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258159258159B001EO7E9GA2MOD50IHEDH3GIAMSLICK91051272585600Superb!I developed a liking for butter toffee peanuts when I was on vacation in Michigan one year. Up there they are available in the nut aisle of pretty much any grocery store. Down South they are much more difficult to find. So I actually bribed my sister in law to send them to me once in awhile. Now I have these!

They are packaged very well, in six sealed bags that are packed very tight so the nuts don't slosh all around. I think about 95% of the butter toffee is still on the nuts where it belongs. They are also very fresh, and the butter toffee is very good. I am very picky about these things, and I think this brand is wonderful.

The amazing thing is that the fat content on these is only 6g per ounce, and only 130 calories. Plain peanuts usually have 5-6g of fat and roughly the same amount of calories. These are healthier than chips and a lot of other stuff, and they taste like carnival food.

Treat yourself right and order some today!
258160258160B001EO7E9GA14ZDRCWP6NV0WDale M. Tweed6751236038400HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEADRich but smooth taste. Crunchy toffee and nuts. I have a hard time finding Butter Toffee Peanuts in my area and found a plentiful selection on Amazon. I tried the Bergin nuts first and don't need to try any more brands. Bergin has the perfect blend of toffee and I have allready ordered and recieved my second order of six bags. The first one went fast. Kudos to Bergin. Try them, they will grow on you.
258161258161B001EO7E9GA1SCKTHDWAUBZAGeorge A. Schlanert "fishing bear"5651256774400great tasteGreat nuts! Well packaged, little waste.These are the best of several brands we have eaten.
258162258162B001EO7E9GATZRAU01Y962NMosrite1141319328000butter toffee peanutsI was looking for some butter toffee peanuts after having some p nuttles and found these from Bergin. The price was right and there is the super saver from Amazon so thought I'd give them a try. Here comes a box with 6 packages of butter toffee peanuts tightly wrapped. They looked good from the outside so I popped one open to sample them. They were moist and therefore sticky, but that is a good thing for this food. They weren't messy, just stuck together a lot. The taste was good, and sweet. There are other companies selling their style of B T nuts, but most that I have tried are dry, maybe a bit old, so these were a good choice. Everyone in my family preferred these compared to the drier brands.
258163258163B001EO7E9GA1CV8FVJGYII2BChasm "Chasm"2351303430400oh so good!These are by far the most flavorful butter toffee nuts I have ever purchased. They are hard to find in my area so I was doubly pleased to find them at a good price but also at a great quality.
258164258164B001EO7E9GA3LP55FD63S4EAIniki2351291075200Best Butter Toffee Peanuts So FarTried many Butter Toffee Peanuts and many on Amazon's list. Bergin's had the best taste so far. The order I received had fresh peanuts and were covered with butter toffee, not like others where the butter toffee had broken off and left many plain peanuts. The best I had so far.
258165258165B001EO7E9GA2GRDEM5D6OTCDRichard Behmer2321286409600Too many stale peanutsI purchased 6 pounds of these peanuts based upon reviews here on Amazon. I guess I was one of the unlucky customers because our bags were full of stale peanuts that even the heavy glaze of butter toffee could not disguise. Some were so bad, I had to spit them out; and that was a regular experience, sorry to say. To Amazon's credit, my purchase money was quickly refunded, so at least I didn't suffer a monetary loss on top of the bitter experience. If you order them, I wish you better luck than I had. I won't be trying them again.
258166258166B001EO7E9GA3Q8L3IC20QN6NKnudie2351272240000Excellent taste, reminds me of going up!When I was a kid, we sold toffee peanuts to go to camp through the YMCA. These are as close to tasting like the ones I remember, and I've tried a lot through the last 30-40 years. Absolutely excellent taste! I ran out fast and tried another brand sold in one of those pharmacy stores. I gave them away, they were terrible! And, how do you come up with reddish colored toffee peanuts anyway?
