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257881257881B00125ZCWIA10TMVGB7VK9GKEugene0041350691200natural vitality. natural calm raspberry lemon flavorNATURAL CALM is a great relaxing magnesium supplement. This product will balance your calcium intake and restore healthy magnesium levels. This product also helps reduce stress after a hard days work! Use as derected.
257882257882B00125ZCWIA3V1PZ6CPQV3WDStephen Guillen0051350518400Great product, excellent price, quick shippingI've used Calm in the past and I know what it can do. It helps me sleep better and relax. The price is great and they shipped it faster than scheduled - a great transaction!
257883257883B00125ZCWIA2E8MRZIZWBOYTbcatz0051350518400Non-gmo magnesium boostSo glad that there are companies that are making products without gmo. This magnesium tastes great and when I drink it I can feel my system soaking up the nutrient, and feel the relaxing effects immediately. Great stuff. I have more relaxed energy and have slept much better since taking this product.
257884257884B00125ZCWIA29V32IOAJUP8PShine0051350000000ExcellentExcellent source of magnesium that helps you (1) Fall asleep at night withOUT harmful sleeping meds (2) allows smooth bowel movements consistently. And you control how much you are going to ingest. AWESOME!
257885257885B00125ZCWIA23J3W80YFW6LKgrangail20070051349913600helps me get drowsyThis is a 2 fold product and you must be aware of this. It is great at making me drowsy before bedtime but it is also a stool softener! need to experiment with how much you need/can take comfortably. I call it my cheese to magnesium ratio! It is a great product and I use it a lot...just with care. One rounded teaspoon in very warm water before bed seems to be " my level". Great product and service.
257886257886B00125ZCWIA1HS55TIAPZP4CLive Green Mom0051348704000Great magnesium!I buy empty 00 capsules and make my own. The pre-made capsules I buy at the store are too large for my kids to swallow. This is an economical way to get magnesium.At Whole Foods this same product same size is $22! A bargain here on Amazon.
257887257887B00125ZCWIA1MPLMCCCOLH0XD. Capper0051348358400great productI really love this product! The Raspberry Lemonade tasted very good. It actually does help me sleep through the night!
257888257888B00125ZCWIA1UJB38V4PEIEXMelissa Meiselman0051346630400Don't know why the word "Calm" is on the canister.I drink this every afternoon with two heaping teaspoons in 16 ounces of water. This does not make me either sleepy nor calm. However it is both a good way to hydrate (the stuff tastes good) and get a daily dose of magnesium so I like it and will purchase it again.

I am writing this a month or two later and this, in fact does calm me and it also promotes a good night's sleep. I just ordered my second canister.
257889257889B00125ZCWIA2VQFFQQMEGA22Emilylm0051344643200good stuffGreat supplement. Nice and calming before bed, helps me sleep well, nice tangy taste. I buy it regularly and notice a difference when I go without.
257890257890B00125ZCWIA1ORT99E14TE6MHurley "Author of Immortal Guardians -The Lost"0041342483200nice...This is a nice product. It seems to help as it states it does--to calm and relax. I mix it in my homemade unsweet ice tea to make it a little sweet because this product is actually very sweet like sugar.
257892257892B00125ZCWIAJL6X17Q71DPOBeachSand "Beachsand"0051338249600Great Product.I have used this product for years and it lives up to it's reputation. Before bed it will relax you and help you sleep soundly. I would recommend this to anyone.
257893257893B00125ZCWIA28ERH161LJZ11kkrumm0041330387200Good Tasting DrinkBeen using this product for several years. Mix with hot water for a refreshing and relaxing tea usually one hour before bed time.
257894257894B00125ZCWIA2TMTQVLROY5RIsuzan0031329696000I am not sure if it has helped meI have purchased this product due to its amazing reviews. I have been having horrible health issues that started after taking a diet pill which has caused me drastic changes to my health. I have been having issues with my digestive system, emotions, IBS, I never had heartburn now I do, I have cracked tongue, dry tongue, metallic taste in my mouth, I dont digest well my food. I have done too many tests and nothing has been coming up but only GERD and have taken so many treatments for this but nothing helps me. :(

I thought maybe this would help me but I dont see any change in anything. Its been 5 days since I started. I started with half teaspoon in morning and night, and then after a day did 1 tsp twice a day, then did 2 x a day but started to have diarrhea so now I am back to 1 twice a day. I do not see it has made any changes, maybe it takes time, we will see.

The delivery was fast taking into consideration I live in Doha, Qatar. and the package was in good condition.

