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258216258216B00238ZZDOA2NVAHHX6PQ0PBJeff Zedonis0151330819200Great Product1st off, this product is the best, the consistency, the flavor, just a great over all product, second, Amazon delivered this product so fast, it was here in just 2-days and arrived on Saturday to boot.

Thank you,Thank you again for a great product delivered colicky split !

The The Silver Palate Oatmeal, Thick & Rough, 16-Ounce Box (Pack of 4), Thick & Rough, 16-Ounce Box (Pack of 4)
by Silver Palate
258217258217B00238ZZDOA1GRQ4NW1ATDYFMichael Simmons0151330819200Greatest OatmealThis is my third order of Silver Palette from them. We go through boxes of their oatmleal every winter. If you are a Prime member you pay no shipping and no tax so comparing the price to our grocery stores it's a nice savings on the bet oatmeal. I only wish I could use the coupons they occassionally come with, but that's a minor savings of .25 . I'll be ordering again next month as we eat it almost every morning. Oatmeal is one of the best ways to lower your cholesterol too.
258218258218B00238ZZDOA37E762NUZAQE3Janice0151329782400Silver Palate OatmeanThis oatmeal is great. The price is also very good. Locally, the price is much higher so I appreciate getting a good product for a good price and it is convenient.
258219258219B00238ZZDOA2OA8TE8CGQCJORMV0131328745600oatmealI hadn't tried steel cut oatmeal before this so I have nothing to compare it to except regular oatmeal mfr'd by Quaker oats...frankly, for the price difference, I'll continue eating Quaker Oats.
258220258220B00238ZZDOA2DS43IE6BOO0RHovi0151323734400Don't Sleep Through Breakfast Eat BreakfastWith the regular rolled oats.
You cook em up & eat with a kind of an after-thought of well it's breakfast.
Even adding some flavor to them makes it marginally better only.
Hey though it's good for my health & it doesn't have to taste great as long as I am getting
what I need nutritionally.
All of the other rolled varieties like Quaker are just kind of there.
Not good not bad, just there & yes better than the instant & the packaged stuff
that tastes like wallpaper paste with fruit flavor.

I felt this way for the longest time now as I switched to oats 6 days a week for a year & a half.
I feel great & lost over 125lbs by being bland with lots of things & so i thought oats is no exception.

Then I tried these oats & wow.
It is just the texture that blows me out of the water.
What I do to speed up the cooking is to boil water half way up the cup & then add the oats.
Then do short 10 second bursts about 3 times with 10 seconds in between & stop it just as it is beginning to boil again.
I leave it a bit watery add a spoon of peanut butter & real brown sugar.. Just a little.
Stir it & then just another 10 sec back in the micro.
As it cools it expands & solidifies.

So now breakfast is something I look forward to instead of just kind of sleepwalking through

