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257671257671B003LJB8C6A2E9HZMWNDBIUIPinoykami1151316390400Exactly what I wanted!I have been looking for a stock of Milo from Asian stores, particularly Filipino stores online and off. I can only buy these kinds when I go to Milwaukee or California or Las Vegas because Filipino stores there are flooding. Being based here in Central WI doesn't help at all, however, Amazon makes it possible for me to continue drinking the ever so yummy Nestle Milo. Having seen this at Amazon makes me feel so ecstatic. Will regularly purchase it here. I can only hope that they won't get out of stock. Lol. Perfect product-- exactly what I want at a price appropriately reduced! Thank you Amazon! Please don't get out of stock for me! LOL
257672257672B003LJB8C6A2NI566MRQ4Y8XFitz0021341014400Our tazzy friend says no!We have a Tasmanian living with us, and we ordered this product for her. She informed us it isn't bad, but isn't like the milo back home
257673257673B003LJB8C6A27HK7NUL95RBXtiger0051329609600i love miloit is energetic, tastes great and i love it. you should try it. you can have it on top of banana or in milk, morning and afternoon. enjoy!
257674257674B003LJB8C6A16XS8HBR6N5SVMichele Henderson "love2cook"0051325635200MiloThis is a drink I grew up with and have given this a very favourable review previously and my thoughts have not changed. Enjoyable morning noon or night.
257675257675B003LJB8C6AQVDGUM6Q5N5Zpgsuave0051310256000The Nestle Milo 3.3 pound 2 pack cansThis Milo product is popular throughout the world, as I purchased it for my wife who is from the Philippines and used to drinking Milo there.

She loves the taste of it and wanted the same here in the USA.

This seller's 2 pack 3.3 pound cans was at a fantastic price for the quantity, and one of the best prices I have seen in my research of the Milo product.

