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257551257551B002TSA91GA2F3M93RRLFQNJmrliteral0031277856000It gets you cleanTo some extent, soap is soap, whatever the form. What makes this Dove Body Wash better or worse than similar products?

It gets you clean: that's good. On the other hand, there's nothing exceptional about the job it does. In addition, if you are particularly sensitive to smell, the fragrance may be a bit much.

What I dislike about this product is the package. Personally, I prefer to have the bottle dispense from the top, and while most containers can work with either side up, this one requires a bit of a balancing act if you want the dispenser at the top. What annoys me more, however, is the opaqueness of the container, which makes it harder to determine how much body wash you have left.

Overall, this is an okay product, but not one I'd go out of my way to get.
257552257552B002TSA91GA2D9N670IKJ2BPC. Fischer0051277856000Excellent men's cleanserThe company blurb says it all and like all cosmetics there is a matter of taste/opinion involved. Basically it performs its job very well and has a very refreshing fragrance, not too sweet or cloying. I don't see why women couldn't use this product as well!
257553257553B002TSA91GA2QPGQBU2CAF2DLaura "lolagranola91"0031274659200A guy's reviewI asked my husband to give me his opionion of this product as I thought it would be more useful than mine.

He likes the smell (I do too by the way - I don't feel it's overpowering which some scented soaps are). He does NOT like the gritty texture of the soap and doesn't feel that adds to the cleaning capabilities. The soap does not cause him to break out or give him rashes. I have been experimenting with liquid soaps recently to reduce soap scum in his tub - this was not a winner on that front - I noticed even more soap scum than before.
257554257554B002TSA91GA23TGI02RB7JCMarilyn J. Adams "Marilyn"0051274313600Dove for Men? Genius!I've been a loyal Dove product user for years so when Dove decided to come out with a men's line of products, I was very excited to have my boyfriend try them out. Of course, he was hesitant about using something that was always intended for women. After a little prodding, he reluctantly tried it out. Not only did he like itbut it made his skin feel incredible and he smelled great. He's already asked me to get him another bottle soon. I think he might take my recommendations in the future. :)
257555257555B002TSA91GALOWEXH7NJVJBAndreaDenise0051274313600Love it MyselfThe scent is so delightful that I use it myself. Although, I chose it for my husband.

Give it a try as you won't be disappointed.
257556257556B002TSA91GA18EHF0FLYLEY7M. Yeazle "llamasr4me"0041272412800very convenientFirst I really like the smell of this product, at least out of the bottle. On my husband, it didn't smell quite as good. But like many fragrances, they smell just a bit different on each person. My husband said it wasn't his favorite scent, but that it was definately a manly smell. It rinses off well, but doesn't seem to moisturize as well as Dove's other products, which in my opinion was a bit odd. It does a great job making you feel clean, according to my husband. It is also convinient as it is a product that can be used for several applications, which means less clutter in the shower. Great product for a man who is not concerned about moisturizing issues and enjoys the scent.
257557257557B002TSA91GA1OA2ZW406NQXMMary Santos0041271548800Good for cleaning your body/faceIt's basically shower gel for men. Definitely has a manly-smelling cologne added: some men will like the scent and some will not, we found the scent to be okay. I'd recommend smelling this in the store before purchasing since scents are such a subjective thing.

I found this product to work and lather exactly as most of our other shower gels do. Like most shower gels, it doesn't moisturize the skin much, so if your skin is used to being pampered with moisturizing soaps, this may dry your skin out.

For being a "wash," it does a good job of cleaning and for its purpose, I give it 4 stars. While we would appreciate a more moisturizing wash, some folks (particularly young men with already oily skin) will appreciate the lack of additional moisturizers.
257558257558B002TSA91GA3BG4WDJTMHRTFCharles Glover0041271376000Great Shower ProductNew Dove Men Care has deep cleaning micro grains that exfoliate as they clean. The wash leaves a good smell on the skin that isn't too floral. It lathers and rinses well. The only complaint is that sometimes it isn't strong enough. Keep your bar of cake soap and alternate.
257559257559B002TSA91GA1KXONFPU2XQ5KStephanie Manley0051271376000Leaves you feeling clean and freshSo while this product may be for men, I think a woman could use it as well. I loved the exfoliating beads that were in this body wash. The exfoliating beads help make you feel nice and fresh. The scent isn't overwhelming, you don't feel like you have been doused with a scent when you use this body wash. I really think this body wash can be used by everyone in the house. In fact, I have enjoyed this body wash far more than many other body washes I have used in the past.
257560257560B002TSA91GA3E0CV9614GQJVDoc Dave "world music fan"0041271289600Nice scent. too runny.I must confess that I am not a habitual body wash user, being more of a bar soap person myself. The scent is very good, nice and masculine, and clean. However, the consistency is too thin for my liking, it is far too runny and not foamy enough, so you end up have to use a whole palmful at a time.
257561257561B002TSA91GA34VRVI4CSI5RQMatthew K. Morgan0041271289600From slightly dry to slightly oilyI struggle with dry skin and I was excited to try this product, as Dove has always made gentle products that have irritated my skin less than some other brands. I have mixed results with this product, though overall I am pleased with it.