258221258221B00238ZZDOA1NEJPAM3HF0HTminnesota30151317168000the best!This is the best oatmeal I've found. The grains are thicker and heartier and don't get as mushy with cooking. The flavor is excellent, not as bland as most oatmeals, almost a slight nutty flavor. awesome with a little brown sugar added. my kids love it also.
258222258222B00238ZZDOA5W3M3EUGUHHSLilli V. Berke1311325203200Major disappointment!I love oatmeal, so was really looking forward to this stuff; Silver Palate products usually do not disappoint. Just made a batch, stovetop. Per directions. Had to throw the whole thing out: it tasted rancid and stale, was inedible. Checked box expiration date, just in case; but it is well within "freshness" period. I have written to the company. Will not buy again. Back to McCann's, which may not be quite as "wholesome" ("thick and rough") but at least it's fresh!
258223258223B00238ZZDOA10YA8PQAVPJMNAJP0221315440000Not much different than Quakernot much different than regular Quaker oatmeal. If you want a more substantial cereal get steel cut oatmeal. Or try Canadian Red River cereal.
258211258211B00238ZZDOA2JMKQD867B4VJM. J. Fox "FoxyArt"2451260489600Home cooked oatmeal...just like ma made!This stuff is quite simply delicious, nutritious and wonderful. Thick old-fashioned oatmeal!
I serve it with gorp (nuts, dried fruits, seeds, chocolate chips etc.) and fresh fruit with a dollop of milk.
Yum! All prepared in 10 minutes.
258224258224B00238ZZDOA336ABYGZJFG7ULionmew0231253836800Better than regular quick or old fashioned oats, but otherwise the sameOther than the size of the oats, not any different then the quick/old fashioned kind. Bypass these and go for the steel cut.
258225258225B00238ZZDOA3MX5BQPQ96K3CTamster2631248825600Good oatmeal,expensiveI purchased this oatmeal with a great offer. It was good but not excellent as the regular price would lead you to believe.
258226258226B001E5DRI2A2I7LE3IZNHOENAnn McCann "pastrytroll"7751247184000Lovely tea - afraid I may develop an obsession here...I bought this first in an Amazon promotion - I'm a total cheapy, not as involved with tea as some of my friends. I roast my own coffee, and only think of tea as sort of a break from espresso.....
That said: this is lovely black tea. the flavor is exquisite, cleaner and less muddy than other brands I've tried. The silk tea bags are so luxurious,but the tea inside tastes much better than the gift store silk triangle teas.
It's so good, I think I'll have to pay full price and check out some of the other estate teas!
258227258227B001E5DRI2A2HJ3JS8AX7YJ8L. Paul "Desert Rat"4451314489600Loose tea quality from a convenient tea bag!Dilmah teas are singles source, 100% Ceylon teas from Sry Lanka. Ceylon teas grown on the large Island nation of Sri Lanka share a bright, pleasant, smooth flavor that varies with the elevation where the teas are grown (as well as with the variety of tea plant, of course). In general, lowland teas are robust, dark, and powerful while teas grown high in the mountains (up to 6,000+ feet) tend to be lighter in color, more complex in taste, like a fine Himalayan Darjeeling. This is a gross generalization; however, one can taste strong differences. Most teas, even many loose teas, are blends from different estates. Dilmah blends are all excellent, especially their Supreme Ceylon, yet something individual and unique is lost in a blend. There is something special about experiencing a tea taken from a single estate and type of tea plant. Most Americans prefer tea bags. Until now, single-source Estate teas have only been available as loose tea (for good reason, because tea bags generally contain tea leaf powder, or fannings and dust, not whole leaves, so they will color quickly and produce fast flavor in the cup). As a result, most Americans, unless they go out of their way to buy the few good brands of tea bags, such as Numi, never drink a decent cup of tea! Even "good" tea bags from Numi, Peet's tea, or Republic of Tea tend to be blends or "flavored" teas containing jasmine, chai spices, etc. Dilmah's Single Estate Tea bags are different...

The special Dilmah bag design and the quality loose tea in that bag produces a delicious, single Estate cup of tea. I was skeptical at first, but, knowing Dilmah's quality, I gave the Somerset Estate tea a try. It is delicious! A smooth, beautifully colored and highly flavorful black tea. Delightful for morning or afternoon, with or without food or sweets. High quality loose tea in a tea bag costs a bit more; however, if you don't want the hassle of brewing with loose tea in a tea pot, or need a nice tea to enjoy in your office, this is the tea for you! In fact, I suggest you give all Dilmah teas a try. They are new to the U.S. and, as far as I know here in S. California, only available online. As such, they make a unique gift a recipient has not seen in every store.

Dilmah single source fine Ceylon tea finally came to the United States only a few years ago. We first tasted Dilmah teas in Moscow, Russia back in 1994. At that time, Dilmah was a brand limited to European countries and Russia. As an everyday tea bag, Dilmah had the dark, tasteless Lipton tea bags ubiquitous to U.S. restaurants beat hands down. It was a flavorful, slightly sweet, pleasant daily tea. I enjoyed it so much I brought a giant box home in my luggage both times I went to Russia. Unfortunately, I could not buy Dilmah anywhere in the U.S. Fast forward to just a few years ago when an importer finally brought this extraordinary tea brand to the U.S. I initially ordered from one of only a handful of online sellers ([...] that offers free shipping), but I'm delighted to discover that a selection of Dilmah teas are now available from Amazon. It appears Dilmah is finally being "discovered," and that's about time.

For those with a social conscience for workers and the environment, I've discovered that Dilmah teas are ethically grown and owned by the tea growers (that's an important boost to quality). The company takes care of its workers (mostly experienced women picking in the field) by providing village-based work and has established a humanitarian assistance foundation: [...]. Dilmah is involved in housing, builds local schools, and so forth. Dilmah also cares about the environment and the wildlife that lives on the land where their ancient tea plants are grown. The company supports wildlife protection and conservation through their Dilmah Conservation organization: [...]. That means a lot to me as a consumer.