Will keep updating.
257895257895B00125ZCWIAUGAU7L3P7WMFInge Blevens0051329523200greatThere is no one anymore that is not low on Magnesium. This is a great product to take before you go to bed. I love that is has Calcium and Potassium right along with it for balance. Helps with night cramps and sleeplessness and heart cramps. It is a must when you take certain medication that will deplete you of Calcium and Potassium!
257896257896B00125ZCWIA22A19DIHY5L0GJezy L "Jezy"0051325462400I does work...I must say that I bought this product with no much hope for it to work, but I really help to relax my muscles actually I use it even for the times that I felt like I was going to be sick and it helps a lot. if you are seriously stress and have constant pain well you may need something stronger but for general discomfort this is a good way to go.
257897257897B00125ZCWIA244RMAJXFY8P4Carzar0051324857600THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! Ended years of IBS-C sufferingI tried every possible remedy I could find and nothing gave me consistent results. This product changed my life after 20 years of suffering from IBS-C. I only take one heaping tablespoon a day. I have been using it for about 2 years now and the results are very consistent. I ramped up my dose until I experienced loose stools and then backed off just a little until everything became normal. I am now thinking of breaking it into two smaller doses because the effervescent nature makes me burp like crazy for the first 15 minutes after taking it. But believe me, no matter what, it is worth it. I will most likely take this product for the rest of my life. THANK YOU to the makers.
257898257898B00125ZCWIA2NSUU86GAEMXPPeter0051323993600natural calmIt's a great product.I have used it before and,would recommend it.Got a good price from
A smooth transaction overall.
257899257899B00125ZCWIA1C2FZ3612VBCBJeff0051323993600The only thing missing that I was looking for is the Subscribe & Save program for this item."Excellent vendor that I would use again. (The only thing missing that I was looking for is the Subscribe & Save program for this item.)"

This is a excellent Product that I have been using for sometime. I use this product in my evening protein drink, which has really helped me. I suggest you research this product & see if it will work for you as it does for me.

Natural Vitality - Natural Calm Rasp-Lemon, 16 oz powder
257900257900B00125ZCWIA1N8LOLAVFB7FWK. Indermill0051321747200Natural CalmThis product is perfect for what I needed--something easy on my digestive system that would help with muscle cramps. It's very effective, and even better, it tastes good.
257901257901B00125ZCWIA1HM9ZCU43N6XDR. Newton "health nut"0051320624000Best Stuff for Natural MedicineThis product if the best stuff if your needing to get your body back on track. It is all natural and provides a lot of magnesium for a healthy body. Will be buying again.
257902257902B00125ZCWIA174BBGE21P9NLC. Burns0051320451200I really like tis productI think the great majoority of us are magnesium defficient and I think this is a great way to up you magnesium intake. I do sleep better when I take it and tend to not wake up in the middle of the night.

One caution would be to work up to your proper dose. Just don't go and start out with thee heaping teaspons! If you do you will need to keep the location of the nearest restroom in mind. Start at around a teaspoon and work up.

This has a pleasant taste and I look forard to taking it in the evening. The container mentions mixing it in warm water and while I tried that I do not find that it is necessary. I just put two heaping teaspoons in a glass, add about six ounces of cool tap water and stir. After the fizzing goes away and it clears up drink it on down.

I do recommend the larger sizes as it is more cost effective.
257903257903B00125ZCWIAYUBU1MUK60A7Dot "crocheting grandma"0051314489600Works great and we will order moreWe are very satisfied with Natural Vitality-Natural Calm. 16 oz powder. It works just as we were told it would. We will be ordering it again.
257904257904B00125ZCWIAPIFKLN6D5FYMJeanne Y. Oneal0051313107200Restless LegI have Restless Leg syndrome and this is the only product that gives me the peace to get a full nights sleep. After taking several prescriptions that did nothing for my restless legs this product is amazing. When I start to feel the muscle vibrating feeling I can take this and feel relief in just 30 minutes. Great product and a great price.
257905257905B00125ZCWIA35BZKQ8J4JVV0D. Klipper "Lab Lover"0041312070400some things don't calm downNeeded a sleep aid, The reviews amazed me so I ordered some. Brought it back with me from the states to Costa Rica. Finally opened it up, tried it before bedtime, went easy on the quantity due to reviewers suggestions. Next morning, I did feel like I slept well enough, but the bowels were very active. So be very easy on the tiny spoonful of it is all I can say. It takes a lot for me to have loose bowels. This is like a natural laxative. I don't use it every night though. Don't want to worry I need to stay home to be near the toilet.
257906257906B00125ZCWIA2VU47FRZWAPL5Connie Ellerman0051311984000CALM Plus Calcium is great!Only way I have found to take Calcium without nausea. It has also helped me to sleep better at night. Tastes okay too... I will buy it again!
257907257907B00125ZCWIA11V9E4044WFNKLes Borean "Les Borean"0051301356800Good product the second time aroundI ordered regular Calm, and received Calm Plus Calcium. These are different products. They sent the wrong product, but made good on their advertising by paying for return postage and sending the right product. My daughter swears by this product's health claims.
257908257908B00125ZCWIA12UYSWRSGETCKAngela M. Jones "amj1962"0051287964800Good Stuff!!!This is an all around product. If you need to go to the bathroom, this is the product for you. It may take two doses but you will surely get things out of your system. Easy on the belly also!!!
257909257909B00125ZCWIA1FAFJV6LXBUAUK. Kellum "Lifesong"0051283040000Natural CalmI received quickly and in new condition the product does what the title says and has helped me greatly.
257910257910B00125ZCWIA32C3JZ8S2DKT0K. Rathi0041270771200Thirsty after taking Natural Calm?Hi, does this supplement make you super thirsty? I wanted to check because I have been feeling very thirsty especially in the late evening. It has coincided with me taking this supplement. But I have heard that excessive thirst is also symptom of diabetes. Is it documented anywhere that magnesium can result in thirst? If anyone can share this info, it would be greatly appreciated.

As for the product, I just started it. The taste is citrusy. I have had no side effects other than thirst. But I don't know how much is psychological I have already been feeling more energy. I will update if I continue this for a longer time hopefully.

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