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257491257491B002TSA91GA1J1KO98HQ80YWJ. Benvignati0111267488000Dove Body WashTried it a few times now and not thrilled. A bit harsh, fragrance is on the strong side, doesn't lather well, grainy and too many chemicals for a soap. Skin had a rash look afterwards for awhile. Gillette is much better in my opinion, in every way. Would not purchase this on my own.
257492257492B002TSA91GA1DRM3JV6T5O6PW. Oliver0131267488000Nice fragrance, gentle body wash, questionable ingredientsSo far, I have mixed feelings about this product. I don't find that it is overly gritty as some other reviewers have stated. In fact, I've used it on my face a time or two and didn't think it was that harsh. The fragrance is nice but not something I would want to linger and fortunately it doesn't. It does leave you with a clean, refreshing feeling. The chemical ingredients are alarming and for that reason alone, I'm not sure if I would purchase it.
257493257493B002TSA91GAN81JUYW2SL24Charlie0151267401600Finally, a great body wash for menThe first thing I noticed was the fresh musky scent. It was refreshing but not overpowering. The viscosity of the body wash was thinner than what I'm used to, but it lathers up nicely even without using a scrubber. The microbeads aren't large enough to feel like sand in your eyes or be large enough to hurt your feet when you step on them. However, I still don't recommend getting any of the wash into your eyes as it will sting!

The wash was easy to use and it rinses off without leaving a greasy feeling, yet it does not leave a dry feeling either.

Pros: Easy to use, great scent that isn't overpowering, cleans very effectively

Cons: None

Overall: 5/5 stars
257494257494B002TSA91GA2I3XS9TO93Q0FMichael Meredith "e-Mike"0151267401600Great body wash!The most appealing aspect of Men+Care Clean Comfort Body Wash for me is that it manages to avoid the Old Spice/Brylcreme definitions for men's products without sliding down the metrosexual path. It has a very agreeable scent that I like, and one that met with compliments (or more importantly, a lack of "what is that..." type) comments from my lovely wife.

I've used body washes that produced more lather, however this one just might be the best moisturizing soap I've used. Perhaps there is something to the "micromoisture" technology, though I tend to look askance at newly coined phrases like that.

Cheapskate so and so that I am, I appreciate the design of the bottle. It's flat on the cap, so that you can always open it from the bottom without having to flail about to get those last few drops of soap. Also, you don't have to worry about it falling off the shelf mid-shower, because the bottle's center of gravity has been disrupted by turning it upside down.

Nice job Dove! I'll be using this for a long time to come.
257495257495B002TSA91GA1OMXVXXP07F05D. Couse "darkman1969"0151267142400A body wash you won't have to turn in your man card for.Soap is soap. At least that's what I thought. Frankly, I could care less about what soap I had used in the past. Bar, body wash, whatever was available, I'd use it. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but my biggest goal in the shower as a guy was to see how quickly I could get out. Speed is the name of the game in the shower for 5, 10 or 15 minute showers. Get in and get out. Just like at the mall.

However, this body wash may have me extending my shower time. It smells good, not "nice" but good. Not manly per se, but not girly either. It lathers quickly and holds the suds.

Now for the kicker. I live in a dry climate and would always have to use lotion on my hands by the time I had gotten to work. I haven't had to use it since I've been using this body wash! Great news for me as I can kill two birds with one stone.

All in all, I really could care less about my shower routine and how I smell coming out. However, if this stuff keeps me from having to use lotion on my hands afterwards, then that just might make me keep on using it.

And I can keep my man card in my wallet for now.
257496257496B002TSA91GA3KF79AODCE7YEJ. Oh "aletheia67"0131267056000I am not sure whether men need this...I am not sure whether many men would use "Dove + Men Care Clean Comfort Body Wash." At least for me (a middle aged & married man), I am used to just washing my body with a bar of soap. Sure, sometime, it does dry up my skin, but after the shower, I do at times put on a lotion to soothe dry skin. As for this product:

1. While the product promises, "(its) micromoisture technology to fight skin dryness," I have not seen any difference between using a bar of Dove soap or even Lever 2000. Even after using Dove's Men Care, I still needed to put on some of lotion to soothe my skin.
2. The scent of the item is somewhat like aftershave smell. Some men might like it, others may not. However, the scent is not too strong, but mild.
3. I do not know how clean it cleanses my body. I really can't tell the difference.

