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257986257986B00125ZCWIAN5AYQE6CVJFFWD5551316736000Thank you, Natural Calm!I have only taken this magnesium product for three days; however, within that time my heart palpitations have decreased has my constant awareness of my heart beating. Some people had mentioned a problem with diarrhea when using Natural Calm; however I have not been experiencing that - possibly because I am taking only 1/2 teaspoon daily. I am satisfied with the unflavored product, likening it to a tart lemonade.

Bottom Line: I am SO glad that I took a chance on Natural Calm!!! A complete cardiac work-up revealed no major problems, and both my cardiologist and myself were at our wits end, trying to come up with a non-prescription remedy to address my unnerving heart beats.
257987257987B00125ZCWIAXUOZT7JNS57RJerzeyBird5551310774400Better training recovery, much less pain, sleep like a babyI discovered Peter Gilham's products a few months ago, and can speak for this product as well as the Osteo Calm, which adds calcium. As a mature exerciser, recovery is always the biggest challenge, and this product eliminated my reliance on OTC anti-inflammatories. I'm a physiologist who did contract work for a magnesium manufacturer and I've read most of the medical literature on Mg2+'s importance in the management of diabetes and vessel disease, and I don't think there's a better product than this one to address those issues. As magnesium pulls water into the gut, IMO it's the best remedy for sluggish elimination, and you must build the dose up slowly to prevent stools that are too loose. For people with constipation, it's pretty much guaranteed to provide an immediate and permanent remedy. And as magnesium is critical for the complete relaxation of muscle fibers, it's a first line treatment for chronic pain of any kind. Even after months of using the Gilham Calm products, I still have to have my evening pretty much wrapped up before taking the supplement as it really knocks me out for sleep. Deeper and more refreshed sleep is also a main objective to any chronic pain condition.

I switched to the Osteo Calm a couple of months ago in my desire to add a better piece to my menopausal osteoporosis prevention, and have found that product to be completely awesome also.
257988257988B00125ZCWIA22TQGZAOF0LTKB. Breslin "bpbreslin"5551300406400A True Miracle for my 3 year old son!I have struggled for the last year with my 3 year old son's constipation and fear of going "poo" on the potty. He also has been quite hyperactive in the past year; that coincided with a new brother (he is the middle child) as well as his efforts on potty training. At the suggestion of my mother in law, we began using this product (1/2 tspn per day), and 10 days later, he began going poo on the potty with no problem at all, even asking to go, and went at school. Prior to this, he would hold it because he was in so much pain when he went, and he never went away from the house! We literaly BATTLED over going poo in the potty! So this was the first miracle. But then, within two days of that, he was back to my sweet, normal 3 year old boy and not so hyper and irritable. He is smiling more, hugging us again, obeying simple rules and commands, and I feel like I have my son back! I attribute all of this to the magnesium as we have not done anything different with his vitamins and diet than we had been doing for the last year. He is also eating better, which I believe is because his tummy doesn't hurt as much now that he is regular.

I do think I am going to cut back to 1/4 tspn/day though because the stools are a little looser, and he is taking 3 hour naps, so a little too sleepy. But all in all, I am in LOVE with this product and highly recommend it for children as well as adults! My husband is about to start taking it to see if it helps with his sleep and his adult ADD that he suffers from.
257989257989B00125ZCWIA1KZ7UQJPWQKWQJudy Sartino5551269043200natural vitalityI take this every night and it does the trick. No more constipation. I just mix with water and drink. It doesn't taste that bad.
257990257990B00125ZCWIA3K8I0WBGKNE75C. Emerson "kittymama"5551234569600Excellent product!I've taken magnesium for years, quality brands, and know it is helpful for my health problems. I just tried this brand this time and was amazed at how quickly after drinking it I felt very calm and relaxed.
257991257991B00125ZCWIA14WNZ8T1YITTTjewcy101251231286400great product, worth every pennyI've struggled with sleep and muscle tension for years and was introduced to this power powder by a great friend (thanks hil!) who said it worked for her. From day one, it's worked incredibly well. I don't feel drugged or sedated, just relaxed. I agree that it's pretty sweet and strong as far as flavor, but hey, I can deal! Careful: it does fizz up quite a bit and can easily overflow a glass if left unchecked. I'm really thankful to have this product as a natural alternative to the myriad of pharmacological sleep aids. No dependence, no withdrawal, just great, relaxed, restful sleep. Mazel tov, Natural Calm!!
257992257992B00125ZCWIAWE1OX5KHTOAMMargaret A. Bradford101251221868800needs marketing changeAs an aid to tranquility and sleep -- what it is marketed for -- it is not very effective. But for chronic severe constipation it is the only thing that has worked for me.
257993257993B00125ZCWIATE6SIHH0R0DWA. BERNAY-ROMAN4441340150400Stopped my leg cramps...I've been drinking a bit of this mixed in water before bed, and my night leg cramps have stopped. 'nuff said. It's also tangy, tart, and tasty.
257994257994B00125ZCWIA3TCKXJSSIHXEWkelker114451338163200Works GreatI ordered the Original flavor. It tastes a lot like Alka Seltzer, only stronger. This product works really well. Taken at the dose on the label, I did feel more relaxed and less stressed. Once it got in my system, it was almost like taking a sleeping pill, as I would get very sleepy within an hour or so of taking it. The problem for me was that it seemed to build up within my system. And the relaxed mellow state I started in soon became the fatigued energy-less state. At first, I didn't realize that it was caused by this product. But when I stopped taking it, the extreme fatigue did stop. I'm giving this product five stars, because it works REALLY well. But you do have to watch your own body and adjust your dosage accordingly. I still take this product, but just not as often, and not on a regular schedule. Maybe that's just me. Do try it, but just be aware of what it can do.
257995257995B00125ZCWIA2AEAGNYKZHZLHSyed M. Hussain "swipe till you wipe"4451335830400This is the bombI took it for 3 months and now i see the difference...

