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257526257526B002TSA91GA844IL1J5MNQPVon Protsman0051345593600Only product that has given me clear skinI am not quite sure why so many reviews say this product causes them to break out. It does the total opposite for me. I have been searching for years for a product that can take care of face and body breakouts and finally found this. It's not even advertised as an acne treatment, but it is the only thing that has ever worked. I have naturally oily skin, I suppose, so the drying effect described by many is beneficial for me, as it returns the skin to normal. It leaves your face feeling tight, but not dry.

I will definitely attest to the fact that this is a different product than the same label in the store. The review that mentioned this was much more watery and less scented hit the nail on the head. However, It still does the job. It's just curious that it's different.

I could by 3 smaller bottles at my local grocery store for close to $20 or get three huge ones here for 15.

All in all, if you have oily skin all over, this works. If you don't, I figure it may dry it out...
257527257527B002TSA91GA35PRUX6ZKR4FFAndrew0051345161600Men + Care - Extra FreshThis product leaves you feeling refreshed and clean while your skin is not dried out. The smell is great, and it really does not take much to properly cover your face/body with soap. This does not smell like those 'teenage,' overpowering bodywashes, but it does leave a fresh scent on your skin throughout the day.

Overall, smells great, bottles last a long time, and leaves you feeling clean while not drying out your skin.
257528257528B002TSA91GAZ2EGXFNT8246Donald M. Jacobs0051344211200Dove Men + Care Body and FaceWashI enjoy this product and many other Dove products. The men's wash is hard to find in the stores.I use the wash every day after my gym work outs and it makes me feel great.
257529257529B002TSA91GA3DKMTKGUWKFZKC. Leese0051341187200Product is great but packaging was terribleI like the Dove products for men. This product does not dry out my skin, smells fine, and works well. I paid for 3 bottles of item. The packaging was poor and one bottle broke open spilling most of it's contents. I was able to recover about 25% of the third bottle. The bottles were placed in a plastic bag with no other padding, i.e. anything to keep the bottles from getting damaged. No air bags, no peanuts, nothing at all for protection. At this point, sending them all back is not an option.
257530257530B002TSA91GA290C5IMM79A2Zschützenjunge0051338422400First "scented" bodywash I can stand to useDefinitely NOT unscented, it has a men's scent to it...However, it is the first time in my life I have been able to stand such a scent, as it is relatively mild once out of the shower. I have not broken out from the stuff, either.
Also, I am a man with a short haircut, and it works as a shampoo for me. No flakes, soft hair. Nice to have one bottle for hair, face & body.
257531257531B002TSA91GA1C1VH9K34K7ZTMatthew G. Peppes0011335398400Very Unprofessional!!!!I honestly couldn't believe what I saw when opening up the of the bottles was wrapped up tight in plastic because the snap-tight bottom didn't exist. So obviously there was soap everywhere within the plastic "bag" because it had no lid whatsoever!!! I can't believe anyone would have thought this could be a usable product to send a buyer, very very unprofessional!!
257532257532B002TSA91GA1B3DXQBRWUQM5Damon.D0041331510400Smells goodSmells good, makes me feel clean, feels good while applying to my body in the shower. Never thought I would be reviewing shower gel but Amazon sent me an email to do so....and I do everything Amazon says. This is good stuff thought. I also have the other varieties and they all are nice.
257533257533B002TSA91GA1QUFAEMR8DTXCDover0051331510400Wonderful productI've been using this body wash for the past 2 years, and never had any problems. Doesn't dry the skin.
257534257534B002TSA91GALYU3086YPXFZJayson D. Barrons0051330646400Wouldn't bother with anything elseDove's men bodywash, as far as I can tell, is the best out there. I don't need my bodywash to be drenched in perfumes, I just need it to work. It does exactly that.
257535257535B002TSA91GA3QUSSVQJZ8KAJChristian Moore "realistic reader"0011330128000Clean Comfort?I have not tried the other scents but am not impressed with the "Clean comfort" one. It smells like cheap deodorant. You know that smell when an old man wearing Hi-Karate has been on an elevator? That's what it smells like to me.
257536257536B002TSA91GATXB5BDUPTS9VT. Kowalski "tlakova"0041329782400I like it quite a bit.I'm quite choosy about my hygienic products -- toothpastes, soaps, washes and so on. In an effort to find a bath wash that wasn't too obnoxious or coarse in it's ingredients, I've been through a couple brands. Knowing this, this one came as a gift from my girlfriend at the time. So far, this is one of my favorites. I don't really have sensitive skin per se but the mildness of both it's fragrance and it's texture, or lack thereof, work good for my skin. The only minus, though I personally don't mind, is that it is advertised as "unscented" yet a scent is clearly apparent.