Stick with Bergin and you won't be disappointedBergin Nut Company Peanuts Butter Toffee, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)!
258167258167B001EO7E9GA2VVQK94PUSLKDSusan San Filippo0031349308800Not GreatPackages were inconsistent. Some were good, some were sub par. I would not buy again. Also I was not pleased that I had to buy so many at once.
258168258168B001EO7E9GA3T5OF3JQKCL4Xjumbo jonesy0011339372800butter soggy nutsThese outside does not have the crunch I was looking for and the nut is soggy. Complete waste of money. If it would have let me give no stars I would have.
258169258169B001EO7E9GA24N4NQLFT74QJK P0051327795200Butter Toffee PeanutsThese Butter Toffee Peanuts were really good. Even arrived before they were supposed to. So good I even ordered more.
258170258170B001EO7E9GAWWXTK8QBMVU7Daniel Snipes1251287187200QUITE GOOD !!!A bit on the expensive side, but some of the best toffee nuts I have ever tasted.
258171258171B001EO7E9GANSXGV56DF11Fgracie2411306972800I Don't LikeGuess I'm in the minority here! I just received my package with the butter toffee peanuts and couldn't wait to try them...and what a huge disappointment. After reading all the fantastic reviews I thought they would be great. WRONG. I only opened one of the six bags but I think all six will be the same- soggy and stale tasting. Not crunchy or enjoyable in the least. Also, they taste way too sugary so even if they were edible I don't think they would have been as fantastic as what all the reviewers were giving them. I know everyone has different tastes, but these had such a heavy praline coating that's just overpowering. When I eat something coated I still want to be able to taste the main flavor of the item that is coated. Too bad I wasted $27 that is non-refundable. I definitely will not be ordering any untried grocery items from Amazon in the future.
258172258172B0000KCKXUA106DRULDOULK8JSchroif0041294963200Pasailla chilisThese are the same thing as Pasailla Chilis and are readily available at my local grocery store. Why I bought them here I have yet to figure out. Great to cook with and flavor sauces and meats with.
258173258173B001E5DRICA29R4UMC02JLZ9Neel Gandhi "Be True!"3341266451200Great Spice TEa Goes will in a Hot Alcoholic DrinkThis is a great tea on its own or in a alcoholic concoction (Hot Toddy etc). The flavor profile is great and has an excellent bouquet. I would definitely recommend picking up some of this Cinnamon spice tea for holiday festivities as well. Note that like most Dilmah tea's the flavor profile is delicate and subtle as its goal is not to overpower so to those expecting a very strong flavor like those present in Tazo tea's then be warned.
258174258174B001E5DRICA1JPWCUMET0QMVariel luna1151289001600My New Favorite TeaI tend to prefer a more traditional tea over herbals. Herbals generally taste okay, but just don't have the depth that I want from a good cup of tea. But this cinnamon tea is fabulous. Has great depth of flavor, a beautiful hit of spice in both the taste and aroma, and a really well balanced cinnamon flavor. It could have been either insipid or over the top, but Dilmah really did it right - this has actually replaced my traditionals for my normal cuppa. Love it!
258175258175B001E5DRICA3R9H6OKZHHRJDLH4221141275350400Great for when you need a bagged teaNormally I drink looseleaf tea, but there are times when I need the convenience of a tea bag. This is a very serviceable flavored black tea in a bag. This has become my go-to bag when I need a quick cup of tea. The scent of this tea is utterly amazing- strong cinnamon, but not overwhelming. I could sniff the packet all day. Flavor is good for a bag. Most important to me is that the cinnamon flavor is present, but not so overwhelming that it is too sweet. All in all, a quality tea, great for when you need a bag.
258176258176B001E5DRICA1SZHW3ZG4U2NUTygermoon "-Tyger-"1151267228800Cinnamon Spice tea flavorful and aromaticI bought this tea for the first time in January, when the previous cinnamon tea I'd purchased became unavailable.

I'm glad that I did! The aroma of this steeping tea is marvelous and the flavor lingers delightfully. It's a strong tea, as well, waking me up effectively. Comes in very nice nylon bags, and you can definitely see (as well as taste) the superior quality of the tea leaf.

