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258001258001B00125ZCWIA16HH8RJCHQG6VAmanda4441288569600Great product!I have had a "twitching eyelid" problem for over a month now. I've had that happen a few times here and there in the past, but never like this. This was really getting bothersome, it was doing it like every 30 minutes or so for a few seconds at a time. From the time I woke up till the time I went to bed. It go so bad last week, I looked up again online about it...and somehow came across a forum where someone had the same problem and someone replied "you have a magnesium deficiency". Well then I started looking up magnesium deficency and came upon this product. I went and bought it the next day a local store. And guess what?? My eye twitching has almost completely come to a STOP!!! From something that was getting to be every 20-30 min. to now it does it about 2-3 times a day, much less noticable too, the twitching isn't as severe or bothersome.

So I would have given this 5 stars, but I am still waiting to see if this supplement helps with any of the other problems, I've noticed after reading about magnesium deficiencies. Those would be an added bonus if it helped with my other symptoms. I am starting out with a small amount and will work my way up, and see if it gets any better with other things. But I think it's great for just helping with my eye, it was literally driving me crazy!!
So glad I came upon this product...and the taste is really not bad at all. I mix it with a whole glass of cold water, and it really only tastes like water with a lemon wedge in it, to me anyway...Maybe a larger amount of it, in less water might be too sweet, but it's really diluted in a full glass of water, so it isn't bad at all.
258002258002B00125ZCWIA3UDKADSH2NSZUKandy Theiss4451283040000KwilsonPurchased my first bottle at a health food store and paid 23 for 8 oz bottle. Amazon price was super. The product has really helped with so many aspects of my life. Would highly recommend this product. I have had irritable bowel syndrome for years and since I have started taking this product no more problems. I also feel so calm during while at work in my very stressful job. Will be keeping this in stock at my house.
258003258003B00125ZCWIAAW4KXL1AN06MImperial Girl "Donnie"4441275696000Muscle painThis does a great job with the restless legs and other muscle problems. Easy to take.
258004258004B00125ZCWIA3CSGGKOKUPWIVTerri Kennedy4451268870400GREAT!My massage therapist recommended this item for my muscle cramps. She was right on!!
I only use 1/4 tsp a day and I mix it with grape juice to mask the not so yummy taste but soooo...worth it!!
It also helps keep me regular which is a BONUS!!
Great product!
258005258005B00125ZCWIAZGVG04V4ROGSTamatha Williams4451250553600Calm magnesium supplimentAn outstanding product, excellent value and the results are impressive. Blood pressure, stress and anxiety all much lower and energy much increased. Highly recommend!
258006258006B00125ZCWIA1EB91JDAG8HFLWar Eagle "Howard"4441241481600Pleased with purchaseMy mother-in-law suffers from night-time leg cramps.
Since she began taking it, before bed,the frequency of her cramps has decreased significantly. Buying it on-line cuts it's cost in half. She's not crazy about it's taste but a good night's rest makes up for it.
258007258007B00125ZCWIA31BANT0XA7VDABarbara Radigan4451240272000We love this productWe've been using Calm for a few months now and have a couple extra containers available. Recommend it for those who get constipated (sorry about that) and for an overall feeling of calm. My husband mixes it with his running water (he jogs) and I drink it with hot water - both ways work fine. You'll like the taste too. One more thing - it's cheaper purchased through Amazon - and the vendor (marketplace) will get it to you fast (with samples).
258008258008B00125ZCWIA3VNZ2DMCCAMEDNorCal Bookworm6751278979200Healthy, tasty, and multi-functionalThis stuff makes an excellent, relaxing evening drink - a great alternative to alcohol after the kids go down. The dose can be ramped up if a laxative response in the morning is desired. It helps my wife become drowsy as bedtime approaches, but I only get the same reaction if I hold some in my mouth for sub-lingual delivery (which I recommend).
258009258009B00125ZCWIA34CB9MS6A9OV3Flatlander3351348099200One of the best nutritional supplements out thereA friend recommended that I try this product out due to my low blood levels of magnesium (some of the medications I was on depleted my body of Mg and K). I used to get cramping and soreness in my muscles after going for just minor walks or workouts. This product however, stopped the discomfort within hours of first taking it!

