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258061258061B001ELL9IGA2OWR2PL3DLWS4Love to Cook0051267920000Lovely flavorI got this for use as a finishing salt, and I love it. It's delicious. I just made some lupini beans (a two week process) and I served them with oil and vinegar and this salt sprinkled over them- it was fantastic!
258062258062B004EI25WUA139CW0CXOUMTEBrookey130051347580800Love ItI got this tea for my bridal shower which was alice in wonderland theme it was perfect arrived fast and just love the pictures on it and everything the only thing is that the tea bags do not have the string attached so a little harder that way but perfect either way!
258063258063B004EI25WUA2BE6AK3FZQXYZElizaHatter0051343260800teaok i got the tea for my birthday. the only thing i hate about it t=is that there's only 8 bags of each and every tea. i love the Mad Tea Party Blend but i just wish there was more in a box.
258064258064B004EI25WUA1TRXEOSEO36B3Brea0041339977600Huge Alice in Wonderland fanas stated above, im a huge alice in wonderland fan, so i decided to give this a try.
im not really a tea person, but this tea isnt very strong and surprised me with how nice it was.
i would def. recommend this to anyone who is considering this item.
The only issue i had with this product was that the tea i like is on the bottom, which makes it difficult because i had to take all the top ones off before i could get to it. that, and the lid for the clear package is not very slides off.
258065258065B004EI25WUA1NH1Q39DIGV1Uweimfan19800051333670400Awesome gift for tea loversI bought this variety pack for a co-worker that loves tea, and I have to say, neither of us has been disappointed with the pack. Lots of teas to choose from!
258066258066B004EI25WUA3A02HATNDR4U8Mel0051330992000Awsome tea selectionI'm a great fan o green and black teas. This is a great selection of flavors that combine some of my favorite flavors with new and great unexpected combinations. My new favorite is the pomegranate with black tea. Its a great gift or just a great selection to appreciate yourself.
258067258067B004EI25WUA2DX1C5BZIADFDLucy0141299110400Pretty tasty :)Good tasting tea. Good variety. Has about 5 tea packets per flavor. The Mad Tea Party blend is my favorite. Will buy again if I ever run out!
258068258068B0000KCKXKA106DRULDOULK8JSchroif0041294963200Pasailla chilisThese are the same thing as Pasailla Chilis and are readily available at my local grocery store. Why I bought them here I have yet to figure out. Great to cook with and flavor sauces and meats with.
258069258069B000VRT26AA37U4HM0UG7FQ0T. Knox "Regular Guy"3351261958400my wife loves theseI get these biscuits for my wife occasionally, and she really likes them. There is a good variety, and the chocolate is very good quality. One nice thing is that the box is always packed in a good-sized styrofoam cooler with a few ice packs, which can be reused many times.
258070258070B000VRT26AA1329HJEAAB3K7Beautiful Oregon2251307145600Godiva BisquitsI sent the Godiva bisquits to my mother for Mother's Day. She said they were the BEST bisquits she had ever had. Thanks for the best gift ever!!!!!!
258071258071B005XB5K0GA236IN6J0H7E2VSteve G9951320624000Smooth as silkI just found Starbucks Kcups in Bed/Bath/Beyond (also in Target) and of course I had to grab them on the spot! I tried the House Blend and, unlike other Starbucks flavors, this is very smooth and not at all bitter or "burnt" like the Pike Place blend. This flavor didn't require nearly as much sweetening and, since it isn't overly strong, it's perfect for use any time of day. I bought a box of 16 for $11.99 - ($14.99 less the typical Bed/Bath/Beyond 20% discount). I can't even begin to comprehend Amazon's pricing on this item.....or most other Kcups for that matter. These kcups will be even more readily available nationwide than Dunkin' Donuts kcups so why the ridiculous pricing, Amazon??!! Starbucks kcups (10-count) are also available in Von's (Safeway) supermarkets.
258072258072B005XB5K0GA3D9IQGX9A88RMJoshua4441325635200Better than most!Here's the deal with K Cups: they will always taste slightly different than regular brewed coffee. The reason is with brewed coffee, you can control the strength of the brew, both with how you grind your beans and your water-to-coffee ratio. With K Cups, the only control you have is how large or small a cup you choose to brew. Larger obviously is weaker, smaller is stronger.