I'll be getting more of this tea, and likely not going back to multiple-source teas, but staying with single-source, now that I knew the difference.
258177258177B001E5DRICA1WB16T9C54TJWLord Jaxom0051349308800Just RightI love Cinnamon so when I saw this I figured I'd take a chance. It is awesome, not overpowering, just the right flavors and strength. Plus the added benefits of Ceylan Cinnamon, I will be purchasing more ASAP.
258178258178B001E5DRICA36Y4RC1T71RLofiecard0051320883200best tea everI loved it. Has a great taste. Very convenient to have tea bags vs having to make tea with the sticks.
258179258179B0001K5M1GAYEJF2UYPE9GML.M.0051160438400Just like grandma used to make...It's like a traditional Mexican cocoa, but instant. Can make anywhere...
258180258180B000YPML30AN9134CPWZ6PNBrett Shearer "kritikos"4451258243200Not Found in Stores!!!!-not any stores around here, anyway...not anymore. This is by far my favorite Pasta Roni and I used to buy it all the time. Then, without warning, it DISAPPEARED! Poof! I just figured they had discontinued it. One day, on a whim, I visited the PR website and saw to my delight that this flavor was still listed. I did a search and, well, that is when Amazon Grocery came into my life. Now I buy a case of it here and there; I'm not an addict- I can stop anytime I want to. But why would I want to?!? I love the thicker Linguine noodles and the sauce flavor is oh-so tasty. So chicken-y and so brocolish-y. You should buy some RIGHT NOW! Wait a minute. If everyone else buys some, there might not be enough for me. I mean, Amazon has run out before and I had to sign up on some lame notification list that, surprise surprise, didn't notify me when it was back in stock. NEVER MIND! NOBODY BUY THIS PRODUCT! IT'S TERRIBLE. NOTHING TO SEE HERE. JUST GO BUY YOUR STUPID WHITE SHELLS & CHEDDAR! That is all.
258151258151B0002DHNXCAUL0VVTF24Q2IMalaYQue! "Mala"0031208736000Convenient Kong Stuffer but...My dogs LOVE the taste of this PB Stuff 'N Paste and I like and appreciate the convenience of being able to add PB to their Kongs with no mess whatsoever. That being said, I went through an entire can of this stuff way too fast. The label says it's concentrated and to use it sparingly, so I did. The problem is, if you have large dogs like I have, you will probably go through a can of this in less than two weeks. It's too expensive for me so I'm back to using real PB in their Kongs.
258152258152B0002DHNXCA382BQ134SLRABKaren0041195084800Great stuff!I have to say I am a fan of the Kong brand. So far, they're one of the few things I've bought for my Lab puppy that he hasn't managed to destroy. I use the paste inside his Kongs to keep him busy. Whenever he sees the can and start putting some out, the smell gets him all excited. I've tried peanut butter once but it made my pup super hyper (never doing that again). I find this a better alternative.
258153258153B0002DHNXCA3VY8G2W22S7DVhidden girl "Joanne"0031190592000Liver Paste - pretty runnyAlthough my dogs love the taste of this stuff, it's a little runny and tends to flow out of the grooves after I squirt it on groovie-bones, etc. The Peanut Butter Stuff'n Paste is thicker and works better.
258154258154B0002DHNXCAXD9FRJJDYVMYFearless Fred "Moi"0051170720000Hilda Loves It!It's Grrrreat, according to Hilda! She constantly brings each of her Kongs (5 of 'em) trying to get me to Stuff'N Liver Paste them.
258155258155B0002DHNXCA2OSNDRSHX7PYWJ. Clark0051167782400Hooray for KongIt appears most dogs love peanut butter. And Kong Stuff 'n peanut butter paste inside a Kong is a great treat for a dog.
258156258156B0002DHNXCA3E7MKBGI3UTVWPeny0051140652800Our dog loves Peanut Butter Stuffin PasteNot only does he love it but we never have a problem with separation anxiety when he sees his kong ball with the stuffin inside!
258157258157B0002DHNXCA3MKRHXADWES1ZMs. See0131285200000Well..I guess I wasnt expecting to pay over 15 bucks at the end of this purchase for one bottle, I guess the picture on this product threw me off. After shipping-you are paying this amount-look around you can find it here on amazon for about 7 plus free shipping. What a waste.
258158258158B0002DHNXCABBQNOK1V3521Joi de Vivre41711283385600GM ingredients, no thank you!I haven't tried it, nor will I. There are so many corn and soy byproducts in the ingredients list that it's an automatic no for me. 90% of the soy and corn crops are genetically modified (RoundUp Ready--gee they come with their very own pesticide grown in!) and unless it says organic or non-GMO, it's guaranteed to be GM. I won't eat GM products, and I don't feed them to my livestock or my pets.

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