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257581257581B002TSA91GA2VJJ2POCLMED7Marshall Carter "Ornery Gamer, Fiend Club Member"0021268870400I don't like it...I just don't like this. The scent is supposed to be subtle, but it's overpowering to me and neither manly nor pleasant. It seems to do a well enough job cleaning and rinsing off, but that can be said of just about any body wash product (or soap for that matter). I'm not really liking it for washing my face either (I use a different Dove product for that) as it really doesn't seem to get deep into the pores. My skin feels about the same. I'll finish this bottle, but this won't make me quit buying Old does what it's supposed to do, but I can't get past the's just not for me.
257582257582B002TSA91GA2701UXI8QGRHELeslie Ann Lewis0051268870400My husband and I both loved it.My husband said that this is by far the best bath wash he has ever used. It moisturizes and scrubs at the same time. Plus, the fragrance is very light. So many of these products have such a strong smell that it can be annoying. It is very mild and pleasant. I enjoy the smell which is in fact so mild, that I have used it myself. Highly recommended.
257583257583B002TSA91GA7UPJYPAH73NCDouglas Figueredo0051268870400LIghtly moisterizingI really like the Dove Men Body Wash. I have dry skin and find it to be lightly moisturizing without a greasy feeling. The scent is also lightly 'manly' without being too much and it doesn't interfere with my cologne. There are little scrub things in it but I don't think they do much as far as exfoliation. All in all a good wash for a guy.
257584257584B002TSA91GACSX5AIZE3MJ9Values Privacy "vdch"0031268870400pretty good-The smell is subtle.
-It works well in hard water.
-It feels clean.

It's great.

Now things that could be better:
-It doesn't have a pump (cap is tat the bottom). A pump would help me be more consistent and not be wasteful.
-There is no info if it's environmentally friendly. Given a choice I'd opt for something at the local organic store that I know is eco friendly.
257585257585B002TSA91GA2UN4S3N7VYLEVCharles E. Stevens0041268870400Find me a dirty boy ... on a horse ... for menI enjoyed the chance to try "Dove Men", in part because I didn't know that real men weren't allowed to use regular Dove products. Looking back, I believe my grandparents had Dove soap at their house ... it's amazing I escaped my childhood visits there with even a shred of manliness intact. (Remove tongue from cheek). Ok, can you tell I'm a little skeptical when brands feel the need to develop a "for men" or "for women" offering? Especially when they feel the need to pour millions of dollars into trying to convince people to buy it: usually a clear sign that they are trying desperately to differentiate what is at heart a commoditized product.

I think this product has a nice fragrance--if a little strong--although I will agree with another review that it almost seemed too calculated: this smells like the consensus of what a hundred focus groups decided "manly" should smell like. I felt no more and no less clean than from using other soaps or body washes, so if the "micromoisture technology" was at work, I didn't really notice it. But perhaps that's because I didn't use the Dove Men Shower Tool, which is apparently a loofah but much more manly because it includes the word "tool". Men like tools.

I personally did not really notice or mind the "cleansing grains", but from reading other reviews they appeared to bother a good number of people. So, note that there are versions of this product without these cleansing grains, if you have sensitive skin but want to try this product.

So at the end of the day, it's a body wash, no more and no less. It doesn't matter if you add the phrase "for men", try to convince people that they are a "dirty boy", or that they should smell like a man and not a lady (Old Spice has definitely won the advertising wars, haven't they?). These products will all get you clean, and they keep the Madison Avenue advertisers in business. I enjoyed the product ... but once it's gone, I'll probably go back to my good old bar of soap. But not Dove soap, of course ... I want to smell like a man, not like a lady. I'm on a horse.
257586257586B002TSA91GAHQRU3MRORIWQEMTP EJ "EJ"0051268870400Good StuffDoes it fight dryness? Yes

Does it later up well? Yes

Does it rinse off easily and completely? Yes

Can you use it every day? Yes

Can you use it MORE than once a day? Yes

Is the scent `girly' or overpowering? No.

How does it compare to other body washes? It' better, in my opinion, but I have by no means tried them all.