I have these K cups. They are better than many of the others I have tried. Again, it won't taste EXACTLY like a cup of Starbucks brewed coffee, but is pretty close. I definitely recommend this over many others.

Now, if we could just find them cheaper!
258073258073B005XB5K0GA1OLP6GUFNXKG5G. Ramirez3331326326400Just OKIt's a decent coffee, however I find it to be a little too strong to be called a "breakfast blend"/medium blend. I guess if you're into bold coffee, it's fine. It's also more expensive than other K-cup varieties.
258074258074B005XB5K0GA9NDGBJ8NYCOZWithoutadoubt683351323734400FFFFIIIINNNNNAAAAALLLLYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Finally some great coffee, thank goodness Starbucks finally gave in. More varieties please. Wish they would come in larger quantaties.
258075258075B005XB5K0GAHG1AHL36LTVCJennifer Fluth2251332374400The only one for meI have tried every k-cup out there, and I do mean every one. These are the best by far. Funny thing is, I don't care for Starbucks coffee in house. The beans are over roasted making it bitter. The k-cups are definitely not bitter and actually taste nothing like the house blend, and in my book this a good thing! It's a medium/dark roast and very smooth. Only con is the $$$price$$$.
258076258076B005XB5K0GA2KEBYTQ5O3UL9AmandaRose19842251329177600Very Good Coffee Will Buy AgainI purchased a box of the 16 count Starbucks K Cups in Breakfast Blend from my local Wal-Mart for only $10.88 I really liked the flavor of this coffee. Was very tasty. I will defiantly be buying this one again!
258077258077B005XB5K0GA3RSWDQJ9B479ZJ. Zapata2231326931200should be called bold, not mediumIt is very strong, a little bitter, and tastes just like regular starbucks coffee so if you like that then you will like this. It is definitely not medium by regular standards. It is very bold. I had a pumpkin creamer which I thought was too strong but I made this coffee using the 9 ounce setting and it tasted great with the pumpkin creamer. I won't buy it again because nobody else cared for it at my house and it is a little too bitter for me.
258078258078B005XB5K0GATXHMAP3ED09FStephen J. Lewan2231324080000COFFEE DOES NOT TASTE LIKE STARBUCKS COFFEE AND OVER PRICEDthis product does only get 3 stars from me a bit over priced and not any better than other less priced coffee not that the coffee is bad its not but i would expect more from starbucks does not have that starbucks flavor some thing is lacking with this coffee im not sure if i would buy it again starbucks needs to lower the price a bit on this coffee and go back to the drawing board and try and inprove it
258079258079B005XB5K0GA28A05AP8085T6A. Starnes "Licorasy"2251320969600GoodI picked up a box of K cups at Wal Mart today and was delighted. I set my Keurig on the second to smallest cup setting and end up with a really great cup of coffee. This is my new fav. I cant wait to try the breakfest blend and the sumatra.
258080258080B005XB5K0GANC36RGFR9HU4primeguy6851321142400the best K cups by far, waaaayyyyyy overpricedthe Starbucks kcups are the best kcup available, perfect brew with smooth taste, great product, simply the best

unfortunately the Amazon price is way too high, it's much cheaper in the local grocery or Target