First, I appreciate that the bottle is easy to open, which is something I have learned not to take for granted. I have used bath and body products that are packaged such that it is next to impossible to open the packaging. This is not one of them.

The fragrance is actually very pleasant, on the masculine side but not overpowering. After a good shower there is still the slightest hint of the fragrance left behind, enough that it can be picked up when close but not enough to tell when more than a couple of feet away.

The gel lathers up nicely and washes off nicely too.

My only real complaint is that after using it, my skin is no longer dry but is actually slightly oily. I do not have severe dry skin so perhaps this product is meant for people who have more of a problem with dryness. The oiliness is short-term, though, and after skipping a day my skin returns to normal.

This is a nice product for men with dry skin. It smells nice and it leave you feeling clean. If you struggle with severe dry skin this product will please you. If, like me, you have slightly dry skin you may feel a little oily afterward - keep this in mind when shopping for bath products.
257562257562B002TSA91GAGXV8E7XK9J6HBrian Koch "Aspiring Photographer"0041271030400Smells Good, Gets Me CleanI've used many different body washes over the years and this one is one of the more masculine smelling ones when you compare it to the normal brands of body wash, so that is nice if you would prefer not to smell like roses or peaches. It has a good lather without being too overly soapy and rinses off without any soapy residue after feel. The flip top cap is nice and easy to use and I like how it is stored with the cap down so you don't have to shake it to get it out like you do with ones with the cap on the top. So it an overall good body wash with a well designed bottle.
257563257563B002TSA91GA3RGHO0Q938FRSP. Novak0051270857600Nice Body WashI really liked this product. First of all the size is much bigger than most body washes I have purchased. I really liked that the cap was on the bottom and flat, it makes it easy to store, and reduces product waste. The smell is a nice musk, and not strong at all, very pleasant. The scrubbing particles are smaller than most body washes I have used, but still too big to be very useful. To exfoliate well, they really need to be about the size of sand. The product does clean well, and is very pleasant.
257564257564B002TSA91GA1IGO319TZ0AUFJulia0041270339200Hubby hates it - I love it!My husband complained that this left a film on his skin, so I tried it to see what he meant.

I love it. It has a pleasant, masculine scent, nothing like those teenager-targeted body sprays. It's not so overpoweringly manly that I can't use it, but it's definitely not a girly scent. It leaves my skin feeling nice, not stripped like most soaps. I tried to explain to my husband that he was getting clean and putting light moisturizer on at the same time, but he refused to try it again, which is his loss. It has a nice texture and make a good lather and won't leave your skin feeling dried-out.
257565257565B002TSA91GAGZEK96T7WK6Just Me005127016640018yo son actually thanked me for itGave this product to my 18yo son away at college, and he actually thanked me. Said it made his skin feel great, made him feel clean, liked the smell.
257566257566B002TSA91GAGJYM20QMZW89Steve0051270166400The Hype Is RealI love this body wash. It has the "manly" scent that we all like and it also cleans very well. My skin does not feel tight and dry like other body washes do. I recommend!
257573257573B002TSA91GA1NUNET0L0BFR4Nardsbaby "Connoisseur of the written word™"0051269129600REFRESHING....I love this! I originally got it for my oldest son, but my husband used it and it smells so good! He's been using Dial soap since we met and the children and I use Dove and he finally has crossed over to OUR side! ;) I also went and bought my oldest son this brand. They love it! Not only does it smell very good, in a manly way, but it's not greasy and can be used for sensitive skin.

Will continue to use DOVE products! Recommend to all men!
257574257574B002TSA91GA34PCCROYXQM77B. Breen "Canuckster1127"0041269043200Effective and Pleasant ProductI don't usually pay much attention to things like body wash or soap, mostly just taking them for granted as about equally effective and as about as important as the background music in an elevator. It's nice that it is there but I don't really notice that it's there so much as I (and others) notice that it is not.

So, I wasn't too excited about what the possibilities for this product were so much as just seeing if it would work as well as the assortment of soaps and body washes I've used before. When I received the product I noted that the bottle wasn't particularly fancy but somewhat similar to other brand name body wash or shampoo bottles. So that lead me to believe that this product wasn't so much about the hype as hopefully just being a quality product that does what it says.