You can learn more and watch videos at [...]. Give this ethical, high quality, reasonably priced tea brand a try! If you are seeking an inexpensive tea bag to replace your ho-hum Lipton or Tetley or generic store tea bags, try Dilmah's blue box, inexpensive, Premium Leaf Dilmah Ceylon tea bags. If you want individually foil wrapped, good quality tea bags for office or travel, order one of their boxed teas, such as Ceylon Supreme, Irish Breakfast, or Afternoon Tea. Their British Breakfast blend tea bag is also good. For luxurious, single estate tea bags, try Somerset Estate. For single region teas (from several local Estates) try Uda Watte (high grown at 4-5,000 ft) and Ran Watte (high grown at 6,000 ft, similar to a Darjeeling).

Dilmah is our favorite every day tea brand. It deserves more "shelf space" in the USA. (Dump your over-hyped, mediocre TAZO tea brand, Starbucks, and pick up Dilmah quality instead!)
258228258228B005NJSWS0A33Y0SDFUVLEFJMary K Mo0051316131200Coffee Cake - Crunchy walnuts capture Kenesaw homeThat cake was sooo smooth and moist and tasted just right and even better heated for 10 seconds in the microwave... OH...MY...GOD. I hate to say this bit it was gone in about 24hrs from it's opening... we each ate half and totally enjoyed it! Next time, make sure it leaves the maps to my hips at the factory! But I am gladly cutting those calories now because it was so good... I would even fake out and bring it somewhere and tell them it was all my work and love it! but then blab at the end and credit Miss Ellie...honesty.. is a free coffee cake for telling the truth...hint...hint.... Kim in Kennesaw,Ga.
258212258212B00238ZZDOA3JZ4WY04P31HKMG Shopper2451257033600Exceptional Oats!There is a tasty difference with this product.
Though costly, the toasted difference makes a great bowl of oatmeal
258213258213B00238ZZDOAC5G3FHSZP5WQwxgirl2451252972800Great OatmealI've had Silver Palate Oatmeal prior to this purchase and it is wonderful. It takes longer to cook than other types (Instant or Quick), but the taste and texture are worth it. It is not pasty, gluey, or mushy. Love it.
258214258214B00238ZZDOA3UIDI71O2JOFJNancy K2451247097600Great oatmeal.Happy to have found this product on at a reasonable price.
These oats are just delicious. Not mushy like so many. Don't miss the cookie recipe on the inside of the box. Especially good with craisins instead of raisins.
258215258215B00238ZZDOA1NI0WSL34GGHBM BAhta0151339113600Simply the bestSilver Palate oatmeal in my opinion is simply the best oatmeal on the market. I never cook this or anything else via microwave. That being said, this oatmeal has never disappointed! I start out by lightly toasting the dry oats in a frying pan which takes about 2 minutes. Then I cook per the box instructions.
If you like to flavor your oatmeal, you cannot go wrong with fresh ground cinnamon. If you want a dessert for breakfast, try it with a little butter and brown sugar! Of course dry or fresh fruit is always good as well.
258229258229B00061BORGA3I4P8M49OVFM91feedback0021319155200Not So PleasedFor the price, I could have done much better. I ordered the mints for a baby shower, and the bag looked as though it had been around a while. Definitely not impressed:*(
258230258230B000634D0OA12W1BISYPCQPXGeneva I. Wilson "*g"2351097798400cats even love it!My three dogs love it and so do all the cats!!! They steal little pieces and if they aren't chased off by a dog, they love it!
258231258231B000634D0OAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige0011330214400False Advertising, Terrible Dog Food!!I bought this dog food because the bag showed pictured of veggies and chunks of meat, and with a name like "Beneful" I thought I was purchasing a nutritious brand of dog food. My dogs did eat this food at first, and slowly began to not like it. After reading the ingredients I completely regret purchasing it and feel just awful for feeding it to my dogs. The first three ingredients are Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, and corn gluten meal. How disgusting is that?! The main ingredient is a corn filler. One thing my vet told me a while back that I never forgot: "When you eat corn, what comes out of the other end? The same thing happens with dogs." Basically, dogs cannot fully digest corn as they are carnivores. Corn it is just a cheap filler that can cause dogs to actually eat more to feel full, poop out more, and retain less nutrients. Most inexpensive low-quality pet foods have lots of these fillers and cheap ingredients with little to no nutritional value.The only meat in Beneful at all is a by-product, its not even a real meat! By-products are the stuff leftover once all the actual meat is harvested. We're talking beaks, chicken feet, eyeballs, even chicken poop! I would not recommend this product to anyone, for any reason, ever. It is an absolutely awful dog food. I can't believe the pictures of veggies and full chunks of meat on the bag can be allowed to be on the packaging if the product does not contain the pictured items; it is very misleading and should be considered false advertising.

