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258301258301B005GXHKSGAR2GLQZGC5XW7Theodore Hitchens0051326585600The coffee itself was fantasticMy review is pretty much in the title. The coffee itself was fantastic. Great flavor and I highly recommend it for any coffee lovers out there.
The only trouble I had was in the shipping. One of the vacuum sealed bricks had been compromised with a slice in the side of it.
Nevertheless, the coffee was still useable in my opinion.
258302258302B005GXHKSGA2NLRTHCHER1ARS. Im "golf nut"0051326326400Fanstastico!!! Bravo!!! Awesome!!!Bought this on a whim as I don't drink much coffee. But I love starbucks like drinks. Used in conjunction with my aerobie aeropress

The results were fantastic. The espresso that I made was awesome full and rich flavor. Threw in a couple splashes of 2% milk and a couple of splendas and some ice cubes and it was better than the starbucks drinks no joke. Next time I'll throw in a splash of chocolate syrup! Can't wait. I love Lavazza!
258303258303B005GXHKSGANMA1H8LGEVBFKeithNYC "KeithInNYC"0041326067200While I prefer the red Lavazza for a drip machine, this is perfect for my espresso needs.....Guys:
Although the price recently went up, I received this 4-pack for $12 shipped (using Subscribe and Save and an Amazon clipless coupon). Although it has a very high concentration of robusta beans (60 or 70%) instead of the market-favored arabica beans (40 or 30%), it's the robusta beans which produce such an excellent creamy and rich crema, from both my stove-top espresso maker and my Nespresso machine (I fill my own home-made capsules with this brand...see Ne-Cap Nespresso® Compatible Refill Capsules ), and the espresso is absolutely perfect. No bitterness, just rich, dark and flavorful. Would buy again if it goes on sale (the Amazon price is still better than NYC supermarkets which sell one pack for $4.75),
258304258304B005GXHKSGA6BV2QFKLEX4OG. White0051326067200like the tasteMy girlfriend and I prefer Lavazza over anything. We prefer the crema that Lavazza seems to produce better than other brands. This Creme e Gusto is superb (for a pre-ground). We always prefer to grind our own beans but we like to have a backup that is pre-ground for company so we can quickly make espressos without a lot of waiting between cups. We've tried several Lavazza pre-ground and all are pleasing, this is no exception. you aren't taking any chances here, except for a slightly higher-than-prefered price.
258305258305B005GXHKSGA83NOJWIH96UGAle0051325808000For the ones who really love espresso coffeeI love it!
Exactly like a perfect italian espresso coffee should be.
It's great for making a real italian cappuccino too!
You'll love it.
258306258306B005GXHKSGAWGJ84989DSHNTMoney0051325721600Great Espresso, Robusta Causing HeadachesI love this espresso coffee, it makes such a nice cup of espresso with an amazing crema. It's very consistent and the flavor is smooth, however I have noticed that I get a major headache after drinking an espresso made with this coffee. I am making it properly with the right amount of coffee so I know it's not that. It's also not the caffeine since I drink drip coffee almost every day. That leaves really one thing which is the robusta beans that is blended with arabica to make this coffee.

Great coffee, just not for me and if anyone else experiences this then it's the robusta beans so just try another 100% arabic blend, it comes out good anyways.
258307258307B005GXHKSGA2PR8HML3TDH0Hrothnic0051325376000Nice flavor and fine grindA super fine grind that we find works perfectly in our espresso machine. Our decent grinder can't get it this fine and this produces great crema. The taste is nice and bold, and we love using drinking a couple shots of espresso with a couple tablespoons of condensed milk.
258308258308B005GXHKSGA2Z4TQN4C4WSSBKelly L. Roth0051324512000So smoothI love this coffee! It's so super smooth and yummy. I make it in my French press every Sunday morning. Highly recommended! I get it on subscription from amazon and the price is really great! Cheaper then the supermarket and I don't have to do a thing!
258309258309B005GXHKSGA2TVDYEZW9GO6DAzgan0051323993600Best coffee out there for Espresso machinesI've tried just about anything when it comes to ground coffee for espresso machines, and nothing comes close to this Lavazza. I've been ordering it regularly for over a year now, and am very happy with it. It makes an espresso rich in taste and smell, with a pleasant hint of chocolate flavor (you can barely notice it). It certainly helps me start my day the right way!