Has completely cured my anxiety,depression and muscle spasms,numbness etc...

I had all the above issues and now i am taking a very low dose of antidepressant and might not be needing it very soon...

This supplement is excellent for sound sleep as well...

257996257996B00125ZCWIA3DXFICDY4E04DAlaska Panic4451335312000Stopped my eye twitching...My left eye had been twitching on and off throughout the day for the last 1-2months. after the 2nd day of natural calm it began to lessen and now after a few weeks nothing. coincidence, i don't think so and i'm a healthcare provider.
257997257997B00125ZCWIA2X6CFY2X0H6BYseashell4451334880000thanks for friends recommendationA friend told me about this product because I have been suffering leg cramps every night on almost an hourly basis. I tried all the usual supplements recommended for this problem with no relief (including magnesium in tablet form)and muscle relaxers from my doctor. This product mixed with my tea each night has been 100% relief from those nightly cramps for me. I won't go an evening without it. I recommend it to all my family members as this problem seems to run in my family.
257998257998B00125ZCWIA2CTADZ9VISBAQTlw324451317427200Lifesaver!I have been using this product for a few years..cannot believe the difference it has made in my tension/headaches..have been prone to anxiety & tension in my neck in shoulders which always leads to a bad headache..this pretty much makes that all disappear..95% less tension & hardly a headache..when I run out, it all comes back within a few soon as I go back on it, it clears up this product..
257999257999B00125ZCWIA32ZLYDWTWDAWLJohnny Bobby4451301184000Pleasing ResultsOver the past few weeks, I was analyzing my typical daily nutrition and found I was lacking in magnesium. Like most Americans, I consume much more calcium than magnesium; the ratio of calcium to magnesium intake ideally needs to be 1-1.5:1. I read the reviews and thought it would be interesting to see if I could experience the calming effect on my muscles that many other reviewers have noted.

I take two teaspoons (dissolved into a 500 mL water bottle) about an hour before I go to bed, and I do notice a calming effect. This product does not have the effect of a hypnotic or a benzodiazepine, so one should not expect it to "knock you out." Rather, I do experience a noticeable "lightening" of the muscles. As I lie in bed, I feel more comfortable and better able to focus on feeling comfortable because the muscles all throughout my body seem to be content to be in "off" mode; they are not as easily excitable as they are on my previously magnesium-deficient diet.