I will certainly buy again from this seller, as my experience has been nothing but positive, and my wife smiles before, during, and after every cup of Milo she has.
257676257676B003LJB8C6A21U6WGVMS1M1OJCCY0031301011200Good product but price could be betterMy husband got our family hooked on this. He was born in Nigeria and says that they drank this a lot when growing up. The drink is a good mixture of malt and chocolate and not too sweet. It's best when mixed with half milk and half water although my kids like it mixed with half and half and water. We were excited to find that they sold on Amazon in bulk and thought it was good price considering free shipping. The product came and we used it up within the month. We decided to see if we could find this online for a better price and did not. We did however find that at the local Asian supermarket the unit sold for 12.99 a case so we will be purchasing them from there in the future. However, if you don't conveniently live near an Asian market that carries this, this is the best deal out there. If you haven't tried this before, I'd recommended getting the smaller cases before ordering this.
257677257677B003LJB8C6A21NVFKZQH4A5DAsian Amazon0051295308800My favorite beverage!I grew up drinking Milo. Hot or cold, it's a delicious beverage. I make mine with 3 heaped teaspoons and a dollop of sweetened condensed milk. I love the taste, and I find it far more satisfying than typical hot cocoa products.
257678257678B003LJB8C6AZA3IY7JYGEITMarie Elena0051294185600Wonderful in coffeeIntroduced to Milo by Australian friends on a trip in Canada.Have ordered some before and just love it (besides, it's good for you!) Have been missing it since my last shipment ran out, so must reorder this very day. Can't wait!
257679257679B003LJB8C6A1Y5AHMDLDEBWN. Gordhan "anon"1411303948800Different countries make milo differentlyThis milo comes somewhere from the east and is very different from the south african milo so i was sorely disappointed and now have 2 HUGE tins of the stuff. This milo is very fine and not course and crunchy and you cannot read the nutritional information because it is in a foreign language. I am surprised it can even be sold in USA without english nutritional information.
257680257680B005DQCMDEA12XSC8F0TCV3Mike1141329696000Good productGood product and whats really great is if you don't want to pay for shipping it should only take a couple of days. I have had my dog about 3 months and fed him this with good results.
257681257681B005DQCMDEA28DPII1K4A9E7L. Oakley0111332288000Misleading Bag Size - not 48 lbsTITLE IS MISLEADING, this is not the largest bag of Iams, it's actually the smaller 17 lb bag and is selling for two dollars less at Petsmart. The product itself is the same great Iams dog food, good quality ingredients.
257682257682B005ELQ4LOAEQDCQACPJ615ikimaska1121338508800Good idea but too smallI thought this would be the perfect cutting board for the Brezza but it's far too small I have a hard time cutting full size vegetable on it. Another negative is it stains easily.
257683257683B005ELQ4LOAMA7VWGAKO6X5lindsay10271121322438400Just a cutting board with a hole...This worked fine for the idea, but I found it to be way too small to use for very much food. If I even wanted to chop up a sweet potato I ran out of room on the board. So, I would say it is not worth the money at all!
257684257684B005ELQ4LOAVEDXBPWZSB52JennyfromTomball1131310083200somewhat usefulThere's nothing special about this board. I don't find it any more useful than a regular chopping board. I do use it but don't find it necessary to use with my baby food maker.
257685257685B005ELQ4LOA2O1CYO1W43WQGATD0051331856000I love itYes you can use any cutting bored but I love this one. I this grippy stuff on the bottom so it does move on the counter it's easy to get everything in the Baby Breeza.
257686257686B005ELQ4LOA38LCFWHN7IPLWL. Peterson0021328832000Not what I expectedI LOVE my Baby Brezza, but I wouldn't recommend the cutting board. The white surface absorbs colors and has cut marks all over it after only a few uses. If I had to do it all over again, I would simply continue to use my regular wood board instead of spending money on this one. The fit over the machine is handy, but not a necessity. Generally, I would need to put the cut up items in a separate bowl while waiting for a previous batch to finish in the Brezza anyway, so the handy "fit" doesn't really do me much good. A good idea, but would be better if made from a more durable, non-staining material.
257687257687B005ELQ4LOA1CFTM8LRQF5R1Kathryn H.0051328313600Great cutting board!I am really impressed with this cutting board. As first I thought I wouldn't like it much (it was a gift). But, I have found I really like using it. The hole is really helpful for putting the food into the brezza unit or blender. I really like the grooves, too, because they really make cutting the fruit so much simpler. The nonskid bottom really works well, too. It's now one of my favorite kitchen items.
257688257688B005ELQ4LOA2A6V00W0DXK57Anne0041311984000works goodI like the cutting board it has rubber on the bottom so it doesn't slip and the groves help you cut the foods [kinda common sense but still helpful] The only qualm I have with the item was when I was cutting sweet potatoes it stained my board. I haven't tried anything to get it off yet, just soap.
257689257689B001WAL1NMAWEF8RSDMD9QXStefano J. Attardi3351264377600Nice warm light, good valueI just got my first set of these light bulbs and replaced all the 75W GE bulbs in the house that were lasting 2-3 months on average. The house is not quite as bright, but close enough. The light is about the same warm color as the incandescents.

These bulbs also also pretty quick to start. Even though they don't reach their full brightness right away, they switch on instantly, which is what matters to me.

I'm pretty hopeful that I won't have to replace the bulbs as often as I did before. Even if they don't last as long as stated, they come with a 7 year warrantee, so I'm pretty much guaranteed to cut down spending for light bulbs. At just $3.5 each, they add up to $0.5/year/bulb, compared to the $6/year/bulb I've been spending on GE incandescents.