I do still prefer a separate product for my face and neck, though, due to some oily skin closer to my hair. It really is good that I can get really clean after doing some heavy / hard exertion and scrub everything well without drying out my skin. The best process I have found for using shower gels is to get yourself and the applicator wet, turn off the water, work the product into a lather and scrub yourself, then rinse it all off. I also like to use the product on my feet using a brush like this: Rubbermaid Dish Brush . It does seem a little more slippery on the soles of my feet until I can wash it off well.

This is a good product. I will probably keep buying it after the sample is gone.
257587257587B002TSA91GA3F9CMU8KNAY1MSusan "minniesm"0031268784000Lonesome DoveBy time people read the reviews of this product, it will be lonesome. Naive me (my husband) just started using the product without reading the label.

My first shower was as advertised. Didn't feel any soap residue on my skin and I thought it had a nice fragrance left on my skin which lasted for about an hour.

After about 3 showers my skin started to itch again. I nominally use a body wash that has no fragrance. I can usually get away without putting lotion on my body for about 4 showers, but not so with the Dove. I had to put on lotion after every shower.

I'm back to using the other bodywash. So far I haven't had to put lotion on after 3 showers. I haven't researched my regular bodywash, but I know I'm not itching a few hours after a shower.

Dove has been around for awhile, so I have to believe people like it. Just doesn't work for me, and the ingredients are little concerning. Don't they make just soap anymore?
257588257588B002TSA91GA1E1L1OJZQI3OOM. Stewart0041268784000Nice lather and scentThis body wash lathers up well, but you need to use a good amount; it isn't concentrated. The scent is similar to "English Leather" Aftershave. The bottle is designed well, easy to use while showering.
257589257589B002TSA91GA2QNS95WGN35G9Jason0041268784000Feels Really CleanWhat I enjoy most about this body wash is:

Clean and feels good.

The body wash has this nice texture, and feels very high end. I also enjoy the very large size.

Things I don't personally enjoy:

The fragrance, to each their own, but this doesn't smell that good. It's not stopping me from using it right now, but I'd prefer either something with no scent, or a more pleasing one.

I'll agree, as another reviewer wrote AXE does smell better, as does Old Spice.

Give me some more flavors and I may switch to you Dove, but for now I'm still "stuck on" Old Spice. (And hoping they come up with their new Fresh line in a bodywash! (that stuff smells AMAZING!))
257590257590B002TSA91GA2VWE5SGNDS8HWtachi1 "tachi1"0051268784000Clean, crisp, refreshingI like this clear gel-like product so much more than the cream-textured equivalents made by Dove and other body wash makers. It foams just as well, it moisturizes just as well, smells less cloying than most and, best of all, rinses cleanly. The scent is crisp and pleasant but with no undertones (fruit, floral, or citric) that I can identify. You mostly smell it while showering, because it doesn't linger on your skin later to compete with deodorants or other products.

But, what made my rating go from a 4 to a 5 star is that I found it less slippery in the shower than previous products I had tried. (I recently almost slipped in the shower while using a Johnson and Johnson body wash that left my acrylic shower mat a little greasy.) Those of us who are in the age group in which we need moisturizing, are also in the age group in which we have to be very careful to avoid falling. Using ordinary caution, this product rinses well off the body, and doesn't make the shower floor or surfaces any more slippery than ordinary soap.
257591257591B002TSA91GA74GU6D694C4QB. J. Lewis0051268784000How to be clean AND comfortableFor someone who lives in a semi-arid high-altitude climate (think Colorado), this product is essential. And anyone who endures seasonal dry weather should look into this product as well. I've sworn by Dove products ever since moving to the Denver area in the `70's, and I'm happy that my "manly man" can now enjoy these benefits as well. This body soap has a mild, clean smell - no perfume-y overtones. If you're a male and experience dry skin at times, this one is for you
257592257592B002TSA91GA3U41ZL33SS92PKevin Nicholls "jaded, aging hipster"0031268697600It's soap. Not particularly special soap.I've been using liquid soap... excuse me... body wash... for a few years instead of bar soap, and I haven't really found a strong commitment to any particular brand. Dove hasn't really changed that.

By and large, it's not unlike any other major brand you'll see out there. It has the kitschy microbeads that most of the Axe varieties have, with a relatively strong scent that's somewhere between "designed by Old Spice" and "this is what a focus group of women at Dove think that men want or should have".

On the plus side, the scent goes away relatively fast, so it doesn't interfere (or compete, in Old Spice's case) with your cologne or aftershave.

