Amazon Fine Food Reviews

257401257401B0029NLV8GAX8IL8KBVLF05Bayou Belle0041299283200Good standard cat foodThe Whiskas tuna is one of the few non-premium cat food that doesn't have grains or meal in it. My guys like this, but to be honest they really prefer the premium brands, Sigh!
257402257402B0029NLV8GA2MY9VXHZYAHUZKimba W. Lion ""0041297555200Cats love it I hate the pouches.
257403257403B0029NLV8GA2BU7S8E2RSSYHAnita Grauer0041289520000My cats favorite foodI use to get this product at my local Petsmart until they no longer carried it other than in a variety pack. The Mackeral is their favoite and my cats were soooo upset when I couldn't get it. So I turned to Amazon to find it and now order it online in large quantities just to have it. They're happy once again.
257404257404B0029NLV8GA3DID7JUQSVCUDiane Gregg0051285372800Whiska's Purrfectly Fish and Purrfectly Chicken Improved My Cats' HealthI used to never feed my cats wet food because they preferred dry and I thought it was fine as long as they drank plenty of water. After losing one cat to death mysteriously and another one to kidney disease I decided to follow the advice of many on the web and switch to wet food. I tried many brands including the most expensive, but my three cats prefer Whiskas Purrfectly Fish and Purrfectly Chicken to all others. I mix them together in the bowl. All three of my cats run to the bowls to gobble up the food and they don't leave a morsel. Also, my cats do not throw up this food like they do dry food. I can't believe the change in their health. In just a short time my two older boys went from being round fatties to having shape and nice healthy curves. And their coats are absolutely gorgeous. The oils in the food obviously create a nice sheen. Also, the shedding is way down. Thanks Whiskas and keep it comin'.
257405257405B0029NLV8GA19FZBMLOQX9GIboomer0031285113600shipping cost high, product excellentReceived 24 packets of cat food - quantity was unclear in advertising.
The packaging protected against damage as if the packets were crystal glassware.
The shipping cost was too high for the amount of product received.
My cat loves it, so I will find some alternative to keep a supply.
257406257406B0029NLV8GA2N9G7NCKC9DPRCassandra Abram0051280620800Great product for a wonderful price!My kitties LOVE this brand. I believe you are getting a good deal price-wise and it lasts awhile, depending how you feed--I mean spoil--your cats.
257407257407B0029NLV8GA1KRI5XPDUGQVIAnita C. Kuchera "Skeat"0051280448000Great serviceThis is the only wet cat food that one of our cats will eat and we have been having problems always finding it in our local Wal-Mart. So I was really pleased when I found that I could order it online and was also able to set up a schedule for monthly delivery. I was even more pleased when I found that I could adjust the schedule when I needed to order it sooner than expected. This is a great service for us and we have since set up another schedule for two of their other chicken products.
257408257408B0029NLV8GA2Z03H9LUXPEFVJ Gilstrap0031275004800Finniky Kitty!I have to say that I have tried all kinds of expensive catfood for my grown cat. He does not like the good stuff! He prefers the cheap stuff so I have just adjusted to that. I thought this tuna entree would be great, but he does not like it. Sorry for the bad review since I am sure there are cats out there with all different pallates of taste. If your kitty likes tuna which looks like it came from a can - bon appetit!
257409257409B0029NLV8GA2N9G7NCKC9DPRCassandra Abram0051275004800The cats can't get enough!My cats are usually picky about food, but this is one product they can't get enough of! I think it's a great price for all the food you get, so you SAVE money. Great quality!
257410257410B002UDYZW4AOM3C3NQHJKFLhedgelaw "hedgelaw"1151287100800very goodJust as good as the three dollar a bottle product - very quick and convenient to have delivered!
257411257411B002UDYZW4A18HWCYQZUQA94Mary Ennen2351257206400I haven't tasted anything better in this product category!!! Buy some today!!!This is fantastic tasting and doesn't "bring you down" from any sugar or needless extras. No sugar. Great taste. Tremendous value!
257412257412B002UDYZW4A20IJN7JD8JOVRKLK1221301529600Watered-Down Flavor - Not Much EnergyI was not a very big fan of these energy shots. The taste is sort of like a bland fruit juice with ice in it that melted and watered it down. They are pretty inexpensive, so they get my vote there, and thus the two stars. Other than that, I feel that there are better tasting shots out there for even less.
257413257413B001L2XWSIAXYKXBB3P3Q3Nslypig "mo.slypig"1151249430400My Dog Loves these!I have a Red Doberman Pinscher with a very sensitive stomach. Most treats give him the runs. These Breathies are wonderful.

