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257821257821B00125ZCWIAFOEOYSYD04J5Gerald M Crowley2251322611200good stuffWhen I am not having lemon, lime, tea, or nut milks. I want my Calm. I have heard that your teeth can take up more calcium if they are clean and magnesium is present. I think it is working to remineralize my teeth.
257822257822B00125ZCWIA2PFCD5KZ44HKZBen Jamin "Benjamin"2251321920000Drinkable Supplements Rock!The flavor of CALM is great and the children love it too. Prefer liquid supplements and because of strenuous workouts, needed to take calcium magnesium supplements. Got pills and was not taking them regularly because i generally don't like taking pills. A friend had this product, and after i tried it,was hooked. Just add to water and it is delicious!
257823257823B00125ZCWIA2WUNBOM5RIYEHK. Anderson2241321574400Calm-orange flavorSupposed to work to balance calcium and magnesium after hard exercise.
Helps in relieving muscle cramps.
Flavor is a tart orange.
257824257824B00125ZCWIA3JAUYUOHSUX41Rosanne Fischer2251319760000FibromyalgiaI had been enduring an agonizing week-long episode of what appears to be a fibromyalgic Tetany Syndrome of excruciating pain radiating from hip-joint to knee-joint along the muscles between the joints. In trying to describe to myself the electro-convulsive nature of it, I said it appeared to be like a fibrillation - only deep in my hip, and immediately the word "magnesium" popped into my mind. Dunno why.

Tottered out to kitchen and One teaspoon of Natural Calm and 20 minutes later the convulsive constant spasms stopped. I was free from pain and able to sleep. Have had to keep a steady repeated dosage to keep the spasms at bay and it is difficult to admit that I probably have Fibromyalgia, but thank God for a remedy to the pain.

I've kept the Natural Calm in my cupboard because of a peculiar muscle flutter/twitch I would get around the eyes when magnesium levels were low. Know this is just an anecdotal tale, but screaming pain one moment and no pain 20 minutes later, only difference being the magnesium is a tale that needs to be told.
257825257825B00125ZCWIA8XZ2URT8MH97Jen2251315699200Great Stuff and moreI like this produce its great stuff and it really works . I would buy it again and again, that is how much I love this
257826257826B00125ZCWIA2T0NT5M6GSDHWMimi in Nampa2251306972800Natural Calm Raspberry-Lemon magnesium is good for regularityI purchased Natural Vitality's Natural Calm Raspberry-Lemon 16 oz as a magnesium supplement to help me absorb calcium better because I was diagnosed with osteopenia--precursor to osteoporosis. I will have to wait until my next bone density test in about a year and a half to find out if adding this readily absorbed magnesium product has helped my bones. In the mean time, however, it has helped with my chronic constipation. I had been using stool softeners for the past couple of years and this works much better. It is a powder which you mix in a cup of hot water and stir. I usually take 5 grams (a heaping teaspoon) once a day. After it is dissolved, I add a little cold water so I can drink it quickly, although it does taste good.
257827257827B00125ZCWIAIDPKNFYTTJ9Yjlo56162241303862400Tasty & effectiveI really like this particular magnesium supplement. In ice cold water it tastes much like lemonade! It helps with minor muscle aches, headaches, and constipation. Just don't take too much! Start out with a 1/2 tsp and you can gradually increase it, and you'll know when you've found the right amount for your body.
257828257828B00125ZCWIA2IEC5KK5RY4TUP. K. Nolen2251302652800Natural CalmThis is an amazing product. I had bought it years ago and really liked the way it made me feel. I lost contact with this brand and found it again and am back on it and feel great.
257829257829B00125ZCWIA1M5D4N88ZZM3SSandra Tobias2241292284800Great productCalm products are wonderful. Used as directed will bring positive results. I gave this a 4 star rating because I tried the orignal flavor Calm and like it better.
257830257830B00125ZCWIATBRBWM00I3K8ginger AZ2251283644800ginger AZThis product works well with oxy powder, or is a mild laxative in itself. It also helps ones feeling well being.
257831257831B00125ZCWIA1AA7IHMNANRGPJoan "reader"2251278892800great productThis is the most absorbable form of Mag. Citrate. Best price I've found yet. Must use if you have cardiovascular problems. muscle inflammation or cramps, helps constipation.
257832257832B00125ZCWIAJRHMTSVM2D16B. Foster "ladyiris313"2251266624000Happy DrinkThis product helps keep my mood up during stressful times, promotes sleep and good digestion.
257833257833B00125ZCWIA2I6CI2HK055MCKathy "kathyah"2251245801600Less stress please...In the stressful world we live in it's nice to relax with a warm cup of Natural Calm Magnesium at the end of the day - I get better results with this product than any magnesium pill I've tried. My kids love it too and say it helps them fall asleep faster. Arrived quick, and a better price than at the local store!
257834257834B00125ZCWIAPW42T8EA3MUXMert "mert"2251240444800Great RelaxerWe have used Natural Calm for some time now, drinking it hot each night. Finding the item on Amazon makes it easier and less expensive to enjoy.
257835257835B00125ZCWIA16LXREVMX4O4KR. Kosko2241240358400CalmProduct was as promised. I found that it lessened the cramping I was getting. I also actually enjoyed the taste.
257836257836B00125ZCWIA3IYU31RZVWLXGRosalynd Doneghy4551341964800This product has really helped me!I use this every night to help with sleep and restless legs. It also helps if I feel an anxiety attack (panic attack) coming. I put some in a drink and the symptoms subside very quickly. I no longer have to take a prescribed anti-anxiety medicine. Highly recommend this.
257837257837B00125ZCWIA1UREYHLSN760THeidiCSR4551298937600Love this stuff!!!I don't usually leave product reviews, but this stuff is worthy of doing so. I have taken magnesium supplements in various forms in hopes that they would help me get to sleep and stay asleep. Natural Calm is the only supplement that has helped with my insomnia. Every evening, I have a mug with a heaping teaspoon of Natural Calm in some water. It really does help with my ability to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night. I used to lie in bed and wait to fall asleep, sometimes for hours. Now I can't even remember trying to get to sleep. This product is wonderful!
257838257838B00125ZCWIA3T42G3TCOTB0Adale4531287446400Not Sure It CalmsIt's hard to say if this product has had any kind of calming affect.

