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257341257341B0029NLV8GA1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"1141322784000Kittties Liked at first, Then Turned Up NoseWhen I initially ordered this Whiskas Perfectly Chicken for my cats, they liked it OK. They did not wolf it down, but they would eat it without complaint.


My Kitties always have kibble out and eat that freely. In the moring the two of them share one can of wet food and in the evening, each cat gets his own can or pouch.

I rotate their wet food meals so that they do not have a constant diet of any one flavor of Product. I have had cats all my life and if there is one thing I deal poorly with, it is "THE LOOK FROM THE CAT which says "Are you out of your mind? Have you lost your senses? Were you born yesterday? Do YOU NOT RECALL that I Do Not Care for That?" It can, of course, be that this attitude has developed onvernight and I am to be a cat whisperer/mind reader and know this ahead of time. But I hate that whole scenario. In my opinion, I have two overly spoiled cats who live in the lap of luxury with cat trees, cat condos, cat toys, and dry and wet cat food! Water too! Their buddy, whom I feed also, is a feral kitty and he dang well eats what there is. There is no THE LOOK from him. So I try, at all costs, to avoid THE LOOK!
To that end, the cats are offered a variety of wet foods. Kibble is a constant, but I try to make the wet food a treat and a time of relaxation and enjoyment. So, the Purfectly Chicken was offered about two times a week. Other varieties and other flavors were offerred at other times.
I put the Purfectly Chicken on "Subscibe and Save" and had it delivered every three months, so I know they were not overwhelmed with this food. But after 6 months, the noses went up and I got THE LOOK. So, I took the Chicken off "Subscribe and Save" for a year or more. Then, I was looking for something "different" to order and saw the Chicken on my old list and decided to try it again. No dice. One pouch of the plain chicken and I got THE LOOK. A couple of weeks later, I sneaked in the Chicken and Beef: THE LOOK. Well, the feral cat really, really likes the Chicken and Duck, but I can't be buying special stuff just to keep him happy. He will have to stick with the large cans of Friskies (except of course when I feel sorry for him and sneak in the Purfectly Chicken after a run to the local grocery store).
So, I gave The Purfectly Chicken a fair shot with my kitties. It just isn't something they like. No accounting for taste! But, since they seem to live in their own happy, finicky world, they have told me to give Purfectly Chicken only three stars. They say they would eat it if they were truly Starving, but, hopefully, we won't have that happen and will just continue to accommodate their wishes with other wet foods.

On the positive side, Mr. Feral Kitty has been living in my back yard for four years. (It is his choice to remain outdoors and living the wild life. But, he has progressed to the point that he appears at the back door at 5:00 PM and patiently waits until 5:30. Past that time, he begins to cry and let me know that he IS HUNGRY!) He eats once a day. His vote for Purfectly Chicken is 5 Stars. (He likes it because of the great amount of gravy and the large chunks of real meat.)

So I have split the difference and given the product 4 Stars. Two cats give me THE LOOK. One cat really enjoys this product. If your cat is a true Chicken Lover, I believe he or she will like it quite well.

Just FYI: My two spoiled kitties have decided that they prefer ProPlan which has Some Gravy and Small Chunks of food. Pro Plan Canned Cat Food, Adult Salmon and Rice Entrée In Sauce (Pack of 24 3 Ounce Cans) I am well trained enough to realize that they do not care for Pate!

I happens to be December 2011 as I am writing this, so I wish each of you a Blessed Holiday Season and and a Happy New Year! (Even if the economy tanks and things go to pieces, we can all rest assured that Amazon will continue to thrive and let us pass our thoughts on to complete strangers for many years to come)! Thank you for your attention to my review.
257342257342B0029NLV8GA1QBOC76MIOJYPMyPenName1151320364800My cat loves itMy cat loves this stuff! The nutrition is fair and it has alot of juice in the packet. It is a mixture of chunks of meat along with some shreads. It looks like real shreds of chicken. The sale price here at Amazon was awesome - less than half the price at my local stores for a whole case.

