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257920257920B00125ZCWIA2BZQDGWUEB3I6T. M. Porter "Soon To Be Fit!"586951318118400OMG It WORKS!I have been using this product for almost a week now and my only complaint is that I didn't find pit about it sooner! First, a bit about myself. I am a 45 year old black woman, suffering from gout, constipation, fibrmyalgia, muscle cramps, brain fog and horrible insomnia, along with chronic depression and yes I am overweight, yes folks I am a hot mess!

I found out about CALM from an article about the five vitamins and supplements that our bodies need the most, I was already taking four of them, so that made me feel good and when I read about CALM, I was like great this may be just what I need, especially after I read about all of the possible benefits that were to be achieved after taking CALM.

Well, let me tell you how it has helped me in under a week. I am sleeping through the night, my mood is improving and that in of it self is a miracle. I have been suffering from depression for over 20 years and nothing helped, this is helping. I am able to think a bit clearer and turn off my brain, which in turn is also helping me sleep!

Another major benefit is relief of muscle pain and cramps, especially after exercising! I did a particularly tough workout the other day, well hell any workout when you're fat can be tough, but this one consisted of weight training, cardio and ab work. I fully expected that I would be in horrible pain the next morning, but I wasn't as a matter of fact, I felt great! This also, seems to be helping with my fibromyalgia too.

Now, the biggest benefit so far is the relief from my contipation! If I went once a week, I considered myself lucky. I had tried everything under the sun to get things moving so to speak, and either it would work for a while and then nothing, or worse yet nothing would happen at all. Any one that has suffered from constipation, knows now horrible it can be and how miserable you can become, both emotionally and physically. Well, since I have been taking CALM, I go two sometimes three times a day! I feel so much lighter, my friends and family always said I was full of crap and I guess they were right!

I guess after reading my review you are thinking either she is being paid for this or it really works, well it is definitely the latter! It is working for me and I believe it will work for you too, try it what have you got to lose besides a crappy mood, sleepless night, a lot of crap and cramps? Jeez, I think $23.00 is a pretty fair trade off don't you.

One more thing the dosage that I am using is two teaspoons at night and one teaspoon in the morning, both with 3 teaspoons of benefiber mixed in girl still needs her fiber! and BTW it's a store brand). I hope this review helps and if you have any questions please contact me, I am real and this review is real!
257921257921B00125ZCWIA356TMH6DQFT2Ebecksnyc141451339113600A major improvement in menopausal symptomsI tried this product after researching menopausal heart palpitations and internal tremors on The relief was immediate! What surprised me was the improvement in many other aspects of my health.
No more headaches that feel like a tight cap binding my scalp. Reduction of my migraines. No more nightmares (brought on by hormone fluctuations). No more "internal earthquakes" or buggy-crawling sensations on my skin. Less anxiety (formerly triggered by hormonal changes). No more weak nails. Monthly acid reflux greatly reduced, sometimes none at all. Greatly reduced frequency of colds, flus and sinusitus.
I chose the Calm with Calcium since I am dairy allergic. My body assimilates it well, much better than calcium & magnesium pills, which had little to no effect on the above-mentioned problems (in ANY ratio).
Overall, I feel much calmer & more energetic. Not a cure-all, but definitely has raised the quality of my life.
I highly recommend this product!
257922257922B00125ZCWIA259RT344AJJJAmauro1964121251294790400great effective productmy wife loves it. it is the only mg product that she takes willingly and according to her it nullifies all her period troubles.
257923257923B00125ZCWIAQ73BMYWH1EM8Peter D. Mccorkle394751242518400" A MIRACLE SUPPLEMENT!!"I'm a 32 year old man. Construction Electrician. I'm wound REALLY tight. I was diagnosed with abnormally high blood pressure for my age about a year ago. On top of this I also suffer from extreme anxiety, nervousness, sleep issues, muscle aches, etc. After many tests, blood pressure medication and Zoloft, nothing really seemed to work. About a month ago I was getting a colonic and my hydrotherapist said that I was more than likely magnesium deficient. 2 days later I saw my urologist who diagnosed me (after a 24 hour urine test) with exactly that, magnesium deficiency. I went down to the local health food store and the clerk recommended that I try "Natural Calm"; As usual, I was skeptical (especially with the $20 price tag on an 8 oz. bottle). Needless to say, I was willing to give anything a shot.