It's not hard to say if this product affects your bathroom experience. It does! Be careful how much you take.
257839257839B00125ZCWIAV6G07JV1P9YCKristin P. Morrill "km"4531263859200Both good and bad resultsOn the good side it helps me with nighttime leg cramps.
On the bad side it gives me diarrhea.
Trying to change the amount to see if I can lessen the bad results...
257840257840B00125ZCWIA2XX7S79HZ5WWBA. Mobley4551253923200Just what I expectedCalm has lived up to its name. In fact it has also helped my son with his muscle twitches. I highly recommend trying it for anxiety and muscle issues. And by purchasing it online I saved almost a huge amount of money!
257841257841B00125ZCWIA2CUC2D5322RLCmiaoux "=^..^="4541214956800Good, but FAR TOO SWEET!!I use this to calm my generally overactive system, deal with stress and sleep better, and it's not unpleasant. It's sweetened with Stevia, which I prefer to any other sweetener. One star off: it's horribly SWEET!! Most American-made sweet goods are sweet to such a degree that sometimes it's hard to detect any other taste, but even by those standards this stuff is incredibly oversweetened. I'll use it, but I wish there were another, less sweet and more natural flavor available. How about, say, mango or grape...?
257842257842B00125ZCWIAC57ZRGZMHNR8Music and Literature Garden6821310947200calm, yes... but at what price?I am disappointed to report that although this product did seem to have an effect on my anxiety the first time I took it, the second time I took it, it made me very nauseated. It may be the stevia; I am quite sensitive to artificial sweeteners (although I thought stevia was natural). At any rate, I am going to have to get rid of this product because I'd rather be anxious than vomiting. Call me crazy. If you are sensitive to non-sugar sweeteners, you may want to try a sample of this beforehand if you can find one before you shell out the money.
257843257843B00125ZCWIA3IWARBYLJFDHDpeanutbutter "k8"6851198195200Balances so many things in your body!This stuff is truly amazing. Previously I had chemotherapy and the drugs took just about all the hormones away, hence giving me hot flashes. Calm helped to restore the balance and get me back on track, since I was kind of young for menopause. It has also taken my monthly cycle from 30-45 days right down to 28 days. It really is a great product. Magnesium is also wonderful for helping the body absorb calcium. I have been taking it for almost 8 months and I wouldn't think of stopping.
257844257844B00125ZCWIA38WIETH4AFG7Ocbscmommy "cbscmommy"1131349827200NOT magnesium + calciumI purchased this as a calcium-magnesium supplement for my kids. This particular bottle does NOT have calcium as the picture of the nutrition label states. That label belongs to a different product. This is 325mg Magnesium citrate only, and it is Really tart!! Now I am going to have to buy (and get the kids to take) a separate calcium supplement.:(
257845257845B00125ZCWIAMVTGZST7O3VIJewelle1151349827200I love MC!!! Constipation solution!!!I write very few reviews but this product changed my life. I have suffered from constipation all my life and I started to drink this daily as a friend recommended this for me to try- what a life changer- If I don't drink it for a few days I go right back to being constipated! This is a product I can never be without!

I recommended this to a friend and a few months when I saw her she said that she recommended this to all her friends and they all started to lose weight :) and my friend lost 30lbs only drinking this, eating clean and working out a few days a week! You have to try this product, I cannot say enough good things about it.
257846257846B00125ZCWIA2OFVQHWUHR3H3blessed1151349568000good productthis was recommend by my chiropractor. i am sleeping better and back pain has decreased a lot. taste is nice.
257847257847B00125ZCWIA3VTF41R7Q3XV8Christina1151346803200You won't be sorry...This product does exactly what it says it will for you. It especially helped with my anxiousness and body tension. I feel so much more relaxed now.
257848257848B00125ZCWIA2LCJZQ0UEX6RIJK13201141346198400Great StuffThis stuff is great, while I don't like this kind as much as the Natural Calm with Calcium, it was my own fault for not looking close enough when I ordered the second bottle for the office. I actually look forward to having this in the AM with my breakfast and in the PM before bed. You can feel the relaxation slightly, it is not overwhelming. Not the kind of thing that knocks you out when you take it, but if you pay attention you can feel it.

The great thing about the calcium is it is a great way to help sustain and maintain weight loss. This is the best flavor they offer no doubt about it.
257849257849B00125ZCWIA2ZPLKFDEKC5O3Heidi Maxwell "MontanaMama"1151345939200Excellent Product at an excellent priceWe take this as a daily supplement in our home. My girls take it at night and it helps them shut down for bedtime. The raspberry lemon flavor is tangy but pleasant. We like it a lot more than the orange flavor. I appreciate the larger size as this makes using this product regularly, to be more affordable.
257850257850B00125ZCWIA2KYDJME5792UXJennifer1131345766400decentI like this stuff because it doesn't taste awful and it has the equivalent effect on my body that fiber powder would have on most people. I do feel more calm and sleepy however I Can't sleep when I take it. So if I take it in the am I'm tired but if I take it in pm I can't sleep. I also get cramps because its doing something to my digestive system.

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