If you read up on the side effects of low levels of Magnesium in the blood, you will be amazed to find out how many ailments result. The "Calm" is the answer without a doubt.

I suffered from high blood pressure and hypertension for years, as well as an elevated heart rate. After taking this product, in conjunction to lifestyle changes, I began to feel better and all other cardiovascular issues normalized.

When my doctor asked me what I changed in my life to make my numbers look better, I told her about the Calm, and she has since began using it herself and telling her other patients about it. Its a much quicker and easier way to get the essential Magnesium into your body fast and effectively. It certainly works better than trying to eat copious amounts of other Mg rich foods.

Adhere to the serving sizes- especially at first. Magnesium makes for a darn good laxative if you take too much!!!

This product is the cheapest here on Amazon. You'll likely spend $35-$45 at other health food stores.
258010258010B00125ZCWIA2UX2C2PH1IDVBAlynny "Alynny G."3351347667200What else would you call this but "Calm?"I had high hopes when I ordered this supplement, purportedly for one of my sons who was having some transitional stress issues...but I needed it as much (if not more.) We have not been disappointed. In fact, this supplement has exceeded all hopes and expectations. I suspect that my anxiety issues were beginning to negatively impact an important relationship. That has improved as have all my other relationships. I am much more patient and centered, much less needy. I have also noticed that there are no more occasional heart palpitations, no more twitchy legs twitches of any kind. Also, as a budding middle-aged runner, this product IS helpful with muscle recovery. I wish we had known about this product when our younger son was running track and cross country in high school. It would have been tremendously helpful. As others have noted, "Calm" is a wonderful aid in getting a restful night's sleep. A good night's sleep in-and-of itself is tremendously important to one's overall health. I will try never let myself run out of this supplement. What a discovery!
258011258011B00125ZCWIA36U6FEHSQY17XL. Shick3351347321600Hooked on this!I'm a huge skeptic, but after 6 months of daily use, I do agree that this stuff is a necessary supplement in my life. When I skip a couple days, I'm reminded. I take it at night and it improves my otherwise slow system by the morning. I continued being skeptical but noticed a marked improvement in my sleeping (more relaxed) and some muscle damage I had in my leg quickly healed (after one year of pain from an injury!). I started off slow and had to graduate to a high dose - appx 3-4 tsp per day (was having serious constipation) -- after a week or so, I tapered down to a normal dose. I got my husband hooked on this stuff for the 'relaxing' effect alone (he is on the higher energy side). It's subtle, not a drugged feeling when I say relaxing effect ... it's similar to melatonin without any groggy feeling. My primary use is for constipation ... no more garbage over the counter drugs. I never found improvement from pro-biotics either. This stuff helps with bloating and overall "uggh" feeling. We both really like the taste, too. If you like it more sweet/sour, then just use less water. It's an artificial type sweetener, so no calories ... and I normally hate artificial sweetener taste, but it's hidden well. It's similar to crystal light ... we get the raspberry/lemon flavor. We take one dose every night. I highly recommend! Your local health food store might give you a sample ... try it for a few days but don't buy it from there ... come to Amazon because it's WAY cheaper :) Good luck!
258012258012B00125ZCWIA1FR2CY0RPJI70MorganFSU3351342656000Anxiety Gone! A MUST for everyone!I have just ended a 2+ year custody battle. Needless to say I have anxiety & I'm set off at the slightest thing. Then this little miracle fell into my lap. I was prepared for disappointment- didn't happen! The anxiety & edginess I had become all too familiar with has vanished. This affect is achieved with your very 1st dose. I now feel calm, literally. I no longer feel agitated. I no longer bite peoples head off. AND to top it all off I am sleeping soundly through the night EVERY night. No waking up, no tossing & turning, just solid, sound sleep. Thank you FIRST Magazine for this reccommendation!
258013258013B00125ZCWIA26MYHIC8C1FE5Miz Bee "Bee"3351341014400Great stuff, highly recommendedI just love this supplement. It gives me tons and tons of energy, my stool is nice and soft (not too soft). I take it every day and I think it does the job perfectly. I used to not have enough energy in the morning, even after drinking coffee. But since I've been taking Natural Calm in the morning and in the afternoon I am full of energy. Even after I have lunch, I don't crush like before. I keep on going and working without problems of being tired. I just love it!!!
258014258014B00125ZCWIA2MTJ744OM86FXH A Theobald3341340755200Calm Magnesium PowderI tried this to relax my muscles and help me sleep better after a recommendation from a chiropractor. It is one of the best supplements I have taken; even with my bad neck I am sleeping deeper than at anytime in my life since I was a small child and still wake up feeling refreshed. I preferred the organic orange to the lemon raspberry but it's only available in smaller containers, however it is a monthly must-buy for me.
258015258015B00125ZCWIA3HFSE0TMWJOW1HattieNC3341339632000Helped Spouse That Has FibromyalgiaI originally purchased Natural Calm to help with my own insomnia and anxiety issues. I started out with 1/2 teaspoon and gradually worked up to 1 teaspoon taken before bedtime. If I take more than 1 teaspoon, it has a laxative effect the next day. Even though it does help me relax, it doesn't really help with the insomnia. I've recently switched to Slow-Mag for a more sustained release of magnesium throughout the day. It doesn't have the same laxative effect, plus helps with daytime anxiety. However, my spouse (who has fibromyalgia) has had positive results with Natural Calm. It has improved his quality of sleep and also helped with muscle aches and overall fatigue. He takes about 1 to 1/2 teaspoons each night. I anticipate that he will want to continue purchasing Natural Calm. It doesn't work the same for everyone, but we are very happy with how the product has helped him so far.