He likes them very much and they do not upset his stomach. They do smell minty too. It improves his breath somewhat, but it can only do so much for a dog that will eat poop if he gets a chance! :-)

I give him the choice of which treat he wants and he always picks the Breathies. I would recommend these to anyone that has a dog with a sensative stomach and bad breath.

Also, the 3rd party seller of these treats were wonderful too.
257414257414B001L2XWSIACXOA282M77D2Sarah E Strickland0051315180800Great TreatsI have a Dotson mix and she loves these treats. I only give them to her about once a day, and they do seem to reduce her bad breath noticeably. For the price, you can't beat these and I plan on buying more when I run out.
257415257415B001L2XWSIA53OMW3JG71N4Flip "Bedlington_Boy"0051292112000Better BreathI buy these for my Bedlington Terrier,who for some reason
has bad breath. He receives on biscuit after each meal,twice
a day. I have been giving these for approximately two years
without a hitch. The do not elimminate the bad breath but
surely reduce it. The most recent order was from Petco and
it was the shipment with the least breakage,this has been a
problem I have had in the past.
Overall I recommend these for any pet.
257416257416B0043343BWA3095JB8X3XGFZterry taylor1121295222400Not singlesThese are still in the shell peanuts. This is not mentioned in the listing. They are not "singles" either, they come in 2 very large 80oz packages. Not what I wanted.
257417257417B0043343BWA2DHG1HP5MCGMIJennie Kirkpatrick0051296172800Salted Peanuts in Shell.These are really good peanuts and a fun food for the kids. They enjoy cracking and eating these although they would be best for snacking on at an outdoor event.They are tasty and as stated elsewhere in the reviews they do come in two 5lb bags. Still a great bargain and a fun food but not for someone on a low sodium diet.
257418257418B0012QIR06A3NHIM0X6KO6OYSteven "adirondack walker"1151263513600Alder Creek ChristmasWe had a great time with the sixty count Toblerone box .They are the favorite chocolates of all.
257419257419B0012QIR06A136QC74UFJ9G8B. Berlinger1151206316800We love them!!My Girl Scout troop represented Switzerland at our recent Thinking Day and this years theme was Foods from Around the World. These mini toblerone bars were perfect! Service was wonderful from the candy company -- we got them in plenty of time! Just the perfect size for others to sample.
257420257420B0012QIR06A11DBJWHK50WY5MiMi0031343174400Great Candy but melted in mailI love toblerone candy! I ordered this package because I was craving for some candy. When I received the package all the candy looked like it was melted and then cooled down and the shape of the candy was gone. I am not really happy about that. I guess next time I won't order candy over the internet.
257421257421B0012QIR06A34NR6ZAZIXQYZflo stengel0051331596800Tolborone candy - a MUST for Chocolate loversThe Tolberone candy I purchased from Amazon, I was only aware it existed, 2 to 3 years ago. What a wonderful surprise for chocolate lovers, such as I. My grandchildren always visit the Tolberone box when they visit!
257422257422B0012QIR06A2XN06F28FSKLZLaurie Meadows0051320019200Excellent Product and valueIf you love Toblerone like I do. This box of mini Toblerone are perfect! A super value and great, prompt shipping! I will order them again
257423257423B0012QIR06AMKJ92WXOQT0NJohn "JMK911"0321228694400Good chocolate, lousy vendorI ordered the 60 count changemaker after trying the product at a neighborhood bratwurst sandwich grill. I didn't get what I ordered and the vendor didn't respond to my complaint.
257424257424B000OFIUHQA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"7751191542400Quality Unique New Tea by Superior Tea Company*****
This is a yummy and unique tea. It's sort of creamy (the real vanilla is a luscious taste), but not spicy like chai. It is absolutely perfect and I'm drinking it all the time because the taste is beyond belief, plus there is no caffeine!

Indian Night is certified organic and contains fair trade certified organic Fatrikcherra Estate black tea, and organic vanilla beans---that's all---and oh, what an incredible combination! There are no oils or natural flavorings used at all, unlike many flavored teas, and thus no funny aftertaste. It is also kosher. This tea is sustainable in that all packaging materials are biodegradable and recyclable, the carton is made of 100% post-consumer waste, and cello wrap is not used. Numi says that all their tea bags "are made of natural fiber paper, not the trendy, "silky" see-though nylon tea bags". The reason it is called "full leaf" is that Numi black teas do not contain tea dust or fannings, which tend to make tea taste bitter; instead, they contain the full leaf, expanding when they are brewed, "releasing a robust and long lasting experience".