In terms of what it claims for itself these are my observations and experiences:

1. Claim: It fights dryness - Reality: I found this to be true. I don't pay too much attention to my skin but I know that when I use a soap that is harsh that it strips the oils from my skin and particularly if the air is dry and hot, that I will be uncomfortable an itchy. I felt clean after using this product and I noted that I felt as if I had followed up with a skin lotion. It wasn't overwhelming. It was comfortable. To my observation it does what it claims in this regard.

2. Claim: Micromoisture Technology - Activation during lather to protect skin and keep it comfortable - Reality: I don't really buy into this obviously marketing based type of appeal. This is just attempting to put sizzle to the steak. It's really just the same thing as the claim to fight dryness. There are obviously common ingredients to this product as what you would find in a skin lotion. So it's replacing some of the natural skin moisture with an oil based element that bonds to the skin despite the water of the bath or shower.

3. Claim: Rinses Clean Reality: I felt clean after using the product. The water on my body beaded. That's no doubt another result of the oil based moisturizer/lubricant it left on my body. Also of note, was that the product is heavily fragranced and perfumed. That also gives the illusion of cleanness and "freshness." It wasn't unpleasant and no doubt I was clean. If you have any strong aversions however to oils and fragrances, even ones less floral and more masculine, then this is not the product for you.

The promotional material for this product notes that it is intended to be used with a special shower tool. I did not have that to use so I can't comment upon it. Just using it a normal body wash however, I found it to meet expectations, to leave my body clean but very fragranced (my wife noticed it and wasn't particularly thrilled with that element of it). It isn't harsh. It does leave a moisturizing layer of lotion like oils following the rinse and overall I can't fault it in terms of meeting basic expectations.

It's not, however, something that I will purpose to buy or to continue using.

3 stars.

bart breen
257575257575B002TSA91GA1V3TRGWOMA8LCJames Beswick "In my day, we had 9 planets."0031269043200A little too fragrant and not moisturizing enoughI made be getting used to the Vaseline brand, which is practically scent-free and leaves your skin highly moisturized. There's nothing particularly wrong with this Dove product (and we used their soaps around the house) but I prefer the scent to be lighter.
257576257576B002TSA91GA2KX7C5O86E58Twilightjoan0021268956800May Deep Clean but NO Odor Preventative IngredientsI ordered this for my husband because I didn't like him using our Zest Deodorant bar soap on his face - thought he could use for a body wash as well. He tried it out but found he had body odor soon after washing. He tried using his regular bar soap for his under arms after he washed with the liquid soap but had the same results - it must leave a barrier so that any subsequent soap can't be used. He did use the Dove Men + Care Deep Clean Body Wash to wash his face ONLY* and went back to our Zest Soap (aqua or orange one) for his body. And, no, he normally does not use underarm deodorant unless we are going somewhere special because he doesn't need it.

*Update (11/17/11) My husband no longer uses this at all - he didn't use it after the first week.
257577257577B002TSA91GA30UIZJMFL9PLTJish M.0051268956800Great smell and feel!Forget the Old Spice man, smell like a Dove man! I used this body wash with a body scrubber (instead of rubbing directly on my body with my hands) and it felt great and I smelled great!

I would recommend this product to friends, except most of my friends and I don't talk about body washes. One downside, the bottle is large and will last a LONG time ... only a downside if you like to switch it up every now and then.
257578257578B002TSA91GA3VBZDYGHF4NK8Movie Maker "Rik"0041268870400Nice clean smell, NOT overpowering. A winner!This product did exactly what I hoped for - nice lather ( do any of you notice some products refuse to do this? ) and has a nice scent.

I like the notion that you smell it in the shower, and when you get out ( clean, fresh), but it DOES NOT overpower you, as you go about your day.