Overall, I am not sure whether it is better than simple bar of soap.
257497257497B002TSA91GA1J75JJ0Q2OEJNRaven A. Wind0141266969600It's soap... For men!In recent years, there's been a boom in the "for men" category of personal hygiene products. I guess the companies figured we guys were sick of seeing women get special soaps, shampoos, razors, deodorants and skin treatments, and sought to narrow the gap by giving us men something to claim for our own. Give it another decade and there may not be any unisex products in the personal care aisles anymore!

And what's to review here? Soap. Fine, fine, fine-- Call it "Body Wash" if you want, but that's just the long-hand for "soap". Some marketing wizard decided to differentiate soap for your hands from soap meant for the rest of your body (but not your hair) as a means to get us to buy the same product twice. For the record, this soap works on your hands just as well as it works on your butt.

It smells nice, like a typical men's deodorant or low-cost cologne. No fruity sweetness here! We're MEN (grunt!) If we can't smell like grease and dirt, then we like to smell like chemicals, not flowers or fruit! So this gets a good grade in the olfactory category.

It gets me clean. Dirt was there, and now it's gone. My butt has never been shinier (except for that incident with the oil and the floor buffer). It makes me feel clean too, so I know it's not a mere illusion. LO, I AM NOW APPROACHABLE!

Supposedly this soap has long-term effects on my skin, and makes my epidermis more healthy because there are little exfoliating beads in the soap. I'm not sure I can verify that, because I haven't run a long-term test course, but I'll take their word for it. After all, being clean has health benefits in and of itself.

There's really no reason to complain about this product. It's a good soap. It comes in a nice squeeze bottle that makes it easy to lather up. It doesn't smell like wet dog or old spinach. It makes me cleaner than I would be if I didn't use soap, and it even works on my hands (despite the conspiracy to get me to buy separate hand soap!) so what else do you want in a soap? Tyler Durden-style lipo fats? A keen chemical burn? You won't get that here!

But you will get clean, and you might get some action if you no longer smell like a soiled goat covered in Cheetos dust. That makes it SO worth it.
257498257498B002TSA91GA247525Q1RAY4GFred V. Peterson0151266796800Stains wash cloth, only first bottleI bought the one with granuals in store and liked it. I ordered the three w/o granuals and it ruined my wash cloth with blue stains. Won't wash out in laundry either. In using the next bottle, product was great. Same type and brand wash cloth. Guess it was just that one bottle, too much blue in bottle. Will order again.
257499257499B002TSA91GA3BMK3DZDH0N6QPavahotti3621267056000We Men are not as strong as we like to pretendI'm a man. As a man, I lead people to believe that I don't mind pain. A few exfoliating micro-globules? Bring 'em on!

Yet, in reality, it's all a ruse. I don't like pain! My skin is as delicate as the petal of a calla lily, and I like my body wash to roll gently off me like morning dew. In contrast, this Dove Men body wash is less like morning dew, and more like shrapnel from an IED.

Look, I know we Men CLAIM to be manly and strong. But we don't much like bathing with shrapnel. Exfoliating beads? We'll leave that to you ladies.