It lathered pretty well in hard water, and left me feeling clean. If you don't like the gel-type body wash brands (Axe, Neutrogena, etc.) and don't mind smelling like someone cracked open a bottle of Brut for a few minutes, you'd probably like this.

Me? I kind of like gel more, and would prefer this unscented, or with a much lighter scent.
257593257593B002TSA91GA3UORBSIKQ56ZBkdea4730031268611200Just AverageThis body wash has a nice masculine scent. The tiny abrasive beads are nice, and not nearly as "rough" as a lot of other microbeads I have felt. Unfortunately, they are still too rough (and the scent probably too strong) to be used on the face.

To get the full effect, I even purchased the oddly-shaped Dove Men + Care Active Clean Shower Tool, 1-Unit Packages (Pack of 4) that Dove markets alongside the body wash.

I don't think we'll stick with this body wash, as it doesn't seem to provide anything special in comparison to the existing favorite.
257594257594B002TSA91GA16PUD6V3KAZ0QB. Caruso "The Happy Aspie"0021268611200Clean and soft but....First of all, I'm not a dude. But I am the wife of a dude.
And as the wife of a dude, I like my personal dude to smell fantastic.
But not cologne-y, and not like a bottle of knock-off drakar noir exploded in his midst.

AND because I am demanding. I like his skin to feel soft and smooth.

Dove Men + Care definitely left his skin soft and smooth- for that I would give it maybe 3 or 4 stars... My husband uses regular bar Dove quite a bit, and if anything this seemed to rinse "cleaner"...

The fragrance though... I give that a 1 (by the way, I love the fragrance of regular Dove).
It's an odd match for a dude... It's more than a hint of perfumey fabric softener, fairly chemical-y. As far as comfort goes- the fragrance was so strong that it was not comforting in the least, but I have a very sensitive nose and sensitive skin and with the combination of the two I ordered my beloved back into the shower to hose himself off with plain ol' awesome Dove bar....

Perfection! And now he smells clean and that is sexy.
257595257595B002TSA91GA15D2X8MICR2VQephany770041268611200Does what it says it doesThe beads provide a nice tingly texture to the lather and it has a nice smell, which isn't too overpowering. I don't care for it as a face wash, but for a body wash it does what it advertises. The smell isn't too feminine or overpowering, it lathers up well, and does a good job of cleaning without leaving a residue or film. Four stars because it doesn't work for us well as a face wash, but does a good job of cleaning other bits.
257596257596B002TSA91GA3AUL23GMCOP2AAndrew S. Rogers0041268611200Smell not unlike the man your man could smell likeI understand that "body washes" are all the thing these days, especially among younger and more active types, and one of the most pleasant things about this product is that the refreshing scent is also mild, and doesn't make you smell like a hormonal teen who doused himself in Axe body spray. I've used Dove soaps and shampoos for a long time, so making the move to a Dove body wash wasn't that big of a risk. This is a nice cleaning and mildly exfoliating gel sort of thing, that notably does not leave feelings of either dryness or residual soap film. On the whole, I wouldn't have expected myself to become a believer in the utility of a body wash. But if anyone could convince me to give it a try, Dove would be it. And I think it's worked.
257597257597B002TSA91GAGEKVD8JPZQMTM. Rodriguez "Cnyper"0041268611200Good stuffThis body wash lathers extremely well and has sort of a moisturizing feeling. What I mean is that I don't feel as dry when I get out as I do with my Old Spice. It also has these little granules (pebbles, scrubbies, whatever you call 'em) mixed in to if makes you feel like you're really scrubbing yourself clean (but it doesn't hurt)! However, in reality I don't think it gets me any cleaner than any other body wash (but it does lather up thicker, which I like). I usually use Old Spice hair and body wash, and I will continue to do so for these main reasons:

1. Hair AND Body wash - This dove product is not intended to be used in hair. Therefore i use it when I have to apply head and shoulders a couple times a week.
2. This Dove stuff smells very girly. My wife likes the smell better than the Old Spice, but I don't. So I guess if you're a single man and want to pick up chicks, this will work better. However, if you're married and don't care what your wife thinks (she's going to think you stink 99% of the time anyway), then stick to what you like.