I never have any trouble getting all of the food out of the pouch - it all slides right out. This particular flavor though for whatever reason does have a bit more product in the pouch and to make things easier when opening, I usually just cut the top off (to avoid any messes while tearing open) or, I tear from one side half way and then from the other side the rest of the way and the entire top comes off then. If there are any dribbles then, it is just a tiny bit on the side of the pouch and not on my hands at all and I do not get splattered with it. For some reason, the top usually never tears cleanly the whole way across if you try to tear it from one side only and it can be a little messy if you're in a hurry. It is not like it makes a huge mess though anyway, just a few drips here and there maybe. Cutting the top off instead of tearing it solves that though.

The other Whiskas pouches that I like to use are the Choice Cuts varieties. They have nice big chunks in them instead of a bunch of mush or all shreds. My cat likes the chunkier ones better.
257343257343B0029NLV8GA3P9KBBIJROL9FKresenda1151316131200My cat LOVES theseNot only does my cat love these, the packets make sure you get everything out and the chicken ones are low smell (unlike the sardine and mackerel ones that are her favorite).
257344257344B0029NLV8GA2VFBWS900434MJ. Nelson1151314316800My cats love this.My cats beg for this food. My only caution is to open with scissors or you will have chicken juice all over your hands and shirt!
257345257345B0029NLV8GA24MTH7QZV0VNKopenheimer1151307664000Puurrrfect!My cats are on a diet of super high quality dry food, but once a day I split up a pouch of Whiskas Purrfectly Fish or Chicken between them.

They love it. I haven't been able to find much nutritional value of this particular wet food, but there are real bits of fish and chicken in the pouch. Sometimes, the chicken pouches almost make me want to taste them. The rich gravy and flaky bits of white meat smell like Thanksgiving. I haven't tasted it yet, but if I do I'll update my review.
257346257346B0029NLV8GA2QN4OS8COIP32Obasan1151307232000My Cats go Ape S*** over this food. Great stuff!But i wont be buying any more variety packs from Amazon anymore, as they raised the price by $10. Too bad. I can get it local for much cheaper now.