It has no impact on the actual relevance of the product as a cleansing agent but I really like the look of the graphic design and industrial design of the product itself. The color scheme is nice and the bottle is easy to handle without slipping out of my hands. When the bath soap is getting low it also seems to do well at getting the last bits out unlike a lot of other brands I've tried where you have to pound the thing to get the last quarter of liquid out. The upside down orientation of the nozzle helps with this tremendously as does the shape of the bottle, I assume. Pretty good!
257537257537B002TSA91GAMJUSIY9C1H4YSteven W0051329004800Great stuff but cheaper at costcoThe price is great until costco started carrying this it. the price was the best around but i just saw this at costco and it is significantly better. until then it was the best around
257538257538B002TSA91GAK6A4UKBXPVIDJordan C0021327017600Dry skinThough it says that this is a deep moisturizer, I am very prone to dry skin especially in the winter if I don't use the right soap. I thought I would give this a try since Dove is known for being a very good body wash. The scent is amazing, I absolutely love it but as for the moisturizer I'm not impressed at all. My back and top of my arms get very very dry as soon as I get out the shower and my skin is very tight as if I just washed with straight alcohol. This is why I had to give it only 2 stars.

I'll have to use a different wash.
257539257539B002TSA91GA2JRNYCG9JR3UXPinetar3210051317859200A damn good body washI was using the blue Dove body wash for men... can't remember the name of it. This stuff is pretty good too. It isn't as in-your-face smelling as those other guys like Axe and Old Spice. This is a body wash for grown men who don't want to smell like they came out of a club. Good stuff and very moisturizing. My skin is so soft now
257540257540B002TSA91GA31LBLQOS6TE57Nos0011315267200Laundry DetergentLike for many reviewers, initially this product was fantastic. Besides the smell that made me sneeze slightly, my skin became soft within a few days. I was recommending this product to everyone at that point. A few months later, I started having breakouts: I had not had any pimples in over 20 years. My skin started to itch more and more. I thought initially I was attacked by some type of microscopic bugs all over my body. It became unbearable. I finally made the connection with the soap. Smelling it was making me sneeze more and more. My skin was burning after each shower. It was as if I was washing my face and body with laundry detergent.
Allergies develop over time. It is often hard to make a connection with the allergens. As soon as I switched to another brand, the symptoms disappeared. I was taught in medical school that Dove is amongst the safest hypoallergenic products. This new line of products for men is to the contrary incompatible with my skin. I don't have any other allergies.I don't know if the regular white bar is still as safe as it used to be, Unilever lost my trust for ever. Just look at the ingredient list if you are still sceptical.
257541257541B002TSA91GA3LBQZ0MS513G9Luc Renambot0041309305600Pretty goodPretty good product, fresh and good smell. Decent price with 'subscribe and save'. I'm using my second batch of 3 bottles and still like it.
257542257542B002TSA91GAG9715ONAXDWWEric R. Linnell0051307750400Good productPurchased as a gift for a young man just beginning to date, and concerned about his personal appearance. Has a pleasant but not overwhelming scent and he seems pleased with it.
257543257543B002TSA91GA1G3E0QC1RV2NVVirginia Vol0051302134400As men's bodywashes go, this is pretty goodLet me start by saying I don't fall much for marketing hype and to me soap is soap. That being said, the Dove Men+Care line is pretty good. It gets me clean, doesn't have an overpowering smell (just a clean one) and works pretty well. I also use the deodorant and that is a good compliment to this as well. I'm not one for a lot of frills - I had been using Old Spice or Suave, but tried the Dove during the winter because my skin was dry. It works. As a bonus, it can usually be found on sale somewhere at a big box store. The only thing I will say is it doesn't lather quite as much as some other soaps - to me that's a positive, but it might not be to others.
257544257544B002TSA91GA1EGZB4MJCNH2P761320051301184000Best body wash ever!I read some other reviews and saw that Dove's Body Wash for men dried up skin, clogged up pores, etc... But remember, everyone's body chemistry is different.

For me, this is the best body wash ever as it fits my chemistry perfectly. I've used so many different face washes in the past, from Jack's to, Niveas, to Adidas, Old Spice and all of them caused me to break out on my face.

Only this product does not cause me to get more pimples. Yes it does dry my face out a little (but every face wash does that). To remedy that, I put lotion on my face after I shower. HOwever, after about 2-3 weeks of putting lotion on, I started to break out again so I took a 1 week break from putting on lotion and my skin was clear again.


Basically, if your body chemistry is anything like mine, this will make your pimples disappear.