Overall, a good product. I just prefer my Old Spice, because I want to smell like the man on the commercial. You know, the one on a horse!
257598257598B002J28SFQAMH4L26RPC8JDMayra261141298160000Good Puppy FoodWe stuck with the food our chihuahua puppy was getting at the pet store (I just couldn't find the right pup for adoption so went to a petstore). I always heard people saying that it's not good to switch their foods.
When my husband did try to buy another brand at a local grocery store,our pup did NOT want to eat it. That food basically went to waste. I gave this brand 4 stars because our pup is very vigorous, healthy and has a beautiful shiny coat. I really do believe that Nutro Ultra is giving me a healthy puppy and am very likely to continue to purchase this brand.
257599257599B002J28SFQA1FWN4IK6CB0Q7Reva Luxenberg0051330905600Delicious dog foodI never tasted Nutro Ultra Dry Puppy Food, but my dog is thriving on it. Sometimes I sprinkle some on the carpet and he thinks it's a treat. I put some in an empty soda bottle and spread peanut butter around the rim. Pappy, my puppy, says, "Buy Ultra. It's Ultra good!"
257600257600B0000WOETGA284JE91JB8QX4J. Cruz "soulrebel"0051213574400Absolutely deliciousI got this as a surprise for my boyfriend a couple of years ago and he fell in love with it! Perfect for the wine and cheese types - the quality and freshness is superb.
257601257601B000KI7GTKA2OXQV61QDF9OUA. Bartoli3351296864000Winnie The Pooh's HoneyWinnie The Pooh was forever getting his head stuck in beehives and that sort of thing, and I imagine it must have been because the hives were filled with Greek Thyme Honey! Honey is incredibly varied in its flavors, and for those of you having grown up on Sue Bee Clover Honey, well you have had the blandest, most generic tasting honey ever made. Little wonder most people will opt for sugar packets over that sticky mess unless they are real health nuts.

In the rest of the world, honey is a fabulous flavorful treat which varies from fragile, waxy delicate flavors (like Acacia Honey) to the pungent leather and iron tang of African forest honey. When I was in Greece, I greatly enjoyed waking up in the lazy island sunlight with a strong cup of coffee and a simple breakfast of fresh yogurt and honey. There is simply no finer honey on earth that the wild thyme honey from the island of Naxos. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to find that unless you go there. The next best thing is ApiPharm's Greek Thyme & Wildflower honey, which comes from the Aegean Islands (where incidentally Naxos is located).

The flavor of this honey is wonderful. It is intensely concentrated and super sweet, while at the same time expressing a wonderful explosion of floral aromas and the minty herbal flavor of thyme on the tongue. The flavors and aromas are so complex, I guarantee you will have to taste this more than once to fully appreciate it!

It differs from the thyme honey found in Crete, which has the same sweetness, but lacks the concentrated balance of flavors and ultimately seems a bit bland by comparison. Monastiri honey of Crete is very close in its flavor, and it will give you 90% of the experience at half the price, so you might want to consider that as an alternative for the budget-conscious. The other thyme honeys of the world really are a bit overwhelmed by the terroir -- which is to say you taste more of the New Zealand origin that the thyme in New Zealand thyme honey for example. That's not at all the case for Greek Honey, where each variety is remarkably distinct from each other. If you are a bit of a honey aficionado, ApiPharm makes a six-jar gift set with a nice variety that is fun to try, each quite meorable in their own way. After you taste them, you start thinking of when you would use THIS honey or when you would use THAT honey, rather than honey in general; so it's a bit of a slippery slope as you may soon find that you need to have several jars of different honeys around for different purposes.