I must say...this is a MIRACLE SUPPLEMENT!!! I take it 2 times a day (1-1/2 tsp. in the morning and 1-1/2 tsp. in the evening). This stuff gives me energy when I need it, all the while calming me down and 100% eliminating my nervousness and anxiety. I'm waking up in a snap and falling asleep even quicker (I stopped taking sleep aids). I have a great night of sleep and notice my body is requiring less sleep to achieve the same results. As for the body and muscle aches...those, too, have disappeared. I don't have to swallow Alieve everyday anymore to alleviate these symptoms because "Natural Calm" does the job.

I've been taking "Natural Calm" for about 2-1/2 weeks now and am truly grateful that I stumbled upon this product. People at work, as well as my girlfriend, son, and parents have all noticed a change in me. Best of all, the change I feel within myself is amazing. All the little problems my M.D. couldn't iron out were immediately dealt with upon my first dose of this stuff.

As for negatives to "Natural Calm"...I see none. Many people have complained about the taste, but to me the stuff tastes fine; almost similar to Sprite, but with a hint of a sour citrus kick.

All in all 5+ stars. "Natural Calm" will be a part of my daily regime from this day forward. If you truly have a magnesium deficiency, look no further...this is the answer.
257924257924B00125ZCWIA2BRIUCEREQMSZJennifer S.111151335744000Great for multiple thingsI originally started taking Calm for the magnesium to help with my Chronic Idiopathic Constipation. I put a couple of teaspoons in hot water and drink a mugful before bed every night and I have been very regular ever since. The taste is almost too sweet but that's probably a perk for some people. It tastes like hot lemonade, nothing chalky about it which is nice. It can be drunk cold but I find that 1) it works better when used with hot water and 2) it tastes better in hot water (cold water doesn't dissolve it well enough and you end up swallowing chunks of the magnesium). Within the first day or two of taking the Calm I realized that not only was I regular but I was sleeping much better. After one mugful, I fall asleep within the hour and also the cramping I was getting in my legs at night has diminished. I started taking this for one reason but realized there are a lot of benefits to it. I will warn you, on the directions it says "add 1oz of water, watch it fizz...", and it FIZZES. I made the mistake of filling my cup with water first and then added the Calm and made an enormous mess! It fizzes up at the slightest splash of water and also when you stir so just do it little by little and you'll be fine :)
257925257925B00125ZCWIA24CTJ2DO0AJ62A. Nickerson "Morning Dove"9412051217203200Natural Calm MagnesiumI have used this product before in the calcium/magnesium blend. It was suppose to be tasteless. It wasn't. It tastes awful. This lemon-raspberry tastes okay and the product is more reactive when the hot water is added.

I was medically advised to take my magnesium in this form because of slipped disks in my back. This is only one piece of my back program however I can attest to the efficacy of the product. My disks are no longer slipped. It has helped me to heal.

A bonus benefit for me is that taking the magnesium in this form has stopped the migraines that I have had for 36 years of my life. I have learned that if a headache begins that I need a dose of Natural Calm. I was dealing with a magnesium deficiency.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone with muscle or joint issues, migraines,and back issues. Natural Calm Raspberry Lemon Flavor 16oz, Natural Vitality
257926257926B00125ZCWIA8YMUOZR98XKSRobert "roark2112"1241301443200DeliciousTastes good. After being sent the wrong flavor, they resent the correct one, so I'm pleased. Return policy is good also.
257927257927B00125ZCWIA2KAQ6EWXFO2KZCheryl Foster1251287100800like my calcium this waySoothing drink at night before bed. I can tell my body absorbs it because enough calcium in my system eliminates menstrual cramps.
257928257928B00125ZCWIA2YM2NM7YZA24QHaseeb1251253923200one of the most important minerals for asthmaticsI've been taking this for over a year before going to bed and have not had any problems going to sleep or staying asleep at night since I've started taking it. According to the experts, it's one of the most important minerals for asthmatics to take because it relaxes the bronchial tube muscles hence either eliminating or reducing bronchial tightness/restriction. Although my asthma has been asymptomatic for quite some time, the magnesium is good to use for so many other reasons and to maintain my health. It's also a natural laxitive and helps prevent indigestion. This is 100% natural elemental magnesium citrate so there is no need to worry about taking in any strange chemicals as you would when taking a synthetic vitamin supplement.
257929257929B00125ZCWIA2G6HY8LWUXKYMR. Foutz1251210550400I can't find Calm anywhere except here!!!I been to health food stores, vitamic stores, very kind of stores, and no calm, so, THANK YOU for carrying it!
257930257930B00125ZCWIA88USYRFGDUTKK. Simmons2451326931200Wouldn't Go Without ItI've had frequent headaches, muscle cramps, and headaches since I was a child. I have vivid memories of laying awake into the late hours of the night before exhaustion and sleep would settle in. When I reached high school, the stress transformed the frequent headaches into occasional migraines. I treated them for a while with prescription medicine but eventually decided I'd rather live with the pains and adjust in the necessary ways than continue taking medication. About a year ago, I read an article about Natural CALM and figured `What the heck.' I was highly doubtful. I've never been so glad to be wrong.