I am pleased with this product and will continue taking two teapoons in water every night. I recommend this product to all who have found that they, too, are deficient in magnesium. I also agree that this product softens the stools and provides for a pleasant midday defecation. Cheers.
258000258000B00125ZCWIA22NF4QVODINAXAngela B.4451290556800Best sleep solution for me!I have been using the Ras-Lemon version of NC for 6 months now, and after a brief bout with 'loose bowels' in the beginning, I am still delighted with the impact on my issue with falling asleep. Wow! An hour or so before going to bed I have two teaspoons of this powder in a cup of hot water, and pop a melatonin tablet at the actual bedtime. In my case it helps to avoid alcohol and food intake after 6PM. And now falling asleep is no longer a problem! What a life saver. Tastes good too! Thanks, Peter Gilliam, whoever you are :)
257971257971B00125ZCWIA2NAPBVCV7P4PMShipper243051210032000AhhhhhhhThis stuff WORKS for not only relaxing the muscles, but majorly helps PMS, Menopause symptoms, Hubby and I take it several nights a week. It helps us to sleep easier and deeper, too.
It is a lot better than the Natural Calm without Calcium.
257972257972B00125ZCWIA2PDPKUHFXG3FECalyk212651269129600Absolutely amazing -- thank God for this product!A little over a week ago and completely out of the blue, I started having heart palpitations. I'm a 27-year-old female and am on no medications and have no significant medical history. The first two days, I only noticed a few of them. Then for the next 3 days, I had them much more frequently. I could put my fingers on my pulse and literally feel my heart skipping beats (a long pause followed by 2 closer-together beats). It was absolutely terrifying; I couldn't sleep for two nights because I was afraid I wouldn't wake up. I had read that these are typically harmless, especially if they aren't accompanied by any underlying heart issues or symptoms. But that doesn't make them any less frightening and unsettling. Finally, on day 5, I went to the doctor who confirmed with an EKG that I was having premature ventricular contractions (PVCs). He told me just to forget about them, that they were harmless. That lessened my anxiety related to the heart palpitations a bit, but I knew something had to have caused them, and I wasn't content to just deal with them forever. I had my blood checked, and I was neither hyperthyroid nor hypothyroid, and my potassium level was normal (these are potential causes of the PVCs according to my doctor, in addition to caffeine and stress).

But I also read that a magnesium deficiency can cause heart palpitations (and being deficient wouldn't have been a surprise because my diet had been less-than-ideal). So, on day 6, I went to a health food store and was encouraged to try this product. I paid $18 for 4 ounces! I went home and took a big initial dose (probably 2 teaspoons) and, within a few hours, I noticed that my heart beat wasn't skipping as frequently. The next day, I noticed an occasional flutter but nothing like the big scary pounding flip-flops from the days before. The next day, they were gone altogether, and they have not returned. I have been palpitation-free for several days now, and I undoubtedly owe my relief to this magnificent magnesium!

Beyond the cessation of the abnormal heart beat, this product helps me sleep like a log! It has also made me feel much calmer, even in situations where I ordinarily would feel anxious. I am truly thankful to have found this product!
257973257973B00125ZCWIA3DQWFWINN3V5ADavid A. Lessnau182251217376000Excellent Source of MagnesiumIf you're taking a lot of calcium, you'll need additional magnesium. This Natural Calm powder is a very good source of that magnesium. My wife is taking calcium and was suffering from severe feet and leg cramps (especially at night). A little research pointed to magnesium to help with this. As with calcium, the citrate form is best for absorption and that's what this Natural Calm provides (magnesium citrate). After just a couple of days of use, the cramping seems to have disappeared. One additional benefit is that certain digestive end processes seem to have smoothed out, too.

I've also tried a flavored version of this product (Natural Vitality - Natural Calm Rasp-Lemon, oz powder, 16 powder). Unlike that version, this stuff is entirely odorless, and the only taste is a sense of tartness. I much prefer this non-flavored version over the flavored version.

The only problem I have with this product is that it would have been very nice if the bottle had included a little plastic teaspoon scoop for measuring the dosage. That's pretty insignificant. So, I still rate it at an Excellent five stars out of five. Highly recommended. Especially if you're taking calcium.
257974257974B00125ZCWIA1LL6T11TQTRYAstrike151851231891200Calm Plus CalciumI LOVE this product. I would do without food before I would do without this. The benefits are multiple - it helps keep you regular and also helps take the stress and tension out of your muscles. It does take 4-6 weeks to notice full change in your muscles. I certainly don't feel the stress in my upper back the way I use to - and I still do the same type of computer work day in and day out. I HIGHLY recommend this product. You won't regret it - and Amazon has the best price of anywhere I've found it so far.
257975257975B00125ZCWIA19IIHI8GB61CVD. Sands121451287014400Eases my Morning Sickness!!I am a very healthy person. I eat organic foods, take good vitamins etc. I never thought I needed magnesium in my diet since I ate so well. I am currently 2 months pregnant and have had awful morning sickness lasting all day. My mother recommended this product to try. I called my Dr and she said it would be just fine during pregnancy, so three days ago I gave it a try. OMG 10 minutes after I drank it my morning sickness was gone! Been taking it for three days now and I feel great! I would highly recommended this for nausea and stomach issues, morning sickness, oh and constipation it really helps with the constipation!
257976257976B00125ZCWIAI6X086NYC9N2MS91051306281600Great help to stop constipationI have been suffering from chronic constipation my whole life. Four to nine days of misery was my regular life. Nothing helped me for more than two times. A colleague of mine recommended me this product and since I tried it I'm very regular! It is not like the other products I tried (and I really tried a lot of them)that helped me just a couple of times and afterwards no effect anymore. In addition the frequent muscle cramps I use to have have disappeared. In summary I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product, I'm not going to stop taking it anymore!
257977257977B00125ZCWIA2CLDRW7GVDOZ1D. Meyer "Fun Mom"91051273104000This stuff is GREAT!I will probably take this for the rest of my life. My husband also takes it. I also just purchased some for my sister in law for some problems she's having. Believe the great reviews. This stuff helps to relax your mind and body for a good night's sleep and it keeps your digestive tract regular. If I miss a day or two, I can definitely tell the difference.
257978257978B00125ZCWIAC8NEZHM41IW2Heide M. Marando91051226534400Really HelpfulI use this product with my 2 year old daughter and its the only thing that will keep her regular.
257979257979B00125ZCWIA2D5DVBEYMM6ZPJudith Galetta "non-fiction fan"6651266105600Helps my leg crampsThis is the only product that helps my leg cramps. I hope it will always be available.
257980257980B00125ZCWIAHDRKCRMPASUFLauren M. Frank6651222992000GoodI really like this product, it was recommended to me by a health care professional when my leg crapms were really bad and it helped immediately.
257981257981B00125ZCWIA19ZGQMTNYO00D. Engisch-Platt131651138233600Miracle SupplementMagnesium is vitally important on many levels. It not only helps your muscles to relax, but also aids sleep and allows for a more calm & balanced state of mind. Low levels of this mineral make nearly every disease worse, whether you are dealing with asthma, diabetes, depression or cardiovascular disease. It assists in the assimulation of calcium & potassium, so those with osteoporosis concerns should be looking to include Magnesium in their supplements.