258310258310B005GXHKSGA3HGKVS4ZWJ5G3Paloma0051323734400The best breakfast coffee we ever hadWe love Crema e Gusto for breakfast. It has the smooth and intense flavor of the coffee in Europe
258312258312B005GXHKSGAC8RGOL6VGWLZChessie Mom0051323302400My favorite for cappucinoUsing Lavazza Crema Gusto in my Moka is like being back in Italy. It makes a great cup of cappucino, without which I cannot start my day. Rich flavor, strongly roasted but not burnt tasting. The vacuum package keeps it very fresh.
258313258313B005GXHKSGA22SJB29UWHR8NFrancesca A. Ambrosio0051322611200Good priceThe price at amazon varies for this product, it is competitive unless it gets to almost 30 for 4. Quality is good.
258314258314B005GXHKSGA3T5727FGAVBX1Renato M. Lucas0051322092800Awesome!Amazing espresso coffee! I strongly advise anyone who as the passion for espresso coffee to buy this brand! Although once in a while due to the packaging the bricks come with small holes making it loose it's freshness and vacuum properties...
Besides this small problem it's definitely the best espresso coffee you can get in America!!!
258315258315B005GXHKSGA2EX0CLFUCTSYKMeredeth Shellnutt0051321920000Starbucks has nothing on LavazzaAfter spending almost $5.00 a day for months at Starbucks on iced lattes with an extra shot, I finally got wise and did some research on Amazon. After purchasing an espresso maker, I had to find a quality espresso to go along with it. The description is 100% accurate. Smooth and not bitter. This is the best espresso I have ever tasted. Thank goodness I can order it from Amazon.
258316258316B005GXHKSGA2NRT57MJD6WP7Ian "igster941"0051319673600Super deliciousI recently bought an espresso maker De'Longhi BAR32 Retro 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker which I love, and wanted some good coffee to go with it. Originally I was going to buy the illy espresso, but I saw this and it's cheaper and got great reviews, which are definitely well-deserved. It's so delicious and I love the smell of the coffee - it's chocolaty. MMMmmmmmmm.
258317258317B005GXHKSGAUBAMG2SRJOHMHarry Vaderchi0051317945600Great Coffee, Honey!I was enthralled with the coffee I was served in Florence, Italy years ago and brought some home. Now, it's available in the U.S. and it's Lavazza. My local market used to sell it and no longer does but amazon comes through for us. The flavor is intense but not harsh and has a slight mocha flavor (at least to my untrained palate). The only negative is my own fault by not noticing that I was ordering a 4-pack, so I have more than I need. After giving one away to someone who probably won't appreciate it, I'm going to keep the rest and transport myself back to Florence every morning. The grind is fine enough for an espresso maker but also works for drip makers, although you should use less than usual at first. It's pretty strong. Americans are inundated with choices of coffee these days, but I highly recommend trying Lavazza if you're a regular coffee drinker. The price was very reasonable, even with the shipping. Share the cost and product with 3 friends at first to give it a try.
258318258318B005GXHKSGA30P3RMIH0T6XElisa8270051317168000Love LavazzaI always buy Lavazza coffee. It has such a smooth taste and is a great value for the quality. I use Crema e Gusto with my Bialetti caffettiera and with my Breville espresso/cappuccino maker. I always get a lot of crema when I use this with my Breville machine. I've tried other brands but I always go back to Lavazza.
258319258319B005GXHKSGA1P6M59E1IV5A4vegdiver0051316563200Wow.We're not really coffee experts, but have tried a few brands/roasts. This Lavazza Crema e Gusto has to be the best cup of coffee I've had. We've only used it in our drip maker so far, but will give it a try in our pump espresso maker soon. Yum, and highly recommended.