I buy the raspberry-lemon flavor. To me, it tastes like a bit of raspberry lemonade Crystal Light mixed with an Alka-Seltzer. I certainly wouldn't drink it just because I'm thirsty, but I can tolerate a 12 oz. glass of it in the evening. In the beginning, I didn't feel much of a difference. However, once I started taking about 1 teaspoon - which you have to work up to - I noticed a difference in my quality of sleep. I kept slowly raising the amount and now use about 2 teaspoons nightly. I don't find that the CALM makes me fall asleep earlier/faster, but I have found that I don't constantly wake up like I did before. The nighttime leg cramps have almost completely gone. And the headaches - the constant pounding and throbbing and aching in my head has diminished to just the occasional headache. As an added benefit, I seem to deal with stress (especially work stress) much better than I did before. I tried something else to help with sleep (see below) and, after I stopped taking that, I didn't start taking the CALM again for a little while to see if I could actually tell a difference in the way I felt, slept, and reacted to events. I did - and so did some others around me! From now on, I don't plan to go without it.

I love this stuff and I turn as many people onto it as I can. A friend purchased some CALM (the regular flavor: it worked but tasted pretty bad and made the nightly dose challenging to keep up with) and decided to try SERIPHOS - 100 - Capsule when she ran out of CALM. While I was visiting, she gave me some to try. We both found that it gave us the oddest nightmares and made us very groggy/tired in the morning. My mother, at her doctor's recommendation, started taking a small dose of melatonin to help her get to sleep and stay asleep through the entire night (she'd often get up about 3 AM and couldn't get back to sleep). Several times after she started taking it, I called her and she slurred her words as if she were taking some sort of narcotic and she wouldn't remember that she'd even spoken to me on the phone. I sent her a bottle of the orange flavor (she said it tastes ok - like a Sunny D Alka-Seltzer) and she actually adds it to her morning and bedtime cups of decaf orange tea instead of using the melatonin. She's sleeping like a champ now.

If you're considering the purchase, do it! Like everything, it may not work for everyone, but it's worth a try if you're even thinking about it.
257931257931B00125ZCWIA1IT5CNO698OWUPriscilla Basdeo0151328572800Great!This product was shipped in a very timely manner and is exactly what was advertised. I was very grateful for the quick turnaround time, and as it worked out - it was so much cheaper than my local vitamin store! Thanks so much!
257932257932B00125ZCWIA25O3WEZ0CA34TMona Lisa "book lover"0151327449600best product to calm myselfI like this Natural Calm for the taste and for calming down. I do not have to take any medication because this is just perfect.
257933257933B00125ZCWIADD6MQGCGFGJFPhenix "SukiSuki"0141318291200HeadachesI am getting serious headaches from using this product. I know it is supposed to help with migraines but it seems to be having the opposite affect on me. I took 2 teaspoons yesterday and i got a raging headache. Is this too much for the first time? i've been using Mag supplements for years and thought my body would be used to it. Any suggestions or recommendations i would surely love to hear them

I still gave this product 4 stars because i think it is great and has huge potential. Like i said i've taken several high quality mag supplements for years and none of them stopped leg cramps and muscle spasms, eye twitches so quickly.It did give me better sleep but not the best but i'm sure that comes with time. The pills i was taking were big horse pills and i didn't take them alot because of the size. I am taking this because of my Vitamin D deficiency that i just can't seem shake, although it's only been 7 months. You have to have Magnesium for Vitamin D to absorb properly. This does loosen your stools some, but i've never had a problem in that area, thank goodness.

