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258031258031B00125ZCWIA2RGMRDD3H0AVFMM3351195948800Great for sore muscles, helps with sleep, helps with menstrual cramps.I've been using Natural Vitality Calm magnesium powder for years. It helps me get to sleep at night, especially after a stressful day or when I'm worried. I use it after I work out at the gym; or if I've got sore muscles from other activities such as gardening or heavy lifting. It is great for "that time of the month." It helps with cramps and mood swings. Calm comes in a few different flavors such as lemon, raspberry-lemon, and orange. I like the orange flavor the best. It's easy to use. Just mix a teaspoon or more of the powder with hot water. Then add a little cold water or cold juice and drink. A hint: If you have trouble sleeping, try taking Calm and also take Vitamin B1 about a half hour before bed, to help with sleep. My chiropractor recommended that and it works for me. The magnesium in Calm has been formulated to absorb into the body and take effect quickly. There is a little booklet that is usually attached to the canister of Calm that gives more info on all of the benefits of magnesium in this form.
258032258032B00125ZCWIA27L4C6U6CE778oceansoulsurfer915651310428800CALM By Natural Vitality****A Must Have For Anyone!!!!!!****I love this stuff!!!!!!! It works quickly, efficiently and tastes good too. It works for headaches, stress, mental disorders like Schizophrenia, ect...a must have for any medicaine cabinet!!!! I take this first thing in the morning upon waking because I have ADHD and Schizophrenia so this stuff helps to calm my thoughts. I take this with my morning medications and then I'm good to go for the day. Also, when I feel really stressed out I take this and it works like a charm. I believe everyone should always have a bottle of this on hand.
258033258033B00125ZCWIA245U42YXIRXRBJenB2251349740800Like it, more absorbable...This product works better than other forms of magnesium I've tried. I was a little over-zealous with it when I first got it and got the runs. Now I use a serving size before bed, I sleep well, I feel relaxed and things move well.
258034258034B00125ZCWIA10443LYX7DN89H. Chadwick2251347408000Love it! - helps my stress and anxiety, sleep, and blood pressureI'm so glad my doctor told me about this stuff. I was having high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, just stressed out. Also losing my hair but I haven't been taking it long enough to tell if that will help with this problem. But, I'm not on blood pressure meds anymore, and I just feel calm, just as it is called. Work has, and still is, very stressful, but this stuff helps me get through the day without the need to go home and have a glass of wine, or something stronger, every day. It does not make me sleepy (I was afraid of that happening at work), but it does help me sleep better through the night. I'm now hoping that this, in addition to some other things I'm taking, will help with my hair loss.
258035258035B007MECZSWA1J5H4W8MSLWVABARUSSELL "BAR"0051350086400My cats love these!I buy these for my cats, one of which is an extremely picky eater - I try to save these mostly for him since the other cats have such nice appetites. But the minute he sees this bag, he gets so excited and I love any product that stimulates his little appetite. Sometimes the bag has lots of crumbs near the bottom of the bag, but I just sprinkle some on his dry food for flavor; nothing gets wasted that way and bonus, my cat will eat more.
258036258036B007MECZSWA32RKBC9YKGFEWluna0111342310400arrived all broken and crumbled and I couldnt useI bought several bags of these treats as training treats but they werent packaged or handled carefully and arrived in crumbs.
258037258037B007F0HBNWA33I2YRIOZ072Wdudu0011349568000It is really a very very BAD shopping experience!!!!!!!!I bought many local flavor products as a gift for my friends.But after shipping i found that
Ridiculously expensive prices!!! The price is THREE times higher than that in other place!
It definitely do not recommend to buy things in the shop named"Dragon Mall"!!!!
The transport speed is okay since pay high shipping fee!
Produces are just ok
258038258038B001G0NZMSAV2UQKLI45XBRJohn D. Farr "Johnbbq"5551298592000Finally--real CLAM ChowderI love clam chowder and have tried all the different ones. This one is tops. It is also condensed. You get more soup for the buck and it is something you can serve to company. A secret, for better clam chowder, add a canned of minced clams--after draining it.
258039258039B002HNDYZGA1AP88KBRBIQNXFittzbaron "Fittzbaron"121251266710400Hadn't had one this good since the 80'sWhen the sweeteners were changed back in the early 1980's, I thought something was different. This 'not-so-new' Pepsi Throwback brings back memories of what a 'real Pepsi' tastes like - and it's GREAT!! I would recommend this to anyone and to definitely give it a chance.