Tip for the people who have problems with the packages. Grab the package firmly above tear line, shake the package back and forth a few times until all the food and juices get pushed down to the bottom. Then open, hardly ever have the "squirt" or "dribble" anymore, after giving it the shakes.
257347257347B0029NLV8GA1Y78YZQQMKFBYS. Leyva1151303084800My picky cats love Purrfectly FishHaving owned cats for about 4 years now, I know that they all have their likes and dislikes, just like any animal. With that being said, I came across this product about 6 months ago and my three cats love it. None of my cats like the soft food that is usually cut or shaped into squares. When I did serve my cats this type of food, my cats just lapped up the sauces, but left the food behind. With this product, my cats lick the bowl clean. The local stores only carry the variety packs, which contain three different kinds of Purrfectly Fish. None of my cats are fond of the mackerel, so I usually ended up with those packages left over. I was glad to find that Amazon carries the tuna entree, so I know that my cats will eat it. Add in Subscribe & Save, and you have a winner.
257348257348B0029NLV8GA3F3A6O0YFG1M5C.A.1151297728000Great product for older catWe found this product when we were looking for something to supplement my elderly cat's diet. She had gotten pretty thin, had lost interest in eating, and had problems with keeping food down. She went crazy for the chicken, and we started feeding her three times a day. We had problems finding it locally until we located it on Amazon. We liked the autoship option and signed up. My little old lady has put on weight and is clearly feeling a lot better now that she has something that she likes to eat.
257349257349B0029NLV8GA390O3AH7HBI4UScarlet&1151290211200My cats LOVE all 3 of the chicken flavors
257350257350B0029NLV8GA1E38WHPZWTCHHhelpfulthoughts1151288137600Cats love it - big pieces of real fishPieces (large and small) pieces of real fish mixed with juices
257351257351B0029NLV8GA2FBIW0WJU5X3YBabsbny earned her Masters1141282176000Four Paws upI have owned cats all my life, and over the years we have tried a variety of canned, dry and frozen foods with mixed results. So I feel fairly confident to provide a review of the Whiskas Purrfectly Fish line. Here are my observations:
1.) ALL the cats I've given this to seemed to like it. Even my picky eater quickly devours the food, and now that we've switched back to this he will remind me if I am running late with dinner.
2.) From my point of view the image on the package is slightly misleading. Yes, there is obviously fish in there, but do not it expect it to be all slices. I say this because some of the newer cat food products out there, such as Fancy Feast Appetizers, do look like chicken or fish chunks. Rather it is a combination of mush food, fish slices and jelly.
3.) On the nice side, while it is fish based the smell is not over powering (I hate fish), so dishing it up is not overly offensive.
4.) It has also been my experience, that unlike most wet cat food that contains fish, I have yet to find the small bones.
5.) While my cats seem to like the Fancy Feast Appetizers much better, I like the price of these much better. I can buy two of these for the price of one of those.
6.) Storage. If you buy it in the packs or boxes, they are easy to store and it is compact. If you buy them by the package in the store, you will need something to keep them from sliding around (they don't stack well like can do.)
7.) Easy to open for most. For most people they will easily tear open. However, I suspect some people with arthritis might have some difficulties gripping the package enough to tear. The bonus about them being pouches is that there is no aluminum lid to cut yourself on.
257352257352B0029NLV8GA29G5W4RJBI5AJRainyDayFriend1151278979200Passes all the testsThis shelter kitty had tried it all but since being fed Whiskas Purrfectly chicken he won't consider anything else. He prepares to eat if I offer somthing else but stops short of the bowl like he's sniffing his food and turns his head and walks away. He won't eat any other of this brands products nor any other brand no matter how expensive. The pouch is not convenient but the fact that I know he will eat and enjoy his food makes up for it.
257353257353B0029NLV8GA2MYAKASAGBPLK. K. Tamenne1141274572800Only wet food my kitties eat - and only chickenAfter trying numerous brands of cat food, I finally found that this and only this brand, and it must be chicken, is what my kitties like. They particularly like the white meat, the brown pellets are left after juice and white meat are gone.
257354257354B0029NLV8GA3BA3NQBESSZVEcincin1151274140800Same here. Cat loves the stuff.Tony the cat loves this stuff. I open it with scissors (after too many squirting episodes) and scoop out the junk with a spoon. Gotta get every last drop, this stuffs expensive! Chicken's bettern' the fish.
257355257355B0029NLV8GA3GGXJD0BMJ2W3Chris from Chicago "Chris"1141271808000Cats LOVE the food, I hate the mess of packaging...cats win.I've had them try every type of Whiskas. . .this is hands down the best (this, meaning the Purrfectly Chicken, Chicken/Duck, Chicken/Beef). The purple packages don't even resemble meat so even though my cats will eat it, I didn't feel comfortable feeding it to them. The Purrfectly Fish makes a couple of my kitties violently ill (hence the neon pink vomit everywhere) but the Purrfectly chicken varieties seem to agree with all of them. No vomit, they eat a majority of the meat after lapping up all of the juices and grain free. My diabetic cat is no longer diabetic, and the fact that there is now a food in my home that everyone will eat is pretty amazing.