I am open to suggestions about the dosage. I will wait a few days and maybe start with 1/2 teaspoon ans see how that goes.
257934257934B00125ZCWIA1045NW0WUEBP8D. Boswell0151268784000Calm ReviewNatural Vitality's products are excellent and exactly as advertised. It's the best price I have found for Calm.
257935257935B00125ZCWIA3FB7HNV5IY8J8John Bryant "Txnfamily"0151262822400Very goodI bought this based on reviews. It really seems to work. The flavor is fine, but my 10 year old hates the flavor. I will try another flavor for her.
257936257936B00125ZCWIA3TFNYQLGTH4NJDebbie0151198195200An excellent supplement!This is the best magnesium supplement. Highly effective and absorbable. It tastes great and doesn't have any sugar in it, how cool is that?! It's sweetened with stevia, what a novel idea, a health product that's thoroughly healthy for you! I love the raspberry-lemon flavor-yummy!
257937257937B00125ZCWIA3JOD2HKMR2OY1A. Wold3641256428800Hopefully seal was actually sealed?This product came in a timely manner & seems to be in perfect shape & at a great price. My only concern was that the seal didn't actually have to be even broken to open the container. It seems fine though & I am using it as usual w/ no problems. :)
257938257938B00125ZCWIAKXW2P5YPW6Y0marcjt1341343520000goodi would buy the mag plus calcium. tastes ok. wow 2o words? i am happy happy happy happy happy happy with the product.
257939257939B00125ZCWIA2HHIURM6FVOPSRandi Kuhne2551198368000Great ProductI've been using this product for several months, and it works very well. Since I only use half the recommended dose, I use half the amount of hot water recommended to dissolve it. Then I add it to my morning smoothie. It's also delicious by itself in water.
257940257940B00125ZCWIA3QEHWN3OGC8FCMacGuyver0211350259200Taste is terrible.I bought this to help me sleep because of the tons of great reviews. I couldn't get down more than a sip. I didn't expect it to be great, but it was down right unbearable. It's impossible for me to take. Huge waste of money,
257911257911B00125ZCWIA1PRAQGIYUAGCMBlessed & Highly Favored3551279411200Great product and service as always...First time I tried this. Ordered it for a friend who has trouble sleeping. She said it helped. I will start on it as soon as my current supply of magnesium citrate is depleted. Gread product and service as always...
257912257912B00125ZCWIA27L3VME5WF5GAMedusa1251349308800Game ChangerYou are reading the review for a reason. The reviews speak for themselves. This stuff is second to none. Buy it. End of story.
257913257913B00125ZCWIA1LP4E8DPMHGZTK. Johnson1241325376000Not sure it helps muchI mainly bought this because my son has fairly bad ADHD and I wanted to try more natural routes before things like medication. I am not sure it helps him that much at all, but I know it does help me calm down enough to get sleep when I remember to take it. Which is good, because my insomnia was driving me absolutely nuts!
I have to get more 100% cranberry juice, because I prefer this mixed in with juice than I do with water.
257914257914B00125ZCWIACMOYBP2OVDEQHazel1251311465600Great for ConstipationLove the product. It was recommended to me by my nutritionist. It really helped me with my constipation. I dont love the flavour however it is not bad if you take it with a little of juice.
257915257915B00125ZCWIAKI4BFD5QPKPDAzdeha1241305331200Very versatileFor the most part, I'll just echo what previous reviewers have said. This stuff is wonderful for putting you to sleep fast, as well as helping with anything to do with muscle relaxation. I've found it helps with both the cramps and mood swings of PMS, and even seems to lessen eye strain headaches. It's also proving invaluable as a way to counteract the rebound insomnia and moodiness of withdrawal from a prescription sleep medication. I take away one star (and would make that a half if I could), because in its raw form (or merely blended with water), it tastes terrible. But mixed with a sweet juice, it's decently palatable.
257916257916B00125ZCWIA1A4MFC6VF9ZK9Liu Chao505151341273600Less Stress, Better Sleep, Great ProductThis is an excellent source of magnesium which provides a number of health benefits. Some obvious and some not so obvious. I have trouble sleeping, waking up many times at night and like everybody else I deal with my fair share of stress.

I take a 1/2 teaspoon at night about an hour before bed time along with 5-htp and phenibut powder, 5-HTP Powder 10 Grams + FREE Primaforce Phenibut Powder 100 Grams. I started taking the magnesium long before the 5-htp or anything else, taking them together definitely enhances the mood and sleep stabilizing effects, if that's what your looking for.