257500257500B002TSA91GA36O3YPQZXKU6DJohn Beckham "John W Beckham"1311345161600Exploding SoapThis product looked like an explosion: one had opened and drained half out. It was a mess. Both bottles were covered and I could do little other than run them to the sink to make sense of the slimy package.
AND THEY WANT ME SHIP THIS BACK FOR A REFUND? the first question is there any 'liquid' in there, what do I say, "god yes, all over the place?" I guess TARGET is the better choice for somethings.
257501257501B002TSA91GA4VMQ6ZTSXSSLkiwanissandy "Go Bucks!"1311268179200Made us itch...then break out. Pass on this one.I liked the fragrance, seemed to rinse off the skin, and even liked the micro beads; however, after using it my teenage son started itching and then had acne breakouts. I itched as well but no acne. Probably will not use again...whatever chemicals are in this body wash we're having an allergic reaction too. We don't normally have sensitive skin so that makes me think this product isn't safe for normal users. I wouldn't recommend.
257502257502B002TSA91GA1EXM5J5V7I27HYasmin Coleman0231305763200Something For My HusbandMy husband uses Dove body wash products regularly so I ordered this product for him to sample. He thought it was a fair/good product --lathered well, smelled good, overall good feeling. However, he wasn't impressed by it enough to want to spend two or three times as much for this item as compared to other similar items on the market. Additionally the product's grainyness while fine for the body wasn't a good idea on the face...especially if one shaved before or after using. Overall a nice product but not necessarily one that he has to have or purchase.
257503257503B002TSA91GA33E2HGUMUSWL1M. Munoz0231304899200Dove Men care washSmell good, nice texture, but i am a little disappointment because one of the ingredients are PETROLATUM. Why Dove use that ingredient?
257504257504B002TSA91GA3Q9HY0LU7MN6EN. Cousino "Jorja's Mama"0231267056000Could be betterThe smell is nice but a bit strong and lingers a little too long for my liking, and the exfoliating 'grains' are a nice feature but can be a bit harsh if you use this on a daily basis. It lathered nicely though and I did feel nice and clean when I rinsed, although not necessarily overly moisturized.

Now if I can just convince my husband to give it a try. =)
257505257505B002TSA91GA1QQDHM5YMLQ8ZJoseph Albanese "The Joe Show"0251266969600GreatThe product does just what it claims: leaves you clean and nourishes your skin (a boon, especially in winter). Another plus: no filmy feeling left. I don't know how Dove did it but it cleans you and rinses clear the way all body washes should.
257506257506B002TSA91GA3FON4I2FXE0NQDebashish Mitra2611283817600Clog Your Pores, Stay Dirty, Feel StaleThis is the worst body wash I have ever used and I have used a few (from most regular mass market products like Axe, Old Spice to designer brands like Armani, Dunhill). The things that I expect from a bodywash/shower gel are:

1) It should clean you very well and leave you feeling fresh (BUT while doing so it should not dry your skin). In the long run it should be good for the skin.

2) It should not have any ingredient which is harmful for the skin. Specifically I avoid the following like plague: Petrolatum, Parben, Mineral Oil (apart from these, I also try to avoid SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ Sodium Laureth Sulfate) but it is hard to find a body wash or shower gel without SLS - its pervasive).

3) Have a good soothing or invigorating fragrance (while not being so strong as to cause a headache)

Before beginning this review let me tell you why I avoid the ingredients Petrolatum, Parben and Mineral Oil - all these ingredients, in the name of 'moisturizing your skin by locking in vital moisture' actually form a sheath on top of your skin and clog its pores. This is extremely unhealthy for the skin since skin, for being healthy, needs to be able to breathe freely for expelling impurities out of the system. The implication of using products (body washes, shower gels) with these ingredients is that you do not feel as fresh after the shower (compared to products without these ingredients) since your skin pores are clogged and suffocated. Though I noticed that this Dove Men + Care Clean Comfort Body Wash contained Petrolatum (and SLS), I wanted to give it a try since I hold in high regard Unilever in general for their well engineered products and the Dove brand in particular for their moisturizing bar soap which is one of the best soaps for skin and is a fantastic product.

However I was shocked when I used this. It is the worst of all worlds - This body wash almost does not clean you at all but leaves such a heavy residue on your skin that you will feel horrible - as if you did not have a shower at all. And dare you use this when you are a little more unclean than usual - when you come out of the shower you will wonder whether you had a shower at all. There is absolutely NO feeling of freshness OR cleanliness that you expect from a shower. Now some might argue that usually 'moisturizing' body washes are intended more to moisturize than to leave you feeling squeaky clean - well I'm not talking of anything even close to squeaky clean here - when you have a bath (even if it were with the world's most moisturizing soap/body wash) you expect to feel a minimal level of freshness (otherwise there is no point of a bath - you might as well smother yourself with moisturizing lotion instead).