Also, the Mountain Dew Throwback is extra good. The only drawback is it's not quite as fizzy as I remember it being years ago before the change of sweeteners. But it's far and away better than the crap they've been putting out for the past 25 years or so. I tried a regular Mountain Dew recently and thought it tasted like a flat bottle of club soda.

Message to the Pepsi Company - KEEP THE THROWBACKS and drop the other stuff.
258040258040B002HNDYZGA38LRW8V6MFVIYGeorge Fisher1151316217600Thank goodness for thisHaving just move to the USA from Canada, I was wondering how I would drink any soft drinks here at all, considering they are all HFCS which tastes awful. However, I was very happy to see Pepsi throwback. Normally Coca-Cola is my preference, but I have now switched to Pepsi thanks to their use of real sugar.
258041258041B002HNDYZGA1TK5ALLQEZPUZJason M. Farrell1131298332800Great product, horrible pricePepsi Throwback gets 5 stars for taste, but the merchant gets 1 star for the price. If you happen to be in a distribution area, you can pick up 12 packs for $2 each on sale.
258042258042B002HNDYZGA3DNYB7BY7FBBJT. McDaniel1431286323200Why "throwback" on the can?I love Pepsi; grew up on it! I was hoping to get an original looking can, but you can't because they placed a big yellow and blue 'throwback' stamp on it. :-(
258043258043B002HNDYZGA2XV1XJ263SRPAEbolafan51211267833600Pepsi: Why did you mess up throwback?The original release of Throwback in the blue cans was wonderful! I stocked up a year's supply. Then Pepsi released Throwback again after the initial run in the red/white/blue cans this year. BEWARE! This second release soda is horrible! It has a chemical/artificial lemony aftertaste like stewed sweat socks in vinegar. Totally disgusting. WHY oh why, Pepsi? Why did you change the formula for Throwback? After decades of being loyal to Pepsi (until three years ago when I gave up everything with HFCS in it for health and weight management reasons) I thought I could enjoy Pepsi again. You ruined it, and actually drove me to "MexiCoke". (Coke made in Mexico with pure cane sugar in 12 oz glass bottles - many Costcos are carrying them now. Check it out!)

Original Throwback (blue cans) was a mix of beet and cane sugar. This new version has got to be mostly beet sugar - nothing else could explain the bizarre aftertaste from hell.

Also, for Passover, the major soda companies release sugar-sweetened soda (Passover is apparently no corn products allowed time). You can spot the special 2 litres by different coloured caps. I believe Coke's are yellow caps on the bottles, don't know what Pepsi does. I plan to keep buying MexiCokes since my Costco now carries them, and also sampling the "Passover" Coke/Pepsi to see if it is any better. If so, I'll stock up to last until next Passover.

