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258121258121B0002DHNXCA1JCBJQXKRPHK9ILeason2211281744000Total waste of money!My dog does not touch this stuff. The paste is messy and not something you would let your puppy play with in the house. I did try freezing the Kong toy but as soon as the paste thaws it oozes out of the toy and creates a huge mess. He does like the Kong Toy without the paste.
258122258122B0002DHNXCA14I6MXBSI0BXA. Solomon4531195689600good ideaIts a great idea and works as intended, unfortunetly even a small bit gives one of my dogs really bad runs. YIKES. I might try a different flavor and see if it does not cause the same problem.
258123258123B0002DHNXCA1N2L9A6I686G5Katie "book worm"4551164499200Another Great Tasty PasteAll 3 of our dogs love the various vitamin-enriched "tasty pastes" available through Kong. Although they loved to chew on their Kongs before, we found that they really got into it once we started inserting some of the paste into the Kong cavity. All of them go nuts when we put down the "pasty Kongs" for them to enjoy - and enjoy them they do!

I would highly recommend all of Kongs' "tasty pastes" - it's easy to use, doesn't seem to make a mess, and is a great extra treat for dogs. Our 3 give it "2 paws up"!
258124258124B0002DHNXCA38I2P244NDB5RBSBARTON1121320278400Not quite what I ordered...I always buy the chicken flavor that walmart sells for around $6, so when I saw this BREATH one for about the same price, I was very happy (both of our large dogs love to get up close and personal!). However when it came, it was pepperoni flavor instead of fresh breath- the exact opposite!! :-O However, the dogs still enjoyed it, although I won't order it online again since its a little bit cheaper at walmart- and I can be sure to get the right flavor!

However, overall this Kong filler is awesome to keep our 2 large dogs entertained for a little while during the day- and they love it!
258125258125B0002DHNXCA1QWS4SUVKGU00M. R. Tetuan1141296777600In a can!Dogs didn't seem to like flavor as much as the liver version. Good product, can't tell if it has had any breath freshening effect. Wish it were available in a larger can, ran out kind of fast (to be fair, I had 3 dogs, totaling 140 pounds at the time. In winter, so I was kind of desperate to entertain them)
258126258126B0002DHNXCA29Q0AGQ3FYADHjred1151283558400GreatI like to put it in gaps in rawhides. This keep my pup occupied a lot longer than the Kong toys, also I do not have to clean out the toys afterwards.
258127258127B0002DHNXCA2M687HYOW9JFWdream factory1111280534400Garbage!My puppy Paw Paw hates this stuff.And I hate it to. It get's my whole house plus the inside of the toy stink. And my next door neighboor dog Fluffy the Bichon frise ate this stuff one time and ended up in the emergenciey room! But she is better but needs to rest for a couple days.
258128258128B0002DHNXCA22J92A80WI059curl girl1151216598400Dogs can't resist it.Great for any kind of stuff toy. Put your toy in the freezer after you've stuffed it to make it a little trickier for your dog to empty it.
I don't know that I'd use it with an overweight dog--lots of calories. There is a reduced calorie version for Senior dogs, but it's not always to easy to find.
Look around and you will be able to find the regular flavors in bulk for a much better price.
258129258129B0002DHNXCA3VY8G2W22S7DVhidden girl "Joanne"1151190592000Stuff-n liver paste - great stuff!This stuff is great, my dogs love it and it's very convenient. Easy to squirt in between the ridges of their rubber bones, it keeps them occupied for quite a while.
258130258130B0002DHNXCA1CO6EUUT6BSGUCynthia S. Mantooth1151174003200KongThis is just a superior toy and paste for a crazy, chewing puppy.....I have a new MaltePom and this is a revered toy. I give it to him in his crate whenever I need to leave or it is sleep time. He loves it.
258131258131B0002DHNXCA3I93LKN51G8YXJ. Richardson2351275091200My dog LOVES it!My puppy didn't like going to his crate in the mornings and he would scream until he finally wore himself out. Enter the kong stuff'n. Ever since I started filling his kong up with this stuff in the mornings, he can't wait to get into the crate. It's not like I use it to trick him in there either...he goes in on his own and sits until I give him the kong. It's amazing! Highly recommended!
258132258132B0002DHNXCA102TGNH1D915ZLINDA Riley2341262131200Not just for puppies...Although the product can be a bit pricey, it can be worth it. I put a Kong liver snap treat (KONG Stuff'N Snacks, Liver, 11-Ounce, Large) in the Kong (KONG Classic Kong Dog Toy, Large, Red) first, then "anchor" it with the liver paste. I stick the whole thing in the freezer for a few hours to a few weeks, until I want to give it to my dog. Freezing makes it last 20-30 minutes instead of the 20-30 seconds it would take her to empty the Kong if it wasn't frozen.

She is terrified of thunderstorms, and will keep us up with pacing, barking, howling and whining if not distracted. This stuff will distract her from ANYTHING. Then I can sleep...ZZZzzzzzzzz.........
258133258133B0002DHNXCA2FKNAOSP2965JB. Shedd "B"0021345766400Only giving this 2 stars for ease of useThis paste gave BOTH my dogs diarrhea each time I used it. It's also got disgusting fillers. The price is WAY too high for how little use you get out of each can. Just buy a large peanut butter or cream cheese or throw left over chicken in the Kong and freeze it. Why pay this if you can get 20x the use out of a jar of peanut butter? I only caved because I had been curious for months AND it went on sale.
258134258134B0002DHNXCA26DU6Y0SI3S9WSunny0031343606400Careful with this!When I first discovered this product, and how my Toy Fox Terrier puppy reacted to it, I was thrilled. It was so hard to get her to slow down and do some productive chewing while I was busy. However, I did notice that her stool was often a bit loose after eating this "puppy goo". I started stuffing her Kong with kibbles to make sure there was substance and not just the gooey stuff, in hopes that I wouldn't have to take it away from her totally. It seemed to work for a little while, then suddenly, pools of stool again. Even when I froze the stuff, it didn't help. Only gave her one a week, didn't help. It may be that toy breeds have a difficult time with it and heartier dogs will be fine. But be cautious.