Ok - so this does a horrible job of cleaning. So what about its claims of moisturizing ? The only thing this body wash does is clog your pores and leave your skin feeling suffocated - not supple and well cared for. So if you have an oily skin or if you are a little stale from perspiration and get into the shower with this, you will feel horrible since this will 1) not clean you in any way 2) lock in the dirt that you had before the shower - can you imagine how bad that can feel ? I wonder whether this product was well tested on actual people (which is a basic requirement and the norm with any cosmetic manufacturer of credibility/repute) before being rolled out.

As for the fragrance, its just OK. Nothing that you would look forward to.

I'm thoroughly disappointed with Unilever for releasing such a badly engineered and tested product. This is extremely uncharacteristic of this very good FMCG company. I threw this in the bin after using it thrice (I was disgusted after the very first use but wanted to give this a chance just in case the first day was a 'bad bath day' - but alas the bad was not in the day - it was in the gel).

Well this review was a passionate one and so could come across to some as bordering on the weird - for after all its a body wash isn't it ? Your life does not depend on it. But well, I am very particular about the decisions I make for my health, grooming and well being. This product was so horrible that it disgusted me to the extent necessary to elicit such strong feelings of dislike and disapproval. However, as I always suggest, do not take my word for it - try this yourself (if you want) with an open mind but at the same time being conscious of what to test/look for after reading this review - because after all you are the best judge of what suits you and what is good for you. Also, I strongly suggest that you try to find a cleaning product without SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ Sodium Laureth Sulfate), since SLS penetrates the skin and even the internal organs easily and can cause havoc like endocrinological imbalances, neurological disorders, organ toxicity and cancer on long term use.
257507257507B002TSA91GA1BKJNAWJT2TG2G. Scott "Gia Scott"0511273017600didn't receive itemDid not receive item, so have no idea how it would or would not perform.
257508257508B002TSA91GAYG2SBEV15LXVIAmNotAnAnimal131431276300800Good body wash - refreshing, but lackingI have sensitive skin that is prone to getting dry, particularly during the winter months and dry weather. I thought I would give this new line a try and it was alright. The scent is just right as it is not overpowering but definitely detectable, although I can understand some people being turned off by it.

The primary moisturizing ingredient in this body wash is the same as in many others - petrolatum. Those saying that this body wash does not moisturize enough - I would recommend letting the lather set on your body for at least a minute or two. Petrolatum is not an instantaneous moisturizer and needs some time to settle on the skin to do its job. Try aiming the water off of you as you lather and let it set for a couple of minutes. Even with this technique, however, this body wash just isn't as moisturizing as it says, especially in comparison to Dove 'Deep Moisture'.