258016258016B00125ZCWIA2IJBN6NO6PBM8CharminMK3351337126400Restless LegsMy dad has SUFFERED with RLS(Restless Leg Syndrome)his entire life. Five years ago he was given a prescription drug, Requip, which helped some but has side effects of its own. I happened to be speaking to a friend, who recommended this as she had success with her own RLS by using this. I immediately ordered it for dad, and within a few weeks, he could tell a difference. What an answer to prayer!!!!!
258017258017B00125ZCWIA702G1JZAABYHhollydanyell3351331510400Finally good sleepI'm a 31 year old woman and I have suffered from night terrors for my entire life. Since I started taking this supplement a couple of weeks ago I've slept through the night every night. Aside from that fact (that will keep me a customer for life on its own), I also just feel great in general. I take a teaspoon in the morning and a teaspoon in the evening which i dissolve in warm water. It tastes like a bland lemonade, which is fine by me. I'm not here for the flavor, i'm here for the health benefits. My bathroom trips are more regular and my muscles don't feel as sore after I exercise. One thing I would like to note, just in case it happens for anyone else, is that the first 3 days I was getting a pain in my temple randomly throughout the day. Research has led me to believe that this was from the artificial sweetener in the raspberry lemonade flavoring. I'm not having those pains anymore, and when I order again i'll probably stick with the same flavor. I hope this helps someone else may be on the fence about it.
258018258018B00125ZCWIA29URW3C4M0IC2Anna Tang3351310256000Great product!Helps me sleep through the night. And several friends who I've recommended Calm to, they've tried it and love it. Helps de-stress which so many people need nowadays. It's also especially good for those who have had lots of calcium in their life and their body may not have absorbed it well. Great for those who have calcified joints - - decalcifies. So many benefits.
258019258019B00125ZCWIA3W2MCLG5VA7DHkikobrat3351306368000Helps many ailments! I take it every day!I originally started taking this for muscle spasms/twitching. It seemed to take care of that in a matter of a few hours after I took it. I've been taking it every day for about a year now(so has my husband) and we have been sleeping better, and I truly do feel a bit more relaxed. I also started taking it in the morning and evening and have noticed I have been having less panic attacks. I am not saying it "cured" them, but I definitely have noticed a difference (for the better) in severity and occurence. I have not missed a "dose" in months. This stuff rocks!
258020258020B00125ZCWIAHAYUF9O8ZNGKevino J3351301788800Good stuffI had been eating pumpkin seeds for magnesium for a while, but there are times when I want to get the mineral without a bunch of added calories (like late at night before bed). This stuff is great for that. It doesn't upset my stomach like a magnesium pill sometimes can, and it tastes good, and has no sugar. Maybe it is just placebo effect, but it seems like my teeth are smoother after I swish it around in my mouth for a while. Also, it sometimes helps me relax. I certainly will continue to buy it regularly. I recommend it to my family but none of them listen to me; their loss!
258021258021B00125ZCWIA2VKPJVWUUH5DMC. Montrois3341301184000Might be working?I am an anxiety ridden person who just needs to calm down, so I tried this. I think it has helped a little with restful sleep. It also impacts bowel movements, so watch your dosage. Read the directions: it needs to fizz in warm water before you drink it. There's a raspberry-lemon flavor I would probably have liked better but didn't see it until after I ordered. The flavor is bitter but it's such a small drink (2-3 oz) that it's acceptable.
I think valerian root works better for immediate relief. This needs a longer time period to work well.
258022258022B00125ZCWIA2KY975UH0HOMCGabriel DeMello3351299888000Great Magnesium suppliment, sweet dream lie ahead!Was turned on to this product at a local store. This company makes excellent products, and this keeps the quality going. I feel more refreshed and feel like there are some recovery benefits as well. Tastes like bitter lemonade, but it is passing. As always do not take magnesium with calcium as is negates its effects.
258023258023B00125ZCWIA13V1UXUTPXZWEAndi U3351299456000Don't want to live without thisMy daughter (who worked at a natural foods store as the supplements specialist) recommended this to me to help with muscle spasms, and it's really been of great benefit. After going through two 8oz packages, I was unable to afford it for a while. I really felt a difference without taking my Calm Plus Calcium twice a day. I found it much harder to relax and sleep at night, and started having spasms in my leg and back again. Recently purchased this 16 oz container thru Amazon, and have been taking it regularly again, and finally the spasms are mostly gone again. I hope they never stop making this product - I suppose I could live without it, but I would rather not!
258024258024B00125ZCWIA9P5AGBWNZ8MLKathleen M. Diehl3341299369600one of my favorite supplementsMagnesium deficiency can affect all aspects of health. I have tried various magnesium supplements, and this is my favorite. I feel, as the label says in bold letters, more CALM when I take this. There is less muscle tension in my body. I enjoy the taste as well, mixed with just 3-4 ounces of hot water, for a soothing warm lemon drink. I often take this with my calcium hydroxyapatite supplements, since both will work better together.