The Raspberry Lemon flavor doesn't taste delicious but it certainly does not taste bad so it is not a chore what-so-ever to drink a glass each night before going to bed. Since I've started this nightly ritual nights have become more peaceful, days have become brighter (i.e. tears from stressful situations do not rear their ugly head nearly as much). I've been happier, plain and simple.
257917257917B00125ZCWIA1ILANU80CJWTXceg2008232351308528000Life saverI was suffering from arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) and high blood pressure. After extensive research and refusal to take any "medicine" (useless drugs) I started taking these minerals. Both problems completely disappeared within a month! These minerals also help me to get to sleep faster and stay asleep all night.

I love this stuff and am a very satisfied customer.
257918257918B00125ZCWIA2N3N439PRGV3IGregory Bravo21926351193788800This one supplement has changed my life!I eat well. I read a lot of research on health. I'm a Medline junkie. I've tried a lot of different supplements in my time--- probably 40 or 50 different things over the years--vitamins, minerals, herbs. Some of them made me kind of ill, some had a minor positive effect. (For example, I noticed that ginkgo actually did help me think more clearly, at least a little bit.)

None of them, however, made a MAJOR positive impact on my life.

That is, until Natural Calm.

This miraculous substance has improved the quality of my life dramatically!

Here are the things this supplement has helped with:

Sleep--- Basically cured my occasional insomnia, and gives me a deep restful sleep every night.
Stress-- I now feel spectacularly relaxed. Also increased my ability to deal with difficult "crisis" situations.
Mood--- Made me generally happier.
Decreased muscle cramping and soreness.
Improved gums and teeth.
Improved hair loss.
Improved digestion and transit time.

Yeah, hard to believe it cured so many things, right?? Me too!

But out of all the things I have ever taken, this is the ONE THING that I would NEVER be without. It has made that important an improvement in my life. It is almost like a miracle. Really.

There is a huge amount of research on the need in the body for more magnesium than Americans usually consume. Especially important is the ratio of Calcium to Magnesium you consume. In America this ratio is about 4 to 1. Ideally it should be around 1 to 1 or 1.5 to 1. I have settled on a ratio of about 1200 mg Ca and 800 mg Mg per day. (Try "The Magnesium Factor" by Margaret Seelig or "The Magnesium Miracle" by Carolyn Dean here on Amazon if you want more science of magnesium.)

I highly recommend that everyone try this supplement, at least for a week or two. You probably won't need that long. I noticed an improvement in two days. A MAJOR and IMMEDIATE improvement.

If you try it, I'd be curious as to your results. Leave a message in the comments section of my post, if you want.

Here's wishing you great health!
257919257919B00125ZCWIA2AKOKIF0S0R4QVanessa Marie192051328400000Review on TASTEI'm writing this review, because it's exactly the kind of review I was looking for before I bought this product, but could not find anywhere.

When I first started using Natural Calm I bought it in the Raspberry-Lemon flavor, thinking it sounded the best and used it with water (usually just put it inside a water bottle and shook it up to mix it and drank it that way). Both me and my husband used it and HE really liked the taste, but for me this stuff tasted BAD. I don't know why, but I did not like the taste at all. I guess some people do (obviously my husband did or at least didn't mind it) but I definitely did not. It made drinking it everyday a CHORE.

So, this next time I decided to try the one that isn't flavored and I like it SO MUCH better, like a million times better. I just mix it in with my blueberry-pomegranate juice and it's great! It is virtually tasteless and just adds a little 'fizz' to the juice that I actually LIKE. I also put it in teas as well.

I wanted to write this review just to let people know that not everyone loves the raspberry-leomon flavor (and I didn't think I'd like the orange to begin with, but haven't tried it yet and probably never will). There are a lot of reviews claiming it tastes great... but for me not so much. I recommend the flavor-less one.

Also, be careful when starting out to use the recommendation on the bottle and start with 1/2 a teaspoon a day and then work up from there. :-) I never had any negative side effects, but I guess some people get diarrhia if they take too much in the beginning.

This stuff really is amazing and will help you feel GREAT! :-) If you're thinking about trying it don't hesitate. It has many, many benefits. You might just be using it to help with mood or to help with ADHD/concentration, or just for a natural way to keep from becoming constipated... There are MANY benefits. But no matter what you're using it for, it's bound to help out your body and mood in other ways as well! :-) Can't say enough good things about this product! Just try to get the flavor-less one first, it's so much better!! I hated having to drink it when we had the raspberry-lemon one. But now I definitely don't, and like the little fizz it gives my blueberry-pomegranate juice & teas! :-) Drinking it right now and loving it! And loving the way it makes me feel and the concentration it gives me!

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