258320258320B005GXHKSGAN2J9RUD4XYY0raquel0051310947200Best espresso ever!I used to buy only coffee that I could grind in the supermarket since I wanted the best possible espresso from my machine. However, I just moved to an urban area where I am unable to grind my own coffee conveniently (outside my home). So I searched on Amazon and found this coffee, which has excellent reviews. I figured it couldn't be better than freshly ground coffee, but that it was better than getting some old gross coffee from the convenience store across the street. Much to my and my boyfriend's surprise, this coffee makes much better espresso than any other coffee we have tried over the past few years (and we have tried many, including expensive coffee from Whole Foods). I don't know about the other blends from this brand, but if you like strong rich espresso, this one is AMAZING. Try it, and you'll see.
258321258321B005GXHKSGA1J4W2A93GG9QWBargain Bethli0051306972800Amazing EspressoI first discovered this coffee while in Italy and was so happy to find it here. It does have that chocolate underlay. I typcally make a latte with it and have found it to make a perfect cup in my moka pot.
258322258322B005GXHKSGA2ZFLKJ406MTJ3Amy N. B.0041304467200Very Smooth CoffeeThis coffee is great for espresso machines, but is a little weak in drip makers. Adding a little extra makes it great.
258323258323B005GXHKSGAKZSLDTOZ6HDKCraig Schroeder0051304380800Nice Stuff!I bought this on a whim after some sporadic experience with an old, trusted roaster.... This is a very nice new taste for me. It's a bit lighter roast than the two espresso roasts that I have been using. It's got a nice, delicate taste that asks to be made on the strong side to show its best character. I haven't bought ground coffee in many years, so this whole experience was a bit of a lark for me but I'm glad I tried it. I'm using in a LaPavoni machine and a Moka rig and they're both working well with the grind as arrived.
258324258324B005GXHKSGA83D3M9ZBWDD6M. Sylvester "Monica Sylvester"0051303516800Smooth, incredible flavor - you'll never view your morning java the same way again!This coffee is soooooo smooth and flavorful - I absolutely love it! This coffee is so incredible you will never enjoy another brand again.
258325258325B005GXHKSGADCA8VFPNBFZW12sri0051303516800DeliciousThis is a dark, chocolaty cofee. Grind works well in my stovetop espresso maker. I have tried many different espresso blends and was not sure how this would be since it is a blend of robusto and arabica beans but it is rich, dark, and as others have remarked, not at all acidic or bitter. My new favorite.
258326258326B005GXHKSGA38K77QG9JTY54coffeelover0051302912000Excellent espresso mixI was an avid fan of the Lavazza Cafe Espresso (black can) for years. I was about to sign up for the subscription service for this product on when I started reading the reviews about the Lavazza Crema e Gusto. One of my main concerns is if the acid in a coffee will give me an upset stomach. The Cafe Espresso didn't at all, so I was leery to switch to something else. I figured I'd give the Crema e Gusto a try and if it was too much for my stomach, I'd switch back. No worries. Not only is this a smooth blend, it has a richer taste than the Cafe Espresso. I won't need to switch back!
258327258327B005GXHKSGA18H105ZMX687FDiane L. Rodriguez0051302134400Lavazza Crema e Gusto is my daily coffee of choiceI make coffee and espresso from Lavazza Crema e Gusto every morning. My friends love my coffee and Lavazza made with spring water is my secret.
258328258328B005GXHKSGA3BPLL26JRV3I1Charlene Harb "piano gal"0051301270400Lavazza Crema e GustoI have always enjoyed this product and routinely order it from Amazon. Thank you for stocking
it, for it is hard to find.
258329258329B005GXHKSGA2NAZ4WGF0BYAICoffee lover0051301184000You have to try this!I have always loved the coffee in Italy and it's the only place where I consistently drink cappuccinos - no bitterness, bite or overwhelming strong flavor, just great coffee. Until we decided to give this coffee I try, we were unable to duplicate that Italian espresso flavor. Now we can! We've given up all of our other gourmet espresso blends and drink only this in our lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and Americanos. And everyone we've shared this coffee with has done the same! Try it - I'll be surprised if you're disappointed!
258330258330B005GXHKSGA13F64BC635LHDTicklemecisco0051300320000Great CoffeeI am not a coffee connoisseur. I just wanted a cup of coffee that did not need tons of milk and sugar to cover the charred taste. Lavazza greatly surpassed my expectations. Now to get my hands on a Bialetti and begin my quest for the perfect cappuccino...

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