Down sides: Need to be careful when making it, or it will fizz itself up and out of your cup. Also, if you get loose stools, adjust your dose down because it means you are taking more than you can absorb. Unfortunately, this is also a sign that your body isn't ABLE to absorb magnesium properly, in which case you may need to look into temporary IV or topical formulas until this is addressed.
258025258025B00125ZCWIA1V2UCCPGKRUN2Marlene Frey "autodidact"3351295740800It Works!My husband has Parkinson's Disease which affects many mobility issues including the intestine's ability to move normally. Calm works. He takes 2 teaspoons in 1/2 cup of warm water each morning and that pretty well takes care of his former problem.
258026258026B00125ZCWIADXSGDJ1SI2ZIS. Ng3351292371200Great stuff!I've been using this product for the past few months and I've seen a difference in my health. It makes me more calm in stressful situations and it keeps me regular. I love the taste - it's just like drinking raspberry soda on a daily basis!
258027258027B00125ZCWIA1X7AAVLNXDOSIJudy Edwards3351264982400Natural CalmI have been dealing with high blood pressure for years. Natural Calm has helped me considerably. I still take BP meds, but am hoping in time I will not need prescription medication to control my blood pressure.
258028258028B00125ZCWIACO1YBDX803ZWNicole M. Fanelli3341256169600It really works.I give this supplement to my son before bed every night. I was advised that Magnesium can aid in preventing headaches and migraines. It also helps to calm and sooth my children before bed. I find it very helpful. And it's all natural!
258029258029B00125ZCWIA1B8QDHY9SEEZDPaul T. Hobelman3351218585600CALM Powdered MagnesiumNatural Vitality - Natural Calm Rasp-Lemon, oz powder, 16 powder is the most efficacious way I have found to get the amount of magnesium that my system requires.
258030258030B00125ZCWIA2TCX64TD6UX7EGonzo "G"3351214006400Good stuffWhether for sore muscles or high blood pressure this stuff is easy to use and seems to be absorbed quickly by the body. It really helps.

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