My complaint - the packaging. I've tried the tip mentioned by others (storing them upside down) but there is just no way to get the pack open without a) having the juice squirt out on to one of the eager diners (though they don't let that slow them down), b) having the juice squirt and ooze all over my hands c) the juice splattering the wall d) me having to squeeze the package for the remaining bits of meat and juice as if I am milking a cow. I HATE feeding them because I always end up covered in chicken juice and bits and I know there is more in the package that I didn't successfully squeeze out. This in turn means that all of the pets will be trying to go through the trash when they are hungry looking for a few half squeezed packs so they can get another fix. There must be another interior material they could use for the packaging that would allow an easier 'release' of the food. . .Whiskas, you listening?
257356257356B0029NLV8GA1R377IPZOKLMMGina B "It's a dry heat!"1141264896000Cats seem to prefer this brandMy 4 cats seem to prefer the "Whiskas Purrfectly" brand to any other wet food I've tried. These fish flavors are not sliced; there are big blocks of pate in each sack that I have to break up with a knife so they can eat it. My cats like this flavor set for a change, but really like the same brand in "Chicken" flavor, which is sliced. If you have trouble with it splashing when you unzip each sack, try keeping a pair of scissors by your cat food area and cutting the bags; it's less messy and you can get more of the food into the cat bowl.
257357257357B0029NLV8GA38TFU6M09BVGKJP1151215734400great cat foodWhiska's Purrfectly Fish is a good quality food and our cat seems to really like it. It is mostly fish with very little grain filler. This is healthier for a cat as they are carnivores. Some of the fish varieties have chunks of actual fish and others have a more mashed tuna-fish like appearance. We found that the pouch is convenient - you can just tear it open and squeeze it out without using a fork. It kinda pops out in a big lump so it's not too messy. Thankfully, even though it's fish, the smell is not too obnoxious.
257358257358B0029NLV8GA3P8CU9874SRK5C. christine3421316649600Not the best for your cat's long term healthI started buying these after another brand discontinued. I refuse to buy by-products for my cat so of course I was drawn to Puurfectly because it has real meat. The downside, 2 "magical" ingredients:

Corn Starch-Modified, Wheat Gluten

Both useless to your cat and in my case eventually cause my cat to develop an allergy to corn and wheat. After a few months of her loving this food, she now refuses to touch it after throwing up repeatedly from it and having severe diarrhea.

So now being more informed that corn and wheat aren't great for cats I've move on to natural cat foods. No more throwing up and a happy cat. Hooray! I suggest you do the same if you want to avoid vet bills and chronic health conditions in the long run.
257359257359B0029NLV8GA3J5FVO3TJL6VZManny "MannyJ"2311319932800Our cats threw up in pain after eating this foodWe bought 2 packets (49 pouches in total) a few weeks ago for my 3 cats. One of the cats ignored this food completely to start with but the remaining two ate it. Anyways, a few days later we realized that both our cats who ate this food began throwing up in agony. Initially we didn't take it too seriously but they did this repeatedly two days in a row right after they ate this food. Hence, we have now switched back to the food we used to give them before and they are doing much better now.

We also found that this food is NOT made in the USA but imported from Thailand, which they have not mentioned on this website.
257360257360B0029NLV8GAKTCJRW8XC0HFPhil Dunlop2321310169600Purrfectly Chicken NOT! Purrfectly Mystery Meat is betterOnce upon a time Whiskas Purrfectly items were not too bad, our 3 cats loved them. But the product has gone down hill, WAY DOWN HILL!

The cats like an evening snack, and Whiskas was at the top of the list. I used to go 3 days on, 1 day off (no treats). This kept them eager.

But today I failed to purchase any more. Why?

Here's why: First, look at the picture on the pack,,,, see all that lovely white meat? I DARE you to find even one package out of the whole box that matches that picture. You will not find one. Now all you find are bits and pieces of red / brown mystery meat, with perhaps, if you are REALLY lucky, 2 or 3 small slivers of white meat.

The last box I tried was a total failure, the cats would look, sniff,,, tentatively lick the sauce and maybe nibble a piece of white meat if they could find it, and walk away, allowing me the pleasure of throwing it away.