One further note: I've noticed that the textural contents of the cans vary. Not sure how or why. Be wary of expiration dates!
258135258135B0002DHNXCA1HJ0ED9N86W3HLIB0031343088000Using to give my dog her daily medicinesMy dog takes supplements everyday and has for many years. Used to use peanut butter and have used all types. Never really liked doing that because of all the sugar in it. Have tried spreadable cheese too but it's too rich for her system. So saw this while ordering other Kong products and thought I'd give it a try. She's always a little combative but she takes them none the less using this stuff and it doesn't mess up her digestive system. Texture is a little runny even though I refrigerate it but still able to coat her pills well enough with it.
258136258136B0002DHNXCA207Q8PHZ68WRVCristy0051341446400Great!My babies love this treat! Even the cat! It makes giving pills a lot easier! I pull out the can and my two dogs and cat come-a-running. :)
258137258137B0002DHNXCA2OKHXW9UGZQ73Bogart200041340668800Great!I bought this not to use in a Kong but to help my dogs take their medications. Just a little bit on the pill and down it goes! PS: I fill my Kongs with yogurt and kibble and freeze and my dogs love them.
258138258138B0002DHNXCA1LQ6AD28Q9GI0Lexus0051340150400Kong puppy pasteMy dog is very finiky especially when it comes to taking her supplements. All I do is put puppy paste on the supplement and she easily accepts it. Great product.
258139258139B0002DHNXCA3PPFW1RHMAULYRob0051304208000Good StuffMy dog and Puppy love it. A small amount goes a long way. ( follow directions will keep it under control)
258140258140B0002DHNXCAILAHGJ0LY6ROPapillon Mama0031295136000It's ok...but Peanut Butter is just as good (and cheaper!)This is great and easy to use, but we'll be sticking to peanut butter (or the Kong Stuff'n breath paste). My dog likes it but it seems like such a waste of money when peanut butter works just as well. If you really like kong stuff'n, try the breath paste, it is great!
258141258141B0002DHNXCANUXOE43OCIM2KimShawty0041291852800My dog will love this!This is a great product to use for a treat in the kong toy. I found it a little cheaper at the pet store, but online it goes for the same price at most places when I was doing a price comparison. Also, it's great to not have to go out and buy it when you can just receive it in the mail! My dog will love this for Christmas in her stocking.
258142258142B0002DHNXCA1HLP1ZEW5GCEOLisa M.0051283990400Great Treat and Fresh Breath TooI've tried both the Peanut Butter flavor and the new Dental paste. My dog loves them both. The best part is that the Dental paste really has helped her breath. Thank God, because it was getting pretty bad! Definitely a great and helpful treat on occasion for my dog.
258143258143B0002DHNXCA1GZ096EPYS6FSElizabeth Castro0051268006400Kong company xs2 stuff'n paste dog treatI bought it for my friends dog he loves it. He sees the can and he starts running he cant wait for you to give him some! Even for picky eaters I recommend it. It works great with the kong.
258144258144B0002DHNXCA102TGNH1D915ZLINDA Riley0041264204800Great distractionWhen I want my dog to leave everyone alone for 20 minutes, I give her the Kong treat I prepared in advance. A cow bone doesn't even last that long with this dog. (You never want to be on the wrong side of those teeth!)

Here's how I make it: I put a KONG Stuff'N Snacks, Liver, 11-Ounce, Large in her Kong toy, then put the paste in around it, and sometimes I even fill it all the way up. (With this dog, I can also put in leftover meat or fish, because she will get it all out in short order.) Then I put it in the freezer against the day she is driving me crazy. I don't know how long it takes to freeze, because I have never used it the same day I prepared it.
258145258145B0002DHNXCAQFH1SC490RW7Sunshine0051256947200our puppy loves itOur puppy loves this paste. We stuff in a regular puppy kong, sometimes as a sealing for other food and some times by itself.
258146258146B0002DHNXCA1BIY7DN9HZA5DJ. Metcalf0041250121600Better than ice cream!At least my dogs think so. Not bad. The end tends to get crusty if you dont use it every couple of weeks
258147258147B0002DHNXCA2GK2NODLRSUIBJ. Pilles "Love my pups"0051231718400They love peanut butter in their KongMy little guys love to have their Kongs filled with peanut stuffing. It will keep them occupied for a long time.
258148258148B0002DHNXCA2ECRHS0B46P6Tweety Bird "painting the town red"0051231459200YummyMy dogs love when I put this in their kong toy. It keeps them busy for a few moments which is good for me.
258149258149B0002DHNXCA2OYGD3W1AZEB9Speed0051223251200Great treat!Our Yorkie loves this stuff. Our vet gave her some during our first visit and she loved it and we've been getting it ever since.
258150258150B0002DHNXCA22J92A80WI059curl girl0041216598400Dogs can't resist it.Great for any kind of stuff toy. Put your toy in the freezer after you've stuffed it to make it a little trickier for your dog to empty it.
I don't know that I'd use it with an overweight dog--lots of calories.

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