And this is without counting the savings on the electricity bill. Looking forward to the next bill when it comes!
257690257690B001WAL1NMA24E9VLQJ1DTLKS. Revis46212967776007 Years my a**!I've had these bulbs for a grand total of two and a half years, and two of the six have already burned out. They were installed in normal light fixtures and not abused. These bulbs are crap as far as durability goes, buy a different brand.
257691257691B001WAL1NMA2ZVSYYQ8PBVDGBY DESIGN Maui "design contractor"1251265500800Excellent energy saver mini CFL lightbulbsBought these 20-Watt and also the 23-Watt for several fixtures. The compact size is perfect and they are very bright, which is what we needed. The 14-Watt bulbs you see at all the stores do't always provide enough light, but these do and they are the same size.

Also, the environmentally responsible packaging makes these a much better "green" purchase.
257692257692B001WAL1NMA2WWS1RTBVDUV1baw0131298851200Does not fit my track liteI was hoping that "super mini" would fit my track lighting fixture; most CFL's do not work on the track light. These also did not work.
257693257693B001WAL1NMA28621TSIR5EOGsharon "Osprey"0431290556800Earthmate Mini SpiralNot too crazy about this product. It says 20-watts but actually gives off 60 watts of light. Incandescent bulbs when 20 watts are soft and low light but these seem even brighter than regular 60 watt bulbs. They should be in kitchens, garages and work areas where bright light is needed. Put the lights in and within a week, two of the six lights burnt out and so I gave it 3 stars. Replaced the two burnt out lights and they seem to be holding. Like the idea of less power but the trade off is they are really ugly in my etched glass lamps that cry out for soft, delicately tapered incandescent lights that don't burn out.
257694257694B000B1X5IMA2A8A7QL6E9NXKR. Brinkley "dobelover"1151232496000Excellent Chili OilThis is an excellent product. I am on my 2nd bottle. If you like a little spice in your life, this is great to use instead of regular olive oil for cooking. I sear scallops, pork loin, etc. in it.
257695257695B000B1X5IMA3F411JNZ4LTUXDannaB0041318896000Nice oilive oilPurchased this because our daughter traveled to Paris and she said they served chili olive oil w/ their pizza and she liked it. Not as spicy/hot as I thought it would be but good.
257696257696B000B1X5IMA2HOPYNO8PMUHPJoy D. Leftow0051296345600I love this oilgreat for salads, my favorite use for this oil because of the exceptional flavor but is good for cooking too but I rarely use for that although sometimes may put a spoonful on cooked pasta and add grated cheese - yum yum
257697257697B0029XPTCUARO1MT2Y1JVJHL. Robertson0051344470400Very good!This cheese was fantastic!! Though I would suggest getting a hand held cheese grater instead of the normal stand up one. It does get to be a bit of a handful when trying to make sure everyone has as much as they want. I made four cheese baked Mac N Cheese with this shaved all over the top of it and wow was it good. I didn't even have left overs and there were only 5 of us... Only thing I could think to be wrong is that you will wish you had bought two orders of it.
257698257698B002ON9NV8A2CUALK0MP4ZU5Para Choice "Paranormal intrigued"0051309219200My husband won't grill without it!We grew up on Open Pit and now live in NC and the stores do not carry it. Walmart actually had some for about 1-2 months and discontinued. My husband will not grill without Open Pit as the base to his BBQ sauce, so I had to go online to find some. I forgot to order it in time for Memorial there was not grilling at my house. Now I'll need to monitor the supply to make sure we never have less than 2 bottles.
257699257699B000EQX62YA33JWJ1ZPDOJG8Charles W. Golden121251221523200Unique color and flavorI normally only eat flavored chips, but these are great. Not very greasy, little salt, but a great flavor.
257700257700B000EQX62YA2B7BUH8834Y6MShelley Gammon "Geek"192151194739200Easy to consume a bag in one sittingThere are no trans fats in these chips, so consuming a bag may make you feel guilty, but it will only enlarge your butt, not your heart. They are thicker than traditional potato chips, but not too thick - they are just right and salted perfectly. These are also a great item for entertaining to put in a decorative bowl - a pop of color - a true conversation piece that is edible!

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