delivered as needed, which is a huge blessing when it is doctor recommended and you cannot find it at the store. I love the fact that it comes in a 2-Pack. By the time he has used all of the product, or almost all of it, it is time for another shipment. Amazon is the way to go if you are in a situation that you cannot do without! I purchase almost everything from!

Most Sincerely,
Rebecca Stewart
Dove Men with Care Body and Face Wash, Sensitive Skin, 18-Ounce (Pack of 2)
257184257184B002TSA91QA2F6SZLKG0TOJ7Kevin Tipple1231274486400Average at bestI received one bottle of this stuff awhile back and have been using in consistently for weeks. I'm not impressed. I don't see any change in my skin moisture wise and no real reason to buy this product. It seems to perform no better or no worse than any product I would have bought using a coupon for whatever is on special down at the store.

For grins, my wife used it a number of times as well and saw no difference either.

So, if you have a coupon and it is on special, go for it. The scent is little strong, but not bad and it will foam up well and get you clean. It just isn't any better at moisturizing than anything else out there.

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