Overall - I liked this body wash. I'm rather picky with my personal hygiene products and Dove For Men passes with an average score.
257509257509B002TSA91GA1A6C5KIOBMQ2PBen4451295136000Clean feeling and refreshingNormally I use Irish Spring soap but noticed recently that it has been drying my skin out during the winter months. The Dove Men Body and Face Wash works great so far, cleans especially good as a face wash. I like that its a combination body and face wash, for a guy its very convenient not having to use multiple products. I tried two of the three scents. The Clean Comfort has a clean and cool scent to it (Coolwater'ish). The Extra Fresh has a fresh lemon type of scent to it. I like both, clean out of the shower smell but not overpowering like the usual cheap drugstore stuff. Best face cleanser Ive used and will continue using, highly recommended.
257510257510B002TSA91GA2M8O6T2VWQB6Uthekingofchina3311300147200Dries out skin, causes heavy irritation, hard to undo its affectsThis product seemed very good at first and at first, i loved it. However, around 2 months after using it, i discovered i was always itching my outer thigh and the area directly behind my armpits (i was using the new dove deodorant also) was getting very dry (something very uncommon for me because my skin rarely dries out). After changing my body wash and deodorant (about 3 weeks later) my symptoms are beginning to leave. This product is very harmful to your skin and it doesn't manifest its negative consequences until it's too late. The dry skin is almost impossible to get rid of and even now (almost 2 months after i stopped using this product), my itchy skin is still evident. I went to my dermatologist and he said that the irritation was caused by the chemicals in this body wash and it could take a long time for the irritation to recede because of how long i was using the product. I would never recommend the men's product line to anyone (but "regular" dove products have always been a favourite of mine). Stick with the brands that have been around for a long time - Axe, old spice, etc
257511257511B002TSA91GA15P429IXO6US9April Kelly Woessner6811311292800NOT Unscented!This product says "unscented" all over it, but has a STRONG perfume smell - fragrance is listed as an ingredient. If you call, they will tell you that it is a "masking scent" - yes, I call that scented. I don't find it to be any milder than the regularly scented body washes.
257512257512B002TSA91GAF243HZDBHHA9SmoothDad1151339718400Shower time just got betterSmells good, lathers well, easy on the body. I highly recommend this product to all the fellas out there! You will love it!
257513257513B002TSA91GAIEINRDKE99PTJ. D. Walters "Heyzeus7"1141274313600Clean-smelling, invigoratingI don't usually distinguish between types of body wash, but I must say that I found this new Dove product especially invigorating. It has a nice, clean smell and leaves you feeling refreshed all over. Another nice thing is that it's concentrated, so that you can use less of it per shower, extending its lifetime.
257514257514B002TSA91GA3W2UTN0BC4ZKDHeath L. Buckmaster "_heath_"1141271635200Micromoisture? Really?What can you say about a body wash? Does it get you clean? Yes. Well isn't that enough?

Apparently not because this one has MICROMOISTURE technology. All these jargon words really make me laugh. You know there is a room of marketing guru's just sitting around thinking, "what words can we put together that will make our product sound revolutionary?"

This team came up with: patent filed technology (yes that's right, "filed"), micromoisture technology, clinically proven, dermatologist recommended, and total skin comfort. I'm sure one of these is a typo on the container.

But let's talk about the product now.

Smell - it smells clean, masculine, not overpowering. It reminds me a bit of an Axe body spray.

Texture - it has "purifying grains", which means it's sort of like using lava soap but in liquid form. It's gritty but not in a tear-up-your-skin way. That grit is supposed to help wash away dead skin cells and leave your skin refreshed and clean. I would have to say that yes, it does make my skin feel nice afterward.

Where to use it - it says "body and face" but I don't really like micro-beads getting into my eyes. Be cautious about that. Great for body, not for the eyes - so when you're scrubbing your face be sure to squint really tight until you wash all the grit off.

So what do I like? It smells good and it leaves my skin feeling like it's been cleaned very well.

So what don't I like? It's not a shampoo & body wash, just a body wash, so I wind up having to use shampoo as well. This won't apply for bald men, but for the rest of us - I don't recommend using this as a shampoo because it takes forever to wash the microbeads out of your hair.

As advertised the product gets 4 stars. Improvement idea would be to make an all-in-one product so I don't have to spend longer in the shower or use two products to get clean.
257515257515B002TSA91GA21BVL7PKG9BX8Yoda OK1141268870400Nice lather, don't care for the scent.I choose this item and gave it to my husband to try (and yes, I even tried it once to see what it was like even though it is most definitely a mans smell). He likes the way it lathers up and rinses off easily even in our hard water, but neither of us care for the scent. I'm not sure what the smell is....maybe a sandalwood or something of the like, but neither of us cared for it. The scent didn't last long on the skin after showering, so that was a good thing for us. Scent is a very personal thing and some may really like the scent of this wash, we just didn't. I would like to see this product is some other scents or even in a non-scented variety. Overall, great product and would pick it up again if I could get a different scent.
257516257516B002TSA91GAVJJ2D4G5I0Z4Michael A. Behr "mabehr"1151268352000My new gym wash!!!I don't know if it's just marketing, or something different about this body wash, but it's the only one I see labeled body wash AND face wash. That makes it very convenient for going to the gym, since I can carry one less bottle. (Nivea has shaving cream, body wash, shampoo, but I love my shampoo... and again, the label there doesn't actually say it's a face wash.)