I'd be fine buying these at .75 a cup or better... until then..... I'm sure these will be getting old on the shelf....
258081258081B005XB5K0GATHIKCXLKMKD9Baileybeatle "Fios Customer"1111334707200Just didn't like itThought I would try Starbucks coffee because I never had it before and wanted to see what all the "talk" was about with Starbucks. I just simply did not like it. It was WAY to strong and a little bitter for my taste. I made the mistake of having this right before bed, which no other coffee has bothered me before, this kept me up almost the whole night, so I can't imagine how much caffine is in it. I'm a newbee when it comes to coffee as I just got a Keurig and am trying all different flavor's and blends. Out of all the ones I've tried, I like this one the least. So far, I like Green Mountain the best - all flavors - IMO.
258082258082B005XB5K0GANKM7ATRLDR1Pstealth9161141330473600Very nice flavor and smooth!Very smooth but also bold on flavor, and no bitterness. I like this better than Caribou which is also a very nice k-cup coffee. The Starbucks has more flavor than Caribou but pulls it off without turning you off. I brew this Starbucks House Blend on MEDIUM size (8 oz), which works out for my taste when a little creamer (real) is added. I can't say that it tastes like the Starbucks House Blend you get inside a real Starbucks because I have never tried the house blend inside a Starbucks. But as k-cups go, this is a pleasant blend with just the right amount of strength (for me) and no bitter aftertaste. I only gave 4 stars because the price is higher than most other k-cups, otherwise this is a fine coffee.
258083258083B005XB5K0GAS2I57PJ83KNKD. Baker "Beatle babe"1151326240000great giftMy daughter bought a Keurig coffee maker for my husband for Christmas. His favorite coffee is Starbucks House Blend so when I found that I could get the K cups I decided to get several for him for Christmas. They arrived very quickly and were just as described. He has been enjoying his coffee so it must be good.
258084258084B005XB5K0GA1AH5GIESUW0FSRLBodine0051349481600Good strong flavor, but no burnt bean tasteNot normally a fan of Starbucks over-roasted beans BUT this is an excellent full flavor coffee without the burnt bean after taste I often find with Starbucks. A great way to start the day. I'll definitely continue to have this on my variety list.
258085258085B005XB5K0GA12EI0S1DEI6MPCheryl Klinger0051348272000Best K-cup coffee availableStarbucks quality is maintained via K-cup. While the most expensive K-cup, it is still about half what you would pay at Starbucks.
258086258086B005XB5K0GA5HLQXUBIGNFVMerry Shopper "Jo"0051347408000Great Coffee!Great smooth flavor for everyone who likes a mild full flavor coffee. A little pricey but now that Green Mountain's patent has expired perhaps the price will go down.
258087258087B005XB5K0GA1WU99RI2DTTJZSteven M. Mcmahon "deal hunter"0051346544000Starbucks KCups!What can I say? I can now get a nice cup of Starbucks coffee at home in my own kitchen with the press of a button. Delish!
258088258088B005XB5K0GA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0041346371200Fairly Bold - RecommendedThis Starbucks House Blend K-Cup is a bolder coffee than expected that tastes every bit as good as the in-store brew. We typically drink the much more affordable Donut Shop K-Cup packs for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50), but occasionally like to try other types. This Starbucks coffee is a little better tasting but it is a too expensive when drinking 4-5 cups a day.

Recommended for the flavor (4 stars) but not at the retail price (3 stars).

258089258089B005XB5K0GA2N6PH8S235JOEarrietty7 "arrietty7"0051345939200Great product - Great Amazon priceI have been a Starbucks afficianado for years and am a recent user of the Keurig system (from Amazon - gift that I thought I would never want!), which I have become very pleased with. However, the K-cups can seem a little pricey so I was using the Solofill cups (from Amazon) and using my own coffee, but the price of this particular Starbucks House Blend was irresistible, so now I use both. The Keurig system is quick and efficient and now I am even happier with it than before.
258090258090B005XB5K0GANKM7ATRLDR1Pstealth9160051343692800Very smooth but solid flavor, a great all around coffeeEveryone has different tastes, and I like to mix it up too. After trying many brands and blends for half a year, I have determined that this is my daily drinker, el numero-uno.

The closest I can compare it to is perhaps the Caribou Blend, only this is a tad smoother yet somehow richer, and has zero bitterness, and zero aftertaste or chemical taste. I brew it on the medium (8 oz) setting for what it's worth, but it is probably great stronger or lighter. This Starbucks blend is very friendly for all drinkers, lightens easily with a little half & half, and so it is my go to for hosting parties. It is definitely a good way to experience the best of your Keurig!

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