On the box, the manufacturer writes: "Inspired by an ancient Aztec culinary secret, Numi has chosen aromatic whole vanilla beans to blend with premium organic black tea. The tea grows in northern India on a bio-dynamic and Fair Trade garden surrounded by beautiful tropical forests. It is decaffeinated by a revolutionary organic CO2 process, called 'Effervescence', the only chemical-free method that does not extract flavor or health properties. As Indian Night steeps a vibrant bronzy hue, its seductive fragrance, flowery yet familiar, flirts with your senses. Magnificently smooth, exotic vanilla harmonizes with black tea for a creamy, rich and satisfying cup." This is a new (as of 2007) tea for Numi, and this description romantically describes the tea experience, and doesn't oversell it at all.

Highly recommended.
257425257425B000OFIUHQAMVFS9CFIFYTMachaon4451205366400Strong vanilla smell and taste.I recently started drinking organic, decaf black or green tea because of the antioxidant health benefits, and not because I was fond of tea. I am mostly a coffee drinker, and I like a very strong cup of coffee. I tried a few teas, but most of them weren't strong enough and had to be doctored up with lemon, or vanilla soy milk. This tea has a very enjoyable and strong smell, and taste, of vanilla, so I can enjoy it with both senses.

The instructions say to steep the tea bag for three to five minutes. Longer could result in a naturally bitter vanilla taste. I let the tea bag steep in my cup for much longer than five minutes, and keep it steeping all the time while I am drinking it, and even squeeze the bag a few times, and don't find the taste bitter, but an enjoyable treat, whether steeping for five minutes or twenty minutes.
257426257426B000OFIUHQAYWUHB7N8XGZQEvelyn A. Getchell "Evie"2251212278400Another organic favorite from NumiI love this delicate, delightful, decaf black tea. For me it is another organic favorite from the wonderful Numi tea company. How thrilled I was to discover it at Amazon because I cannot find it at my local health food markets. I love a good black tea and wanted something exactly like Indian Night Decaf for my later in the day and evening tea enjoyment...and I do so enjoy this mellow vanilla scented blend. I have to also comment about how much I enjoy the lovely artwork on all the Numi packaging...such a nice touch to such a wonderful product.
257427257427B000OFIUHQA17SKMAS0YYBVBonnie L.0051258243200Yummy teaI discovered this tea when I was in Seattle - yes, the land of coffee. I wanted a basic cup of decaf black tea but nobody in the NW sells regular tea! It's all latte this and grande that. I finally ended up in one small coffee shop practically begging for a cup of regular tea, and I was given this Numi decaf Vanilla Black. WOW!! It is soooo good. Kind of has a hint of a black raspberry flavor even though there isn't any in it. I've placed 2 orders from Amazon so far since I can't find this particular flavor in my area. Thanks to being desperate in Seattle, I am now a Numi customer through Amazon!
257428257428B000OFIUHQA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"0051231718400Dreamy Vanilla TeaNumi teas are blended to an elegant perfection. Numi Decaf Black Vanilla is no exception and will please anyone who loves mild black tea with a hint of vanilla. For a richer experience, use two teabags per 8-ounce cup. This tea is perfect for drinking at night when you are relaxing, reading poetry or starting a new novel. The vanilla flavor is enhanced with a dash of cream or even an little vanilla syrup from France. I can recommend Rieme All Natural French Vanille Vanilla Syrup - 8.46 Fl Oz (250 Ml) or even a natural cane sugar to add a caramel twist.

~The Rebecca Review
257429257429B000OFIUHQA2EHYCTMWX9AWFPatricia S. America "Pat A"0051231545600Love This TeaIt's organic, decaffeinated, individually wrapped (which makes it portable and keeps it fresh), flavorful and a good price. It's not easy to find that combination in local stores. The aroma and taste of vanilla are just right in a hot cup of this tea.
257430257430B000OFIUHQA1RLP0R1N8H8C4Kitten Kisser0051225756800Excellent Decaf Tea!I purchased this based on a great review here on Amazon. I'm so glad 1st for the great review which caused me to purchase this delicious tea! It is rather sweet all on it's own & the flavor is smooth. The scent is decadant! I tend to overbrew my tea to the extreme & this holds up to my crazy brewing without becoming bitter or funky!
I love that not only is this organic but fair trade as well. A problem with organics these days is they really aren't organic. They will contain "natural" flavors and/or one or more of the many non-organic allowed anyway ingredients that the USDA Organic certification says is okay. Gee thanks...
Anyway, this tea does not contain that crap. It is Naturally decaffeinated black tea (it doesn't use chemicals) with organic vanilla beans. That's it. Nothing else!
A smooth rich cuppa tea! Fabulous with milk, like dessert! Fabulous without milk too! Perfect for taking to work since the bags are individually wrapped.

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