Thanks for screwing up a fantastic product, Pepsi! The new stuff tastes NOTHING like original pre-HFCS Pepsi, while last year's release did.
258044258044B002HNDYZGA3MDETK0D5UAINxoxo "woodfairy"21811266451200Please! Do Throw-it-Back!I'm a loyal pepsi drinker and have been for over 40 years! This is some of the nastiest tasting crap I have ever ingested! Don't be fooled! It leaves an aftertaste, taste like diet coke and has no fizz. It also leaves a gritty feeling on your teeth! Believe me, it's not worth your time.
258045258045B005W0Q6CEA2UXZO4NBBHYY9Ruth A. Zins "lakeplacegames suck"0051335484800Great itemComes in a package of 4 bags, a much better deal than even Wall-Mart can offer. Next year I am going to get all my easter candy this way!
258046258046B0002MLAPAA1Z54EM24Y40LLc20041090972800Better than just the whitefishMy cat isn't a huge fish fan so I don't buy these as often as I do the others. But, I use these to offer him some variety and since Friskies put the tuna in this one, my cat likes it much better. He didn't like it with just the whitefish and I could seldom get him to eat the entire can. These cans are huge so if you have a cat that loves his fish, then this is a great buy. Otherwise, stick to the smaller ones for the picky guys. Mine likes this once a month or so, but that's about it.
258047258047B0013L92UYA2JFRP1OLTZP3Lskip0051331683200Great gumHard to say 20 words about gum. But just taking time to do this says something. Like I should get a life. Well its so good its hard to spit out, there.
258048258048B0013L92UYAEDINQJSTH1KQRebecca D.0051318636800No high-fructose corn syrup here!I bought this gum for my 87-year-old mother, who loves to chew gum, and thought she would be able to chew the "old fashioned" kind of gum even though she has dentures. Long story short, she could not. My grandchildren love it, though, and even like the fact that the flavor fades more quickly than the plastic/chemical gums of today. I like it because I believe it is a better and safer product than the artificially sweetened and high-fructose corn syrup sweetened gums.
258049258049B0041HSOQ0ARNAC12Z2HKPMJoan A. Baffa "jab"2251287964800AWESOMEThe chips are great - they arrived sooner than expected and they arrived safely - I was concerned about their being crushed, etc. - but they were fine. A wonderful snack! I recommend them highly....many thnx!
258050258050B0041HSOQ0A2C38CXIXKPICRLadyginger1151306800000I LOVE THESE!!!I absolutely love these! I have severe food allergies to wheat, yeast, eggs, milk and soy. I can eat the Kettle flavor with absolutely no reactions because they are just made with corn, sunflower oil, sugar and sea salt. I highly recommend this product if you suffer with food allergies.
258051258051B0041HSOQ0A2TBYGG1APVQFGLisa M. Spano0051348185600They are too good.I purchased these twice. I got the smaller bags so I wouldn't eat the whole big bag. They are delicious!!!
258052258052B0041HSOQ0A6KVCVML71ZU0JodiC0051345507200Popcorners are delicious!Popcorners are a great low calorie/low fat snack. They are delicious! My kids love them. The individual packs are great for school snacks, car trips or anytime. All the flavors are great.
258053258053B0041HSOQ0A3V8I1LLLW5AZ3Boulevard570051344729600Popcorners-Kettle StyleThe product is light and delicious like popcorn kettle corn, but crispy and crunchy like a chip. The only problem I had was that there was one bag missing from the shipment. The shipper was United Parcel Service (UPS), and I don't know whether the error occurred during shipment or packing.
258054258054B0041HSOQ0A3GPG7P7GJOIOYSusan Kim0051331856000So Good!!!I had these for the first time at Costco. Of course I was hooked instantly and then was heartbroken when I discovered they were not easily found at our local grocery store. I ordered these when they were on sale, but honestly, would've paid full price. They are that good. These popcorn chips are so satisfying because of the chip-like texture. I pack them in my kids lunch and don't that bad since they are low-fat!

Try these for those that like that "salty-sweet." You'll be a fan.
258055258055B0041HSOQ0AGD97JS3Z5MQPTyler0041318377600Very GoodThese are very good snacks. They are excellent when watching movies or just relaxing and want something to munch on. The only reason it isn't a 5 star is because they took a little longer than expected to ship. I'm not sure if that is Amazon or the vendor, but it wasn't a big deal. I definitely recommend these.
258056258056B0041HSOQ0AFOZNNCP2C4Z8New Homeowner0051313107200Great! But the price?These these are soooo YUMMY! I first had them on a JetBlue flight and ordered a case when I got home. But why are the Kettle Corn ones more than the others? Its just not fair! I haven't had the other flavors but I'm pretty sure this is the best.
258057258057B0041HSOQ0A2V5XAVQIEW1E9shh830051308700800Deliciousness!My husband and I fight over these chips so we bought a whole box. They are so delicious! I like them because they're not as salty as other chips. It's a great little snack.
258058258058B0041HSOQ0A3RD4W6HRQLBNQBrett Menzie0051306108800DeliciousThese are super tasty. I had them on several recent JetBlue flights and have fallen in love with them. Disappointed I couldn't find them in large bags at Wal*Mart -- Maybe someday.
258059258059B0041HSOQ0A330X8HNT4XJ9Leronline "edonline"0051294876800Delicious, healthy snackI found PopCorners in my local corner store and wanted to see if it was available for sale online and was thrilled to see that it not only was, but was available in bulk. As someone who has to watch certain food ingredients (no gluten for celiac disease), this product not only matches my requirements but also tastes very good. Highly recommended for for other celiac suffers and others looking for a more healthy snack alternative.
258060258060B001ELL9IGA1NE7ATGCNKYPVGinji91151241049600A fresh twist on salt...This is great on all manner of veggies. I use it in my pasta too - a no-brainer way to amp up your salt with some yummy herbs.

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