No more. They need to take a serious look at this product. DO NOT BUY!!
257361257361B0029NLV8GAUS3V4RKIWQ6BRay0041350950400our cat likes thisOur fat cat likes this better than most foods. Very easy to open. The food slides right out of the pouch.
257362257362B0029NLV8GA7W65A9H9UY3HMaineCoonLover0051350518400The Best Wet Cat Ever - Whiskas Perfectly Fish Tuna EntreeTuna Entree is THE ONLY wet cat food my cats will eat. Obviously many cats feel the same way since the grocery stores are usually out of this selection. There are many other flavors available; but like I said, Tuna Entree is THE ONLY wet cat food for my babies, Comanche and Lakota. Thank you so much.
257363257363B0029NLV8GA3FLD1UKTURX1KateinMi0051350086400My cats beg for thisMy cats love this because it has a lot of sauce. They like the regular Whiskas tender bites wet food also but end up licking off the sauce and leaving most of the food behind. This is their new favorite food.
257364257364B0029NLV8GAATADZFRFPC1ZDouglas C. Orr0051350000000One of my cat's favoritesMy cat likes many of the Whiska's Purrfectly... product line. Red snapper is one of her favorites. Can only get it at the store as part of a combination including shrimp which she doesn't like.
257365257365B0029NLV8GA1M3QODN76DHIJron0051349913600MidnightMidnight loves gravy and this is about the only product that has near enough to satisfy her. Therefore I am happy as long as it continues to have a lot of gravy.
257366257366B0029NLV8GAQJO0OXN5BG7ZR. kossak "spotted cuscus"0051349654400Superb!That's what my cat would say. This is the best food that I've found for my cat, and the extra cost shows it, but my cat's worth it! I was suprised to see the big chunks of real fish. I agree with other comments about the packaging, so it didn't take me long to figure out that if you use scissors to cut the top off instead of tearing it, you avoid all the mess. Just squeeze the contents away from the top first before you cut it. I actually prefer this package over a can, because since I give her half in the morning and half in the evening, I can just fold over the top and put the rest in the fridge. I have always bought the cheaper Whiska's pouches because, well, I'm a cheapskate. But at this point in both of our lives, I figure it's time to enjoy ourselves, and treat us both to the good stuff! Steak for me, Purffectly Fish/Chicken for her!
257367257367B0029NLV8GA1Q7XSRCA1PA0WCourtney0051348358400All animals love itThis is the best for all the animals. The dogs love it to. When someone is sick and needs to get eating, this is a great way to get them to it. Not the cheapest cat food out there but if you want the best this is it.
257368257368B0029NLV8GA2GIJVZJ928QYASusan ""Mystery Lover""0051345593600Many Happy CatsThe Purrfectly Chicken is the only pouch variety all the cats love. That's 5 inside spoiled rotten princes and princesses aged 6 to 13 and anywhere from 2 to 5 outside feral cats.I can deal with the inconvenience of pouches spilling chicken juice but wish I were sure they were eating a quality product. The fact that they're from Thailand bothers me. The dark pieces are always left in the bottom of the bowls.
257369257369B0029NLV8GAVCA4Z9OEHDP1Michelle0051344902400The high liquid content might be great for finicky/senior catsI have 3 kitties. One of them is very finicky with food in general, and she only likes the liquid (I like to call it broth, haha) in these pouches. It's good though, because that way she still gets something other than the dry food. I give the rest of the meaty chunks to my other kitties who are happy to devour it.
257370257370B0029NLV8GAOST78DLVD5GJDebbie0041344556800My fancy feast only cat loves it at first but now he only likes the juice in it!My 5yr old cat eats only Fancy Feast Grilled products. He does not enjoy Science diet or Halo canned food much after he got a taste of Fancy Feast Grilled. It seems like he enjoys juicy textured food in his mouth. He is primarily on wet food because of his stomititis. I am on subscribe & save for the FFG, but have been looking for a good wet cat food to provide some variety. The real meat in a pouch idea appeals to me. Got the 10-pack box today at local Petsmart for $5.99. My cat usually favors the chicken flavor so I opened the chicken packet first. Lots of juice and soft meat and smells more like human food(to human nose). My cat finished it in record time. Success!! We are going to try out other flavors like Seafood next. It did draw my attention that this product was made in Thailand. I am not sure if that should be a concern (?). And if your cat is like mine, who sometimes cannot finish the 3oz portion in a meal, just store it upright in a ziplock bag and put it in the fridge for the next meal.
Follow up: After two boxes, my cat is not so enthusiastic about it anymore. He would lick all the juice up and leave the content (especially the red color meat) in his dish...:-( He also doesn't like the chicken & duck flavor. If they sell only the chicken soup for cats, my cat would love it. The seafood (especially) tuna was a success for the first and second time and then he just doesn't like it any more. But he still likes his fancy feast grilled. So I guess I have to keep searching for alternatives...

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