I have been using Magnesium Calm for the past year and have found it very helpful for relaxing muscle tension, & getting a good nights sleep, not to mention its calming effect on my state of mind ! Its easy to take and comes in several flavors as well. I recommend it to many of my massage clients, so they can decrease the pain and discomfort in their bodies.
257982257982B00125ZCWIA2G9TPDCXH2WJ8Aether5551346889600Helps with Heart PalpitationsAfter a little bit of research, I learned that magnesium plays a crucial role in the regulation of the heart. After being on medication for some time for unpleasant heart palpitations (which never worked too well), I decided to give this supplement a try. In about 2 months, the palpitations were completely gone, and I don't have to take that horrible drug anymore! This stuff is awesome. This was about a year ago. I have come to realize that doctors know nothing about caring for the human body and know very little about real nutrition. Your just a customer to them; they make their money by prescribing dangerous drugs that only mask symptoms but don't correct the problem at its source. Magnesium is so important for the body - you cannot go wrong with this supplement. Most people are deficient in this important mineral because the land is so devoid of important minerals these days, so it's very hard to get from food alone. This is the best magnesium supplement on the market. Don't take those cheap magnesium pills you can get at any store. Most of them don't get absorbed by the body and act only as a laxative. Magnesium citrate, of which this product is, gets assimilated easily. Don't be surprised if other problems your having begin to clear up as well. Magnesium deficiency can cause a lot of problems. Read the book "The Magnesium Miracle" for more info.

257983257983B00125ZCWIA1YB53P24NMAGUD. Long "dl"5551338422400A good nights sleep.For most of my life I have had a hard time getting to sleep at night. It takes me hours some nights. I sit up and think about crap at work, people I went to school with as a child and all other kinds of random stuff. But I can honestly say this stuff does the trick. I've bought countless supplements over the years and none of it has really worked on helping me get to sleep but this stuff is the real deal. Overall I kind of feel more relaxed in general on it. Kind of at peace and stuff does not piss me off as much as usual. Give it a try. This stuff is legit. Start off slow on it at first. Your stomach needs a week or so to get use to it.
257984257984B00125ZCWIAMLXU5RHL7ZN0peppy5541331251200Should be called Natural DranoI take this in the evening to help wind down, but feel its effects more in the morning when I ease into the cringing porcelain throne. I appreciate its nutritional value but would like to feel a bit more of the calm and a bit less of the avalanche.
257985257985B00125ZCWIA11U7GXIZW4AR0M. Crenshaw "Tell us about yourself!"5551320624000Best stuff on earthMy wife and I use this every night before we go to bed. It is just as natural to us as breathing...we can really tell a difference in our health without it!! I would advise anyone over 35 years old to use this stuff!! Our last order was for 5 16 oz., Rasberry Lime and that order was placed on September 19, 2011...I'm back at Amazon to buy another 5 containers!! BTW...If you purchase this at your local health food store or vitamin store prepare to pay BIG TIME for this...We had a chiropractor try and sale us a 16 oz., bottle for $43.00! Amazon, is the best deal on the web!!!

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