To avoid the confusion, perhaps it is best to simply start with the best, the Greek Thyme Honey, which may help you resist the urge to try the others...
257602257602B000KI7GTKAV3TPKS2S4SC8Polestar "Northern Exposure Groupie"2251270944000Excellent Greek HoneyThis is an excellent honey. It has a stronger taste than domestic and it is a thick honey but both of those things are positives. The health benefits of Greek Honey are historical. It is expensive but worth it.
257603257603B000KI7GTKA23OIEAJ100YZ6Mohinder Sachdev "Mo"3451203120000One of my favorite honeysExcellent addition to yogurt, tea, or desserts, this is one of my two or three favorite honeys. Sweet, potent, and exotic, a great thing to eat with a loved one.
257604257604B001SAZKOMA3I4990PS0DBOGJ. Mercik0051337385600This IS a better teriyaki sauceIt is certainly worth the price, imho. Not only does it have a seriously good taste, but it is goo-ier than most other teriyaki sauces, and this results in restaurant quality asian dishes made at home, whether they are vegetable/meat medleys a la chinese food, or if you are teriyaki-ing meats like beef or chicken. Enjoy!
257605257605B001SAZKOMA2Q1OEO0RJLLU4Jeanette Torres0051283126400FABULOUSThis is by far the best ever Teriyaki sauce - it is the closed thing to being in a fine dining chinese/japanese restaurant. Anything grilled with this sauce will have you and your guest coming back for 2nd's and 3rd's - I've given away a few bottles and everyone is crazy about this sauce - the best!!!!!!Kikkoman, Sauce Teriyaki Takumi Orignl, 20.5-Ounce (6 Pack)
257606257606B005PURHCYA3H6JOQW5CA5P6TERESA "Renaissance woman"0051327968000much better than I expected for the priceFor bold coffee fans like us, this is absolutely delicious coffee. It has a complex taste, a hint of something resembling red wine. I almost hesitate to review it because it will probably cause the price to go up or availability to go down.
257607257607B0010OOLOQASSV6CAZZY8C7Bill131451213747200Great product, great valueI have been buying Jus Poulet Lie Gold for more than ten years. It is excellent for cooking when either chicken broth or demi glace is called for. I am convinced that it is more economical and better quality than anything you can buy in a can or in the form of powder. It keeps on the shelf unopened almost indefinitely and the same in the refrigerator after it is opened.
257608257608B0010OOLOQA1DNEL4NDZA6FScurious cook7851266537600a magical little dollop of pure flavorI've been buying this in little 1.6 oz packages for a long time now, so I was delighted to find this larger size available here. It adds just the right body and gloss to any chicken sauce or glaze. It will make a fabulous sauce for a sauteed chicken breast in minutes. Deglaze the pan with a bit of wine, toss in a dollop of the demi-glace, and simmer until it melts. Adjust your seasonings, and you have an instant, silky sauce. It can make a quick weeknight meal look like a gourmet endeavor.

I agree with the others here that it will keep in the fridge for a long time, but it does dry out. when I get this large size, I will portion it out in tablespoon dollops, freeze them on a cookie sheet, then bag them in the freezer. This stuff lasts forever in the freezer.
257609257609B0010OOLOQA17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley2251346371200My favorite of More Than Gourmet's three chicken reductionsI have been using More Than Gourmet's glaces and stock reductions for about 10 years. I have purchased just about all of them and have at least 6 different stocks in my pantry or refrigerator at any one time. I have often given a selection of the 1.5 oz. pucks to foodie friends of mine. One of the things that the often ask is, what is the difference between the three chicken based products, so I thought that I would include that information in this review:

* Glace de Poulet Gold is a 20-time reduction of classic chicken stock. In other words, each ounce of Glace de Poulet Gold yields 20 ounce of chicken stock. Glace de Poulet is made with roasted bones and requires more than 24 hours of reduction to achieve its deep, rich, roasted color and syrupy consistency.

* Jus de Poulet Lié Gold is a chicken based glace that includes a roux for thickening sauces. It allows you to make classical, lighter colored chicken based sauces without the added time and effort typically required to bind a roux into the finished sauce.

* Fond de Poulet, a 40 to 1 reduction of classic white chicken stock. Just 1 ounce yields 5 cups of chicken stock.

Since the Jus de Poulet Lié Gold contains a thickening agent (roux) like the beef based Demi-glace Gold it allows the home cook to easily make classic sauces such as Sauce Provencale and Madeira Sauce or to experiment by adding other gourmet products and create their own unique sauces.

This is not necessarily the product that you would add to a soup as it would thicken it more than most people would want. However, if you are looking for a light colored chicken based glace to help you to create that special sauce quickly and easily this is the product for you.

* Note: Some of the above descriptions of the stocks were borrowed from More Than Gourmet's website.
257610257610B0010OOLOQATXWVGLKWDPX4Jeffrey A. Harrell "WarDog"0041348185600deliciousI love using this in my cooking, it is a wonderful addition for chicken, and it is very delicious, recommend this with a 4 out of 5

* Görseller ve İçerik tekif hakkına sahip olabilir