I recommend to stay far away from Beneful, and most Purina products. When purchasing a dog (or cat) food, the most important thing to consider is the first 3 ingredients; just make sure those first three are decent ingredients that you would eat yourself- provided that you eat a typical (non vegetarian or other restricted) diet. Now that I know what to look for, I usually buy my pets all natural foods such as Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, Halo, or Wellness. High-quality foods tend to be more nutritionally dense, meaning you will be feeding a much smaller amount for the same number of calories. If you do the math to figure out the cost for the number of calories you need to feed your pet, many premium foods are CHEAPER than the awful crap you're buying at the grocery store.
258232258232B000634D0OATIQG1SPW5NOOMr. William L. Harvey "William Harvey"1241233705600Received OKThree of 5 Bags of Beneful Delivered OK, via FedEx, on 01/08/2009.

Two remsaining Bags of Beneful delivered OK, via FedEx, on 01/09/2009.

Beneful good, price good, Delivery OK, however Delivery charge was about 1/2 of the total cost of the Food.

Will purchase Beneful in the Store from now on, rather than via Amazon.
258233258233B001EO689SA3TOVV6K2J7UNZwvchotfudge0051296777600Flax mealLove, love, love this product!! I ordered three large cans of the product and it works wonders on my stomach. I put a teaspoon of this into my yogurts every ohter day and it works great! I'm down to my last can now and need to order more.Definitly would recomend this product if you have constipation issues. My daughter turned me onto flax meal.
258234258234B0006TLJFAAX45FS67KKMBMpsych_kitty1121323648000Only one type of mustard!The page does not specify that only ONE jar of ONE type of mustard will be sent! Would have been better off buying at a food store for the price paid for just ONE jar!
258235258235B0006TLJFAA2JWDM7GURGY88William Madigan1111299801600Rip OffDo not buy this,you only get one mustard not the 3 as shown.Not worth the price for a very small jar of mustard.Contacted the supplier and got a snoty reply.
258236258236B0006TLJFAA34WGSDH3CUVBHDouglas A. Mckee "Skyes dad"1151175558400Great mustardThis is a great product, I had these at an Irish pub.
258237258237B000NQ10GYA207RC23DIEC24knightone5254511246752000Not the sameThey have changed their recipe and it does not compare to the old milk chocolate.The new bars are more sugary tasting and the milk chocolate is not as rich tasting,also a more darker in color.It now tastes like cheap milk chocolate.
258238258238B000NQ10GYA2Q1KSFI0G1VOXMichael D. Stefan4511238112000Not like it used to beBoy, Nestle chocolate is not at all as it used to be. I used to love it. You can't find it in a store and now I know why, it's awful! I hadn't seen it for so long then saw it on-line. I ate a few, the last one I couldn't even finish it was so awful to me. I gave my friend the box, told her maybe you will like it.
258239258239B000NQ10GYA3CORJW5LIPM30G. Schultice "Gail S"1151294185600giftI purchased these as a gift for my husband. He LOVES Nestle MILK chocolate bars best and they are hard to find.
258240258240B000NQ10GYA3E3PPSTIV4OH6Marie "Marie"1211290211200Changed their recipe- Now it's Yuck!!!I used to love Nestle Milk Chocolate Bars. They were rich, creamy,and velvety- a sinfully delightful candy bar. They were my favorite high quality tasting chocolate. I just purchased several to keep on hand and needed my a fix for my chocolate craving so I bit into a bar expecting a little bit of heaven. YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! It tasted grainy, sugary and thin. I couldn't believe it. The consistency is worse than a Hershey Chocolate Bar and the taste is worse than generic. It was horribly disappointing to realize that they switched to cheaper tasting ingredients and the company probably thinks we won't notice much. What a shame. I guess I'll permanently switch to Ghiradelli, Godiva or Lindt and pay more. When it comes to chocolate TASTE IS EVERYTHING, or what's the point?

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