Easily as good as, or better high-end department store brands. This is something I will continue to buy, without question.
257579257579B002TSA91GAWCJ12KBO5VIIMichael L. Knapp0021268870400AverageThe Dove Men+ Deep Clean body wash is nothing to write home about. You use it to wash with, then you rinse it off, just like hundreds of similar other products. This one is better than a lot in that the scent is not too overpowering. Some products cause me to have a rash. This one does not, so that has to be a positive. All in all this product isn't better or worse than most available & if it was on sale for less than others I'd buy it.
257580257580B002TSA91GAW3VZ5O895LRKcarol irvin "carol irvin"0031268870400Good But Unconvinced Skin Care Sex DeterminedThe basic contention of this product is that men and women need different products to clean their skin. I frankly don't believe it, although I can see where it is a good marketing ploy. My husband and I have both tried it. It's ok but we see no difference between this on his skin as compared to mine. A guy will simply feel like less of a wuss putting this in his gym bag. My advice? Get whatever skin product you like regardless of how girly or masculine the packaging!
257567257567B002TSA91GA2PBMCBT1R8TTLSam I Am0051270166400Dove clean in a bottle!This is great soap. I don't like heavy scented soaps. Dove men is the silky smooth liquid version of the old standby Dove Soap. Leaves me smooth and clean with the fresh Dove smell. I pack it in my gym bag for after swimming showers. Nice stuff.
257568257568B002TSA91GA3EJ8XHVDC0CWHmrsmel2010 "mrsmel2010"0041270166400A great product!Dove has a long history of making quality bath products. This one is no exception. Dove has expanded its line of products to include some men's products. This body wash has a nice scent. It is a masculine scent without being too overwhelimg. It smells clean yet manly. One of the advantages of this product is its moisture level. Most bar soaps just aren't moisturizing and leave the skin feeling scaly, but this product leaves skin feeling moisturized. This is a body wash and facial cleanser in one so it is two products in one. It does contain some exfoliate type beads that are different for a men's body wash. You may want to consider it that before purchasing it. Overall, it is a good value and a great product!
257569257569B002TSA91GA3FD3BHIUYIFPDStephanie0051269734400Dove rocksThis from the Man in my life:
Dove's Bath Gel for Men, their recent entry into the growing male skin care market, is a sure winner. The aqua-colored gel instantly turns into a rich, foamy lather when it hits the washcloth. The scent is mild and refreshing like good soap and the feel on the skin is gentle and soothing. I actually looked forward to showering with this stuff: it's a great way to start the day or to cool down after an intense workout. Highly recommended
257570257570B002TSA91GA1BPPZINVQ2CE6RUDY "RW"0051269561600Lasting Fresh Neutral Scent-I am a believer!I am not a big gel wash guy preferring the more tactile soap bar, but this wash has converted me! Why? Due to the small deep cleaning microbeads, the wash has the feel of really getting in to your pores and washing you clean. I would say the best thing about the product though is the scent, which has a neutral fresh scent that is lasting on your face. I actually wash my hands with this product as well because I love the fresh smell-that stays around for awhile. Never fear-it is not feminine at all, but for ladies it is not too manly either as my wife uses it as well. As a bonus, the gel is highly concentrated so a little dab will do it!
257571257571B002TSA91GA1X4L7AO1BXMHKDeborah "Books, Movies and Chinese Food"0041269388800Just for Men? not really..Yes I know this says Dove for Men and I'm a girl but you know, it was in the shower so I was like, what the heck, soap's soap right? Also seeing as how my husband will use my girly body washes, I felt no guilt in using his. Well in all basic necessities, it did it's job, I got clean and smelled nice. The smells not too overpowering nor did I smell like a dude unlike some other body washes who shall not be named. Maybe guys aren't used to the "grains" to exfoliate but I liked them. For a quick rinse shower, I could see how they could be a bother when you're trying to get in/out really fast and frantically trying to brush it off. But if you're taking your time in the shower, scrubbing with the beads was quite nice. Husband likes it as well. He really likes how there are now MEN lines in body washes and shampoos. It's about time that companies realize that guys DO care about how they look and will take care of themselves. Overall we enjoyed the product. It may say MEN but it can be totally unisex in a pinch.
257572257572B002TSA91GADEVBXUS0RSIRAlain B. Burrese "Author, Speaker, Mediator, ...0041269216000Felt clean after using it!I was reading in "Men's Health" that washing with an exfoliating scrub can help with clogged pores that cause tiny blackheads and when your face gets dry and little bits of skin flake off. The article recommended creamy soaps that are formulated with finely ground nuts and nutshells or other granules that slough off dirt and dead skin. Dove Men + Care Deep Clean Body and Face Wash fits that category and I generally liked using the product.

It's advertised as a deep cleansing gel that rinses off easily with purifying grains. In use, I found it to be a gel that lathers up and did rinse off easily. There are little "grains" in it, and I felt "clean" after using it. The article I read did warn not to scrub too hard, or you'll irritate your skin. I didn't have a problem with this and I used the wash on body and face.

My main goal is to get clean, and it worked for that. I'm not that concerned with scent, but I don't particularly want to smell flowery, so I'd rather use a product aimed at men. I'd also prefer not to have my skin dry out, so I liked that this wash contained moisturizing elements.

I also like shower gels and washes that come in ease tubes rather than messy bar soap that I used for so many years. These are just more convenient and less messy. Bottom line: I felt clean after using it, my skin felt good, and it's easy to use. It's a product I'll use.

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