It also smells really good - not too overpowering so that it'll mess with any cologne I put on. As for how it works as a body wash, well I'm not too picky and I don't see any difference from this product than Old Spice or any other men's wash. But for washing my face, this thing is absolute magic.
257545257545B002TSA91GA2WP6HUL15WKNCJ. W. McGhee0031299369600Stick with regular unisex Dove body washEver since I was a young lad, I can remember using Dove products in the shower. Dove bar soap has always been a mainstay in my routine. Then a few years ago I tried Dove's body wash. Great products all -- moisturizing, rich and without overpowering scent. I'd always hoped that Dove would introduce its products for men, perhaps with more masculine scents and packaging. Finally, Dove introduced its Men+Care line.

I've tried out just about every body wash in the line and unfortunately, these are nothing like the "unisex" Dove body washes. The men's line is like any other typical gel you'd find among the Old Spices and Irish Springs of the pharmacy aisle. This product does little to moisturize, it's hard to squeeze out of the bottle (there's a very small opening and the plastic walls of the bottle are thick and rigid) and it doesn't wash off cleanly.

Dove's standard body washes are thicker and richer. They are also far more moisturizing thanks to Dove's Nutrium Moisture system. The men's line does not have Nutrium Moisture. So unless you've just absolutely got to use products that say "for men" on the bottle, I'd stick with Dove's unisex line.
257546257546B002TSA91GA9NXTC0HTPSDOMaggie0031297900800It's OkI gave these to my brother to try. He was not thrilled with the scent but he said it wasn't bad. He also said it didn't lather up much. He did say that his skin hasn't been as dry as it normally is so I guess that is a plus. Overall he said he would use it but not necessarily buy it again. I just think it is a guy thing. He will probably just go back to using the bar soap that dries him out. Go figure. : )
257547257547B002TSA91GA7A1C63GJXFE7Raymond E. Cudjoe0041294963200Great Body WashYes, I have been using this for almost 2 years now. The 3 pack lasts almost 4 months and your feel clean and restful after every shower.
It doesn't have to much cologne/perfume. It lathers very well, giving a clean and prudent bath each time.
257548257548B002TSA91GA2N6ZVZKD75MTZBrian P. Pfeifer0051292716800Great Body Wash!First let me start off by saying I used to use a competitors body was that was not designed for men (or women for that matter). It really did little to moisturize my skin.

When I got this product and used it for the first time my skin felt great. It took a little getting used to the gritty feel but after that it didn't bother me. I got one of the Shower tools they sell a few days later and it helped me use a little less and get the same results.
257549257549B002TSA91GA2JQ3LTBFJ4GN0John R. Blackburn Jr.0031285372800Nice scent but gritty textureThis Dove product has a nice clean smell, not too sweet or fruity (like many of the other men's body washes). However, the lotion in my bottle had a very gritty texture, which was off-putting.
257550257550B002TSA91GA1X8X47IEVEAZDF. F. Dumlao "violencejack"0041283126400It's for menIt's a bit strong immediately from the bottle but after it's been rinsed off, it is not too imposing. Like other Dove products it is gentle on sensitive and dry skin and is a good option for those of us who have chronic dry skin.
257521257521B002TSA91GA2LXX47A0KMJVXM. Erb2321336348800It's OK but check the ingredients labelI thought this was pretty decent. I found the scent pleasing without being over-powering and the scent did not linger in an obnoxious way. The body wash lathered nicely and when rinsed off, did not leave my skin as dry, flaky and scratchy as some other products I've used in the past.

What is disappointing is that this product contains Petrolatum which is a by-product of petroleum (also known as petroleum jelly.) Petrolatum has been linked to causing or inflaming acne, it can actually clog your pores and of most concern is that it has been recognized as being a possible cancer risk. A bit of Googling will reveal all of this and more.

Bottom line for me is that there are plenty of other skin care products that do not contain Petrolatum. I would not buy this again.
257522257522B002TSA91GAEKCK7K15IYW2J. Joyce2311324512000Decent Bodywash Misleading Labeling
257523257523B002TSA91GA3I32I1NV1HFRWAnthony "Ebron"0051350604800Dove MenI love this body wash and the price could not be beat. Amazon has the lowest prices on everything. The lather is perfect with the right type of smell.
257524257524B002TSA91GA3OU1RF3IN3H3GS. R. Mcconnell0051349740800Dove Men Body Face Wash for Sensitive SkinThis is quite possibly the best body wash I have ever used. I usually don't give a perfect rating unless a product deserves it, but I was exceptionally pleased. I should have removed one star for the fact that it does have a scent as others have mentioned, but due to how well it is for my psoriasis, I will give it 5 stars. I imagine this would be just as good for other dry skin conditions such as eczema.

-Foams very well
-Lowest amount of skin drying compared to every other product I have used
-Smells well
-Good Package and large amount

-should let set for 2 minutes to allow product to set in
-does have scent (not bad though)
257525257525B002TSA91GA3G65LHF1LGEHOjiacheng liu0041347235200great productI like it because it makes me feel comfortable. I don't feel dry or itchy or anything. BUT I hope it can smell better.

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