It rinses very cleanly, which is nice. I'm not sure if it's terribly moisturizing, which is funny for Dove, since that's what they're known for. The claim that it is... but after using Dove Nutrium, my skin feels a definite difference. After using using this, it didn't feel dry, but definitely didn't feel nearly as moisturized.

The most surprising aspect about this wash was the fact that there is virtually no scent. I expect Men's stuff to smell spicy, and other lines of this body wash definitely do, but not this mild formula. I was initially somewhat disappointed, since I usually like smelling "manly", but it turns out it's actually makes it very good for going to the gym at noon, because when I get back to my office, I'm not knocking anyone out with my formidable scent.
257517257517B002TSA91GA1EQ5D5JRSW23KErol Esen1151267401600Amazing Product!The only way I can compare this body wash is with another Dove product: the Exfoliating Body Wash. They are both great and refreshing. It's amazing how this brand of the British-Dutch multinational corporation, Unilever, makes such a positive gentle impact on how we start a day.
257518257518B002TSA91GA1C139F5C7Y38PThe Matrix Fan "Video Gamer since 1979."1141267228800A satisfying body wash & facial cleanser!Over the years I've become a bit of a soap snob. I typically use separate products - Nivea for my face and a generic soap for my skin. This body wash advertised "total skin comfort" so I figured I'd put it to the test.

I uploaded a picture of a dollop of this wash - it has a somewhat cloudy look to it, and initially I was worried it wouldn't smell good or get me clean.

I was wrong on both counts.

After using this wash, I noticed a very faint smell, similar to talcum powder. Not overpowering, just enough to make me feel refreshed.

My face felt clean and it didn't feel dried out, nor did of me.

The price is a little high for this, but you can increase the # of uses per bottle by using a bath sponge or a regular washcloth. Gents, If you're looking to spoil your skin, this is a good choice (if you haven't already devoted yourself to Nivea).
257519257519B002TSA91GA1J5HIF41ENSMZAdam Wood5741271289600Nicely scented with a good texture, but a bit expensiveI was quite happy with how this product worked as a body wash, but I won't be buying it until the price comes down. Given that every body wash that I've used has gotten me clean, my criteria for choosing one over another are pretty simple: I want something with a pleasant scent, I want a product that isn't overly thin and watery, and I want to feel like I'm getting a good value. This Dove body wash met the first two of those, so I give it a thumbs up in regards to performance. The one balking point for me is that it costs about three times as much as the Suave men's body wash that I typically use, and I don't like it all that much more than the Suave.

Overall, I gave it four stars. Performance is a solid five stars, but value is closer to three stars, IMO.
257520257520B002TSA91GA30IP3E4MDQ36J. Brooks5721266710400Definitely not my choice of body wash...I have sensitive skin and have a tendency to breakout easily when using most body washes. Personally I've always loved Dove's products, especially the ones for sensitive skin... and I'm going to keep using those and toss this.

Dove's Men + Care does an awesome job lathering up and cleaning. The smell isn't the least bit offensive and it washes off cleanly. It doesn't leave your skin feeling itchy or dry, which is very nice, and does leave your skin feeling soft

However after using it I started to breakout. I looked at the ingredients and saw a whole heck of a lot of things I've never seen in my previous body washes and soaps. Out of all of the stuff in it, I'm not sure what particular ingredient it is, but there is something in it that I am sensitive to and had to quit using it.

So other then being allergic to the body wash, it does a great job cleaning and the smell is quite pleasant. If it didn't break me out, I'd continue using it.

Cleans well.
Lathers up great.
Smells good.
Well priced.

Broke me out after a few uses.
Has about three times the ingredients as my normal body wash that doesn't break me out

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